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The two of them slowly slipped into a fantasy conversation involving the two of them meeting in a fairly exposed location. Some place public like the bushes of a city park or in a neighbor?s swimming pool. They role played a chance meeting?some kind of voyeur activity as they watched others around them as they attempted to have unnoticed intercourse. The scene was a crowded fireworks display, on a ball field. There were many people pressed tightly together as he stood directly behind her. She was to be an everyday neighborhood resident there to watch the show.

Every detail slowly planned as they exchanged emails throughout the morning.

The crowd was dense, hot and a musky smell of bodies mixed with the sweet odors of gunpowder. She would be wearing a mini skirt or cheer leader like outfit. He simply wears jeans and a t-shirt. She would innocently stare up at the fireworks display as it began as she felt the presence of someone staring from behind her. It would be him. He would stand so close that she could feel the rub of his jeans against her skirt and his breath on her neck. She didn?t know him.

Then in a playful manner, she would step back to bump into his crotch. Then wait a moment, and bump him again. The high skirt revealed soft white cotton panties with a pink trim bordering the thigh openings. The crowd would get even heavier with some minor pushing and shoving causing them both to press together and sway with the crowd. Then she would brush up against him again?but this time a little longer.

Eric was getting pretty involved in the story as it unfolded. He found himself tugging at his stiffening penis, trying to correct it so that it would not be so uncomfortable swelling into the direction that it was.

There story continued.

His hands would eventually brush back against her ass. Then knowing that clearly she must have felt that and still didn?t call out or turn around?he would do it again. This time his fingers would trace the edged of were her panties met her thighs. Again, no recognition at all. No ferocious revolt ending in a slap in the face? Then, boldly and with confidence he reached down to his zipper, unbuttons his pants and lowers his jeans just far enough to expose his now rigid cock. With two fingers he glides them up between her now damp panties and skin and in a quick jerking motion?pulls her panties down far enough to access her warm pink pussy.

She never moved. No flinch or startle?nothing. She simply stares up at the sky as blast after blast of fireworks explode above their heads. The bright flashes lit her young face as he saw a contemp and amuzement in her gleeming eye.

Bending his knees a few inches, and positioning himself correctly?.his chest presses to her back and pushes the head between the folds of her velvety lips preparing to slide in up to the hilt. His large mushroom like tip met some resistance as he tried to force it into the small opening of this young girl. She casually spread her legs enough for the very tip to enter. But as it did she could feel the head get wider as it spread her. She felt him press into her harder now, forceful?with bull like strength. Her head swam a bit as her mind tried to imagine the size of this?this thing trying to get in her.

He pressed again as she could feel herself splitting wider than she ever has before. She couldn?t believe this, she was already spread to the point of discomfort and almost pain and this stranger?this male?this monster is still just trying to get the head in. She was already up on her toes as he lifted and for a moment she believed that her feet actually left the ground as she sat impaled upon an animal like cock that she has never seen before. Surely this was no man?surely this was no plain dick?its more like a baseball bat, or a fist. Then, again she was lifted up unto his beast?her toes pointed as dangled an inch or two above the soil. Dawns crippling vaginal muscles would fail and finally permit this gorilla to enter. As the head slid past her opening, Dawns feet met with the cool dirt of the ball field once again as she slid onto the lengths of his pole. He thought for sure that the thick bulb of his head would cause her to cry out but just a mere gasp of air escaped her lips. She wanted to cry out?scream more like it. She wanted to turn and face this massive phallic tower standing behind her. But she couldn?t. She couldn?t in fear of what she would see. Some strange beast?or alien. Maybe some twisted caveman with sex crazed eyes looking to mate. She couldn?t because she was jammed onto a pole so thick that she hung like a rag-doll from it as he bucked into her.

Still, they were un noticed. They appeared to stand perfectly still as the crowd swayed and watched the show. As his penis pistoned through her uterus, the faint outline of the tremendous larger than life head of his cock was visible on her belly. She held her hand over her lower abdomen in disbelief as she felt the thick rib trace up and down with every stroke. Her orgasm came quick?and wet. The first time that she had squirted in months. She managed to have it without contorting her facial muscles or thrashing about. She stood as still as she could and let the wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure rush over her flesh until she thought she would lose consciousness.

He pressed into her deep again, she had no idea of just how much of that beautiful monster cock was still waiting to get into her. She felt an unfamiliar pressure in her womb. His cock. Pressing so high in her that for a moment she feared damage. His cock was vieny and had the circumference of a small fire extinguisher. The head was blooming, smooth on the top and tapered. The outer edge of the spear widened and when fully engorged would be as thinks as around as a coffee cup. With every stroke it created a counter-vacuum pulling at her walls and dragging up against her swelling g-spot.

Then it happen. In the midst of all the noise and firework?she felt his breathing increase. Several violent painful thrusts almost brought her to tears as she shook under his force. Her body was being shaken like a scruffy doll under his siege. She felt him losing control as several of his jabs made his mushroom pop in and out of her suddenly and wonderfully painfull as he convulsed. Then she felt him arch. His spike drove up to the point that it could go no further then stopped. Her breathe froze as a numbing pressure tickled her lower lungs. Then, she felt it. Her hand clutched just below her belly button as something jutted from the inside of her,? splashing against her uterine walls. It felt thick and moved inside her. A lump protruded from hear belly then shrank?.then another, and another. She felt herself beginning to buckle over but managed to stay on her feet?staring at the fireworks?blushing?.eyes watering. Then another bolt splashed into her like a glass of milk being thrown into a sink basin. She felt a moment of nausea as the he fucked and the pressure built. Six Seven?Ten, Twelve she counted as the repeated blasts caused her color to go flush.

After several moments a rush of fluid sprayed from around his four inch round plug, breaking the tight seal that the root of his baseball bat thick cock formed on her tight virgin like pussy. The nausea returned as he grunted out one or two more loads. The thick white past oozed out around his joint as he slowly limped inside her. A concerning amount of pancake batter like fluid drained down into her panties as tears began to form. His cock had limped enough to fall from her on its own now and she felt him back away?the sound of a zipper?.then the cool absence of space behind her told her that he had left. The fireworks finally had just begun to finish. As she stood there staring at it she realize that she didn?t even see them. His cum still draining?thick globs of inhuman beast like sperm plopped to her feet in a pile. She stood there?crying. Tears running from her eyes in fear of looking down?fear of what she has done or WHAT did it to her. She had never cum so well before.

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