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First Time with wifes MOM

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One night my wife and I were visiting her mom and dad. We had retired for the night and began making love. My wife is a certified Nimpho, she fuck the Dr and he certified her, she needs it several times a day and I was giving her a great fuck from behind. I thought I heard a noise behind me and when I turned to look, still fucking my wife like a crazy man, I noticed her mom watching thru the door just barely open. Slowly she closed the door and left. I continued to fuck my wife until we both came. My wife went off to sleep but I wanted to see if her mom was still up so I went to the kitchen for a drink. She was there. She said that she was sorry for peeking but she herd the noise and could not resist. It had been years since her and dad had had sex. He lost interest. I told her not to worry and returned to bed.

The next day we came home in the afternoon and my wife entered her mom's bedroom unannounced and found her using a large vibrated. She immediately backed out and came and told me what she found her mom doing. I then told her what happened last night and how I talked to her. Later she talked to mom and after a few minutes she understood her mom loved to fuck as much as she did but had no one to fuck her. She asked if she liked what she saw last night and sheepishly she said she did very much, in fact it was what she was thinking about when she was buzzing her clit and pussy. Then my wife said something that almost made me shit, and asked her mom if she wanted me to fuck her. Mom was a nice looking woman for her age, not a model by any stretch but I looked at her ass many times when she bent over to pick something up. Still I was surprised. My wife was a party girl and had seen me fuck many women as I have seen her fuck hundreds of times but this still took me by surprise. Next surprise was when mom said she would like it very much and would like to do it right NOW!

With that my wife took me by the hand and walked me over to mom and said give her hell. Mom rapped her arms around me and gave me a kiss, her tongue entered my mouth and I loved it. So much like her daughter. We then walked to her bedroom and mom kissed me again. As we kissed she reached down and stared to rub my cock. I was already plenty hard. Next she reached down my pants and rubbed my cock, this I really liked. She withdrew her hand and opened my pants and let hem fall to the floor. She slid my underwear off and said to lie back on the bed. Next she slid out of her dress and to my surprise still had good looking tits, not as great as her daughter; big tits sag some but great big nipples like her. I was looking forward to them. Off came her panties and then she laid between my legs.

My wife tells me I am average length in the cock dept; she is an expert in this area. She has for sure been fucked by over a thousand men and been fucked several thousand times. She is a gangbang party girl and we party several times a week. She has been fucked with cocks from 3 inches to over 12. She like the 8-9”the best. My cock is about six inched but she says I have a thick one. Mom said it was years since she sucked a cock and she was going to suck my cock until I filled her mouth with cum. She had no idea what she was saying. I had not cum from a blow job for many years, but I was game. “Suck that cock as long as you like”, and she did. She was a master. She sucked the top and slowly took it all in. One advantage to a 6” cock is you get it all the way in all the time. I have seen thousands of blow jobs at parties but have only seen a few women take 9” or longer all the way, read about it a lot, but seeing it not so often. Well she sucked and face fucked my cock for 30 minutes or longer. I get to the edge but just could not pop. Finally she let my cock out of her mouth and said she has never not got a cock to cum. She said she as a little secret and got up and went to her drawer and came back with some lube. Next she climbed up and mounted me in a 69 with her on top. I love this and began to lick her pussy, again it reminded me of her daughter, it looked similar, and the taste, yes, I know this taste. My wife has a cunt that men Love to eat. I began to eat her and lick her clit and she again took my hard cock in her mouth, sucking me good. When she had me rock hard and toes curling she surprised my by lubing my ass and sliding her finger in my ass, this was great. I licked her clit hard and faster to show her I liked it. She was moving her hips all over my face. She then began to stroke my prostate and in a few minutes she got her reward. My cock came so hard I could not believe it. I kept cuming and cuming. Never had I cum like that. She let my cock go soft in the mouth and kept on softly sucking as I worked on her clit. Now it was my turn and I was going to make good. I turned her over on her back as spread her legs, slid a pillow under her ass so I could get a good eating position. I licked and sucked her the same way I did my wife. I slid two fingers in her cunt hole and began to rub her g-spot, my wife loves this. Mother like daughter, she started to cum and I rubbed and licked harder and faster. I wanted to see if she would squirt like her daughter. Soon I could feel the walls of that sweet cunt tighten and throb and I knew she was going to squirt soon. Mom was screaming, again just like her daughter, “Don’t stop!”, no way was I going to stop, she was on the verge of cuming and I was going to eat her juicy cunt until she did. I did not have to wait long, she soon tightened her thighs so hard I thought she was going to crush my head, but my tongue and fingers kept pace. I could feel her getting ready to flow and flow she did. As mom came her pussy gushed a load of pussy cum and I stopped licking her clit and moved to her cunt hole to get a mouthful. Finally she rolled sideways just to get mw to stop. I laid her over on her back once again, adjusted the now wet pillow and climbed between her legs. She was excited and grabbed my hard cock as I lowered myself and guided it in her hole. As I slid in she asked that I just slow fuck her for a while, it had been a long time since she was fucked with a real cock. I love to slow fuck so I slid in and stopped and withdrew slowly, over and over again, it was great. She now used her pussy muscles to squeeze my cock. She was a great fuck. Again mother like daughter. As I continued to fuck her I noticed my wife watching from behind, I looked into her eyes and she smiled, the same smile she gives me on a night when she is getting gangbang by a large group of men. I could see her thinking. After a long fuck I could feel the burning in my balls start so I picked up pace so I would get a nut and did I ever, I had no idea this would be so great. When I rolled off to catch my breath my wife came in a laid beside me. I hugged her and said thanks, she smiled the same way again and said, “we have only just begun”, with that she took my cock with her mom’s pussy juice on it and sucked me hard, she was right, we had only just begun.

She told me later she was going to figure how to wake up her dads cock.

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