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Fantasy comes true

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Let me tell you about the day my fantasy came true.

I have been married for 8 years. My wife has a sister who from the start never liked me; she told my wife that I was a waste of time and a blob. Thankfully my wife loved me and we married soon after.

My wife was up for anything to start with, fucking her was a dream, she loved cuming and loved my cock in her cunt. However she would never give me a bj, saying she didn't like the taste of spunk.

As the years went by, our sex life when by the way, and now I?m lucky to shag her twice a year - that's no good for a 43yr old is it?

Anyway, my sister in law (Linda) in recent years at least started to tolerate me and whilst she is a right posh cow she was a looker and I have always preferred blond girls - don't we all?

Occasionally I would catch a glimpse of her knickers, she didn't know but once or twice a year was a great boost to my wanking fantasies. I am a bit of a knicker obsessed man, in many ways I prefer to see knickers than pussy - especially when they are white!

In the last couple of years we have got on ok, with my wife noticing and half joking says I fancy her - not true but Linda is a good fuckable girl after all.

So to my fantasy coming true...

Last summer was long and hot and every Saturday we would go to the wife?s parents, for lunch and Linda and family would normally be there (without hubby as he worked Saturdays).

We were outside eating when Linda arrived with 2 of her 3 children. She turned my head as she had a white blouse on and a cream shortish skirt on - she looked great - hopefully, I thought, a chance to get a glimpse of her knickers.

I sat opposite Linda, as you do, to position myself at the right angle for a glimpse, but alas nothing, she kept her legs glued together whilst she ate, the sun was hot, and just as I was giving up it happened...

She crossed her legs... slowly... and there it was, a fantastic look at her knickers, and what a heavenly sight I got, white, heavily laced, the sort of sight I think most men would see as their 'ideal scenario', in fact the knickers were so well in sight I was almost embarrassed so I looked away after a couple of seconds so no one noticed what I was looking at. My cock was wet and starting to stiffen. Then the vision stopped as she put her leg down again. Even though they weren't on view I started to absorb what I had seen, the perfect shot, big white triangle, knickers disappearing between her legs and a full 'acreage', in other words if she wasn't wearing her knicks I would see her whole pussy.

Then a couple of minutes tater she crossed her legs again, this time I was braver and got about a 5 second flash, with time to absorb the sight, this time I saw the dark shadow of her pussy showing through her knickers.

Then finally, she put one foot onto the seat of her chair to pick her toes. and this time I got a different flash of the thin band between her legs all crushed up where it covered her crack.

If only I could have touched my cock, I would have cum in seconds.

That was it then, the best upskirt a man could wish for, I went home with the wife later with what I had seen the only thing in my mind. I didn't get an opportunity to wank for a few hours, but god it was good when I did!

I was happy to have a new memory for my fantasy - and believe it or not, it got better...

The next day, Sunday, Linda rang to try and get me to fix her computer over the phone, not that uncommon. Anyway I needed to go round there to figure it out and try to sort it. When I arrived she was waiting and her husband described the problem and so I set about fixing it. Linda made me a drink and all was well, hubby then had to go to work on the afternoon shift.

I fixed the computer and started to chat with Linda, like you do. She asked about my Wife, her sister, how were we getting on etc (she knew she was moody and we had firey arguments) I said OK, we're getting on well as friends these days. Nothing to write home about, just friendly chat.

She then asked if she could ask me a question, I said yes.

"Did you see my knickers yesterday"?

"No", I lied, shocked

"I know you did" she replied

I was really embarrassed at being found out. I admitted that I had seen her knickers and apologised - I said I couldn't stop myself looking, I was sorry but most men would look wouldn't they. I said I was sorry that I had offended her.

She said, she wasn't offended, she said she noticed me looking and just to check me out she purposely put her foot on the seat to see if I looked. I said sorry again, in fact I had seen them 3 times that day.

Then she said "can I ask another question"?

"Yes" I said nervously...

"Where they like these"?

and with that she perched on the arm of the sofa, lent back a bit to let her skirt rise and then she opened her legs about 6 inches to reveal her knickers, white again, but hard for me to see if they were the same.

My heart was pounding, what do I say? is she coming onto me? if I go for it and she isn't she would tell my wife and I would be deep in trouble.

So, rather hesitantly I said...

"Yes, I think so"

"Don't you know"? she said, "either they are or they are not" she said.

"I can't see them very well" I said. My juices where rising I was getting wet, god, I remember hoping she could see any wet patch in my trousers.

She closed her legs and stood up

With that she came closer to me and suggested I might need a closer look to check them out.

I said, "look, what about Clare (the wife)"? Linda just stood there and asked if we still had a sex life. I said not much, Linda said, "hum, she doesn't much like sex does she" I said "not with me anyway" trying to be funny to cover my uneasiness.

"Clare has said as much", she said

"don't you miss it", she said

"yes, cause I do" I said

Then she lifted up her skirt, slowly, but all the way and there she was in front of me, knickers on full display, legs very slightly apart. Fuck me, I thought, am I dreaming?

"well", she said, "are they the same"?

Yes I admitted, they are, not wanting to move.

"have a long look", she said, "but don't touch me" she said

I feasted my eyes on the loveliness of her legs, her knickers, her cunt bulge and the slight indentation where her crack lay underneath.

After what seemed like ages, she moved. She moved astride me and sat on my lap.

My cock was rampant, my heart racing, my mind in overdrive.

"Look, I might not bonk Clare much, but I do love her and would not want to hurt her" I said.

She made me look at her eyes and slowly said

"I don't want to hurt her either. I don't love you, I don't want to marry you, I just really, really want to fuck you", she said

"I can feel your cock against my knickers - don't tell me you don't want to fuck me as well"?

I just nodded

I didn't need any more hints, I went to get my hand in her knickers. "No", she said, "time for that later" and with than she dropped to the floor and moved on my bulge.

She pulled down my zip and eased my stiff cock out of my wet boxers. I'll always remember the next moment when her lips touched my knob as her hand held the shaft pulling my foreskin down so her tongue could explore me.

She played with my cock with her teeth, tongue and lips, and it wasn't many seconds before I felt the inevitable happening.

"I'm about to cum" I said, giving her the option to withdraw. Thankfully she kept up the BJ and I pushed her head down as I started to cum in her mouth.

My cum didn't bother her at all, she kept sucking and licking all the time that I was jerking my sperm into her mouth. She was the cat who had got my cream!

After I had gone soft in her mouth she looked up and said "maybe you won't be so shy now" - I wasn't!

I quickly got undressed whilst at the same time telling her to stay dressed - "I deal with your clothes soon" I promised her. I didn't want my clothes to get in the way when my cock became ready to fuck her.

"What are you going to do with that" she said looking at my limp cock. "Follow me" I said leading her into the lounge.

I laid her on the sofa and went down on my knees beside her. I pulled up her blouse to get my eyes on her bra. Gently I moved onto her tits and started playing with the small ones she had, switching between my fingers and my mouth, sucking them for a few seconds through her bra.

She moaned softly and very sexily. "Time for you to enjoy my mouth now" I said as I undid her bra and released her stiff nipples from their holders.

I worked on her tits for a minute or two, aching to get down to her knickers and pussy, but not wanting to be so basic so soon.

She was becoming more aroused and gentling moving her leg up and down a bit. As I continued playing on her tits, I slowly moved my hand down her skirt and down her leg, gently caressing her legs inside and out but being careful not to touch her knickers - I wanted her as hot and randy as possible before I focused on that bit!

I could smell she was getting wet between her legs, that wonderful smell of wet woman gave me my cue to slowly move my head away from her tits and down to her cunt.

Now was the time to move my caressing hand in between her legs, I ever so gently touched her knickers right between her legs, and for the first time felt her wetness. She was very wet, her knickers were soaking wet and I felt king of the cocks!

"Fuck you're wet" I said as I lifted up her skirt and feasted my eyes again on those fantastic white lacy knickers.

Slowly I eased one hand into the top on her knickers, as I touched her pubes for the first time I couldn't believe how lucky I was to be in her knickers. I stroked her pussy and pushed a finger down into her crack. I passed by her clit and furrowed through her flaps and found her cunt hole.

"Enjoy" I said as I pushed my finger in and out of her wet cunt.

After a few seconds I pulled my hand out of her knickers - she gasped in pleasure as I put one finger inside each side of her knickers and gently pulled them down a few inches.

Finally I got full on look at her pussy, a dark blonde bush, getting darker as it covered her flaps and went between her legs.

"What a fantastic pussy" I said. She said "please make me cum - or my head is going to explode"

I pulled her knickers down and dropped her soaking knickers onto the floor.

I put one arm around each leg and pushed my head between her legs and up towards her cunt.

Gently I started to move my tongue into her pussy, kissing it all over, getting her wetness all over my face in the process.

Finally I pulled her flaps apart a little with my fingers and moved onto her clit.

For the first time she made more noise. I kissed, bit, licked and sucked her clit which was very bit by now.

After A few seconds I felt her beginning to tense up as her orgasm mounted. Her breathing became very rapid and she opened her legs wide and then closed them on my head.

Them she came, jerking her cunt into my face. I clutched her arse hard as I tried to keep my mouth in contact with her cunt as her orgasm pulsed through her body about 7 or 8 times before she finally relaxed her muscles and flopped back into the sofa.

I looked up over her skirt at her face, she was blissful, post orgasm in the way that makes any man feel as if they have really done well.

"Fuck me you're good" she said, "Fuck I'm lucky" I said, looking back down at her cunt.

My cock had got hard again during the oral sex I gave her. "Now for the real McCoy" I said as I got up and eased myself on top of her body, she instantly opened her legs wide letting my legs and cock drop into position.

"It's years since I've wanted a cock inside me as much as I want yours now" she said "fuck my cunt and fuck it well" she said.

I was as hard as I've ever been as she drew her knees up and open her legs wider.

I lifted my body up a bit and guided my cock to her clit and then slid it down to the entrance of her hole. She started panting and gasping again - just a few minutes after she had cum before.

Gently I pushed my cock and I felt her cunt open to allow my cock to slide into her. She was still very wet so there was very little resistance.

I slid my cock into her cunt very slowly, as this always makes a cock feel much longer than it really is - when you've only got 6 inches you have to make the most of every inch!

I pushed it in as far as it would go all in one trust, until our pubes met. For the first time I kissed her gently on the lips and said "I hope you enjoy this as much as I am going to". "I already am" she gasped.

She locked her lovely legs around my bottom and pushed hard to get my cock into her cunt as far as possible.

We then started to fuck each other, I pushed my cock in and out slowly to start and she responded by moving in rhythm. Once or twice my cock slipped out and I made a point of pushing it into her clit each time whilst trying to find her cunt hole again.

It was only a couple of minutes before I felt my orgasm coming. She noticed and said "Please come inside me". I started to increase my speed as I continued to fuck her fantastic cunt.

I finally started to cum inside her as she continued to move my cock in and out of her, she was gasping louder and louder as I came inside her.

Just as I started to subside she let out a huge gasp as she hugged me and came as well. Once again her pulses of orgasm went through her several times before we both collapsed into each others arms.

We hugged for a minute or so before releasing each other.

As I final gesture I pulled her knickers back on to keep my sperm inside her as she sat up and tidied herself up whilst I got dressed.

We agreed to keep this session as a one-off as we both had to much to loose my having an affair and risk being found out.

The memory of my cock sliding into her cunt for the first time will stay with me till the day I die...

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