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Well i am a women in my 50s and i have work in the opttical industry for many years.As i have been dealing with the public i some times find men who enjoy firting with me over the years. This is a true story of one of the times a it went to far. I was working late one nite at the lens crafters in a mall i was the only one there and it was close to closing time i was just finsihing up some paper work,A man that i had sold glasses to has been coming in a lot just to talk with and he always was hitting on me. I told him i was about to close for the nite he said he just wanted to say to me and ask if i wanted to maybe go out some time, i told him that was nice but now wasnt the time and that we could do lunch some day if he liked.I asked him how his glasses were working for him and if he liked them, he told there great but that he wondered if he didnt need them adjusted a bit more i said ok let me see them.I took his glasses and looked them over to see what i could do? I asked him to sit down and i would refit them on him. i took out some tools from a draw and begain to work on them adjusting the fit for him i let him put them back on and he said that seemed to have fixed the problem.i told him good and then i put the tools back i and got up from the desk at which i was sitting he then stood up.i turned to tell him that i need to close up and go close the lab up in the back. He asked me if he could see the lab were we cut and fix the glasses i said i guess so.He came behind the counter and followed me back to the lab area when we got to the room he ask me many questions about this lab and what all we do here i told him how we cut and grind the glass to fit the glasses and install on the frames. he walked over to the work bench and sat down on the stool he was looking at all the tools and asking me things about what each tool is used for i walked over and begain to show him what each tool was used for.After a while i said i really need to lock up and go as iturned to leave he grabed my hand and pulled me towards him and he kissed my mouth.I pushed back and said i think its time for you to leave he didnt let go of my hand and he stood up puling me closer to him he kissed me again this time harder and deeper his hands wraping around my waist and back he pulled mein to him.He did know how to kiss i will tell you that.I felt my body get warm and tingle all over.he stoped kissing me and said he wanted to do that since the first time he met me and i helped him with his glasses he them kissed me again and started to kiss my neck and mouth ilike the way he kissed me, i felt his hands going up and down on my back rubbing it and feeling me. soon his hands noved up to my shoulders and he rubbed them and moved them down my arms he grabed my arms and pulled them out away from my body and was holding them there as he kissed me more he pushed me back towards the counter and was slowly kissing and sucking on my neck i started to moan and feel by body tremble as his toung traced my neck and mouth his toung finding mine pressing it deep into my mouth his toung wild found my toung and teased it until i push my toung in to his mouth.he then started to undo my blouse his hands found my breasts and he beagin to rub them and kiss my breasts threw my bra i felt his hands go behind my back and he unhooked my bra and then slid his hands over my shoulders and pulled my blouse off letting it fall to the floor, his hands then pulled my bra off me and moved in to kiss my naked breasts his toung was warm and very wet his kisses on my nipples was very exciting i knew i needed to leave but this was someing i was ejoying to much he put my hand on his crouch and his penis was hard and very thick as whati could feel threw his pants his hand moved down to my pants and he unbuttoned them and pulled them down to my kneesshe them lifted my legs and pulled off my shoes and pull each pant leg out of my pants i stood there in my panties he then took off his shirt and undid his pants and pulled them down with is underwear as well.I my eye caught sight of his enormouse cock.He then slid down to his knees and pushed his face deep in to my crouch and begain to kiss my clit and lick at me, my panties soon go wet from his toung and me being aroused by this then he reached up and pulled my panties down and as before pulled each one of my legs out of them his toung now finds my cunt and he licks and kisses it tell i begain to moan very slowly. he then reaches up and pulls me down to him he lays back on the floor as my body falls on to his my mouth and his meet and we kiss more i feel his hands on my ass as he plays with me his fingers move into my pussy from behind i feel him rub my clit and start to shake.His cock now pressing at my crouch i knew he would soon push it in But i was wrong he then pushed me back and pulled me up and turned me around so that i face the counter and he pushed me towards it and placing my hands on the counter he came up behind and held me there as his cock thurst into my cunt from behind i gasped and moan his cock pushing in deeper and deeper in to my cunt i was going crazy with the pleasure that this man was doing to me after a while he pulled out and turned me around he pushed my body down to my kness and took his cock in his hand and rubbed it on my mouth i took the head and licked it and kissed it soon my mouth was wide open and his cock deep into my mouth i was sucking him i felt his cocks hardness and how much he wanted me.I played with his balls and lick them too he pulled me up again and pushed his swollen cock in to me as my body slamed back into the counter he he pulled me closer and begain to fuck me as hard ia he could i was gasping and breathing very hard my wet pussy was in heaven as this man took me then he started to suck on my tits and nipples bitting them bring me to climax as he did he still had not cum in me i was begging him to but he said no he said in a bit he wanted to please me first.I wanted to feel his cun shoot in to my cunt he then started to shoot my body went limp as i felt his hot cun shoot in me it felt like it would go threw my head his thursts were deep and hard we then layed on the floor he kissed me and licking the sweat from my body,He then helped me up and walked over the the stool that was by the work station and sat on it he pulled me to him said sit on my cock Debbie ride me now i got on top and fucked him again we fuck like this for about two hours he brought me to a climax many time in the two hours we were in the lab.I neve saw this man again after that but oh god what a eye exman i got that nite

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