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Fantasy Seduction (MFM)

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Fantasy Seduction Over the past 10 years we have been occasionally active in the lifestyle, more inactive than not due to a series of moves and a wife Carol who has no interest in anything but straight activities. Not a large number of couples who are looking for STR. That said, the adventures we have experienced for the most part have been enjoyable, especially if you gauge it by how vocal and into it Carol gets when we do.

We both thoroughly enjoy massages and I have been known to, on occasion, arrange a 4 or 6 hand (MFM or MMFM) massage for Carol usually leading to more intimate activities.

Since we don’t have any recent adventures to relate I thought it would be interesting to post a part fantasy part reality experience that I personally would like to see come true in the near future and see how the responses go.

It was a chilly night and after yet another move we were both pretty well stressed and exhausted. Since we are new in the area and had not completed unpacking we went scouting for a local eatery to get a simple and quick meal before retiring for the evening. As we “toured” the area near our new home we came across a small Mexican restaurant. Since we both enjoy that type of meal, in we went.

It was a not very crowed so we took a table near the back in a somewhat quiet and secluded area, slightly behind and opposite of the bar area. The waiter came to ask what we wanted to drink. Since we have a pretty much standard rule, only one can drink so the other can drive sober, I deferred to Carol. She ordered a frozen margarita, one of her favorites. We were in no hurry to get back to the boxes and assorted items that were still packed or not yet found a home in the new house so I encouraged her to relax.

After another drink we ordered dinner and were having a casual conversation. I noticed that Carol was starting to show the effect of the margarita’s and also noticed that she was casting occasional glances toward an area of the restaurant that I could not see from my seat. As dinner progressed she ordered another margarita. I on the other hand had to excuse myself to go to the rest room. As I moved by the table I caught a glimpse of what I thought she was so interested.

What I saw was a male close to our ages, drinking alone at the bar. He appeared to be about 6‘tall, shaved head and handsome rugged looking.

When I returned to the table, curiosity got to me so I shifted seats to the opposite side. Carol was raised in a very strict family and I was surprised years ago when she even mentioned an interest in the lifestyle.

Anyway I guess the alcohol were making her less inhibited. After another glance or two, I ask her what was so interesting and she said she was watching this guy at the bar and though he was really good looking. That in itself is unusual as she rarely expresses any comments about other people.

About that time he stood up as if to leave and I could see a look of perceived disappointment on her face. Instead of leaving he headed for the rest room and I swear she was checking out his ass and "bulge". Now I was curious if this would be a special opportunity.

When he returned I noticed that he glanced our way. I was feeling adventurous so I asked Carol if she wanted some meet some new people and have added company at the table. She nodded yes so I went over, introduced myself and asked if he would like to join us. At first he hesitated but then he said ok.

His name was Larry and when we returned to our table I introduced Larry to Carol. Her face became blushed. I am not sure if it was the margaritas, the fact she was facing what had caught her interest or likely a combination of both.

Since it was not a busy night we just sat and chatted about ourselves for a long time. They had more drinks and while we all chatted and ate.

We talked among other things about the stress of moving. Larry indicated as a sideline that he was a professional masseur. This started a whole chain of conversation that eventually lead to discussions about massage which caused loose lips and alcohol to divulge our 4 and 6 hand encounters.

I could see Larry’s eye light up and he more intently gazed at Carol with a subdued lustful look. I guess Carol was feeling more comfortable and noticed that she had moved her chair a little closer supposedly to here Larry better as he was fairly soft spoken.

He was telling us about his massage techniques and asked Carol if she would like a small sample. She hesitated but with a little prodding from me, said yes. Larry stood up and I saw Carol staring at Larry’s bulge before he moved behind her and started to gently massage her neck and shoulders. You could hear her let out gentle sighs and before it started it ended. Larry again took a seat and the discussion continued but this time with a more directed conversation related to massages, our experiences etc.

When I noticed Carol twinge a bit I noticed that Larry’s arm closest to Carol was now under the table and I surmised that he rubbed her leg. At first it was rather casual, sort of ”testing the water”. I watched Carol closely and could tell it was having an effect on her.

Larry’s pager went off and he excused himself for a moment. When he stood up it was obvious that it had an effect on him.

While he was gone Carol asked me if I was ok with what had happened. I said yes that I was getting an extreme hard-on watching and I reminded her that I have never objected to her exploring possibilities and our agreement that as long as I could watch or at least listen on the phone I was OK. And while she has never taken me up on it, it has always been a fantasy of mine, but that is for another time.

Larry returned and said that his evening appointment had cancelled and we returned to our discussion. This time he obviously moved closer to Carol and resumed stroking her leg. During the conversation he said that since we were new to the area, he would extend a one-time offer for a free massage for either or both of us. Generous but I was sure that it was really directed more at Carol. It was getting late in the evening and I mentioned that we really needed to get home as it had been a long day.

The words were barely out of my mouth when Carol chimed in “Where you serious about a massage”? Larry said absolutely. Carol said since his appointment had canceled and we had a professional massage table would he consider tonight? He said that was OK with him. After some small talk I told him to follow us.

Carol was extremely quiet on the way to our house. When we got to our house Carol asked if we wanted another drink. Since I didn’t need to drive I agreed with Larry. She then mixed up the drinks and called for me to come get them. She then excused herself and went to the bedroom. I heard some water running and when she returned she was in a pair of my lounge pants and a t-shirt with her slippers. She had put make up on and shiny lip-gloss on along with a sexy dark eyeliner. I just stood and stared; she is not one for a lot of makeup and rarely except on special occasional and rarely done this on such short notice.

She grin and wobbled a bit from the margarita's and came over and whispered in my ear, “was I ok with this”? I just grinned and nodded my head.

We returned to our family room and I rummaged through the piles and found our massage table and supplies. Carol came over to help and I asked if she was nervous and she said. "I am little". I asked if she were horny ... and in a sarcastic way she said oh yea”. I told her to go make small talk with Larry while I set up the table. She asked again if I was sure I was ok with this” Again I said was fine with it, it was not like it was a first time, and I assured her I was good with it.

She returned and sat on the sofa next to Larry where they made idle chatter with occasional soulful glances. We have had other guys join us for erotic massage but never like this evening and I was excited knowing what you was about to happen.

Finally the table was up; the oils where on a stand close by and for some reason I put out a bottle of lubricant.

Carol said for us to get comfortable and went to the guest bathroom to disrobe. Larry and I were already in shorts and t’s. Carol returned wearing a sexy bra and panties. I guess her modesty had kicked in I thought maybe she was having second thoughts.

At this point Larry took over and told her to lay face down on the massage table and as we had several, ask what fragrance of oil she preferred. She responded his choice. He choose some cinnamon flavored eatable, lotion which at the moment seemed odd.

If you have ever seen the movie “Full Body Massage”, this is what the scene reminded me of. He started by warming the oil in his hands and started a slow application to her neck and shoulders as it was “familiar” territory. He extended his coverage to her arms and hands. I was transfixed and noticed that as he would release an arm it went limp over the side of the massage table.

You could see a slight smile on her face as her continued with her back, neck and arms. He paid particular attention to her arms, hands and fingers almost as if drawing the tension down hers arms and out through her fingers. After several minutes of this you could visibly see her sink into the table in a state of relaxation. He asked if it was ok if he unhooked her bra so he had full access to her back and she nodded her head. He was slowly working his fingers along the spine and up to the shoulders and again like draining the stress down her arms. This scene was very erotic and I was enjoying the scene completely.

He then warmed some more lotion in his hands and he shifted to her feet and started with her feet and toes, slowly massaging the in-step, up to her ankles and calves. He appeared to be very good and while I wanted to join in I did not want to break their connection. Carol was starting to show signs of sensual excitement which did not come as a surprise given what I had witnessed at the restaurant.

Larry proceeded to warm some more oil in his hands and started to massage from her calves up to her thighs. Up until now she was holding her composure even with the number of margaritas she had had but I noticed as he started massaging her thighs that she spread her legs slightly. He was now gently massaging from her calves to near her TUNNEL of LOVE which was still covered by small panties. You could see her start to fidget a bit from the sensual tension that was obviously building.

At this point Larry asked her to roll over. Carol slowly rolled on her side in his direction, paused, removed her bra, smiled and laid on her back. She then did something a little unexpected, She winked at me, raised her hips and asked if I would remove her panties.

Trans-fixed and surprised I moved to the table and slide her panties down her legs and toss them off into a corner. I noticed as I slide them off her legs how wet they were with a sexy musky aroma and very stimulating sent.

Larry looked at me, smiled and started to warm more lotion. He then started massage her shoulders and arms but carefully avoid touching her breasts, He worked his way down her body and continued on to her legs using long slow motions while using his fingers to knead her muscles.

This had been going on for a full 30-40 mins and I could see her torn between physical relaxation and sexual tension.

Since I removed her panties I had been standing next to the table watching her and loving her responses to his massage. She noticed I was standing close and reached out and started to rub my leg. This had an immediate effect and I jumped from semi-limp to ROCK HARD in a split second. Larry noticed, motioned for me to warm some lotion and join in. I did and started at her shoulders and breasts noticing how hard her nipples had become, straight out like large erasers. This was a huge turn on to see this excited. I started massaging her breasts and Larry continued to massage her legs but moving closer to her “honey pot”. When he must have thought I was not looking I noticed that her fingers grazed across it and she was noticeable affected.

I leaned over and asked her how she felt. She put her hand behind my head and proceeding to kiss me deeply, I vaguely remember Larry asking if he could sample that. She nodded yes and and asked "what kind of kiss?" He said whatever you are comfortable. His lips were about an inch from her face when she closed her eyes and moved closer to him. As his lips touched Carol's, she put both hands behind his neck and pulled him close. They both kissed a few seconds with their mouths closed ... then they both opened their mouths and started to French kiss. Both their tongues were swirling around each other.

This single act ignited the passion, she moved her hands and grabbed the bottom of his shorts and pulled them off and exposing his muscular body plus something that I am sure she was not expecting. Larry was at least 10” erect and about the size of a coke can in thickness. I am not sure she even noticed yet.

I went back to kissing her and massaging her breasts and nipples while Larry was back working on her legs but know with increase awareness of her most sensitive areas. As his fingers would graze her she moaned, twitched and arched her hips. When she arched hips Larry rubbed her “honey pot, first with one then two fingers each time a little longer and occasionally putting a finger just inside.

Larry slide her down the table slightly and as he did she willing spread her legs further. As Carol spread her legs, he lowered his head as if to get a good view and started to rub her inner thighs. I was surprised how "into it" she was.

Larry moved quickly to the other end of the table, whispered something to Carol. She reach down to his leg and started rubbing and her eyes popped wide open when they found her target. Surprise was an understatement. She could barely get her hand around it and the surprised showed in her face, this was more than she had expected or ever encountered. I was afraid she would stop.

Larry smiled as I gather her liked the response to his question. He slowly worked his hands down her body and started massaging her again this time up close.

Soon I understood why he chose the eatable oil. He slowly started at her ankle and was licking his way up her legs. This was having a pronounced effect and Carol reach out for me and starting stroking me, pulling me closer until she could put my cock in her mouth. I could tell you the way she was sucking my cock she very much into the experience. In a split second she almost deep throated me, which she has never done or been able. The same spit second when Larry’s tongue started to lick her clit. He began his oral assault in earnest and she was responding in kind,

Soon I exploded in her mouth with the largest load I have ever shot and my legs became a bit weak, I backed away

Carol reached for Larry and as she began to slowly jerked his stiff cock, she looked over at me a rolled her eyes as to indicate his size. That's when I mouth the words "blow him" to her.

Larry had moved his action from her pussy to her chest, massaging and sucking on her nipples. Soon Carol's face was not far from Larry’s cock, but she seemed a little hesitant. He moved his fingers closer toward her pussy. Her mouth seemed to been indirectly guided by his fingers, the closer his fingers got to her pussy, the closer her mouth got to his cock.

As his fingers moved closer to her pussy the closer she moved to the head of his cock. As she did this, she was obviously very excited. Finally lust took over and she edged the head of his huge cock into her mouth. Her mouth was stretched completely and I was sure there was no way she could handle any more.

At this time Larry indicated that I should eat her pussy, a task I was more than willing to tackle. She was already very wet, smelled of sweet cinnamon and I buried my tongue in her pussy with ferocity she had not experienced before. I was licking and sucking her juices for all I was worth but I don’t think she noticed other than the squirming and obvious moaning.

I looked up over her stomach and saw her pulling his cock into her mouth stretching it as far as she could get it. He was rocking back and forth obviously enjoying this unique moment as was I.

Carol was having a hard time with his girth and length but was giving it her all. Between moans and screams she was losing any sense of control she may have had but I could tell that she could not take any more in her mouth. She was trying to control his access to her mouth with her hand which was semi-wrapped around the end of his cock and the tip of her tongue was about an inch from the rim of his cock head.

Mean while, Larry had a finger on each side next of her pussy. Carol stiffened up as the tip of her tongue and slowly traced the head of his cock, as she did this, he moaned and slid his middle finger over her wet pussy, which made her moan slightly. He placed his finger at the entrance of her pussy. Carol then opened her mouth and took his head and about an additional inch of him into her mouth. The taste of his precum did not bother her. As she did this, he started to slide his finger up and down her pussy lips. Carol started to slowly blow him. Seeing her lips wrapped around his big cock really turned me on.

This went on for several minutes, Carol slowly going up and down on Larry’s cock head. She licked and sucked it for all she was worth. While she could not take him in her mouth fully she was making slow progress and got less than half of Larry’s cock in her mouth which was straining to accommodate the thickness of his cock. This was a picture that was having a profound effect on me. I was harder and hornier than I had ever been.

As Carol was trying her best to suck Larry’s cock I move to place my cock at the entrance to her pussy and while doing so my cock head brushed against Larry’s finger and he pulled away to allow me full access. Carol can be dry at times so I rubbed my cock head in the oils around her pussy and I slowly placed my cock head just into Carol’s hot pussy. I was careful to slowly push into her slowly and I could see her gasping to breath, moan and cry out in ecstasy all the while with Larry’s cock moving in and out of her mouth.

I started pushing in and out slowly so as to add to the heat of the moment. But I could not continue at this pace and soon I picked up my pace ramming my cock into her pussy at faster and faster rates but each time pulling almost completely out before ramming it in again. Finally I could feel my groin tighten and soon I was pumping load after load of hot sweet cum into Carol’s pussy. When my cock exploded into her pussy Carol’s back arched and subsequently caused her head to go further onto Larry’s huge cock causing her gag reflex to kick in but she hardly missed a beat.

This was but the beginning. As I pulled out of Carol, exhausted and very satisfied I noticed that Larry had removed his cock from her mouth and we both noticed that she was breathing very heavily, very flushed with a satisfied but horny look on her face. I moved from between her legs to stand next to her head and kissed her deeply.

While doing this Larry had found the bottle of sexual lubricant and started to finger her with a finger fully sheaved in the liquid. He was also fully coating his huge cock with the same lubricant. I believe he knew that she would be very tight and wanted to make it as painless as possible.

Carol was just starting to catch her breath, but her chest was still heaving with sexual excitement. She was not fully aware of what Larry’s was doing just the warm feeling that she was experiencing.

While Carol can be very vocal during sexual activities but rarely does she tell her partner what see wants. This time proved to be an exception. I pulled back from the kiss and I started to suck on her nipples and watch Larry rub the head of his cock against her pussy. Her tight pussy lips seemed no match for his large meat but she was enjoying the teasing. I couldn't wait to see if his huge cock could penetrate her tight pussy. It was at this moment the words just exploded form her mouth she screamed at the top of her voice “I want to feel your big cock inside of me”. She was so loud I was sure that all of the new neighbors had heard her and were calling 911 for fear that an attack was taking pace. When I heard my wife scream these words, my cock was nearly exploded again and I was instantly rock hard.

Larry was standing there with his dick rock hard sticking straight out. Carol's pussy was soaked with my cum, sexual lubricant and her natural juices. The color of her pussy lips was dark pink. Her lips were slightly opened and her clit was mimicking my cock, rock hard. I couldn't believe this was happening. I was so excited knowing she was going to be stuffed with a huge no, make that massive cock.

Larry slid Carol even closer to the end of the table and pulled her legs up over his shoulders to gain full leverage. Now I could see Larry’s meaty cock was fully erect and appeared to be a good 10”+ and good 3” or more across in thickness posed at her pussy lips. Carol was breathing heavily and had a glazed look as she looked into his eyes.

He lowered himself to allow him to kiss her neck and as he did she wrapped your right leg around his lower back and pulled him into her with her leg. The head of his cock was at the entrance to her soaked, wet pussy. He held his big meat and slowly with slight pressure slid the head of his dick up and down the length of her pussy, slightly spreading her lips further apart. Carol was moaning and was starting to understand the size of his cock head that was about to penetrate her. Her face became somewhat apprehensive but was overcome with lust. I started to encourage Larry to slowly work his cock head into her. Hearing this she moved her left leg from the edge of the table and wrapped it around his lower back so both her legs were wrapped around him. Her nipples were rock hard.

Carol reach up and started to kiss him deeply with a lot of tongue action. At the same time she pulled her legs inward forcing the head of his cock to enter her wet hole.

I could see her pussy lips stretched beyond anything I imagined she could handle as his thick head entered her hole and you could see her almost socked expression when she felt the size of the cock head that had penetrated her love canal.

Larry pulsed to allow her to adjust to it. Soon he was slowly moving his huge cock head a little deeper and after a number of slow, controlled strokes Carol seem to at least adjust, if not feel comfortable with the size so she continued to pull him closer, he sunk his cock deeper inside her until only about 4 inches were still visible. Carol was noticeably surprised as to both his wide and length. I leaned over to her and whispered that there was more to cum.

Her eyes got wide and she tried hard to say stop but the lust had taken over. She adjusted her pelvis and he managed two 2 inches inside of rock hard cock into her. He was slowly pulling out and pushing back in with a slow methodic tempo. This was allow her time to adjust but as because of the size was causing her to lose control to the lust factor and soon she was completely lost to the feelings that were over taking her. Her eyes would occasionally roll up into their sockets as she bordered on passing out from wave after wave of mini orgasms that were staring to overtake her. They were starting to cum closer and closer and increasing in intensity. She was hopelessly lost in the moment. Finally Larry make a final thrust and pushed his entire cock all the way inside her and his huge balls in their full sagging sack were banging against her ass. He paused with his huge cock fully imbedded in her stretched to the max pussy. Her lower his lips to hers and they French kissed as he allowed her to adjust to him.

It was about that time I really started to realize just how he had fully stretched her pussy. I was mesmerized and got closed to get a close up view. Then he started to slowly fuck her. I was in awe as he pulled out almost the entire length and slowly pushed his pussy juice covered cock into her stretched pussy. I was so glad he was patient as I am sure he could have seriously hurt her otherwise.

His slow motion was what I am sure was an act of compassion for his size but for her it was pure ecstasy. Every time he sunk it all the way in her, Carol let out a groan. He slowly began to pick up the pace. Carols was moaning un-intelligible words but her legs were pulling him with every stroke. Her groans and moans were becoming more frequent and they were interspersed with out and out screams of raw, naked pleasure. He really began to fuck her faster and harder. The faster and harder he fucked her, the more she moaned. As he started to fuck her faster and harder she moaned and groaned louder than I ever heard her. The moans and groans changed to almost total screams of pleasure. (Video to prove it)

As he fucked her very fast and hard, her hands were digging into his back. I could hear his big balls slapping against the juices running down her ass and skin against skin. They were biting and kissing each other’s neck. Carol matched thrust with thrust ever time he sunk it deep in her. They were fucking like I had never seen before or since.

Larry finally started to lose his control and He began to moan loader and his body began to tighten up. He moaned that he was going to cum. Carol was almost delirious; she was very vocal which really turned me on. She dug her fingers into his muscular ass cheeks almost as if to pull all of him deeper inside her. She was moaning loudly and out of breath and her body quivered as she had the most intense orgasm ever. He was fucking her like she had never been fucked before.

He growled as he began to cum. He trusted his huge cock in and out of her while shooting his hot creamy load deep inside her pussy. Each time he spurted his cum, she felt his balls slap against her ass. And her pussy was stretch to the max.

Soon his moans and groans slowed and his thrusts began to slow, Carol also began to relax ... he slowly pulled his softening cock out of her pussy. As the head of his cock exited her hole, his hot white cum started to ooze out of her exhausted pussy and dripped out and down over her ass and down her ass crack.

One remaining question is will you be the one, age and size does count?????

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