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Fantasy come true

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Not being a prolific writer as some in here, I will do my best to explain the situation that happened roughly 10 years ago.

My wife and I were married 19 years with a 17 yr old daughter. Our only child that we had. Living in a house with 2 women can be a challenge. First, there is absolutely no privacy. I never had a time to just be alone. The wife Amy, worked 2nd shift and I worked days. Then Nicole was in school till I got home. Always a female around the house. Then to make it worse, Nicole was an athlete and had a friend she played volleyball with. She always come home with her after school, practice or games. Brenda was close to Nicole during the senior year.

She came from the Midwest when her Mom remarried after the loss of her father. She was a star athlete. You would not think so considering she was only 5?6 and weighed in at roughly 200 pounds. However she could move quick and had no problem digging spikes from the floor. That was her trademark. That, along with Nicole being 5?10?, they became a combo of set up and spikes for the team.

My wife and I always had a great sex life, but I must admit, I still liked my time to fantasize and masturbate. Brenda coming over after school and swimming in the pool out back didn?t help matters. I get aroused with a female that has a broader butt and watching her in the swimsuit took me to the edge on many occasions. Just seeing the bottom of the suit stretched across her rear and seeing the crotch of them creeping into the crack of her butt, gave me extremely hard erections. Every now and then after she dove in the pool she would get out and bend straight over to pick up the towel without adjusting. I would see a tuft of light brown hair escape from leg opening. I would be working in the yard and peering back at her. The only thing I could do is go get a 5 minute quick relief in the bathroom on the first floor of the house. I would go in and fantasize pulling the sides out and seeing her pussy uncovered. I would stroke my hardon at a rapid pace and relieve the pressure before going back to the yard and work.

My wife Amy was very sexual as me. She stands at 5?5 , and possesses 36D breasts with a nice rounded ass. I know she spent time with the vibrator while she had the house to herself during most of the day. About once every other week she would leave it laying under the pillow in our bedroom. It wasn?t long till I put the connection together. I would notice it on the days the pool cleaning guy came to the house He was on an every other week Wednesday. Brad was around 22 and built like the athlete he was. Brad is tall, slim and muscular. I have been there when he cleaned and he wore tight shorts and a t-shirt. One afternoon I quipped to Amy that the pool got cleaned today. She said , yes, it did. I told her that she left her toy out. She gave me a wry smile and said ?Well, it will be nice and clean for Brenda when she comes to swim?. Damn, she knew. She continued ?I have seen you peek at her more than once.? Amy and I have no jealousy issues. We have talked about others in our bedroom. However, Brenda was my daughters friend and thinking of her gave me some guilt. I told Amy that I may eye her, but anything too personal would not seem right. She replied back that stranger things have happened in life. I told Amy if she ever went further than watching, I wanted details. She agreed only if I did the same. I looked with a dropped jaw and asked Amy ?did we just give each other a green light??. She replied ?Bill, I know where your heart lies and you know where mine does. I am in no way concerned of ever losing my best friend and lover.?. With that, we left the kitchen and went to the bedroom for a wild love making session. I no more got to the room, and she dropped to her knees, removed my hard cock and began to suck it. I reached in her shorts and felt an very wet and hot pussy. Her cum from the earlier climaxes was still running from her pussy. I turned her over the edge of the bed, yanked her pants and panties down , and buried my cock to the hilt. You could her the skin slapping and the moaning filled the damn house. When I slipped inside her while I asked if this is what she wanted Brad to do. She said ?oh yes, give it to me deep.? ?Oh Fuck me?. I felt her lips clamp around my shaft and she let go of her climax. She actually was squirting on my cock. There was no doubt she was hot for Brad. While stoking my cock in and out, my mind went to Brenda. I imagined her lips stretched around my cock and the hot aroma of fucking filling the room. I imagined her moaning and bucking back toward me. I could not hold out much longer and released a huge load of cum inside her. I felt at least 5 squirts and when finished, I noticed the puddle of cum that settled just inside the lips. Wiping sweat off my brow, I told Amy that we haven?t had one of those in a long time. She agreed and said we need to do that again soon. I felt more at ease about my fantasizing, now that Amy recognized them. Our talk helped in making me more comfortable with it. I knew I would never initiate anything to cross the line with her in a physical way. My thoughts and actions were kept to myself, no matter how taboo them seemed.

About a week later , I had finished my yard chores and grabbed a beer to sit by the pool. I heard instant laughter and both Nicole and Brenda racing to the pool. I asked what the hell was going on. Nicole said ?Dad, the A/C went out at school during volleyball practice. It was 100 degrees in the gym. We decided to skip the showers and grab our street clothes to come home. We couldn?t get into this suits quick enough to cool off after 2 hours of workout. ? I just laughed and said ?you have no idea. We used to have 2 a-days in 100 degree temps outside for football.?. Brenda quipped back ?Whatever Mr Bill. ?. I sat watching them romp, play, and dive into the pool. Brenda wore a yellow bikini but not to skimpy. As I sat there, she would come out of the pool and walk toward my sitting area where she kept her towel. She would bend over and the top would drop a little. I could see the white area that didn?t get tanned. The air temp was cool and I even noticed her nipples poking through the top. For having 34-b boobs, the nipples were large. She would turn around and bend forward to shake the water from her hair. I noticed again that the bottoms creped in toward the nether lips. My arousal began getting stronger and I was poking a tent in my shorts. Each time she came to get the towel, my cock jumped. I picked up a dry towel, covered my crotch and got up to go relieve it. When I got to the downstairs bathroom, I couldn?t get my shorts down quick enough. My cock sprang out and I sat down to finish fantasizing. As I slowly pushed the skin up and down, I looked down and saw Brenda?s uniform on the floor. Nicole was right. They scurried out of them. It appeared Brenda just hooked her thumbs to the waistband and shoved them to the floor to step out of them. The shorts and underwear were together and turned inside out. As I continued to slowly stroke, I stared at the clothing. I had seen her play volleyball enough to know all the positions she had to be in. The bending, stooping, and spreading of the legs. The panties had to be adjusted on a regular basis by tugging them back to where they should be. With the girls talking about how hot the gym was, they had to be moist as well. I reached down and put my forefinger against the crotch and felt the moistness. I was mentally lost in my fantasy, and as taboo as it is, I picked them up and put them under my nose. Her womanly scent was intoxicating. My fist pumped harder and I felt the ensuing load climb the shaft. All of a sudden it released into the air. The first shot was strong and the ones that followed ran down over my hand. It was then that I heard Brenda call through the door. ?Mr. Bill. When you are finished, I need to get dressed to pick up Mom from work?. I frantically through the pants down to the floor pulled up my shorts and flushed the john as though I was using it. When I opened the door she scurried in and shut it. When she finished dressing, she came out and hugged me followed by a peck on the cheek. She said ?Mr. Bill, I love you so much?. Then she left. I went back to the bathroom and gasped at what I noticed. The first shot of cum landed on the wall across from the toilet and was running downward. It was just above the area her clothes were laying. OMG. Did she notice that? I sure hope not. If so, I just got busted. I then thought about the hug. She must have not seen it, or she wouldn?t have been so nice. I got a washcloth and wiped the wall down. It was then that I decided to stop fantasizing. I felt strange not knowing what she did or did not know.

Summer came and went and the girls moved to different colleges. Nicole went to Wisconsin and Brenda to Florida State. Both with scholarships for sports. We wouldn?t see either until the holidays. In the meantime, I finally had the house to myself when Amy was working. I took full advantage of it.

The Thanksgiving holiday came quickly. Amy flew to Milwaukee to get Nicole and was going to drive her car for the 12 hr trip back. She left Sunday and was coming back on Monday night. I took the week off to get the winter preparations for the house done. I worked all day Monday from 6 a.m. till 5 p.m. in the 76 degree Tennessee weather. Hot and sweaty I took a break. I went to the store to get deli items for supper. I got a cell call from Amy telling me an early winter storm hit there and the roads were covered in ice. They couldn?t leave and my not be able to until Tuesday. I told her I would make do and decided to cook 2 steaks instead of 1. That way Tuesday supper would be cooked.

I got home, took a 2o minute shower, threw on my Nike shorts and a t-shirt. While warming up the charcoal, I went to the living room t.v. and put in a disk which was a collage of videos of Brenda bending both from the front and back. I was getting extremely aroused when all of a sudden, the front door opened and I heard ?Mr Bill?? Oh crap, I killed the disk and went to the front door. It was Brenda. She hugged me and said ? Surprise!!. I said to her that she wasn?t supposed to be here till Wednesday. She said she had her finals and came early. She said she hoped we didn?t mind. I told her about Amy and Nicole being stuck and she said. ?no problem, we can make do. The she stated she had to pee and I told her I would go get the luggage. When I got back in the house , it was then I noticed I didn?t hit the stop button on the controller. I hit the pause button. Damn. The picture on the screen was Brenda bending forward and her top had dropped down a bit. She had to have seen that because the bathroom was on the other side of the living room. I stopped the disk and just played it off, in hopes nothing was seen. She came from the bathroom and I broke the ice. I said ?hey, you hungry. I was putting steaks on?. She said ?great. But while you do that can I go take a hot shower??. ?I have had these jeans and shirt on for the last 12 hours on the trip.? I told her to go ahead. I cooked the steaks . I went to the bathroom to see if she had finished and was gone. I had to pee so I went in and closed the door. There on the floor were her jeans. I looked over and she threw her panties on top of my boxers I had left in there. But the boxers were moved to a different area. Hmm. I didn?t know what to make of it, but the panties got my attention. Especially after her comment about having them on all day.

I looked in the trash to see if there was any feminine items in there and it was empty. I wanted to make sure. I picked them up and smelled the crotch of them. They were strong as suspected. I immediately got hard as a rock. I put them down right away and went back to the kitchen. I figured I would finish later in bed. She came downstairs in a light blue nightgown that was mid length. I didn?t notice a bra but I did notice panty lines as she passed in the window light. We sat down with the steaks and deli food. I poured wine for the meal . We talked the whole time about college and her progress in sports. She made the starting team for volleyball which didn?t surprise me at all. It seemed we talked for several hours. We had about 3 glasses of wine each and we were winding down our conversation. There was a moment of silence and then out of the blue she said ?Mr. Bill. Can I ask a personal question?? Scared as I was, I said sure. She said ?I am not upset and I don?t want you to feel bad?. But, I know you have fantasized things?. I didn?t know what to say. She said quickly ?it is ok. I am serious. You know girls do too? and then nervously laughed. I said ? I am sorry. But men think and do things that my be looked at as perverted?. She said ?don?t be?. Then she cleared her throat and said ? I saw the pic on the t.v. Can I ask what you were thinking?? I adjusted my chair and sighed. I asked ? are you sure you want to know?. Then laughed. She replied ? I wouldn?t have asked if I didn?t.?. Well, here goes. Nervously I stated ? I was looking at how your top dropped down. I was hoping it would drop farther. Lol?. She started laughing back. ?I guess I wanted to see more of the white on your boob? She squirmed in her chair and put her hand to the low neck line and brought the top to almost her nipple. ?like this?, and laughed again. My cock was getting harder by the minute. I said that will work. Lol. She said ?you know, I have had a glimpse of your bulge as well.?lol. ?when you got up to go inside?. I rolled out from under the table and turned toward her. I then said ?you mean like this? Lol. We both stated laughing loud. ?She said, ?yep? . She said ? did you take pictures of me bending with my back toward you?? I said ?Yes, and everyone once in a while when you got out of the pool, the bottoms were ridden up to the point that I saw the tuft of brown hair from the sides. She said ?oh , that is what caused you to go inside?? She rolled her chair back and raised her nightgown to her panties. Then asked ?like this tuft of hair?? she reached down and pulled her leg opening to the side a bit. I could see the side of the mound and the trimmed hair on it.. I laughed back and said ?you are learning to much?. There was silence and then I said ?in fairness here, what were you thinking or wanting to happen when you saw my bulge??. She squirmed in her chair and said ?I better not say?. Lol. I said ?Oh no, it don?t work that way?. Lol. She said ?oh ok, I was hoping the tip would peek out the leg opening?. At this point , I knew where this could end up. I hesitated and thought for a moment. My aching cock was controlling my thoughts. I rolled my chair back out again. I pulled the leg opening up a bit to expose the tip of my cock. The precum was oozing out. I said. ?like this tip? Lol. She stared at my tip and the cum there. She said, ?oh my, is that where that came from that was running down the wall?? All of that came from there??. I said ? yes, and much more after that?. She said ? I will show you more if can I can see more?. She leaned back In her chair and pulled the panty side to the left. She took her right hand and pressed her lips apart. Oh fuck. There was that pussy I wanted to see. I responded my pulling the leg opening up to reveal my 7 inch cock in full hardness. She sighed and I grabbed my shaft and pulled the skin up to the head to release some pre-cum out of the tip. She then got up and down on her knees. She grabbed my shaft and licked the head of it. She said ?oh. It smells just like your boxers? I thought on my, that is why they were moved. She began to suck it all the way to my balls. Panting and breathing hot air on my balls. I pulled her off. I made her sit in the chair. I spread her knees and put my nose to her pussy. I said ?oh my!. It smells just like your panties did?. We both giggled a bit and I started licking her from the ass to the clit. Sucking the lips and the juices from inside. She moaned, squirmed and then tightened up as she proceeded to climax in the chair. That was one of 4 climaxes I generated. Then she said ? I want that hard cock in me now.?. I turned her toward the chair. She placed her hands on the back of the chair and bent forward. I spread her ass cheeks apart and go one good look at her pussy before placing my tip at her opening. She groaned and said ?fuck me?. I shoved it inside till I felt resistance. She was virgin. I asked her if this is what she wanted. She said yes. Fuck me now. I gave it a hard push and she opened up. I let it sink to my balls and held it there. I waited till she started bucking back. When she did, I began to slowly stroke in and out. Then after a few minutes I began pounding her pussy. She was crying out for more. I felt her tense up and felt her warm cum around my shaft. This was all I could handle. I felt my load build then groaned outloud. ?I am cumming. I am going to fill your pussy Brenda. Hold on baby. With that, I let the first jet come out. Followed by 4 more spurts. I rested and then pulled slowly back out. The cum followed me and it ran down her thighs. She took a finger to wipe it up and sucked the forefinger to get a taste. Breathless, we both sat back in our chairs to recover. She looked at me and said ?they wont be back till Wednesday?? I told her no. She said lets go make what we can of it. With that, we went to the spare bedroom to continue what was to be a wonderful 2 days.

The next true story will be about Amy getting herself fulfilled by Brad.

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