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Fantasy Weekend

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Wow, what a weekend! My wife and I had been looking forward to this weekend without the kids and it was finally here. We made plans to go camping for the weekend and meet my brother and his wife there. We both were looking forward to doing what ever we wanted and when ever we wanted to do it, whether that was sleeping late, enjoying a meal without interruptions from the kids, or just lots of sex. I had told Jennifer before we left to get ready for some wild sex for the weekend. Since we were meeting my brother and his wife, she kiddingly asked, what are we going to do, excuse ourselves every time we want to do it? I replied that once Friday when we got there, once Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday at “nap time”, Saturday night, and Sunday morning; I figure we’ll only need to excuse our selves for the nap episode. She just laughed.

Friday night was the typical Friday night for both of us, we were both tired from a long week and agreed to forgo the Friday night clash and have a great morning session. We snuggled all night as it was a bit chilly. When we woke, we had the best “I Love You” sex! I started out by going down and bringing her to her first orgasm of the weekend by licking her pussy. Then we got into a nice rhythm with me on top of her that progressed to some pretty good hard bumping action. We ended the play time with her straddling my chest and sitting on my face. I love being smothered under her and letting her control where I lick. When we finished, we went out and made breakfast with my brother and sister-in-law. It was a fun day as we just hung out around the campers and went for some short hikes. My brother and I love to cook and we made gumbo that turned out really good for dinner.

It was now time for bed, well at least it was time to head off to bed…no one was planning on sleeping any time soon! When we got into the camper, I jumped right in. “Okay, what do you want to do first? I have a whole list of things I plan on doing before the night is over.”She looked a little surprised, but asked what all I had in mind. I said that I had brought all of her toys, had written a new fantasy story for us, wanted to read another story that I had written some time ago about her and I having a three way with one of our good friends, wanted to her to tell me the detailed version of the time that she had a sexual experience with another girl, and the last thing was I had bought a large cucumber and wanted to see her taking what amounted to a giant cock in her pussy. She was curious about the cucumber immediately. It was probably 9 – 10 inches long and so thick that I could not touch my thumb and longest finger together when trying to wrap around it. I also had bought condoms to protect her from any pesticides that might be on it. She quickly wanted to examine the cucumber and opened up a condom. She didn’t act very knowledgeable with the condom. I asked her if she was not used to the condom, and she just said that she had not used them much in previous relationships. She rolled it on the big cucumber and we sat it aside. We first read the new story which was actually recounting something that had happened a year or so ago on another camping weekend. Here is a copy of that story.

It was a great late summer day. There was hardly anyone on the lake but us. I love late afternoon boat rides. Smooth water, gliding through the water so effortlessly. We were in our usual spots, I was manning the cockpit and Jennifer was to the left and back of me…only feet away. With the wind blowing through our hair, it was an amazing, almost religious feeling. We had just dropped the kids off with her parents and were heading back on the 20 minute boat ride to our camper. We had an evening without the kids and I was looking so forward to it. Occasionally I would look back at Jennifer and think how beautiful she looked. With the late afternoon sun shining on her tanned body and her amazingly blue eyes, I could hardly stand to look at her. At some point on the way back, when there was no other boats near us, I eased back to her with the boat still running and told her how beautiful she looked with a very passionate kiss. A friend of ours from Birmingham was scheduled to come up for the evening. He was supposed to be at the campground at around 7:00. As I was pulling away, I said, “Too bad Tom is coming up tonight, I would love to have you all alone!” She smirked and said “so?” I headed back to the helm, and looked backed at her with a confused/surprised look. Now having to almost holler over the sound of the motor, I said, “What does that mean?” She just shrugged her shoulders at glanced away. I starred ahead for a few moments and then decided to test the waters a bit. I turned to her and said, “What would you do if you had the opportunity to have a three-way with Tom tonight?” I was nervous as a cat as I said this to her, but what was the worse that could happen? I knew from previous stories from Jennifer that before we were married, she wasn’t exactly Miss Goody Two Shoes. She surprised me by saying, it wouldn’t work tonight because the bed in the camper is way too small. “The bed in the camper is too small”? Is that the quickest thing she could come up with? That told me right then that there was a possibility.

When we got back to the campground, it was about 4:30 and we both needed showers after the day on the water. Jennifer went to the bathhouse to get cleaned up and I stayed back to get dinner started. As Jennifer returned, the shower had really relaxed her. She said she was going to go in and take a short nap. I headed up to the showers and noticed that clouds were rolling in and it appeared we would have a summer shower. When I returned from the bath house it was beginning to rain. If you have never experienced a summer afternoon nap with the pitter-patter of rain outside, you are really missing out! I went in to the camper to get changed and J was asleep on the bed. I lay down beside her in a close snuggle and went to sleep as well. When we woke, it was such a great feeling. The fresh smell of rain in the air, curled up with Jennifer in my arms….it doesn’t get much better than that. Jennifer is always the horniest in the mornings, or in this case, when she wakes up from a nap. We began to play around with each other and kiss. After a few minutes of this, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I reached over to the side drawer of the bed and pulled out all of the toys I had brought for the trip. There was a small dildo, a clit sucker, a silver bullet and a rabbit. I grabbed the Silver Bullet and turned it on. Rubbing it around her titties always gets her going. Then I worked slowly down to her Pussy. I used the toy and played around for a few minutes until I could see that she was more than aroused. I then reached for the Rabbit and asked her if I could play-out my fantasy? She kept her eyes closed and nodded yes. I took the 7” long 5” around plastic cock and began rubbing it around her wet pussy. I began talking in a soft voice how amazing it was to see her laying here with Tom’s dick rubbing against her pussy. I was sitting between her legs, in total control of the fake dick. I slowly inserted it into her, and moved it only slightly in. Wow, it was an amazing sight of this dick entering her pussy. I pushed it further in all the while talking to her and explaining from my point of view, what was happening. Before long I was moving the rabbit in and out with the motion of a good steady fuck. Again, explaining what I was seeing….Tom fucking her while she lay there enjoying what she was receiving. After this session had ended and we had laid there and relaxed for a bit, we received a call from Tom that he was not going to be able to make it to the camp ground. We spent the next day just enjoying our time alone without the kids. On the way home the next day, I asked Jennifer about the happenings of the weekend. I wanted to know if she would ever consider having a three-way with another male. I explained that my intentions would be to 100% provide her with extreme pleasure. This was not about me! I wanted it for her to have ultimate satisfaction. After a long conversation, she agreed that if the circumstances were “right”, it could be a possibility.

After reading this, it was just enough to get her going a bit. She asked if I would like to try the cucumber. So I took it and grabbed the KY to help it go in easier. To my surprise, it went in very easily! It was tapered on one end to help, but it thickened as it got longer. I slowly inserted it in until it was at its thickest point and about 2/3 of the way in. Then I began a slow in and out motion. She tried to get in to it but said that it just felt weird because it was so hard, and that it didn’t “give” any like the real thing does. I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable so I pulled it out. She then told me to get the Rabbit and do the same thing just like the story. She knows that it is a big turn on to me to think about her enjoying another man’s dick while I watch, so I played with the Rabbit for a while. After a little bit she asked me to put on a condom and fuck her. I did as she requested and we did it for a few minutes but I had forgotten how much the condom effects how it feels. I took it off and then really got at it. We had sex in just about every possible position, but ended up in one of my favorites; her on top, squatting and facing away from me. It feels great but there is the added visual that comes with it where I can see her lips stretch around me as I go in and out. Before I came, I asked her to sit on my face again, as I always love making her cum that way. She turned around and moved up and positioned her pussy in just the right spot. After she came, amazingly I still had not cum all night and was really feeling like I had to or I was going to wake up the next morning with a case of the blue balls. I had gotten a little soft so she began to give me a blow job. As crazy as it sounds, she was not having much luck. I’m not really sure why, but I was becoming concerned that I may not get to cum. I asked her if she would tell me about her bi-experience back in college so I could masturbate. She did and here is that story.

It was one night when I was out with some friends. We had been drinking a good bit and it was time to go. Two other girls were heading back to school which was about 45 minutes away and I didn’t want to drive that far, so I left with Kimberly to go stay at her boyfriend’s house. She had told us before that she had been with a girl before. I was intrigued, and decided to ask her about it. I had been curious before and wanted to know what it was like. She told me about her experience and said that it was nice because girls always know the best spots and are so delicate. When we got to her boyfriend’s house, we went into the basement where there was a guest bedroom. She went upstairs to tell him we were down there and she would see him in the morning. After she came back down, we got in bed. We lay there for a few minutes and Kimberly reached over and began to kiss me. We kissed for a little while and I pulled her shirt off and began to kiss her titties. She had big boobs and then I kissed down her stomach to her pussy. I licked her until she came. Kimberly then paid me back with a licking of my own.

While she was telling me this short story, I had gotten hard and was waiting to cum. When I realized she was finished, I ejaculated one of the strongest times I ever have. The first spurt shot out and landed on my face. Jennifer laughed and said WOW! What caused that? It didn’t take much explaining for her to understand how erotic it was to her talking about having oral sex with another girl. After this we snuggled down for some much needed rest.

The next morning we woke up and she asked what was on tap for this round? I told her I wanted to read the other story I wrote about our three-way with Tom. She recently had read the story for the first time, and it was much more detailed than the one we read last night. We have talked about me watching her with Tom, so I created a fantasy on how I thought it might go. I was interested in hearing from her what parts turned her on the most. Then I told her I wanted her on my face once more. We began by reading the story.

Helping a Friend

Tom, Jennifer and I were sitting outside enjoying the cool night air, staring at the stars and talking about his current problems with his wife. He was visiting Jennifer and me for the weekend because he and his wife felt they needed a little time away from each other. He had recently taken a new job that required him to travel five days a week, every week since he started; they were not having any time for themselves. In addition, he has been away a lot on the weekends as part of his participation in the Air Force Reserves. Tom and his wife, Sherri, have always seemed to have a somewhat boring sex life. Being close friends with them, my wife and I have often had open conversations about our own sex lives; nothing too in-depth, just when the last time we “did it” or they would ask us what position did y’all do last night, etc. Tom and Sherri’s was almost non-existent, he lived through our adventures and Sherri didn’t seem to care. The only time in the seven years that we have known Tom that there was even a hint of anything sexual, was one night when Sherri went to bed early, Tom, myself, and Jennifer stripped and got into our hot tub. Tom undressed first and I waited for Jennifer. She slid her pants down and off leaving her long sweatshirt. I thought she would ask us to turn away, but she smiled and removed her top and crawled in. It was an interesting night with the thought of my wife sitting only a few feet away from another naked guy and thinking of what could happen, but nothing ever did; it was very innocent. I had thoughts after that night, if anything could ever happen between my wife and Tom. In fact, we kidded a lot between the four of us that sometime I would come over to Sherri’s house when Tom was out of town to take care of her, or that Tom and Jennifer would hook up sometime because he wasn’t “getting any” at home. Jennifer and I had talked, as well, about her sometime helping Tom out. But again, it was all friendly, fun talk.

We had a nice meal earlier in the evening and had settled into relaxing outside and committing to all drink Tom’s problems away. As it usually happened, Jennifer hung with us for a while but eventually excused herself and headed off to bed. I waited a few minutes and went in to say goodnight. When I walked into the master bath, she was standing there in a purple, silk robe with matching lace panties. The robe was loosely tied at the waist creating a low cut V over her tanned, beautiful breast. My wife has extremely long legs, is very limber and likes to hold on to the headboard of our bed with her toes while I fuck her hard and deep. I was surprised to see her wearing that because we always sleep in the nude. In fact, other than wearing the robe as a cover-up in the mornings when she gets out of the shower and needs something quick to put on to walk around the house, I don’t remember her ever wearing a robe. She looked at me and said, “I think Tom deserves some fun. What do you think?” I was half shocked and blown away that she seemed serious, and half excited as hell! I smiled and told her that he was in for one hell of a night. She said, “Does that mean you would be okay with me seducing Tom?” Just then, the door alarm chirped indicating that Tom had come in from outside, probably coming in to use the bathroom. She told me to go back into the living room, get the lights turned down and the music switched to something a little more mood setting, and she would come in a few minutes. I walked into the living room and did as she had requested. I sat in my recliner and as Tom walked out of the bathroom, he sat on the couch. In an effort to turn our conversation in the right direction, I said to him, “Since you’re not at home, I should run over to Sherri’s and see if I could show her what she’s been missing.” He smiled and said, “Go ahead, I’ll stay here with Jennifer.” Bam! He took the bait as expected. This was exactly the type of conversation that we were accustomed to having between all four of us. I ask him if he would really like to play with Jennifer. He got more serious and nervous and said of course, but that he would never do so. Jennifer entered the room, having overheard our conversation, and asked why not? Tom looked at her from head to foot and his surprised look was that of amazement. She strolled over to him and stood between his legs, looking down at him and said are you sure you would never want to play with me? With that, she knelt down and started working on removing his dick from his jeans. In a moment, she had his quickly stiffening cock out of his pants examining it as if it were the first she had ever seen. Although his dick was slightly larger than mine, I knew that she would have no problem swallowing the entire thing. She had once beaten out an entire limousine full of girls competing to see who could swallow a beer bottle the deepest. She began her slow up and down motion that would soon have him filling her mouth full of built-up cum. She was the first, and only, girl that had ever swallowed my cum when giving me head. Tom was definitely in for a treat. She took her time circling her tongue around the head followed by long, deep gulps of cock. She looked over at me, only a few feet away enjoying the show, and then went back to work. After allowing enough time for him to settle in and enjoy the blowjob he was receiving, it was time for her efforts to concentrate on the end. She placed her hand on the base of his cock, and began pumping up and down while she slurped the head of his dick. This is the part I always love. The audible noises coming from him said that he was close to cumming. He tensed up, and exploded in my wife’s mouth. She was a master at not wasting any. She waited until he was finished, swallowed in one big swallow, raised her head and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. I thought this might be the end of the show, but I was wrong. Not waiting for a response, she grabbed his hand and said, “Come on, now it’s my turn!” She led him to the bedroom and had her sopping wet panties off when she got there. Quickly removing her robe and the rest of his clothes, she had him get on the bed. I had followed in to continue to watch, but neither of them really cared I was there. She crawled on top of him, sat on his chest and positioned her well-groomed pussy on his face. She was hot and wanted her pussy to get the same treatment she had given his dick. She loves having her pussy eaten. She has pretty, fluffy folds that protrude and make it a really pretty pussy to eat. Her clit is very small and hard to find when she is not excited, but by now I was sure he was able to find it with ease while enjoying his fantasy. I sat in the chair at the foot of the bed and begin to stroke my dick as I watched the scene in front of me. She held on to the headboard and hovered her pussy easily within tongues reach for Tom. I could see that he was giving her pussy long, slow licks from her ass to the top of her slit and slowly moving from side to side with a soft tongue. She was incredibly wet and was enjoying the licking she was getting, especially since it was coming from someone other than me for the first time in over nine years, at least as far as I knew. She began a slow movement in her hips, which I knew all to well as her way of helping him hit the right spot. I then saw him bring his hand up and insert a finger into her slippery asshole. I knew what this would do to her. I have fucked her a few times in the ass, but she is not crazy about it, but she loves for me to finger her ass while eating her pussy…and when I put one finger in her pussy, my thumb in her ass and rub the two together, she goes crazy. When he pushed his finger in, she gasped! From where I was sitting, I had a beautiful sight of her ass in the air with Tom’s finger pushed in. She began to quicken her movements and then freeze, move and freeze, and then came an incredible orgasm. Jennifer is never quite when she hits orgasm, and tonight was no exception. No load screams, just very audible moans coming from deep within her. She turned and said, “Care to join us?” We had talked about threesomes in the past, but it had always been me, her and another girl. She had been with a girl once in college, but had never succumbed to my desires to see her with another woman. My fantasies have always been based on my desire to see my beautiful wife having extreme pleasure. I wasn’t completely comfortable with being so close to another guy’s dick, but I wasn’t about to pass this up. I quickly headed over to the bed. She moved off of his face and said bluntly, I fuck you all the time, can I fuck Tom? Without an immediate “no” from me, she knew I was okay with it. She lay down on her back with me to her side and waited for Tom’s entrance. As he entered slowly, she moaned deeply with pleasure. They settled into a steady grind and I watched once again. Realizing I could offer her heightened pleasure, I leaned over and placed my mouth on one of her titties. She groaned in pleasure and began to diddle with her right hand as Tom fucked her and I tongued her titties. Within a few minutes, she was cumming for the second time and Tom tensed and exploded a load of cum inside her. It was now my turn! I was now the only one that had not cum. I had Jennifer get on her hands and knees with Tom lying on the bed beneath her. I entered her hole from behind with little effort, as her pussy was now very relaxed and wet from Tom’s juices. There was no need in going in slow motion, I was ready to hard core fuck my wife, she loves to be dog pounded. Tom was able to fully concentrate on her titties. As she moved with my thrusts, he was ever so lightly letting her breasts rub against his hands. Just before I began to cum, I thought about how she likes her ass to be fingered during sex as well. I asked her if she would like to try two dicks at once with Tom in front and me in the back. She did not answer, but lowered from her hands and knees on top of Tom. She reached down and guided his dick back into her pussy. She arched her back for me to have a good angle. Although my dick was still dripping wet from her pussy, it was a struggle to get into her tight back hole. I kept slow, steady pressure. I was beginning to think it wasn’t going to go in, but I felt the head start to slip in. I pulled out a little, and pushed back in a little further. Jennifer was showing signs of discomfort. My dick is not the longest she has ever had, but she says that it’s the thickest. I continued to work it in and out very slowly. After the thickest part made it in, I was able to push in all the way to my balls. She gasped, this time from the feeling of pleasure. I began moving in and out, and her tight ass was now relaxing and enjoying the feeling of the in and out motion. I knew the feeling she was having; she had once made me take a dildo up my ass to see how weird it felt going in and out. Also, Jennifer did not know that once while playing by myself, I had taken her large Jack Rabbit up my ass, so I knew what she was feeling. Tom and I now were both ball deep in my wife. We began a slow motion, but it took a few strokes to get into a rhythm. Jennifer was cooing and ahhing with every stroke. For the first time, my wife was getting two dicks at once. I managed to hold my load off long enough to enjoy the feeling of this moment, but inevitably I blew. Tom followed shortly and we all collapsed in exhaustion. We curled up on the bed with Jennifer in the middle, and went to sleep. I woke up at some point in the middle of the night to a rocking motion. I cleared my eyes enough to see Jennifer on top of Tom, fucking him in a steady rock. She was leaning forward on her right elbow, and I remembered the first time she performed that move on me….”Man, what a fuck!”

Jennifer diddled herself the whole time will reading the story and was very wet when we finished. We talked about it and I expected her to comment on sitting on his face or actually fucking someone new with me watching, instead she said that she enjoyed thinking about pleasing me and how she liked watching me. She reached over and grabbed her little silver bullet vibrator and began using it on her clit. This brought her closer to a climax, but then she moved around again and got back in position on my face. It didn’t take long this time since she was already very excited. When she came, it was a gush. This is reward time for me. I love the thick salty taste when she comes. I began fucking her with me on top, then with her on her side, me on my knees with her one leg high in the air. She likes this because it allows for the deepest penetration. Then we moved to doggie style, which she loves. I ask her at this point what she thought about the idea of two of us at once. She just kind of hummed and said, I don’t know. I joked and said I might need to take that part out my fantasy.

We finished up and both got showers. We went outside and my brother had packed up almost everything for us and set it near our camper because it was looking like rain. He commented that he didn’t want to put it in the storage compartments because he did want to disturb our “crackin’” time. I sort of looked at him funny and he smiled and said, man, the whole thing was squeaking like crazy. Our camper is much heavier than theirs, and he said that if ours was making that much noise, his must have been rocking all over the place this morning when they were getting busy! We ate breakfast and then finished packing up and then hit the road. It was about a two hour drive home. Jennifer and I had driven separate cars, and at one red light, I pulled up next to her and we were talking about what we needed to do when we got home. When she finished laying out everything that needed to be done, I said, “…and do it once more before the kids get home?” She smiled and said maybe as she drove off.

After we got home we got started on all of the things that needed to be done. A few hours later, I was up stairs working on something when she called up that it was getting late, did I want to come down and do it one more time? Silly question! I immediately came down stairs and she was already naked. We got on the bed started talking about how well “Fantasy Weekend” had gone. She said is that what this was? She did not realize that I actually had named it. She agreed that it had been an incredibly fun weekend…cucumber and all. As we lay there talking she said she wanted the Rabbit. The batteries were not working so we had to go find batteries to get it going, which we did. She did not insert the cock inside her, she just using the vibrating rabbit ears on her clit. I grabbed the KY and dribbled several drops across her titties and began to massage her chest. I said to her that this weekend had been all about my fantasies. What were hers? She said mostly she just would concentrate on herself when masturbating. She said but sometimes I do think about that time when we went to the strip club and you paid for the girl to dance for me. That was very exciting. That evening the same girl spent a lot of time with us and we actually asked her to come home with us. She declined as you would probably expect, but I asked Jennifer did she get more excited thinking back on the dance or what might have happened if the girl had come with us. With her eyes closed and her pussy buzzing with the rabbit, she said, “both”. I told her that I thought about the ride home. That I would be driving and they would be sharing the passenger seat kissing and feeling each other all the way home. When we got there I would get to see her licking her pussy and then getting licked herself. I could tell that she was getting worked up and she soon came for the first time today. I had now lubed up my cock really good with KY and was making slurping noises as I pumped up and down on myself and it sounded like I was fucking a wet pussy. She then surprised me by bringing Tom back up. I asked her how that fantasy might play out if it were to ever really happen. She said that she had thought about it and she wouldn’t want him to know anything about our plan. She would want it to be more natural. She said that sometime in the evening, she would make a move on him, maybe while I was gone to the bathroom or something. Maybe a little stronger tease or even come up from behind and turn him around and kiss him. She would not explain what she was up to, but she would continue to lead the evening by suggesting we play some sort of adult game, probably Strip Poker or Truth or Dare. That would lead to some more intense action there in the living room before moving on to the bedroom. I told her that I would want the plan to start early in the evening, because if this happened, I wanted a full night of it. She agreed. I asked her if she preferred doing this at home or sometime when we are camping. She said she didn’t know, just when the timing seemed right. So we’ll have to see. Did the Fantasy Weekend get her excited enough to give it a shot? I don’t know. We are going camping at Talladega with Tom in about a month, so maybe there will be more action than just on the track. If any thing does happen, I will let you know.

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