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First Time I Ever Touch a Dick

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It was spring of 1965 in Okinawa and I was a 17 year old typical Japanese school girl, just having graduating high school. I, like most young Japanese girls of that time had no sexual experiences. I had been working in a ?Japanese-American? cultural center so I could study English and get to know some American servicemen which I had a fascination about.

At some point I became acquainted with a really nice young Marine that would come from there often. He was from Boston and I studied English with him sometime and picked up a bit of a ?Boston? accident for a time.. He was tall, handsome and medium dark skinned. I really had a bit of a crush on him but would never let it show openly.

I was still living with my parents and one Saturday when I knew he was going to be at the center that evening I told my parents I was going to spend the night with a classmate in the town where the center was which was a long bus ride from home. I finished work at about 8:00 and sure enough John was there and I invited him to join me to join me for a walk on the beach which was just behind the center. We had a nice long walk on the beach and I planned it just so that I would miss my last bus to home at about 10:00. I do not know what I hoped might happen then but think I hoped we could just spend the nice warm spring night together out on the beach but there came a strong storm that looked like it would last all night long.

John offered to catch a taxi and take me home which as far as that was would have been a lot of money for a young GI so I told him I could catch a bus to go stay with a relative in another town where the busses were still running but that was in opposite direction to way he needed to go back to his base and he said he really did not like idea of me riding the bus so late at night. There were a number of hotels nearby and John asked me if I would be comfortable to spend the night with him if he promised not to ?try anything?. He had always been a perfect gentleman so I agreed and went along.

We wound up in bed watching some late-nite TV Japanese programs that I was translating for him. We had all our clothes on but there was no AC in the room so it got a bit uncomfortable to sleep so we stripped down to our undies and got under the sheets after turn TV I lights off. It was a rather small bed and we could not help but to be touching each other?s bodies. Of course neither of could sleep and I could feel his heart pounding laying next to me and sure he could feel mine too. At some point in the very early hours of the morning he reached over and took my right hand and put it over onto his crotch area. I as a typical Japanese girl of that age and time had never had a sexual experience and had never even so much as seen a male penis and sure had never touched one so my heart was about to jump out of my chest by then. He just gently held my hand there and I could feel a large bulge in his military style boxer shorts. After what seemed to have been 5 minutes (surely not much longer than one) he started to gently move my hand in a massaging motion and the bulge got bigger and bigger till until it was sticking out from under and above the waistband of his shorts. I still have no idea just how long his dick was but when I was touching his balls at the base of it with my fingertips I could feel the head touching several inches above my wrist. Now, 40 yrs. Later having had a few really big ones I think his must have been at least 9 inches and very fat with a huge mushroom head.

After a long time of this manipulation by John of my hand on his dick he guided my hand down inside the top of the waistband of his shorts and I got my first fell of a man?s dick, I was scared to death and did not know what to expect next. I of course knew about intercourse from ?girl talk? in school and had normal sexual desires to try a man but he was so massive and I was sure I could not possibly take him in my little pussy (I was barely over 5 ft. and maybe 98 lbs.). I wanted so much to fuck him but I was just so afraid it would hurt too much even if I could get him inside me. I have since found that I can at least having two large babies take a very large and long dick but not so sure I could have then. I had that irresistible urge down between my legs unlike I had never had before.

Fortunately I guess at the time he did not try to force himself on me but continued to massage his monster dick with my little hand for I do not know how long until all of a sudden it seemed his whole body started to quiver and I had no idea why and I could feel his dick seem to swell even bigger still and he let out a muffled groan and he shot one kinda small load of hot cum in my palm and I was so startled I suddenly jerked my hand away but he reached and got it again and put it back gown on his head just in time for me to fell a massive gush of hot cum followed by a few more after which there was cum just running down all over both sides of his tummy and down onto the bed sheets. I to this day never seen so much cum even from porn stars. When he stopped cumming he took my hand and put it back down onto his shaft and I could feel it just throbbing with his heartbeat till it slowly went soft but was still very big and fat even fully soft.

I guess we were` both totally exhausted by that time (@4:00AM) and we both dropped off to sleep with me still holding his dick. We awakened the next morning and got dressed and left the room talking as if ?nothing? had happened the night before. It seems we were both a bit embarrassed about but sure we were both looking forward to another night together. I vever saw or heard from John again as his Marine unit was pulled out of Okinawa in the middle of the night a few days later to go to Viet Nam.. I have never spoken to my hubby (another young Marine I meet soon after) of this experience but---now that I know I can take a nice big long dick like John?s, if ever find a nice handsome well-hung black stud like him I would luv to try. Kim wife of "bigniplover"

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