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Finally, Sister and I

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I know this is so taboo, but it did happen, with no regrets from either of us. We enjoyed to feelings, and the sex.

In May of 1971, I had returned form a tour in Thailand, to my wife and family. My sister came to live with my wife and I in Ohio, where I was stationed at Lockbourne AFB. This is where it all took place. She was more than willing.

One night my wife, Pam, and I had gotten ready for bed, and was lying there talking about SEX. My wife, was one of those wild type, that loved sex, almost as much as I. We talked about the first threesome we had with a friend of hers in California, named Lori. What a good fuck she was.

That is another story, so On With this story,

Pam and I were playing, when she looked at me and asked if I would like to fuck another girl? What a Question! Her playing with my cock and balls, and me finger fucking her. I would have fucked her and anyone else right then.

She asked, me if I had ever wanted to fuck my sister? I had told her of my sister and I playing with each other in the past, and I told her YES. That is when she said, “Why don’t you go to her room and see what happens.”

I did and fucked my sister that night, twice.

Lexie, had just turned 18, had just filled out as a woman. She had small breast that were real cute. Her pussy had very big butterfly lips that tasted sweet, and very little hair around her pussy. Lexie really loved to be eaten. That is what I always did first.

Completely nude, I had just gotten out of bed with my wife, I went up the steps to where Lexie was, to find her lying there completely NUDE. She was not asleep, but just lying there, as if waiting for me. She and I never spoke a word to each other at first.

She just rolled over to her back and spread her legs. I started kissing her belly and on down, to what I was really interested in, she reached down took hold of my cock and started to rub me back and forth. Not real fast, just slow and easy. This felt great, I was really hard by then.

I began to slowly kiss her thighs, slowly working my back to her pussy, I could smell her. The sent was very intoxicating, better that any wine that was every on the vine. The closer I got, the more she spread her legs.

I finally reached the lips, I loved to kiss, lick, and suck on. The taste was so sweet. I guess, because we both knew what would happen this night. Her juices were flowing freely.

I began to lick her, all around the opening, and ever so lightly dip my tong into her to taste the sweetness of her. I would gently bite and nibble on the folds of her womanly lips. I lingered and sucked more on the clit. I licked with a passion to bring her to an orgasm, and as I sucked, she released my manhood, and placed her hands on the back of my head, sort of pushing me to her Pussy Lips.

I lingered for a long period of time, some 45 minutes or so. I enjoyed eating her pussy for as long as we had been fooling around. Apparently, she enjoyed this also. Me it was the smell, the taste of her, and her it had to be the feeling of the orgasm building with in her.

I slowly moved to her breast and began to suck on her nipples. I also started to shift myself to position myself between her thighs. This put my cock is striking distance of her well lubed pussy lips.

She again took hold of my cock, and began rubbing the tip up and down the opening of her pussy lips. As she did so it seemed to open more and more. I slowly started to push toward this new hole. The tip started to part the lips and enter her. The sensation was overtaking me. The feel of the lips parting, the feel of her tightness, and Yes! she was so very very tight.

I could feel the lips part to give me the kiss of pleasure, Slowly the lips are parting around the head of my manhood. As I continued to explore the tightness, of my sister’s hole of pleasure, the sensation of feeling my cock being surrounded by her, in ways I had not know from her before, was overwhelming. Further inside of this tight cave of pleasure, I could feel her lips even further on my shaft, until the moment I could no longer advance.

The sensation is so new and sweet, the tightness of her pussy, the pleasure of her holding my cock within her sweet hot wet pussy, so very pleasing.

We laid there with my cock deep into her forbidden pleasure, to the point of complete depths. We just laid there enjoying that sensation. Enjoying the grip she had on me, not wanting to relinquish the moment. We became one at that very moment. Both enjoying each others pleasure. Although, the moment was so short, it seemed to linger forever. I slowly started to work back and forth into her love, then a little faster. I did not wish this to end.

She was, by now starting to match my movement, which seemed to heighten the feelings, and before I knew it I could feel myself starting to come to a climax. I could feel the feeling deep within my loins slowly start to build, but then! without being able to stop, my very own seed from shooting forth.

The explosion of the eruption came overwhelming to both of us.

We just laid there for quiet a while savoring the feeling. This is when my sister kissed me for the first time, on the lips in a very passionate tongue in the mouth kiss. I felt her tighten even more around my softening cock, as she had her own orgasm.

We lay there for a period of time, gasping for needed air, relishing the moment. As slowly as I penetrated my sister, I was slowly beginning to slid from her. The sensation was as erotic as the entry. We both lay there for a long period of time enjoying the feeling, and still softly touching each other.

My sister reached down to find, a now soft joy stick of manhood, enveloped in the juices of our pleasure. The fondling of my cock started to bring it back to life quickly, but she continued to slowly explore my shaft and ball sack, and I started to grow harder.

I started to explore her body again, the small mounds of her breast, and the hardness of her nipple, which seemed to protrude a half an inch or so. Never, had I witnessed such a sensation as this. The joy of her body, naked and next to me, was the first time to explore her in this way.

I slowly explored down ward, to the tunnel of pleasure, I had just enjoyed. The feel of our mingled juices, the matted hair of her young taunt mound, and the smell of love the that was in the air, was starting to draw us back into the animals we had become.

Again! Her perfume of lust was so overwhelming, I had to enjoy her once more. This time we were slower, to enjoy each other in ways we had not afforded the first time.

I slowly rose and slid between her parting legs, again. Guided by her hand to pleasure once more. She was still very tight, but this time, she was wet, not only by her juice, but with ours mingled juices together. The easiness of how I was able to penetrate her this time, was a feeling like no other. Very slick, well lubed, as a well oiled very fine peace of equipment. She was just that, a very fine peace of pleasure.

The sucking of her pussy upon my cock, as we moved in and out, up and down, slow an deep, was so compelling to continue. Slowly we moved in step with each other, and savoring each thrust to the depths of pleasure. Slowly, then faster, now even harder thrust, that are deeper than before, and the strain of my body of the coming that was to be. The look upon her face, as the pleasure of the moment came rushing over her, was all worth the second time.

Again, we lay there in each others arms, savoring the moment and each other. Cuddled next to each other, and bonded into a closeness that we had never known.

I finally got out of her bed and went back through the darkness to my own room and my wife. She and I lay there talking of what had just taken place between my sister and I. Soon, We had worked ourselves into a sexual frenzy, and we were soon locked into place by our own sexual encounter, with the key being what had just taken place with Lexie and I.

This was not the last time for our forays in love making. My wife was enjoying My sister in bed with us. No! she was not with my sister, but I wish it had happened.

She said, “I love watching her eyes roll back in her head, the expressions on her face, and how she seem to lock herself around you when she would come to a climax.” That summer was filled with a lot of raw sex with my sister and wife, both.

We would often, get out of bed, and walk around the house completely nude. There was nothing to hide anymore. To see my sister and wife nude sitting watching TV was fun and exciting. I often had a hard on seeing them like that.

I know that it was wrong for us, but the sex was great, and we all seemed to enjoy it.

Maybe I will right again about the sexscapades of my sister, wife and I, Later.

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