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First Date, but hopefully not the last!

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His nerves are frayed, and his palms are perspiring, as he awaits her car in the restaurant parking lot. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, her car pulls in, and he shakily walks to greet her. Her door, already open, reveals her dress falling slightly across her silky thigh. She seems to glide from behind the wheel, and he catches a glimpse of her stockings, tethered marginally by a lacy garter. She sees his face blush as she catches him looking between her legs. Looking at him knowingly, she rises, and without a word, pulls his face to hers. The taste of her full, hot lips against his is intoxicating. As their embrace becomes stronger, their passion grows, and hands begin to explore the other. She pulls him closer, pressing her ample breasts hard against his chest. She feels his hardness growing in his crotch, and her hand grazes against his trousers, now tight against his stiffness. She then takes his engorged member in her hand, and gasps just a little, thinking of their bodies entangled in lust.

It's almost impossible to sit still at the tiny corner table where they are seated. His hand slides partly up her thigh, and notices another catch of her breath. Their cocktails only half done, she rises. Thinking she is off to the ladies room, he is somewhat shocked as she walks around to his side of the table and extends her hand. He gladly takes it. And responds to her becon to rise. She leads him to the door, saying quietly, "I've got to have you ?NOW".

Her grasp was not gentle as she lead him from the pub. It had a hint of control, and a sense of urgency that he found stimulating. She started toward his car. When he hesitated, thinking of her vehicle, she read his mind, and simply said, "Leave it". The short drive to his place was strangely silent, but not without it's own tension building energy. His hand wandered to the back of her neck. Her eyes closed, and her head rolled back, imagining him exploring the rest of her wanting body. She moaned slightly, as she turned in her seat, offering him another glance at the lacy thong that barely covered her wetness. Her legs seem to beg for his attention. She slipped out of her seatbelt, and leaned over to kiss his cheek and nibble on his ear as he drove. Her hand slid purposely to his still warm and turgid member. "Faster?, she whispered into his ear. Her hot breath sent a shock wave up and down his spine.

Pulling into his parking spot, she remained strangely still. He walked around the car to open her door, and only then noticed her hand between her legs, and her silky dress now not covering her smooth thighs. Her hand deep inside her tiny thong was removed, and she offered her fingers for his taste. Her scent hit him before the sweet taste of her pussy, and once again a wave of passion went through his body. Oh my, she was wet, and ready for him.

Barely able to get the door closed, he found her standing on the first step of his condo, awaiting his embrace. He took her hands both of her hands in one of his, raised them over her head, almost forcing her to sit on the third step. Completely vulnerable to his passion, he was kissing her passionately, and exploring her breast through the sheer fabric with his free hand. They were almost unable to breathe, feeling the building lust about to explode within each other. Her top came open slightly, and her beautiful breasts and hard nipples seemed to beg for his lips. He obliged, happily, teasing her unclad breasts, and diamond hard nipples. Her legs parted, and grasp him tightly as he let go of her hands, and pulled her hair slightly. Again she felt the waves that she had been evoking in him, surge through her loins.

His warm hands slid up her leg, and found her dripping pussy for the first time. Her hand slid to his, and pushed it forceably into her crotch. He gently parted the thin material that had now slid between her lips. Her smooth pussy, now dripping with her juice, caused him to moan with anticipation. Her slippery lips parted easily at the pressure of his finger, and her hips arched against his touch. Her nipple against his other hand, seemed ready to burst. He pinched it slightly, while his tongue danced around the most sensitive area of the other. Then switching to the other, she grabbed his hair, forcing his head, not gently, against her tit. He rose slightly, not wanting to lose hold of her already pulsating snatch, but she pulled him to her lips once more, causing him to almost lose his balance. He kissed her gently, and slowly slid down to kiss her exposed chest once more. Her breathing was shallow as she anticipated his mouth exploring her body. He did not fail her growing desire.

Ever so slowly his tender kisses and nibbles moved down her now squirming body. Her legs opened again, this time offering her precious gift to his eager tongue. Feather-like, his tongue danced around her upper thigh, teasing her special spot ever so much. Then, finally, his tongue slid across her clit, and she once again arched her back, and attempted to grind her pussy against his mouth. But he was bringing her ever so slowly to the peak of her pleasure. She let out a barely audible, "Now, Please". He was not about to tease her any longer. His talented tongue drove deeply between her parted lips, and he immediately felt her marvelous pussy contract in orgasm. "Yes, yes, yes" she growled, as the shock waves ran through her body.

She began to relax slightly, when he placed a finger next to his still working tongue. Again she gasped, as she anticipated his touch being deeper inside her. The finger slid easily inside her, and found her g spot. His tongue and finger was too much for her, and she once again felt a crashing orgasm overtake her body. Her juice now covered his face, dripping from his chin. The waves eventually subsided, and he lay motionless between her open thighs. He allowed her to recover for a few moments, yet still feeling her pussy squeeze his finger in delicious convulsions. Her gentle touch on the side of his cheek said what she was yet unable to say. She traced his jaw with a loving touch, and then tenderly smoothed down his ruffled hair.

He slowly rose, and helped her to her feet. Her knees still weak, he helped her up the steps.

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, he grabbed her from behind, as her dress slid gracefully to the floor. Her body felt wonderful against his, and her breasts filled his palms. Her behind pushed against his still engorged cock, and she reached for her prize. "My turn" was all she said, and she knelt in front of him, slowly unzipping his trousers, and releasing his throbbing member into the warmth of her eager mouth.

Her turn will be the next installment of this saga.

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