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Fantasies and Reality

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Part I: Fantasies Since I?d been out of town a lot lately, I wanted to do something especially fun for my boyfriend?s birthday. While I was driving home late one night, I developed a plan. We obviously were pretty horny since neither of us had had sex more than once in the past 3 weeks.

I?d decided that in order to give him a great experience I needed to be creative and sneaky. One afternoon I told him I needed to go in town for some shopping and suggested he make plans with his band until I got back. That way we could hang out later. My plan was to double back after he left to set up the house.

So I left and came back after I thought he would be gone, but when I got there I found a strange car in the driveway. ?Shit? I thought ?he must have called them over here.? But that still didn?t explain whose car it was, since I knew all of his friends. ?Oh well, I guess I can use my sneaky plan to listen in, at least maybe I can hear what he wants for his birthday?. I walked around back so he didn?t hear me on the front porch, thinking maybe he wouldn?t know I was back. I walked past the window of his guitar room to the back door and heard some familiar noises.

Some girl was inside moaning about how much she loved it when he sucked on her tits. (At which he was very good) As I stood there I wondered how in the hell he didn?t see me walk past; I was looking the other way when I passed so I didn?t see in, but I knew the shade was open. Maybe he did see me; at any rate I stood there surprised and oddly aroused. We talked about this before but I didn?t suspect it was going on now.

Well it was a bright day and dark inside so I was able to see a pretty exact reflection from around the corner; while being reasonably sure they couldn?t see me. I could pretty much see and hear everything. He had her shirt off and was masterfully playing with her tits while sucking on them. She had her legs spread and was pulling his pelvis into her crotch and grinding on his cock. It was really hot he was driving her wild. As he unbuttoned her pants, he continued to please her perky tits; then he slid a finger into her undoubtedly throbbing pussy, to which she let out a moan of pleasure. She in turn shoved her hand into his loose pants and started to stroke his large dick.

Oh what a show I was getting, not even knowing if he was aware of my presence. ?Oh well? I thought as I slipped my hand in my shirt and began to massage my nipples. I had recently gotten them pierced so everything that touched them made me even hotter.

Seeing him with this sexy girl made me think of the time we had a threesome with a good-looking friend of ours. I had always been attracted to him and suspected the feelings were mutual. But I knew he had too much respect for Carl to do anything. However?

One night we were all drinking at our house, and I tend to lose some inhibitions when I drink. We were watching movies and having a great time when the conversation turned to porn. It started out innocently enough with us putting one in that was a little corny so we could make jokes. But just because it?s a little funny didn?t turn any of us on any less. Carl slid his hand up my thigh and started fingering me right there in the living room. I kind of thought he couldn?t see over on the couch, but he must have in hindsight. We all sat in the front room making jokes and getting drunker and hornier.

Little did I know that when I got up to go to the bathroom, they had a little talk, which ended with Carl saying, ?Come take a look?. When I came out he was standing there and started kissing me. I was in the mood too so we started fooling around, I was a little drunk and we moved into the bedroom. Carl cracked the door to the living room where we both knew our friend was. I protested at first but gave in. I kind of wanted him to hear too.

We started having fun drunk sex quietly at first. Then he turned me over to doggy style during which we can?t keep quiet. He had a hold of my hips and was thrusting in and out of me while I got lost and forgot about being discrete. For some reason he started pulling on my shoulders trying to pull my tits up to face the door. When I opened my eyes I saw Jim standing in the doorway smiling and watching. Carl had known he was there.

He motioned Jim over as I nervously watched him approach. He asked if we were sure. A little dumbstruck I stammered ?I guess?. I was extremely excited, nervous, and curious. He slid his pants down inches from my face, and out popped his already hard dick. I hadn?t really considered what to do in a 3 way before but it seemed the only logical thing to do was to suck his cock. Everything had stopped at that point. But when I grabbed his dick and started sucking Carl started thrusting again.

We got into a rhythm, Carl thrusting inside of me, and my head bobbing up and down on Jim?s dick. It was so exciting I couldn?t take it; I grabbed his hands and moved them to my tits. To which he immediately started twisting and pinching. This set me off pushing back into Carl and sucking harder and faster. I began moaning that I was coming hard. The spasms of my tightly clenched pussy sent Carl off who was pumping fast and deep, he too began cumming. Then I focused on the dick in my hand to make him shoot soon too. Carl pulled my shoulders back once more to show off my tits and Jim pulled out of my mouth to come on my big breasts. Carl leaned up to kiss my neck while Jim leaned up to rub my tits. ?Man? he said, ?that was crazy, but if I didn?t fuck your girl then I didn?t cheat on mine right?? ?Sounds right to me? Carl said. ?I think so too? I chimed in, ?but maybe next time.? He just winked.

After that memory I snapped back to reality, when I looked back he had her up on this wooden table that he keeps guitars on. Her pants were off and he was licking her pussy. He would burry his face in her crotch for a few minutes, then pull up and slide his pinky in her while rolling his thumb on her clit. She seemed to love this; she was thrashing about and pulling his head in further. The last time he did this he reached up and pinched a nipple, which sent her over the edge. She started moaning and almost shouting. ?Oh Carl, I want you inside me please, please fuck me.? He happily obliged jumping up and pulling his pants off. He stood up and poised his dick just on the outside of her pussy, he started to push his cock in very slightly and pulling it out then rubbing it on her clit and slipping it back in. He did this for a couple of minutes to get her even more worked up, which was working. ?Man? I thought ?he was really pulling out all of the stops to get this girl off, good for her?.

She was thrashing with anticipation and begging him to fuck her. She wrapped her legs around his butt and finally pulled him toward her, his cock slid into her obviously wet pussy with ease. He slipped all the way in and they both let out a satisfied grunt. He was using some great moves on her that he uses on me. He was thrusting in and out hard while he played with both nipples. She ground herself into him, she kept saying ?oh Carl, it feels so good, oh push faster. I?m going to come yes, yes?. He started sort of pushing up and rubbing her clit with his dick. This sent them both off. She yelled, ?I?m coming yes, oh god, oh oh?. I knew this would get him too, after another minute or two of her grinding into him he started to close his eyes and come in the condom. As he pulled out of her wet pussy she mentioned what a lucky girlfriend he must have. ?Damn, I hope no one saw or heard us, the window is open and so is the shade.? He said looking out the window.

At that point I figured he knew but I slipped around the front anyway and took off. ?So he likes an audience? I said to myself. Well I can just make a few adjustments to the plan, I thought, while fingering myself and replaying the whole scene in my head.

Part II: Reality On the big day I was all ready. I had been planning all week to make for a hot occasion. He was acting a little antsy and I knew he was really hoping for a good time. We got up that morning and bummed around a little bit, I hopped in the shower and invited him to come. Later I snuck into the computer room and opened up an erotic story that I had written for him. I left it open and obvious and asked him to go read a funny email I had gotten while I grabbed a drink.

When he sat down, I ran into the bedroom to get ready. While he read about or fantasies, I slipped my clothes off in the next room. I pulled on a wife beater shirt over my excited pierced nipples. I then put on a pair of low cut shorts with St. Croix written on the butt, that I know he thinks are sexy. I looked in the mirror and rubbed my nipples through the tight see through cotton and checked from behind that my pretty pink pussy was almost visible. I fingered myself a little bit to be sure I was plenty wet when he came in.

I reached into the closet and got the tripod down, and fastened it to the camera. ?This will be a great audience? I thought ?especially if we share it afterwards?. I looked through the LCD screen to be sure I got the scene right, then I put the remote by the bed next to the condoms and vibrator. I didn?t know how long it would take to read the story but I know he?d be in soon. As I laid on the bed I knew he was in there reading my fantasy and hopefully stroking his hard cock. I thought about him fucking some girl and I thought about how hot I got the day I wrote this at work. I couldn?t wait for him to come in. I couldn?t wait for him to take his shirt off so I could see his body, and come over to me while the camera was rolling. I couldn?t wait for him to kiss me hard then move to my tits and rub them through the shirt. I wished he was sliding his hand up my thigh right now and finding my bare wet pussy, then sliding a finger inside of me. Soon he will have his cock poised outside of my pussy rubbing the head up and down and slightly pushing the tip in and out until I beg him to slide in me. Just fuck me and rub my aching nipples until I come then fuck me doggy style while I rub my vibrator on my clit and yell that I?m coming again. My tight pussy will make you come in me too, when you hear me moaning and loving every minute?????

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