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Filming my ex

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Melinda was laying back against the commode nearly passed out with her legs splayed wide apart. She was pissing like she hadn't peed in 24 hours and I was filming it all. Let's go back to the beginning about a year ago when we were dating. Melinda is my ex girlfriend. She has light brown hair and a smoking body with an especially taunt ass. I really liked her a lot back then and the sex we had was incredible. I never met a girl that was so totally sexual as she was and that was also the problem. She was a total nympho and just couldn't get enough. This girl had no inhibitions and if she had been drinking it could get absolutely crazy. It was good times for Todd and Melinda back then. Did I mention that she was also a gusher. This babe could gush 2 or 3 times in a short span of time but just like a man when she was finished cumming she was done for the night. Her initial gush could squirt the length of the bed with the following ones reduced in volume and intensity but still could cause a fairly good sized puddle that would completely soaked the bed. If you had sex with this girl you had better have a towel handy. The only thing she wasn't really into was anal especially if she had to accommodate an extra large sized cock and my 8 1/2 inch thick cock definitely fit that bill. Now I was really in to ass fucking and would try to sodomize her every chance I had. If she was really inebriated she would allow me to ass fuck her sometimes but that was few and far between. As with all women she used her sex and/or that act to get the things that she wanted. This one time comes to mind with one of my good friends Jim. At a party we all were attending, I noticed she was staring at the bulge in his pants. Later in bed she brought up the fact that he must have a pretty good sized package. I told her that while I had never seen his bad boy 'angry', the one time I did see him in the shower after a pick up BB game at the gym that his package did seem particularly impressive even soft. I would later regret telling her that. A month later after a party we had at our place, Jim ended up spending the night. When we retired and she was giving me one of her patented blow jobs she looked up at me with lust in her eyes and asked me if Jim could join us. I didn't know what to think and she wasn't even all that loaded this evening but she wanted to be fucked by the both of us. Later I realized that the little slut really wanted Jim's huge cock inside her insatiable cunt. I told her that I really didn't think that was such a good idea then she said that she would let me fuck her ass that night if Jim joined us. Damn, I did want to stick my dick up her tight little asshole this evening. I told her OK but she would have to arrange it. The slut ripped her mouth off my cock and threw on one of my tee shirts and ran down the hallway. After a few minutes had passed Melinda had not returned so I put on my boxers and venture to the guest bedroom. The door was ajar and I peered into the room. The whore was gobbling Jim's dick like it was Thanksgiving and Jim was even bigger than I originally thought. Even my talented fellatioist could only get 3/4 of his cock down her throat. Jim had to be nearly 10 inches and thicker than mine too. I could tell she wanted him badly. As her head bobbed up and down her ass was swinging side to side. I noticed that she wiggled it whenever she was anticipating some hard dick fucking. Melinda always kept her vaginal lips shaved as smooth as a baby's butt and her pussy protruded between her thighs. I saw the glistening dew clinging to her slit as her pussy was juicing overtime. Jim's eyes were closed as he enjoyed her sweet mouth wrapped around his throbbing member. I entered the room. When he finally saw me he jerked slightly and that tipped off Melinda that I was in the room. She took her mouth off his cock and turn around to see me. Saliva ran down the corners of her mouth and some fell onto one of her protruding white orbs. "I told Jim that it was OK with you." she quipped. I nodded affirmatively. She turned back to Jim and pulled him on top of her and said, "Now I want you to fuck my pussy with your yummy cock." I was thinking that the whore couldn't get some strange dick inside her cunt fast enough. She raised her legs off the bed as Jim positioned himself between them. His huge cock hung down from the sheer weight and he moved it up and down trying to get it in position with her wanting hole. He wasn't fast enough for her and she reached down and placed the head at the entrance to her cunt. Jim pressed forward and his cock slid into my girlfriend's wet slit. I felt both excitement and anger as Jim began to pump my girl. I just never realized that it was just her nature, to be fucked A LOT. She started moaning like a tramp almost immediately. Jim pumped her quickly as he was in fucking excited too. It wasn't fast enough for her as she begged him, "Faster, faster." This only drove him to pound her harder and she began shrieking. I watched as her heels dig into his backside and she attempted to hump him back as he slammed her ass into the mattress. My girlfriend was a fucking slut who loved the huge cock that was embedded inside her. When she started cursing, I knew she was about to cum. I was directly behind them and had a front row seat as her dam finally burst. I knew what Jim was feeling as the warmth of her female ejaculate bathed his shaft as she squirted. Her gush spray out over his shaft and covered his balls with her hot sex. It poured off his sack and ran back down her ass and soon a big wet spot radiated out on the sheets from their carnal joining. She finished and her legs fell lifeless onto the bed. She usually would take several minutes to recover from an orgasm like that but she pushed him off her and rolled him on his back and scamper over him. She wanted more of his huge cock and she wanted it now. She squatted down as she held his rigid pole and lowered her dripping pussy over it. Once she got it back inside of her she got on her knees and began to fuck him again. His huge member stretched her cunt to the max and her lips wrapped themselves tightly around him. My cock began to ache as I watched her pussy doing a pole dance on top of Jim. She looked like a sex starved slut as she humped him. I have to admit it was one hot fuck session. She then turned to me and said, "I want more cock, fuck my ass, baby." My cock had begun throbbing ever since she gushed early. I climbed on the bed and she leaned forward to accommodate me. "I want your beautiful cock to stay inside my pussy while Todd fucks my ass." I heard her tell Jim. Now normally I have to use a lot of lube to fuck her tight little asshole but her backside was covered with their combined sex slime. My cock's head was also covered with my pre-cum but I squeezed out so more as I rubbed the head of my cock against her tightest hole. She was looking directly at Jim and said, "I want you to see my face as Todd sticks his hard cock up my ass." What a total slut she was. I shoved my dick into her. She let out a quick groan and then she exhaled as I pressed forward. While my head slipped in rather easily, the rest of my shaft was a different matter. "Uuugghhh!" she scream and she didn't stop until I did. Damn her ass was tight and that's just the way I liked it. I got about 6 inches in her butt before I stopped and held still. There was a moment when everything went silent and we all just savored the moment as this little vixen had 2 cocks embedded in her at the same time. Melinda broke the silence, "Now that his cock's in my ass, I want you to fuck me good!" And fuck her we did. This wasn't love making , this was pure X-rated sex. We both pounded her cunt and ass as hard as we dared. She was a piece of meat being ravaged by two dogs. All you could hear was our grunts and her groans as she was sandwiched between us. I didn't know if Jim or Melinda was close but I really didn't care about them. I just wanted to fill her ass with hot male semen. She beat us both as she came for her second time tonight. I felt something warm and wet on the base of my sack and then Melinda went limp. I slammed her ass deeply as I heard her cry weakly, "Cum, both of you cum inside me." I planned to accommodate her. My nutt burned a hole up my shaft as I jetted white hot cum into her ass. I poured a massive load inside this slut and I heard Jim grunting underneath her and assume he was flooding her pussy too. She was sighing as we both continued unloading into her. When I finished I pulled my sensitive dick out of her ass and collapse at the end of the bed. Jim and Melinda never moved as she continued to lay on top of him. It was one exciting night and we would have others with Jim in the future. The problem was that she would sometimes fuck Jim even without me and who knows how many others. Melinda was an insatiable slut and that eventually broke us up. And that brings us to the present.

I ran into her at the grocers and found out she was attending a mutual friend's wedding. I asked her if she was seeing anyone and she said she had just started dating some dude a couple of times. 'Dating', she probably meant she had fucked him a couple of times. So we agreed that I would be her escort and we would go as a 'couple'. I didn't think I harbored any ill feelings toward her since our break up but it was a little disconcerning knowing that she had slept with several of your friends while she was your girlfriend. Now it probably wasn't all her fault. I did agree to let her fuck Jim but I didn't give her Carte Blanche to whore around. Melinda just loved fucking too much. Some time back one of my buddies told me he had made a sex tape with his ex and after they broke up he sent it to a free website that show tapes of ex wives/ex girlfriends having sex. I went to the site and after viewing about a dozen different videos sure enough I found his. His ex Shelly was a lot more sexual than I had imagined and I thought that I would have to look her up one day. My buddy was no cinematographer. The camera was pre mounted and the lighting was bad and only the sound quality was good. Of course it's hard not to hear the erotic sounds of two adults fucking and Shelly was a wild woman! I hatched a plan that might get me back at Melinda and perhaps deep in her ass at the same time and I looked forward to the wedding date. I told Frank that I would like to borrow his camera for the wedding and he obliged. I made sure to let Melinda have all the champagne she wanted and even some celebratory shots from the bar. The tramp was definitely flirting with several of the guys at the reception as I was 'just' her escort. I then took her bar hopping for good measure after the party ended. By night's end she was feeling no pain except perhaps the one in her ass later that night. I figured if she was really drunk that she might not notice me taping the two of us and of course the little tramp would more likely to get into some hot action when we got home. When she shoved her tongue down the bartender's mouth I knew it was time to leave. By the way the bartender was a female. This girl was a non stop sex machine and I got a little stiff just watching that. I was going to fuck this slut so hard back at my place. She could barely walk in her heels and bumped into the walls several times on the way to my bedroom. She fell on the bed but I pulled her back up and removed her dress and underwear. I left her heels on because I thought that would be a nice touch on film. She mumbled something about having to pee. I thought that would be a bonus as I could get that on film too. She could barely walk to the loo in those heels as I started filming her. She set down on the toilet and crouched over which obscured the view. So I pushed her back against the back of the commode. Her eyes were barely open and she looked really drunk. I spread her legs wide apart with my free hand before panning down to her pussy and filming a close up at pussy level. I got there just in time as she let loose. Her messy stream shot out and she proceeded to give back all the champagne she had consumed earlier that evening. She was actually softly sighing with relief and soon her raging stream turned into a small trickle. When she finished I put the camera down and wet a warm washcloth and wiped her down. I then proceeded to pull the covers completely off the bed to leave a clean spot for filming. I returned to the toilet and helped her to the bed and laid her on her back with her legs hanging over the corner of the bed. This way the corner held her legs to be splayed wide open. By the time I retrieved the camera she was passed out. I took a close up of this naked beauty lying before me. Her nether regions was exposed fully for all to see and I concentrated on filming her pussy. She always had a pretty pussy with its bald lips and small neatly trimmed patch of pubes sitting on top. As much cock had been inside this cunt, it still almost looked virginal. As I spread her vaginal lips apart I could feel the satiny smoothness to them. This little slut had shaved especially close as she did when we were dating in anticipation of having sex the same evening. I wondered if I had been her target tonight. Her newest boyfriend was in for a rude awakening down the road. When I spread her lips apart that exposed her clit which was just a little bump covered by a small hood at this time. Her clit would get a lot larger before night's end. I wanted to film it getting bigger as it always did and I slipped my middle finger into her cunt. She was wet inside, hell she was always wet. I fingered her some before I pulled my sex coated digit and rubbed it over her clit. I reinserted my finger and then rubbed her clit again. I did this over and over and low and behold her clit started to grow. Even while she was passed out it had a mind of its own. Soon it was the size of her pinkie finger. I got it all with the camcorder up and personal. I was no Spielberg but this was going to make great film. I was hoping she would wake up but I was really getting turn on about the prospect of fucking this sleeping beauty. I decided to try to fuck her without waking her up at first. I set the camera on a tri pod at even level with her pussy. I took of my clothes and stroked my nearly rock hard cock bring it to full erection. I got between her legs and rubbed the head up and down her glistening slit. Her lubricated pussy accepted my dick easily as I slid my member into her gently. She never stirred as I drove a good 6 inches into her. Her pussy was warm and slick and one never tires of that exquisite sensation. I had fucked Melinda many times before but this was different. She didn't know my dick was inside her cunt and I was getting really turned on. As excited as I was I managed to fucked her ever so slowly and her cunt responded by becoming wetter and wetter. I don't know how long I slowly stroked my cock in and out of her pussy but it was pure joy. Then I got down to business and drove my cock all the way in and made sure I would press against her little button. By rubbing up against her clit that would get her motor running. She began to stir and soon I heard her moan. This was prefect as I wanted this little tramp to show the entire internet how much of a fuck hound she really was. I wanted to get it on film how this slut's pussy would respond to a cock, anyone's cock, it didn't matter who it was fucking her. I wanted to portray her as a slut who would fuck anybody. Her moaning increased and then I heard her slurred drunken voice say, "Mure, giv me mure," I fucked her faster and she even tried to raise her high heels around me but she was too wasted. She was going to cum and I wanted to get it on film so I turned her over and pulled her to her knees. I reinserted my cock and really began to hammer her. Her sexual groans told me she was on her way. I leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Talk to me baby, tell me what you want so I can make you cum." "Fuk me, fuk my cunt guud, motha fuker!" she slurred inher drunken stupor. This was going to make great tape I was thinking as I began to slam her as hard as I could. She started yelling obscenities that were indistinguishable but you still knew that she was cursing and that she was going to cum. She became strangely silent and I felt her body shiver and immediately that warm watery feeling covered my cock. She gave me a huge amount of gush. I hadn't put a towel down as I wanted the tape to show the size of her female pool on the light purple sheets. I wasn't disappointed as she wet my bed and the darken pool grew larger and larger. When she finished she collapse on the mattress and laid there breathing heavily. "Im dun, Im dun." she stammered. I could have jacked off and covered her butt with my gism but I wanted to fuck her ass tonight so I got off the bed and got some more things ready for scene two.

I took out some lube and got a cushion from the living room. Melinda was in deep slumber within those few minutes. I pulled her back down the the very edge and placed the cushion under her stomach. It lifted her backside just right and it almost looked like she was standing on her own in those heels and bending over the bed. I got into director mode and I adjust the camera so that went I panned in from the overall view it was taking a close up off just her backside. Her legs formed an inverted V ending at her naked backside and those high heels were an especially nice touch. It was totally erotic if I do say so myself. Her pussy didn't look so pristine by this time. Her outer folds were wet and covered with sex and her inner vaginal lips were swollen and abused. I left it in close up mode and positioned it angling up a little. I wanted anyone watching to have no doubts that my cock was sliding in and out of her asshole just above her fresh fucked pussy. I poured some lube on my fingers then I spread her ass with the other hand and rubbed her pink button with lubricate. I proceeded to slip my finger inside her asshole. She never stirred. I pour out some more lube and coated her anal entrance really good. I got behind her and even with the cushion I was slighter higher than her which was perfect. I gently tried to slip the swollen head of my cock in her ass. Even with all the lubricate it was still a tight fit and initially I met some resistance. My large cock head finally slid passed her anal ring and unconsciously her sphincter clamped down. I stopped for a few seconds to see if she would object. Nothing. I shoved some more and I stop about half way in because that was as much as I dared. She stayed asleep. I did the same thing I had first done to her pussy. I ever so slowly started fucking her. This was great as I could take all the time I wanted. I didn't have to preform or please anyone but myself. It was if I was jacking myself off with her ass. I reveled in the act. I needed more of my dick in her to get to my end goal so I increased the depth of my stroke. I had about 6 inches inside her butt now and I was thoroughly enjoying this. As I got more excited I must have shoved my dick a little too far as I felt her sphincter tighten up. She seemed to try to pull her ass away from whatever was forcing its way into her. I pull my cock out and her ass relaxed. I watched as her gaped asshole tighten back up. I thought that a magnified close up would have looked hot on film but I had no way of holding the camera that close if I were going to be able to ass fuck her. I would have to work on that. I waited for a minute and then reinserted my dick in her ass. I began to fuck her again and that old familiar feeling started to show up deep in my groin. I started to fuck her more vigorously and she flinched and pulled away again. Damn, I was getting close to cumming. This time I didn't wait as long and pour some more lube over the shaft and shoved my dick back in. After a couple of deeper strokes I heard her groan but I held my hands firmly on her hips and didn't withdraw. She mumble something that sounded like no and she feebly tried to push me away with one of her hands. I pushed it away and then she jerked her ass away harder and my cock popped out. Shit! She was definitely throwing my off my nutt. I decided to stick my dick back into her cunt to get myself close before pounding her ass again. Hopefully she wouldn't mind some more cunt fucking. I stuck my dick into her pussy. This time she didn't protest. I don't know if she realized that I had just had my cock inside her butt but she not only accepted it but even started to moan. The little bitch! She didn't mind getting hard cock in her cunt for her enjoyment and that pissed me off a little. I wasn't going to wait until I was close and I sure as hell wasn't going to service her needs. I pulled my cock out and climbed up on top of her. Now there wasn't anything she could do as I straddled her hips. I took my cock in my right hand and positioned it at the entrance of her slimy asshole and shoved. "Aaarrgghh!" she cried. I fucked her deep and hard and she none to happy. She squealed the whole time. I took a year's worth of pent up resentment out on her tiny asshole. I enjoyed her yelps of discomfort and slammed her hard and deep. She finally relented and was resigned to her fate and I only heard an occasional grunt when I went balls deep. I was literally fucking the shit out of her. "Please, cum." she begged as she just wanted it to be over. As excited as I was I somehow remember that I wanted to get the 'money shot'. I so wanted to flood her ass with man seed but when I could hold out no longer I withdrew my cock and pulled her off the bed on to the floor in front of the camera. I positioned myself so I could get her face profile and ordered her to suck me off. Her lips parted and I began to fuck her mouth. This was my first ass to mouth and Melinda was just the kind of slut that would preform such an act. I was in completely fuck lust and the burning sensation began to travel up my shaft and I pulled out to the point of only having the head of my cock touching her lips and then my cock exploded into the back of her throat. My release was epic and it felt like I hadn't cum for a full month. "Open wide!" I yelled. I pumped shot after shot toward her opened mouth. Some hit there target and some landed on her face and when I had finally finished both her tits and face was covered with white hot cum. Her open mouth was a reservoir of white gism and I turned her face directly toward the camera. I squeegee one last drop from the base of my shaft and turned her face back toward me and stuffed my cock back into her mouth. "Suck it, get it all." I ordered. I could see her cheeks' indention as her suction empty what was left in my dick. She swallowed everything I had. I staggered back and fell to the floor. As I lay there I was thinking hot damn, that was such a hot fucking scene and I got it all on tape. I watched Melinda crawl back on the bed and she feel on her stomach and passed out again. I got the camera off the tripod and took some close ups of her backside. Her pussy and ass looked absolutely hammered. Her face was on one side and a couple of strands of ropey cum were visible. I made sure to get her cum covered face as the final finishing shots. I put up the equipment and went to sleep too.

The next morning I woke up to her sucking my morning hard on. Wait a minute, wasn't this the girl I had just reemed out her asshole a few hours ago? Unbelievable! I just fucked the shit on of this bitch last night and she still wanted more. I could tell that she was smiling as her mouth worked its magic. I had almost forgot about how hot sex first thing in the morning could be. She continued for awhile and then scampered on top and rode me cowboy. Apparently the ass fucking I had inflicted on her last night was all but forgotten. She humped me like a pro and I was racing towards the checkered flag. I started thrusting my ass off the bed as I was very near the finish line. "Slow down baby, I'm not quite there yet." she commented. She humped me even faster in an effort to catch up and that only cause me to cum even faster. "Hurry!" I warned her. She set straight up and started frigging her clit to achieve climax with me. But it was too late and there was nothing I could do. I felt that wonderful jet of semen explode into her hot pussy. I pumped out another massive load for the second time today. This girl was so very talented as she continue riding up and down my shaft and rubbing her clit at the same time. I watched as my load began to pour out of her cunt. When she pushed down she left a ring of white gism around my shaft. She rose up and push down another white ring. My cock stayed hard but soon it was covered with my load and collected around the base. It was a cock hardening sight and I only wish the cameras were rolling. Melinda then began to curse, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Her eyes rolled back in her head and then a tsunami of gush squirted out of her cunt. "Aaaggghhh!" she shrieked the entire time as she hose down my dick. It even rinsed my seed off the base of my cock. This slut could hire herself as a bidet for men. She fell on top of me breathing like she had just finished running a marathon. She eventually rolled off and looked down at the soaking wet spot she had caused. Now there were two puddles on my mattress. "Sorry." she said and thanked thanked me before running off to the bathroom. She didn't shower but probably just wipe her pussy down. She came out and got dressed and told me she had to run. She asked me if we could do this again sometime. I felt a little guilty and told her sure. I asked her how she was feeling. She told me her ass was a little sore but all and all she felt fine and out the door she went. When she was gone I immediately ran the camcorder to see how my film turned out. It was great! Melinda was a smoking hardcore slut. Not that some camera angles couldn't have been better but the action was hot and I ended up jacking off to it as it was such a turn on. I turned the video into the website and within a week it had over 200 hits. You can't make any comments but you could rate each vid and mine had a 4 1/2 star rating out of 5. I was actually excited and proud of my work. Didn't Melinda ask me if we could get together again? I began to formulate how I could tape her again. But I needed to do something different this time and the possibilities were endless. I decided that I wanted to have 2 guys fucking her at one time or maybe another girl for a FFM video. What was that bartender's name again? Stay tune for part 2.

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