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First Time - A Girls Story - Part 2

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Here's the follow-on to Part 1 (A Girl's Tale).

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

Decisions, decisions. That?s how my Sunday started. Jack and I had our date on Saturday night and I had gotten home about 12:30 (just at my curfew). A very ?interesting? night it had been (as I detailed in Part 1 of this story). I woke up still in somewhat of a fog from the activity of the night before. I had never had a climax like the one Jack had given me and the lips of my vagina and clitoris were still a little tender. I could still smell my sex, the after product of our very heavy petting and my own activity, so I showered and dressed. I could hear the rest of the family moving around the house.

I went downstairs for breakfast. Mom asked how my date went. I told her fine, we had a good time. Dad asked what time I got home and I assured him I was in by the curfew we had agreed on. David was his usual oblivious self, shoveling the food in as fast as my mother could put it in front of him. He and Dad were going off to some guy thing (the shooting range, I think) so Mom and I had the day to ourselves after church. That meant a trip to the local mall (about 45 minutes away) and some serious shopping!

The thought had struck me that, if I were to decide to give myself to Jack before September, I better get on some kind of birth control. I knew better than to count on Jack to provide it or use it properly. Beth and I had discussed this in depth when she was dating Brad and had become sexually active. She told me that early on in their lovemaking, before she got on the pill, Brad had reached down between them to stroke her during sex. He somehow managed to get the condom off without her realizing what he had done. He came inside of her. She said that it felt different, but only realized how different when his cum started dripping out of her vagina as she sat there in the car. She was furious with him and that?s when she decided to get on the pill.

Part of ?traditional family values? was the assumption that a girl was going to stay pure until marriage ? an assumption that more and more families in our small community was finding impossible to meet. I couldn?t very well take a trip to the Family Planning Center without everyone in town finding out about it and I sure wasn?t prepared to raise this as a topic of conversation with my mother! Both David and I were ?rhythm method? babies.

That was one element of the decision I had to make ? how to ensure there was security against unwanted results. The last thing I needed was a big belly my senor year of high school! While I really felt I loved Jack, I also wasn?t sure I was ready to spend the rest of my life with him. Another was my readiness for this. Was I really ready to allow Jack the ultimate in intimacy ? and I didn?t have an answer for that one either. Then there was the question of opportunity. I wasn?t going to allow him to take my virginity on the back seat of his mother?s station wagon and that was about the only time we were alone.

Sunday, and I expected a call from Jack at night. We would talk for a while, but school was next day and I still had a few hours of homework to complete. I was taking advanced placement classes that semester and they were wearing me down. As it was, I had just about enough credits to complete the prereqs for my first college semester behind me, if only I could pass the finals for all my courses. That was going to eat up some weekends ? another reason to hold off and wait.

Mom and I went to the mall. As we were going in, we met Beth and her mother. Since Mom was shopping for David (he needed new underwear ? what IS it with boys and skid marks!?!) as well as me and herself, Beth and I decided to meet them in about an hour. We headed over to the food court and found a nice quiet booth to talk.

?Well?? Beth started.

?Well, what?? I asked.

?Come on ? you know. What happened last night with you and Jack? Did you do it??

?No?, I replied. ?Nothing happened.?

?Oh, come on, girl! Something had to happen! What is he ? a monk??

With that, we both giggled and I proceeded to tell her about the total experience. I also told her about my indecision over where this was headed and was I ready for it. I knew about alternatives but wasn?t sure I could hold Jack (or, for that matter myself!) off ?till September. Just talking about it brought back some very vivid pictures in my mind and I could feel myself getting slightly aroused by the memories.

?There are lots of other ways to satisfy a guy than letting him screw you?, she said.

?I know ? I?ve read the books and heard the talk. What do you think??

?Well, if I?m not up to it and he really wants it, I use my mouth on him. A blowjob is a pretty satisfying experience for most guys. That works real well if I have my period and don?t want him anywhere near there! If you don?t want that, you can use your hands. Just be careful not to pull too hard ? guys HATE that! Then, there?s always the ?back door?. I did that for awhile with Brad just before we broke up. It?s a ?novel? experience, I can tell you! Great fun, no risk, but it does take some getting used to.?

?Whoa!?, I said. ?If I?m not ready to give him the front, I?m sure not ready to give him THAT!?

Well, we talked and she gave me a few ideas. Only time would tell on this one. We met up with the moms and finished our shopping (got some really neat shorts and a new top out of it) and headed on home. Homework, housework, more homework and study. Dinner, then Jack?s call. No, I can?t see you tonight, too much work here?disappointment (on both ends ? just talking to him was getting me aroused!). Hung up dissatisfied, but determined to get on with it. The school year was rapidly coming to an end and there was SO MUCH left to do. Club activities to close out, equipment to pack for next year, study, study, study for finals. Mid-May and I was not looking forward to Jack leavening after graduation for upstate and his summer job.

Monday in school, I saw him several times ? a quick kiss in the hall and he was on his way. He was as rushed as I was, but I?m pretty sure he wasn?t as conflicted. Guys have it easy ? they know just what they want (I think they?re born knowing that!). Girls have a much more difficult time of it. For the most part, we have to do the planning and the preparation. We have to decide if the guy will ?get lucky? and just when that will happen. I sure wanted Jack to ?get lucky?, but wasn?t sure when. Decisions, decisions.

The week flew by. I got my period on Thursday, so there went the weekend. I?m as regular as a clock ? every 28 days, 3 days of heavy flow, 2 days of gradually diminishing flow and it?s bye-bye ?till next month. Jack and I went out on Saturday. When he tried to slip a hand into my jeans, I had to tell him no and explain that I was having my period, so that was off-limits. Talk about a sad face (him or mine?). Anyway, we found it fun to cuddle up on the front seat and talk. I figured this was a good time to explain how I felt and what I was thinking about. Jack surprised me when he agreed that it might be wise to wait ?till he got back in September to advance to the next step. Now I was a little confused.

The rest of the night passed quickly ? a little light petting and I even put one of my hands on the bulge in his pants. I stroked it through the rough fabric of his jeans, feeling the length of his erection. Now, I have a brother, so it?s not like I?ve never seen a guys cock. David can sometimes be less than discreet when he?s taking a leak and he leaves the door open (not to mention putting the seat down when he?s finished!). But David is only 13 and Jack?s equipment felt HUGE in comparison to what I was thinking it would be. Now I was wondering if I would be able to get that thing inside me!

The following week was EXHUSTING. I never studied so hard or worked such long hours at school. Finally, everything was done with all the activates I participated in, the clubs held their final meetings, the sports equipment was all tagged and stored for next year, lists completed for the new stuff the school would have to order. Now it was finals time and I was as prepared as I could be. I took my tests and awaited the results. Jack and I talked almost every night. The results were in.

We both passed all of our courses! What a relief! Jack was set to graduate the first week of June and head off upstate that Monday. The Saturday before graduation, we went out and (as usual) wound up parked in our ?special spot.

We started off slowly but this was one of those bitter-sweet moments for both of us. We knew he was headed away after next week and I wanted so much to give him something special. His hands were very busy and I didn?t object when he unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off my shoulders. He reached around behind me and unsnapped my bra. I hunched my shoulders forward and let the straps fall off, freeing my breasts to his hands and kisses. He wasted no time in removing both my blouse and bra, dropping them to the car floor. He moved his face to my breasts, alternately kissing first the right, then the left nipple, bringing them to a hardness I?ve never experienced. His hands cupped them and gently squeezed the sides, all the while he nibbled at the engorged tips, sending shock waves through my body.

I sat there, my hands cradling his head as he moved from breast to breast. I was ready for just about anything he wanted from me. I lay back against the passenger door and he pulled away from me. He reached under my skirt and stoked along my thighs, which I had let fall open for him. His fingers contacted the thin material of my panties, at the junction of my legs. He pressed inward, pushing the cotton lining of the crotch of my panties against my aroused clitoris and separating the lips of my vagina. My knees were flexed and open, giving him as much access as possible in the front seat of the station wagon.

He reached up on either side of my hips, slipping his fingers into the waistband of my panties. I looked up into his face as he pulled the front of them down over my abdomen. The back wouldn?t come down because I was sitting on them and I knew that if I didn?t lift my hips, he couldn?t get them off. I wasn?t sure this was a really good idea as I didn?t know if I could stop myself once he got my panties off.

?Jack, please?..I don?t want it like this?, I murmured.

?It?s OK, honey ? I?m not going to do anything you don?t want. Please, let?s just pleasure each other tonight?, he said.

I looked at his face, and trustingly, lifted my butt off the seat. He slowly pulled my panties over my hips and down my legs. The smell of my sex was strong in the car as he pushed my skirt up, exposing the triangle of hair that covered my mound. By now, I was laying almost flat on the seat, with him crouched on the floor of the car. He separated my legs, pushing my knees open and up towards my chest, rolling my hips up, presenting my widely stretched pussy to him in a way I never expected. He wasted no time, his face descending towards my open slit. I didn?t quite know what to expect as his lips made contact with my clit, sending a super shock though my system! His tongue and teeth made contact with the lips of my vagina, as he proceeded to lick and suck at every exposed inch of me. His tongue flicked over my clit then slipped down, separating the lips of my pussy.

I was rolling my hips up to him, seeking to get more contact with his tongue. He lowered his face slightly, stroking and tickling the end my clit of it with his nose as he started to tease the opening between my neither lips with his tongue. His tongue slipped into my canal, stretching me slightly, no more than my own finger would do, but oh, so much sweeter! I was now holding the insides of my knees, pulling them open and rolling my hips up and down on the seat as his tongue slipped deeper and deeper into my body. I felt my climax coming, a super strong shock like nothing I ever felt before. His hands reached up, cupping my breasts, tweaking the nipples as he invaded my pussy again and again with his tongue, rolling his nose over my thoroughly aroused clit.

I started to come, moaning and thrashing on the seat, a climax unlike anything I had ever had. It went on and on ? each wave building to another until I couldn?t stand it anymore and begged him to stop. He pulled back, smiling at me, my juices glistening on his face. I reached between my legs to grip his head, pulling him down, kissing him deeply, tasting myself on his lips, and smelling my sex on the skin of his face. GOD, that was awesome!

He pulled back and I saw the bulge in his pants. I was naked from the waist up, my nipples still hard. My pussy was drench in my own secretions. I knew, at that moment, if I had given him any indication that it was OK, I would be deflowered within the next few minutes. Instead, I sat up, reaching for his belt.

His eyes followed my hands. It was my turn to give him a surprise. I pushed him back into the seat, undoing his belt and slipping his pants down around his knees.

?What..what are you doing?? he murmured.

??Shhhh?.?, I said, as I peeled his shorts down, freeing his penis. It sprang up, fully engorged, the head weeping a glistening drop of clear fluid. If I had been surprised at the length of it in his pants last weekend, I was amazed at the reality of the thing! He had to be nine inches long and as thick around as a large cucumber! If it ever happened, I was sure he would split my poor pussy in two with that thing! My hands moved to encircle him. I was surprised at how hard it was. The shaft felt like it was made of wood, so smooth, yet so ridged with veins. The head was soft and felt almost like velvet. I stroked him as he sat there, his eyes moving from my face to my hands wrapped around his cock. The real surprise was yet to come.

I lowered my face towards his standing member. His hands reached out to either side of my head, stopping me and forcing me to look into his eyes.

?Kat, you don?t have to do this if you don?t want to?, he said.

?Oh, but I do ? I really do?, I murmured, continuing my decent towards his lovely cock.

My lips touched the head, my tongue contacting the slit at the tip. I tasted the clear fluid that continued to leak from him, a sweet, salty taste that was not unpleasant. It was soooo smooth! I kissed the head, gradually taking it into my mouth, closing my lips around it, licking it in the confines of my cheeks. I took more and more of him into my mouth, sucking and releasing, licking and clasping the hardness of him, tasting the maleness of him. The head touched the back of my throat and I pulled back, now sliding my tightly clasped lips and mouth up and down the length.

His hands were on the back of my head, smoothing my hair, holding me in place for a few moments, then releasing me to move as I willed. I tasted him and it was good, oh so good.

I kept on hand wrapped around the base of his stiff cock, and moved my other hand to cup his scrotum, tickling the hairs that grew there, gently touching him and squeezing his sack. My head was bouncing on him now as I felt him building, his cock starting to pulse in my mouth.

?Kat, I?m going to cum!?, he shouted, his hands locked to the sides of my head, moving me up and down his shaft. The head hit the back of my throat and I almost started to gag.

I kept sucking at him, feeling the heat of his cock increasing as the first jet seemed to boil out of the tip, hitting the back of my throat with unexpected force. I reflexively swallowed as more and more of it poured from his pulsing organ. I swallowed again and again, and still it came, leaking from the sides of my lips, pouring onto the hand wrapped around the base of his cock. At last, the flow slowed, as he groaned above me, thrusting his hips upward, trying to drive his length into my mouth. My head moved in time with his thrusts as I kept my mouth tightly wrapped on his organ. I felt him start to relax, his cock starting to lose that wooden feeling and growing a little softer in my hand and my mouth.

I pulled his semi-rigid penis out of my mouth, a rope of his pearly white cum stringing from my lips to its head. I lowered my face again and licked it off, taking the softening length of him into my mouth again. The taste was like nothing I had ever had before, a mixture of sweet and salt, the smell unbelievably good.

?Oh, Kat?that was AWESOME ?, he breathed. ?I love you?, he said as he lifted my face to taste himself on my lips. We kissed for what seemed like hours. I had heard the words that cause most girls to give it up ? ?I LOVE YOU?. Can anyone say ?I?m still ambivalent about this??

We finally realized that it was getting too close to curfew for me and dressed and cleaned up to go home. His eyes had a shine that I had never seen before. We drove home quickly and I made it just as the hall clock struck 12:30. Mom and Dad were watching TV in the living room and I said goodnight as I went upstairs. I slipped into my room and quickly cleaned my self up, knowing my mother would stop off to say an additional goodnight before she went to bed. I changed and again rinsed my soaked panties out, dropping the rest of my cloths into the hamper.

I was in bed when she came in, asking about my date and if everything was all right. I reassured her that everything was fine. After all, I couldn?t very well tell her that her innocent teenage daughter had just spent the last hour and a half sprawled across the front seat of her boyfriend?s mother?s car, dressed in nothing more than her skirt, which was bunched up at her hips, and her shoes and socks while her blouse, bra, and panties were on the floor. She couldn?t even begin to picture me with my legs wide open, my boyfriend?s face and tongue buried in my vagina, my pussy attended to by that same boyfriend, bringing me to the most shattering climax I had ever experienced. She couldn?t be told that this same teenage daughter had just returned the favor by giving him an ?awesome? blowjob and swallowing his cum! That they then had to drive home with the windows all rolled down to get the smell of her sex out of the car so his mother wouldn?t suspect! No, that wouldn?t do at all!

She smiled sweetly and left. I rolled over and closed my eyes, too tired from the events of the past few hours to even think about anything else.

Next week was graduation, a party, and Jack?s last night home. What would that bring, I wondered.

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