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First Time - A Girls Story - Part 3 - The Continuing Adventures Of KattieLynn

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First Time – A Girl’s Story – Part 3

Sunday morning. I woke up bleary eyed, still tingling from the events of last night. Jack and I had really gotten it on and I had done things I never imagined I would do. To let him put his mouth on my vagina, to lick and nibble on my clitoris, to push his tongue and fingers into me until I climaxed and then to actually take his cock and put it in my mouth, to suck it and lick it, to have him cum there! To have him ejaculate into my throat, and swallow it, and then lick the head and shaft clean! What had I been doing! What was I thinking! Was I turning into the typical high school slut I always looked down on? Lust was proving to be a lot more powerful than I had expected. But it felt so good!

Well, this is the last week of school. All the tests were behind me; most of the class clean-up work was finished. Jack was graduating on Friday, and there was his party on Saturday to get ready for. I checked with his mom to see if anyone had bought him a watch. She gave me the all clear and I talked my parents into letting me take some money from my savings account to buy him the one I had picked out downtown. I had it engraved so he would always remember this time and how I felt.

The morning passed quickly – church, shopping, back home for lunch and activities around the house (housework never stops and my brother makes such a mess!). Call from Jack in the evening – no, I can’t go out tonight. Bed, and Monday – the start of the last week. Lots of things to do and Jack and I pass each other everyday in the halls. We talk every night on the phone. Beth wants to know all about the past Saturday and I tell her what happened. She laughs when I tell her how shocked I was when he came in my mouth.

“What did you think would happen? You were sucking his dick, for Christ sake! Bet you were tickling his balls!” (Well, yes, I was doing that….)

“Jesus, Beth – do you have to be so GROSS?!”, I exclaimed. “You make it sound so slutty!”

“Next time, try to concentrate on what his cock is doing and what sounds he’s making. When you feel him really starting to thrust himself into your mouth, and he’s grunting or starting to moan, pull it out and stroke it. He’ll come over your hand, not in your mouth – unless you like it. I do, sometimes, and the guy really gets off on it! If you do pull it out, aim it away from your face. There’s nothing so unpleasant as being hit in the eye with a spurting cock!”

OK. Another thing to watch for, as if I didn’t have enough to think about at that moment! Why does the girl have to do all the planning and watching!

The week flies by. Graduation on Friday and we all go to the ceremony. It’s done very nicely and Jack’s parents whisk us off for a dinner. No time or opportunity to be alone as my folks are invited. Saturday Jacks parents give him his graduation present. His father picked up a used Jeep CJ for him – nice car (little rough riding for me, but I like my old SAAB). He comes riding into my driveway, eager to show it off. I “Uhh’ed” and “Ahh’ed” over it. He’ll be leaving Monday morning, taking it upstate for the summer.

Saturday night and the party – everyone is there, his friends and mine, as well as both our families. David, my little brother, gets into the beer (how embarrassing!) and Dad has to take him home. We try to sneak off, but there just isn’t any opportunity. He loves the watch I gave him and promises to wear it everyday. We plan on Sunday night.

Sunday, Jack picked me up at about 7:30. Since school is out for the summer, my curfew is1:30, so we have an extra hour. He has the Jeep, not his mother’s old station wagon. We drive out to the lake, where Beth and her current guy, and some of our friends are having a little party. The weather is great – warm and still light, we’re eating hot dogs and the guys are drinking beer. I have a wine cooler (Beth can always be counted on to supply the coolers!). About 9:30, someone decides to go swimming. No one has a suit, but that doesn’t stop anybody. Cloths come off and before you know it, most of the kids are naked and jumping into the water. There’s no way I’m going to participate in this! I look over at Jack and he motioned towards the water. I shake my head, “NO!” and he smiles. We sneak away from the crowd, who I’m sure doesn’t even notice that we’re leaving.

I see Beth slipping out of her shorts and panties. Her new boyfriend is standing behind her, cupping her breasts and pushing her towards the water. She laughs and waves to me as we leave. I swear she winked!

We climb into Jack’s car and head off to “our spot”. I’m anticipating it already! Since last Saturday night, I’ve brought myself to a climax a few times, but there’s something missing now that wasn’t missing before! The simple act of sliding my fingers over my vagina and clit, slipping them into the opening between the lips down there doesn’t bring the same satisfaction that his fingers and tongue gave me. I want more of him, but still sense that I’m not ready for the ultimate act.

We arrive and Jack takes a blanket out from behind the seats. He spreads it out and we sit. He takes me in his arms and we kiss. The moon is up, the night is warm. His hands roam over my blouse, cupping my breasts through my bra, I reach around and unbutton my blouse, an open invitation to him to continue to explore. He wastes no time getting my blouse off and unhooking my bra, pulling it forward and off my shoulders. My breasts are free to his hands and his mouth. He kisses me, fondling my naked breasts, lightly pinching the nipples, which are growing to pebble-like hardness under his fingers and lips. My head is thrown back, my hands holding the back of his head, He frees my hands in order to remove his shirt. He hugs me close and I feel my breasts flatten against his chest. The male smell of him fills my nostrils.

His fingers descend to my waist, as he works at the button in front of my shorts, opening it and pulling the zipper down. He pushes the waistband of my shorts down over my hips, laying me back on the blanket. I lift my hips so he can pull my shorts over them, down my thighs and over my ankles. I’m left with only my panties between us. I know that they won’t last long – I want to be naked for the first time in front of him. He moves his face downward, resting it on my abdomen kissing the swell above my panties. He slides his hand under the elastic band, pushing the front of them down , leaving a trail of kisses as he goes.

His face is at the top of the triangle of hair that covers my mound, his fingers slipping below to play with the button of my clit. He moves his hands to the waistband of my panties and tugs. I raise my hips so he can get over my rear. They slide over my butt and he pulls them off to join my shorts, blouse, and bra lying besides us. He works at his shorts and they join the rest of our cloths. We are totally naked with each other! He sits up, pulling me from my prone position. I don’t know what he wants me to do, but I’m willing to try just about anything. My pussy is wet, wanting him so badly!

He lies back down, leaving me kneeling besides him. He grasps my hips, turning me so I’m facing away from him. Now he lifts my knee, placing it next to his head. I’m kneeling with a knee on either side of his face, knowing that he’s no more than 2 inches from my wide spread pussy. The thought of what we look like is wanton! Now he’s pulling at my hips so I can bring my vagina closer to his face, to his wonderful tongue, the same that brought so much pleasure to me last Saturday! I lower my hips and the front of my body to accommodate his desire, spreading my knees wider, lowering myself to him.

I feel his tongue making contact with my clit, stroking it, sending shudders through my body. I roll my hips back and forth, my hands finding my breasts, caressing them and tweaking the rock hard nipples. I moan in ecstasy, my body focused on the dance of his tongue as it slips and slides over my clit, I feel his hands as they snake upwards, sliding between my thighs. I lift my knee so he can get his arm through, moving downward on his body. I allow myself to fall forward, to rest my hands on his thighs, my world now centered on the spot between my legs, as he continues to lick and stroke my pussy with his tongue.

His hands are now free and I feel them on either side of my ass, spreading me open to his view. He runs his tongue into me again and again, his fingers lightly pinching my neither lips, spreading me open even further.

I look downward and see his erect cock, pulsing in time to his heartbeat. I lower my head, lightly kissing the weeping tip. The fluid that comes out is slick, sweet and musky tasting. I lower my head further, taking the head into my mouth, trying to remember what Beth and I had talked about but finding it SO DIFFICULT with his tongue and fingers exploring my innermost recesses.

His hips are rocking upward, trying to drive more and more of his hard cock into my mouth, I bob my head up and down, licking and sucking at him. His fingers now roam over my upturned ass, spreading the cheeks open. One of them finds the back opening to my body and he presses inward at my anus, slipping past the tight ring. I’m startled! It feels so….different! I grind downward to escape the pressure, driving his tongue deeper into my pussy, rubbing my clit on the hard bone of his chin. My hips dance as I feel my climax building, threatening to explode. I can’t hold back any longer and I start to cum.

I can’t concentrate on what his cock is doing, don’t know if he’s going to come and really don’t care at this point. All I know is that I’m coming in waves, his finger buried in my ass, rocking gently in and out, his tongue probing my pussy, my hips rocking to rub my clit over his chin. I don’t ever want this to stop!

I feel him start to pulse and lock my lips around his cock, wanting to taste his come again, wanting to pleasure him as he pleasured me. His cock head is almost at the back of my throat. I start to gag as he tries to drive it deeper into me, now raising my head slightly to take that awful pressure away. My fingers are on his balls, cupping them and squeezing lightly and I know he’s about to come. I can almost feel the rush of his semen starting up the shaft of his cock and I lock my lips around it, sucking and lapping to drive him as wild as he just drove me. I feel the first burst of his cum flood my mouth, tasting the maleness of him, the essence of his manhood. The rich, salty-sweet musk fills me and I swallow again and again as he continues to pump his hot cum into my mouth.

At last we both come down to earth. This climax was even better than the one he gave me last Saturday. Better because we shared it. I roll off of him laying next to him. I turn myself so we’re face to face. I smell myself on him, I smell him on me. His cock is softening and lying down along his abdomen, wet with a mixture of his cum and my saliva. His face is smeared with my juices.

“Oh, Kat – that was the wonderful!”, he says. He’s breathless (as am I!).

“I’ve never felt anything that intense”, I replied. “I never wanted that to stop!”

We lay there, entwined, our naked bodies streaked with the products of our lovemaking.

If he had asked, I would have given him my virginity right then, even though my period was due in about two weeks and there was the very real chance of my becoming pregnant. I didn’t care at that moment. I felt all soft and loving towards him. I just knew that, if this was what he wanted, I would have willingly opened my legs for him again.

“We have to stop. If we don’t, we’ll both be sorry”, I heard him say. “We agreed to wait ‘till September. I want it to be special for you. I want it to be special for me.”

I didn’t think I could love him anymore than I did at that moment. Knowing I wanted to wait, denying himself the pleasure he knew I wanted to share with him.

We sat in to moonlight, talking and holding each other. He stroked my breasts again, setting off fireworks in my lower belly. I stroked his back and finally wound up sitting on his lap, facing him, my legs on either side of his waist, my drenched pussy inches away from his hardening cock, knowing that even a slight gesture would find me flat on my back, with him between my spread legs, his maleness entering my open and very willing pussy, my virginity a thing of the past. It was with an amount of will power that I didn’t know I possessed that kept me from making that gesture, that he displayed in not tilting me back into position to consummate our love. Instead we rose, pressed together one last time, and dressed.

Home again, only now no windows to roll down, the smell of our joint sex strong but diminishing in the open car. Jack was headed off on his summer adventure in the morning, I to summer classes Monday and Tuesday mornings (advance placements to give me additional prereqs for college), and a summer job where Beth and I would work a ice cream stand 5 days a week. At my house, we sat in the car, talking, making the plans most young people make, hoping that things will turn out the way we want them to. I cried when he left. I went inside and up to my room, not knowing if anyone else was awake and not really caring. I fell into bed, exhausted and upset. I wouldn’t see him again for twelve long weeks!

How was I to get along without Jack? There was a whole summer to get through before I would see him again. Would anything change? Would he return a different guy? Would I be different when he got back? I didn’t know, but I believed in him. I knew he believed in me.

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