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Feelings of Lust

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We all think we have felt it at one time or another. You know, that feeling when you are naked with a person you are really really digging, and things are getting hot and heavy. When you've been going at it for a few hours, just taking it easy. Letting the passion and the hormones burn brighter and brighter, until you cant stand it any longer; and then all you want to do is ride like there is no tomorrow and have that brain busting, ball draining, squirt streaming orgasm. That is how I felt this last weekend. So, here is yet another of my adventures in this wonderful world...

She is one half of a couple I met during this most recent appearance of my profile on this site. She is everything I like about women: loves to laugh, pretty face, doesnt take herself too seriously, but just the right amount of sass and sex appeal. And of course it doesnt hurt that she loves to have sex with me. And the sex that we have, OMG, it just seems to get better and better.

We had been talking all week about going to her house after the Meet and Greet that night. She jokingly had said that we should go in, say hi, hug everybody, and then say bye and hug everybody, and then leave. I laughed it off and said that I wanted to stay a little longer than that. At the time I thought she was kidding, but now I know that she was more serious than not. How the hell did I get so damn lucky that women want to have sex with me, I will never know. But some of them do.

We closed down the bar, which lucky for me closed down at midnight that night. We politely said our goodbyes and made sure that the people we had come with were taken care of. Then we got into my car and headed home. Everytime she is near me, there is this electricity in the air. I dont know how to explain it, there is just this great sexual attraction that the two of us share. You can see it in the look in our eyes when we see each other. You can feel it when we are standing close to one another. There is this really strong bond between the two of us. Something about her makes me smile all the time. At the same time it gets my juices going, and all I want is to make her cum. So, the trip home was a quick one; I dont like to waste time when I am ready to play.

We each made ready for a night of pleasure, brushing the teeth, those things we all do. She had set up the room ahead of time, and I was pleasantly surprised to see it. The bed had a fur blanket and a bunch of pillows on it and looked warm. The only light in the room came from the string of white icicle lights hanging in front of the window curtains, adding this really nice soft glow to the room. Just enough light to see the muted colors in the room. She put some music on to play, and as I suspected it was the CD I had made for her a while back. As she took care of making the sound just right, I quickly took off my clothes and sat on the bed. She was already naked, which is something I really enjoy about her. There isnt a need to coax her out of her clothes, unless of course you have gotten her dander up. Then she is just as likely to have on SIX (yes, 6) pairs of panties that you have to work your way through to get to the goodies. I know from experience. Trust me on this; you thought 3 pairs were something, try six.

She and I are so comfortable together now that we dont need any small talk, nothing to ease the tension. We already know that we fit together like a hand in a glove (I wont point out the obvious sexual metaphore there). I began kissing her, which is after all my specialty, things of the tongue. We both enjoy kissing, we are both good at it, and we can do it for hours. Of course, being a guy, my hands start to wander all over her frame. I love to slide my hand over her legs, making as if I am going for the prize right off the bat, then I will move my hand and rub her lower stomach, without touching her sensitive area. I then like to rub and nibble on her breasts. Running my hand over her skin, lightly teasing her, never quite touching her core. Then, I will ever so lightly begin to rub at the outside of her center, listening to her suck in her breath at the thought of what she knows I can do to her. I will lightly run my finger ever so slowly over her lips, until I am poised over her magic button. Then I will ever so slowly run my hand back down to the bottom, and begin all over again. As I am doing this, I feel that she is getting more and more excited by the minute. She is getting very wet, her breathing is erratic, all the signs I know to watch for are there. So, when the time is right, I make a move to rub a few quick passes of my finger over her button, using just the right amount of force, but not too much. I dont want her to get too sensitive now do I? She usually jumps at this, just a small one, and I know that she is ready. I sometimes will slowly slide my finger inside, reaching for the little spot that makes her cry out so passionately.

After I have her all warmed up, her kitty is at a low purr, I love to go down on her. I dont mean that I do this cause she likes it. I absolutely love to go down on a woman, and wring every last drop of dew from her core that I can stand. They dont call me Golden Tongue for nothing, lol. I love the taste of her, the feeling of her grabbing my head and grinding my face into herself. I love the feeling of pure power that courses through me when I am rubbing at her clit with my tongue, and she is gushing a river of fluid into my waiting mouth. I usually like to do this for a few hours. I am serious, I think that I am unusual in this, I would sometimes rather do that than actually be inside of a woman.

She loves it when I rapidly flick my tongue over her clit, ratcheting up the pleasure that she feels in quick order. I pushed up on her legs, opening her up so that I could get at her easier. I freaking love it when a woman is moaning and crying out my name. There is just something that gets me hard as rock when I hear that. I know how to get at her G spot too, so I will sometimes slowly run a finger inside and rub at that while I am at the same time squeezing and rubbing her clit. Man, I get so worked up at this.

So, after a while, I decided that I had waited long enough. I moved up and lay beside her. Now was the time that I actually look forward to. I love to make her wait for me. I do this by kissing her, deeply and passionately, making sure that she knows how much she turns me on. I like to know that she can taste her own sweetness on my lips. In my head it turns her on to know that I love the taste of her. At the same time I will continue to toy with her clit, rubbing it hard for a few seconds, then going achingly, ever so slowly, until she catches her breath, then I will furiously rub at her again. I can do this for hours on end, and it is so absolutely terrific. I can usually make her have some very big orgasms, just from touching her.

Finally, when I am as hard as can be and I feel like I cant stand it any longer, I will move up into position, and slide inside of her. How do you describe the feeling of this? It is the sweetest agony, the best worst feeling, it is like ice cold fire, it is pleasure and pain. I will glide with her for a while. Then, I like to do something I learned from a very sexy lady friend of mine. I will pull out of her, and quickly rub only the head of my dick up and down across her clit, pushing inside of her every once in a while. This drives her wild, and now was no different. She went until she could stand it no longer, and then she began to ask me to be inside of her. How do I tell you how good it feels to know that the woman I desire is asking for me to be inside of her? I could die, right then and there, and die a happy man.

By now you know that I couldnt stand it much longer. The feelings of lust running through my head, the sheer carnage flooding my brain, it is enough to make a man mad. The lust that is flowing out of her, running from her mouth to mine, our kisses becoming fevered and fierce. Her breathing coming in short gasps like mine, sounding like a steam engine about to go critical. I place my arms under her legs, and I roll her up so that she is totally vulnerable to me; I have complete control over how fast we go, how long we play. She is driving me onward, I can feel her clenching and releasing, squeezing me, causing me to cry out with her.

She is one who likes to make eye contact. I dont mean just to look at you, I mean she likes to stare into your eyes the entire time you are inside of her and share a deep soulful connection. this time was no different. she and I stared into each others eyes, driving each other onward. Faster and faster we would go, both of us straining for the finish line. Both of us not wanting to stop, yet both of us wanting to climax. Finally, after a few hours of start and stop, teasing and playtime, kissing and nibbling, I can stand it no longer. By now she is constantly asking me to come with her. Each time I feel her start to cum, I give a quick push or two and I would stop to prevent myself from cumming. This way I can go for hours and not worry about losing the ability to perform. Now, all I can do is think about how much I need to cum. I look into her eyes, and I whisper to her, telling her that now I will cum with her, now I will finally not stop, this time I will finally give up control and climax inside of her. When we climax together, it is as if a huge bomb is going off in my head. There is nothing there but this wave of force, pushing everything out, until there is only the feelings pouring out of my center into her.

We did this from about 1230 at night until well after 8 oclock the next morning, when we finally fell asleep. That night we tried everything, and I even had the pleasure of anal with this woman. This was a first for me, although I have always dreamed of it. And anal with her was everything I had hoped for. As I write this, I am still smiling that quirky little smile I get. What a night it was. No drama, no stress, just two people having a great time, making love. Even the unexpected and surprise interruption couldnt put a damper on this night. We just went with the flow. And some of the interruptions were rather nice, giving us a short time of a threesome with another. What can I say, I absolutely loved this night, and I hope that there are more to come. 09/27/2009 Wesquirt4u

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