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First taste of restraint

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Our meetings were becoming more frequent, one because we were getting better at planning our times, and second, we could not wait to see each other again. I pulled into the motel that we planned our rendezvous at and went in to pay for a room. Money exchanged and key in hand, I got back in my vehicle and parked in front of the room. I reach behind the seat and grab a sack of supplies that I have brought for our playtime.

I get out of the car and walk to the door. Once inside I set about the business of getting ready. Adjust the room temperature so we will be comfortable with nothing on. Turn off all the lights and set out the oil lamps and light each one. Set five bowls of rose petal potpourri around the room to have a pleasant aroma. I look in the bag to see what else, a smile creeps across my face as I gaze upon the special surprises that I have for you.

I glance at my pager, 3:30, you will be calling at any moment now. I take out the four new items and lay them on the bed. Take one in my hand and kneel down at the head of the bed and then bend all the way over to look under. "Good, normal bed rails," I think to myself and I wrap the one end around the post and fasten it and then push it under so it won’t be seen. I grab the other three and start crawling my way around the bed to fasten them also. I no sooner get to the last one and my pager goes off. I quickly attach it, tuck it under and walk to the phone to dial your cell phone number.

"Hello," I hear your sweet voice on the other end.

"Hello Lover," I reply, "I am here, room 127, my car is parked right in front of the room."

"Mmm, can hardly wait!" you hiss back, "I am pulling in now, I see your car, be right there."

I hang up the phone and peek out the window as I watch you park. I hear the engine turn off and watch as the door opens and you step out. I smile as I see that you wore the dress that I asked you to. It is a conservative navy blue knee length dress, very appropriate for you to wear to the office. No one will question you about being "dressed up" for something. You had asked my why I wanted you to wear that dress and I told you that I really liked it on you, the truth is I wanted you to wear it because it buttons all the way up the front. Now I wonder if you wore what else I asked you to.

You see me looking out the window of the room and smile at me. I watch as you swing the car door closed and take off your sunglasses. You slowly look to left and make eye contact with me. You slowly and seductively walk to the front on the car and stop. You look slowly to your right and then slowly back to the left. You make sure, as far as you can tell, that no one is watching what you are doing. Then you look back at me again.

I see your lips slightly part and I groan as I study your tongue as you leisurely move it across your ruby red lips. You put your hands on your hips and start to rub your hands up and down, as you make a slight gyrating motion with your hips. Slowly your hands start raising the hem of your dress until I can see the lacy tops of your thigh highs. At this point, you see the big grin on my face; you stop circling your hips, put your right hand up to your lips and blow me a kiss.

I open the door for you as you walk up. We fall into each other’s arms and our lips find each other’s quickly. I flip the door shut and then wrap my arms tightly around your hot body. Our kissing become more heated within minutes. I feel your lips start to part and your tongue touch my lips and my tongue moves to meet it. I hear you let out a little moan as our tongues dance with each other’s. I feel you relax as I run my tongue along your upper lip then the lower one and then across your teeth. You break away from my kiss and look me in the face.

"Oh, I love when you do that," you coo, "Let’s get a little more comfortable."

You will get no resistance from me. I lead you to the side of the bed and then wrap my arms around you again and kiss your sweet lips. Without breaking our kiss we slowly lower ourselves on to the bed. You are lying flat on your back as I lean over you. You flinch at the tickle you feel as I slowly and lightly move my hand down to your hip. We are lost in our kissing, out tongues dance with each others, as our heads move to the rhythm and our heavy breathing gives the beat.

I feel your body twist as I break away from our kiss and I run my tongue down your neck to the collar of your dress. I circle my tongue under the collar and then back up your neck to your earlobe. I feel your hands slide up my back to hold my head as you unconscientiously moan your approval of my actions. I peek at your face and enjoy the view of you next to me enthralled in the pleasure of my touch. As my tongue slides up the back of your ear, around the top and then finds it’s way into your ear, I see your lips part and a breathy "Ah" escapes.

You ever so smoothly circle your head to the gratification my tongue brings you. I slowly start to slide my hand up your unbelievable body, too just below your wonderful breast. I feel your head rock back and an imperceptible "Oh" passes from you lips as I tenderly slide my hand up on to your breast. As each finger crest your breast, I can feel your hard nipple standing proud below each knuckle. As my pinky passes over, I bend my fingers and bring each fingertip over that rock hard nipple. As my index fingertip passes, I move my thumb to your nipple and I gently pinch it. Then I expand my hand back over to cup your breast and give it a firm squeeze.

Your hands pull my head to your waiting lips and we kiss deeply. I feel your mouth start to open and our tongues aggressively find each other’s. My hand continues it massage of your breast, my fingertip teasing your nipple and then give it a light pinch. I lean back on the bed and use my arm under you to pull your body to me. I slide my hand down your slender body around and over your round ass. As my hand reaches the bottom or your ass, I grasp your soft flesh and pull you to me; I relish your moan of consent. You break away from our kiss and move your head up and hungrily lick my earlobe.

My hard cock jumps in my pant as I hear you hiss in my ear, "I want you to fuck me."

I lean back and gaze into the fire that roars in your eyes, "In due time my love, in due time. I have a something special for you." I tease.

You get a devilish grin on your face and utter back, "Take me, I yours!" as you lie back on the mattress.

"Ok, lie more in the center of the bed." I instruct you, as I move to the bag I brought in, "and close your eyes."

You move compliantly to rest centered on the bed. I remove a blind fold from the bag and softly lay it over your face. I hear you coo with anticipation as to the prospects this brings. As I sit next to you, you lift your head as you feel my hands there and I slip the strap to the back of your head. As your head lays back down on the bed I take your hands in mine and move them so that I have them pinned above your head. You are lying there in awaiting my next move as you feel my lips softly touch yours. Our lips softly kiss but for only a few seconds as then the pressure increases as does our passion. Just at the point that our lips part and our tongues touch I break away from our kiss.

I then stretch my arms out still holding your hands and say in a hushed tone, "Don’t move."

I slide off the bed and reach under to grab the one strap and lay it near your hand. I quickly move around the bed, putting each strap as close as I can to you. As I put the last one down, sit on the bed on your left side. I lean over and gently slide my hands down your arms. When I reach your hands I ever so softly rub my fingertips over your palms and along your fingers. I hear you let out a little moan and then I stretch my arm out farther as my lips touch yours. As we kiss each of my hands finds the loop in the straps and I stretch them out with my fingers. I break away from our kiss and look at your sweet face.

"Sweetheart," I whisper, "relax while I give you your next surprise."

"Mmm, Ok," is your faint reply.

I take the strap and fasten it around your left wrist, then quickly move around the bed and fasten the strap to your right wrist. As I move to your feet I see you move your arms to pull against the restraints. As I fasten the straps around your ankles, I am a little apprehensive about your reaction. You had mentioned a couple of times a slight fascination about bondage, but had never said you actually wanted to try it. At the risk of ruining the afternoon, I decide not to say anything and continue with my plan for you.

You feel the butterflies in your stomach as I fasten the first strap. Your mind races with a million thoughts, you don’t know whether you should object or let me continue. To late, I have the strap fastened on you left hand now. You pull against the restraints to see how much give they have. You feel me slightly spread your legs as I attach the straps to each of your ankles. Bondage was just a curiosity before, now it is about to become a reality. You decide too not say anything yet, full well knowing that I will stop if and when you ask me to.

You did not even realize that I had sat on the bed on your right side until you feel my lips touch yours. I make sure that only my lips are touching you. Your kisses convey to me your apprehension, so it is time to take your mind off of the straps and get you feeling some pleasure. I run my tongue along your upper lip then the lower one and then across your teeth. Then I kiss down your cheek to nibble on your ear lobe. I run my tongue down your neck to the collar on your dress and then back up to your ear and then softly around the back.

I feel your head start to move slightly as you are enjoying the tingle my tongue is bringing to you. I move my right hand up and find the top button on your dress. Without missing a beat I continue to lick, suck and kiss on your neck and ear as I slowly undo one button after another down your dress. When I get your dress un-done to your bra, I fold back the fabric of your dress. I slowly kiss down and across your neck to under your chin and then very slowly kiss down your body.

My hands continue to undo the buttons down to your waist and my lips slowly taste your sweet skin. When my lips find themselves between your fleshy mounds, I reach up and separate the clasp between the cups. I kiss and lick around each silky cup of your bra, teasing your body. As I move my head around I feel your body move encouraging me to uncover your breast and please your nipples. I slowly move the fabric of your bra with my nose, paying close attention to your movements so as to tease you as much as possible. I will choose the time of your pleasure the rest of our time, not you. As my tongue comes close to your nipple, you suddenly rotate your torso to put your nipple in my mouth.

I pull back slightly and say, "No no no!"

You groan back, "Oh baby, please! I want you to suck on my tits."

I turn toward you and in your face I see the look that begs me to give you release, but not yet my dear. I flick my tongue across your hard nipple and hear you emit a moan of delight. I then lightly blow on your nipple wet with my saliva. I see your body bend and your head rocks back on the bed. I take my tongue and lightly touch the flesh at the base of your breast. I leisurely move my head out and make a big circle around your tit at the base. Bit by bit I continue the circles, smaller and smaller as I work my way up. As my tongue feels the texture change of your hard nipples I make several more snails pace circles around your nipple, but not onto it.

I lean up, ever so lightly flick my tongue across the top of the tip and then move over to the other one. Once again I tease your breast as I little by little move the cup of your bra with my nose. I flick my tongue across that nipple and then lightly blow. You rock your body that direction, begging for a touch. I take my tongue and once again lightly touch the flesh at the base of your breast and bit by bit work my way up. At your nipple I reach up with my left hand and gently rub my index finger across the tip of your breast, at the same time I flick my tongue across the tip of your other tit. You moan at the tingle of both your breast being delighted at once.

I sit up straight next to you and savor the sight of your tantalizing breast with their rock hard nipples gracing your sexy body. I move both hands up to my mouth and moisten my index fingers and thumbs. I reach down and simultaneously lightly rub my fingertips on your nipples. You lift your breast to meet my touch and a breathy "Ah" escapes from your lips. I move my fingers to the sides of your nipples and give each tit a moderate pinch. Your head flinches back and I hear you let out a cry of pleasure. I spread my fingers over your breast and then firmly grip the flesh. I pull my fingers up until my thumbs have your nipples grasped on the sides of my index fingers and I pull your nipples until the skin is tight.

I see your body strain against the straps, your arm desperate to grab my hands. Your legs move without thought trying in vain to free themselves. I roll your nipples between my fingers and then release them sending a new wave of sweet pain through your body. I grasp your breast in my hand again and firmly massage the flesh. I lean down and lick your left nipple and then suck it into my mouth. You lift your shoulder and shove yourself into my mouth more; you gasp with excitement as my tongue makes quick circles. I then move to your other breast and do the same thing.

The desire within myself to take you fully is reaching the boiling point. I stand up and move to the foot of the bed. I quickly undo the remaining buttons and throw your dress fully open. I groan in sheer delight as I now realize you are not wearing panties. My eyes concentrate on your neatly trimmed bush surrounding your full lips glistening with your juices that I so love to taste. I love the way the lacey belt goes around your body. The straps that go down to attach to the top of your thigh highs. The way they look on your sexy legs down to your cute little toes.

I take a deep breath and then say "God you are so beautiful!"

I see you wiggle your body and you reply, "Hmm baby, you like?"

"You have been a naughty little girl," I say playfully, "Not wearing any panties."

You giggle at your secret now being found out. I kick off my shoes as I am now going to join you in the less clothes club.

"Hmm, you know that I just love looking at your body baby." You hear me say.

"You do?" you reply.

"Oh yes," I tease back as I loosen my belt, "It looks good enough to eat."

"Ooo, I know something you can eat." Spreading your legs a bit.

As I kick my pants and boxers to the side I say, "You would like me to eat your pussy baby?"

"I want your tongue in me bad," you hiss moving your hips seductively, "Then I want to suck your dick."

"You want to taste me also baby?" I say as I pull of my shirt.

"Mmm yes! I want to taste your cum, stud." You state.

I am now standing completely naked at the foot of the bed looking at your hot body lying there on the bed. I lean over and take your right foot in my hand and then put my tongue at the base of your big toe under your foot. I run my tongue underneath your foot along the base of your toes until I reach your little toe. Then I curl my tongue on the outside of your little toe and work my way back across your foot to your big toe.

At your big toe I now start up your body. My tongue never leaves your skin as I slowly move to your ankle. Then up your leg to your knee, I feel you start to squirm with the tickle as my tongue move slowly low between your legs. As my tongue gets just about to your pussy I take a deep breath of your wonderful scent. I run my tongue up and around your pussy. You are moving your hips toward my face seeking the feeling of my tongue parting your lips. I avoid your advances and slowly run my tongue down your left leg. Moving my tongue across your toes and around underneath, stopping at your big toe.

I put my hands on your legs, one each at your ankles. I slowly lean over allowing my hands to gently slide up your legs. I see your body jump as I allow my thumbs to ever so softly brush across your sensitive pussy lips. I lean down and kiss your right knee, then move and kiss your left knee. As I slowly move up your legs, kissing one leg then the other while my hands slide further up your body.

My hands reach the base of your breast just as my lips kiss your inner thighs just below your waiting pussy. I slowly work my fingertips around your breast working toward your hard nipples as I kiss around your pussy. I feel your body moving and fighting the straps to get your body positioned where you want me to be. I hear you softly moan as my index fingers gently glide over your rock hard nipples. As I do this I lean up and take a glance at your promise land, your neatly trimmed bush make for a velvety cover over your moist beckoning lips.

I extend my tongue out as far as I can and I lean in between your legs. I hear you gasp as my tongue starts deep between your legs and oh so softly runs up the outside of your pussy lips. You buck at my face, seeking my tongue with your clit. I move back still keeping contact with my tongue, my torturing your pussy with pleasure is long from over and I want you to agonize over each wave of ecstasy that my tongue will send through your body!

I hold my hands out tight and slightly bend my middle fingers toward your body, my touch is as light as a butterfly upon a flower as my fingertip make slow circles around your nipples. I lift my head and once again put my tongue deep between your legs and run it up your pussy lips. I continue to do this for a minute or two, the whole time moving my head to fight off your body. I hear the urgency in each cry as my tongue parts your pussy lips just a tiny bit more each trip it makes along your wet slit.

I smile to myself as you let out a shriek of pleasure as my tongue lightly flicks across your yearning clit. I stop allowing my tongue to work deeper into your pussy and for the next minute I make shorter and shorter strokes until I am just flicking my tongue lightly past your clit. I love the way your body moves and jumps at my face as I drive you wild with the feathery tickle of my tongue moving across your clit.

My tongue continues its steady pace of brushing past your clit as my hands softly massage your breast. My senses enjoy every second of the time that I spend between you legs, the intoxicating sweet taste of your juices, your fantastic aroma filling my nostrils, your body pulling and fighting the straps that hold you tight, your moans of pleasure and cry’s for release. I decide to give you a little more pressure, so I slide my tongue just a bit deeper in your pussy and bring it across your clit with just a bit more force.

"Ah, God yes! Harder!" you demand, "Oh harder."

I just continue where I am at, just a little bit more pressure across you sensitive clit. I think to myself, "I’ll give you more pressure, later." Your arms and legs continue to pull against the restraints and your body moves without direction to the electricity pulsing through your body every time my tongue delicately flicks across your clit. Your cries are much louder now as you beg me to give you release one second, then demand of me the same the next.

Your sweet juice seems as it is pouring out of your pussy now, soaking my mouth, chin and the sheets. I move away from your clit and allow my tongue to dive into your pussy to lap your sweet nectar. I change to make long strokes with my tongue, starting low and going deep into your pussy and then up past your clit. Your nipples are rock hard in my hands as I tease, pinch and pull your nipples to add different sensations to the flood washing over your sweet body.

You are breathing quite heavily now and loud moans and grunts are escaping your adorable lips. I smile and then look into your face as I press down on you with my mouth and suck your clit into my mouth. Your head rolls back and you gasp with pleasure as you thrust your hips to my face. My tongue works your clit back and forth with steady pressure, I know that you won’t last much longer.

I can feel your body tensing under my arms and then you almost scream an indiscernible group of words. As the orgasm washes over you body your arms and legs are pulling against the restraints as hard as you can. This helps intensify your orgasm and you stop breathing as your muscle’s spasm in sheer pleasure. As the spasms start to diminish you move your hips to get away from my tongue since your clit is now over sensitive to the stimulation.

Between heavy breaths you get out, "Oh God Baby, that was awesome."

"So, you liked that, Hmm?" I reply.

"Yes, now let me go so I can suck your dick!" you demand.

I move to your right leg and open the loop and slip it over and off your foot and then do the same thing on your left leg. I start kissing on your left ankle and I kiss up your body. As I approach your waist I move my head quickly and run my tongue between your wet pussy lips and across your clit. Your body convulses to the feeling and you gasp, "Ahh" and then giggle from the tickle. I continue to run my tongue up your body, into your belly button and up to your breast. As I do, I move my hips and I feel the hot wetness of your pussy on the head of my dick and I slowly and easily push into your love canal. You moan and spread your legs apart and plant your heals right in the middle of my ass cheeks and pull me in deeper.

Our lips meet in a passionate kiss as I stretch my hands to your and our finger intertwine. Each stroke I make into your pussy you dig your heals into my ass to push me deeper and pull your hips to me. As we continue to make love I remove the strap from your left hand, which you immediately put on my lower back. I then remove the strap from your right hand and as I do you move to the right and we roll over on the bed and you are now on top of me. We kiss for a few minutes while you piston your pussy up and down on my rod. Then you kiss my chin and down my neck and start moving down my body. You take a second to brush your tongue across my nipples and suck on each one before planting a trail of kisses down to my groin.

I feel your soft hands grasp my cock and then you move your head like you are looking at me but you still have on the blindfold. You smile knowing I am watching you and then you flick your tongue across the head of my dick and lick up my pre-cum. I moan to the pulse of pleasure that courses through my body. You lean your head to the side and place your tongue at the base of my cock and then slowly move up the bottom side. When you reach the tip you move your head over and take me fully. I groan with delight and my eyes roll back in my head. As you bob up and down on my cock with your wonderful mouth you softly massage my ball.

"Oh baby, that feels so good!" I whisper to you.

You stroke up to the top and slowly lick around the head of my cock, then lick down the bottom side to my balls and then back up. I groan again as your hot mouth takes me fully to the base. Your hands are on each side of my cock and lightly massaging as your skillful tongue pleasures my member. I reach down and softly stroke my finger along your left earlobe and then softly caress your face with the back of my hand. You reach up and take my hand with yours and our fingers intertwine and my thumb rubs your palm. You take my dick in your other hand and start stroking up and down while you flick your tongue rapidly across my sensitive head.

"Ah Yes, God you know how to drive me crazy baby." I say

You let go of my hand and reach down to massage my swollen sack. Knowing that I am approaching my orgasm you continue to stroke my cock with your other hand and your mouth moves up and down with your hand and your tongue licks around the tip. You hear me moan deeply as you create some vacuum in your mouth to increase the amount of touching. I am now letting out a little moan each time you stroke to the top of my cock. You reach the top and without loosing contact you stop and circle your tongue around the head three times and then slowly lower your mouth all the way to the base.

I arch my back and say, "Oh yes baby, here I cum."

With that I feel my balls spasm and I feel the rush of the hot cum moving up my cock and then shooting into your mouth. You keep the tip of my dick in your mouth and keep my orgasm going by stroking my cock with your hand. As you feel my cock stop jumping from orgasm you let go of my cock with your lips and then run your tongue around the head of my dick. As you keep stroking my cock with your hands a few little dribbles of cum accumulate at the tip which you then remove by flicking your tongue across.

"Mmm baby, I love the way you do that." I express to you.

You coo back, "I love doing that to you and now I want to do something else I love to you."

I feel you moving up my body and when your hips are straddling me, I feel your hand take my cock and position it at the moist entrance to your love canal. You slowly lower yourself on me. I cringe with pleasure at the tickle it brings to the very sensitive head of my dick. You place your hands on my chest to brace yourself as you start to slide your sweet pussy up and down on my rod. I put my hands on your legs and then slide my right thumb between your legs and use it to rub your clit. Then I slide my left hand up your body and I grasp your tit and give it a firm squeeze.

"Mmm, I love the way you rub my clit." You tell me.

"Is that right? I have been thinking of a new way I want to rub your clit, let’s do it," I tempt you.

"Oh honey, the way you make me feel, you can do anything you want to me!"

"All right sexy, lay face down on the bed." I instruct you.

You lean down and kiss me deeply and then roll to your right. I move to the edge of the bed and stand up and watch you lie in the middle of the bed on your stomach. I smile looking at your fine ass and I take your left arm and move it up and put it back into the restraint. I hear you coo with anticipation at what my new surprise will be for you. I put your left leg in the restraint and then your right leg and finally your right hand. I move to the foot of the bed and lie down between your legs. I kiss each of your butt cheeks as I reach up and start to massage your shoulders. I rest my head on your ass as my hands kneed the soft flesh of your back and shoulders. I hear you softly moan and I feel you body relaxing.

I kneed down your back and onto your ass. I grasp the flesh and massage it with my fingertips. Once again I hear you moan and I decide it is time to move to the next pleasure. With my hands grasping your flesh I spread your rear apart and place my tongue between your cheeks below your asshole. I feel you tighten your muscles immediately and then hear you start to giggle. You hear me reassure you to relax and you reply that you are trying. I start moving my tongue across your hole and keep your tense cheeks pulled apart with my hands. As I continue to please your ass you start to relax and I massage the flesh again with my hands.

My tongue continues to caress your asshole as my hands massage each of your butt cheeks. I hear you softly moan and I feel you lift your ass to my face, I then slide my left arm under my body and then I move my index finger up and down your glistening lips. I hear you moan your approval and feel you slightly moving your hips up and down with my finger. I gently insert my finger into your pussy and start stroking it in and out, in unison with my tongue moving across your puckered asshole. You whimper with delight and are moving your hips up and down in rhythm to my motions. I then move my right arm under my body and lay my hand palm up on the bed. I slide my hand forward on the bed and slide my index finger up between your wet lips. My fingertip finds your clit and I lightly stoke back and forth across your clit while my other finger fucks your pussy and my tongue eats your ass.

Your hips are now rocking with the motion of my hands, up to meet my tongue coming across your asshole and then down as my finger strokes into your pussy and the other finger strokes across your clit. Every time my tongue passes your hole I hear you grunt "Mmm." My hand is soaking wet with your pussy juice from finger fucking you and my other hand just glides over your clit, it is so slippery. Your hip movement becomes more erratic and each pass my tongue makes I now hear a louder "Ohh," until I feel your body contract and you really push your ass at my face.

"Oh God Yes!" you shriek, "Yes, Oh fuck Yes, Yes, lick my asshole, baby, lick it good. Oh, oh baby Oh God Ohh Ahhhh."

You pull with all your limbs against the restraints as your body is trying to tighten into a ball. As you orgasm I continue to lick your asshole and caress your pussy and clit. After a minute I stop my assault on your body and smile to myself, I don’t think I have ever seen you orgasm that hard. I just hold you in my arms as I feel your body still convulsing with the tremors of orgasm. You are breathing extremely hard and I continue to hold you as your body catches up. I feel you finally start to relax your arms and legs and your breathing is not as heavy now.

"God Honey, where did you learn to do that?" you ask.

"I don’t know, just something I thought about doing for you, you really liked that Hmm?"

"Oh my God yes, it was absolutely incredible! I don’t even know how to describe it, it was like a massive tidal wave inside me!"

As you talked I removed the straps that were holding your ankles, then I reached down and rubbed my hand across your ass and then between your legs. Without saying a word you understood my touch and moved up onto your knees. I moved in between your legs and put my left hand on top of you and grabbed my cock with my right. I slide my cock up and down your soaked pussy lips to lubricate the head and then I slowly inserted myself all the way in. My eyes rolled back in my head and both of us moaned "Mmm" at the same time. I moved my hands to hold your hips as I slowly stroke in and out. My pace gains speed gradually as my body becomes more consumed in the passion of loving you.

After about five minutes you reached back with both your arms and I take your hands in mine. I then pulled back on your arms as I drive my cock deep into your fantastic love canal. Your moans are becoming more audible and you are now bucking your body back against me as well. As I thrust harder the sound of our skin slapping together echoes in the room.

"Oh baby, I love the way your ass feel against me, you are so beautiful." I groaned.

"Mmm baby, fuck me, fuck me hard, oh God give me that wonderful cock!"

I continued to pound away at your tremendous pussy several more minutes and then reach around you to finger your clit. You pull away from me and fall on your side.

You giggled at me and said "I am still to sensitive from before. Lie down, I want to ride your cock."

Without hesitation I moved on my back and watch as your incredible body straddles me. You reach between my legs and take hold of my cock and lower your pussy on it. I move my hips to meet the lunge of yours as you lean over me. You take my hands and guided them up to your tits. I rub your hard nipples and then pinched them. You cry in pleasure and then leaned down inviting my lips and tongue to please your tits. I leaned up and lick and suck on your nipples as my cock pistons in and out of your hot snatch. I gently bite your nipple and then softly suck on each of them.

I love your rock hard nipples in my mouth, the way your breast gently sway with the motion of our bodies and really love the feeling of your hot wet pussy surrounding my cock. Your legs are pulled up along my side to allow you to rock your hips with more force. The tingle at the head of my cock and the waves that are pulsing through my body let me know that I am going to cum soon.

"Ah yes baby, ride my cock, ride me hard so I can cum in you!" I beg

"Mmm baby me to, fuck me hard, suck my tits!" you hiss.

I reach with both of my hands and place them on your fine ass. I pull you to me as I stroke up with my cock. You are meeting my thrust by mashing your pussy down on me. Both of us are breathing hard and our moans let each other know we appreciate each other’s efforts. We continue this faster pace for about three minutes. Your hip movement becomes very stiff and then you drop your head next to mine.

"Ohhhh, yes, fuck yes baby, make me cummmmmm." You groan.

I continue to thrust into you pussy, and as I feel your muscles contract on my cock, my balls explode, shooting my hot semen deep in you. As you feel my hot seed inside, you arch your back and let out a breathy "Ah" as your orgasm continues to spasm and my dick pumps more of my sticky seed into your love canal.

You collapse on me exhausted and then move to lie on your side on the bed next to me. I roll to your back and take you in my arms, crisscrossing my arms so that my hands can each cup your breast. I move my legs to be next to your. I just hold you tight for several minutes before I kiss you softly on the neck. You giggle and flinch at the tickle and my hands tenderly start massaging your breast. You start rubbing my arm with your right hand and then move it up to hold the back of my head, encouraging me on kissing your neck. I am kissing and licking up down your neck, then on to your shoulder out to your arm and back, then up to your earlobe.

You turn slightly toward me and reach with your right hand between my legs and softly stroke my still hard dick. I slide my right hand down your body and run my fingertips lightly through your pubic hair. You lift your leg up to allow me better access and my middle finger easily slips between your wet lips and gently rubs back and forth across your clit. You grasp my cock a little tighter and softly moan and I continue to kiss your neck and earlobe.

I move away from you and your body moves to lie on your back. I stand up and walk to the end of the bed and look into your eyes. You are watching me to see what I am doing, I wink at you and kneel down on the bed. I put my hands on the bed by your knees and as I lower myself down, I slide my hands under your legs and up your side. I kiss your inner thighs and then run my tongue along your pussy lips. You softly moan as my tongue parts your lips and my hands find your nipples which get hard at my soft touch.

I gently flick my tongue back and forth across your clit and tenderly rub my fingertips on your nipples. As you softly moan I allow my mind to wander, I thing about how lucky I am. You are so beautiful, so soft, so incredibly awesome and sexy. My mind slips back to what I am doing now, how wonderful you taste, different than before in that our juices are now mixed and fresh from love making, but wonderful none the less. What have I ever done in my life to deserve a beauty like you? Here I lie with the woman of my dreams and fantasies, completely naked my tongue in her pussy and my hands on her tits, I can now die a happy man.

I feel your hand softly touch my head as your body is becoming more heated to my actions. I use a little more pressure on your clit, which brings another moan and your other hand to my head. You gently hold my head until I put a little more pressure on your clit. "Mmm, Yes" comes from your lips and you pull my head into you and push your hips at me. I put just a bit more pressure and flick my tongue a little faster. Within seconds you are grinding your pussy against my face and I feel like you are trying to pull me through you with your hands. You groan very loudly and your legs clamp on my head as the orgasm erupts in your body.

As your body spasms I move back to your side and once again take you in my arms and hold you tight. I take great pleasure as I feel your body continue to spasm about every ten seconds for over 5 minutes. We just lay in each other’s arms for another 20 minutes without saying a word, my light kisses to your neck the only movement. You turn toward me and kiss me deeply.

I lean back and look into your eyes and say, "Thank you, you are incredible!"

You blush and reply, "No, thank you."

As I continue to look in your eyes, I get a frown on my face and I take a very deep breath.

"I know," you say, "We both need to go."

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