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Extra marital affair with co-worker Pt 2 follow up

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For those who have not yet read Pt 1, it should still be on here and titled ?Extra marital affair with co-worker?. You may understand the situation better if you should read that document first.

Mary and I have still been seeing each other at work and sharing our lunch together each day. There have been several times where we had one or more other employees sharing the table with us, so it was a little difficult at times to have a sexual discussion with her.

I finally got a chance to have her alone at the table for lunch, when several other people were out of the office for one reason or another. Mary was having some difficulty with some of the software that she was trying to update on her computer, and she called me and asked if I could help her. It only took a few minutes, and I had Mary?s program updated, and she was able to continue with her program. So, while we were both enjoying our lunches, Mary said she very much appreciated my help earlier in the day with her program update. She wanted to thank me again. I said that I was happy to be able to assist her with her computer problems and that I would help her anytime she needs it.

She was most appreciative for the offer, and I just couldn?t resist the opportunity to bring the conversation back to the sexual episode that we shared. I told her how much I enjoyed her help getting my new living arrangements squared away, especially with the bedroom. She caught on to what I was getting at, and just chuckled and said that yes, it was quite fulfilling for her as well.

I told her that I was hoping that we could find some time that she could stop over the house again and be just me and her. She jokingly said why, what?s wrong with Mike? Didn?t he like the blow job I gave him? We both laughed, and I reassured her that yes, he did enjoy fucking her, and he has talked about it several times with me and asked when she was coming over again. He wanted to make sure he was on the guest list. I told him that I wanted to spend a little quality time alone with Mary, but I would keep him in mind if there was another chance to share Mary with him.

Anyhow, Mary said that she enjoyed out last get together as well, and that the best time for her would either be on a Tuesday evening, or a Saturday morning. I said great, how about this Tuesday evening and next Saturday morning. She just chuckled again and said ok, she would make up some excuses with her hubby and tell him that she will be busy for the two days.

She said while she felt bad going behind her husband?s back and having sex with another married man, she also indicated that she enjoyed it. Without thinking about what I was about to say, it just came out. I said, ?well maybe this time you could lose those old granny panties and wear some nice silky/nylon panties that don?t cover up everything.? It no sooner came out of my mouth when I realized that I probably should not have brought up the panty thing again.

Fortunately for me, Mary retained her sense of humor, and just indicated that her hubby was a little upset when she first went to the ?granny cotton panties?, and she explained to him that she liked the body coverage that they gave her, and didn?t leave her ass hanging out. Plus they were healthier for the female. He never complained again about her panties, and she never brought it up again. I told her that I didn?t mean to piss her off, and she indicated that she understood that I was much younger than her (by 14 years) and probably just had an attraction to the sexier panties. She indicated that it may be time for her to consider a possible change. We finished out lunch and returned to work.

On the way home from work, I thought that I would stop by the mall and while I was there I walked into one of the larger department stores, and went to the lingerie section and found the panty section. I started to look around, and a young lady came up to me and asked if she could help me. I described Mary to her, and she directed me to a selection of panties. It only took me a few minutes, and I picked out a half of dozen pairs of brief, revealing, sexy nylon/silky panties. I just figured that since I was dumb enough to bring it up again, that I would buy her some and see what she thought.

Mary and I both got into work early the next morning, and I called her up to my office before any of the other employees came in. I told her to close her eyes, and I presented her with a bag which contained the panties in various colors. She opened the bag and peeked in and found the panties. The first thing she checked was the size, and commented that she was surprised that I got her the correct size.

I suggested that she try them on and see if they fit. She looked around to make certain that no one else was around, and I checked the cameras and told her that we were alone. So she proceeded to remove her slacks, and then her pink granny panties. I told her how much I enjoyed seeing her lovely bush again, and grabbed me a quick handful of bush and her pussy. Now, she is standing there with the new panties just above her knees, and her pussy is being fondled by me. She quickly undid my pants and allowed them to fall to the floor and started to jerk me off.

She said we will have to be quick since the other secretary would be coming in shortly. She had me hard in not time, and I knew I wasn?t going to last much longer with her sweet hand going up and down my cock. I also made sure that I could reach into her blouse and pulled her bra down exposing one of her perky breasts and started kissing and licking it as she jerked me off.

She grabbed her pink granny panties and wrapped them around my cock as she continued to jerk me off. As much as I complained about her granny panties, they sure felt great being wrapped around my cock while she jerked me off. I started to dump my load of cum into her panties, and she just kept stroking me till I was done cumming. She then put the dirty panties into the bag with the new panties, and proceeded to pull on the new white sexy panties that I gave her.

She said, ?well, they don?t exactly cover my ass?, since a good portion of her crack was still exposed. She thanked me for the new panties and that she would try them for awhile and see if she was comfortable in them.

Watching the cameras, I told her that the other secretary and one of the managers were just coming into the building. She quickly pulled up her slacks, thanked me again for the panties and said she would put them into her car so that she didn?t have to answer any questions.

It was the following day that Mary was supposed to come over to my house after work, so we both seemed a little hyper during the day. We had to share the lunch table with others, so we didn?t get a chance to discuss the evening activities any further.

I couldn?t wait till the end of the day. The office had pretty much emptied out, except for Mary and me. I told her that she should go on out to her car and that I was going to set the alarm and we could head over to my house. She said ok, and went and got into her car. I set the alarm and almost found myself running out of the building.

I told her to go ahead, and that I would meet her at the house, and that I had called in for a pizza and that I would pick it up and head over. I gave her the key, and told her to let herself into the house.

I picked up the pizza, and was glad that I had called the order in since they were 3 or 4 deep waiting for their food orders. I got mine, and quickly headed over to my house. Mary?s car was in the driveway, and I parked next to her.

I went thru the side door, and yelled out that dinner was here, and Mary responded with NO, dinner was here. Her response was coming from the bedroom, and as I peeked into the bedroom, she was lying on the bed with only the new panties on and her legs spread wide open. I immediately put the pizza down, and started to remove my clothing as quickly as I could.

Without wasting much time, I was down between Mary?s legs and rubbing her sweet pussy thru those lovely, silky, white panties. I could feel her wetness, and I could clearly see her wetness coming thru the silky crotch of her new panties.

I had no sooner started to lick her crotch thru her panties, and she started to emit little moans, so I knew that I must be doing something right. I positioned myself so that she could reach my hardening cock which she did, and was now stroking my hard cock. I knew that I wasn?t going to last too long since I had been thinking about Mary all day.

I could tell that Mary came without too much difficulty while she was stroking my cock and rubbing her clit at the same time. I thought to myself, what a great hand job. I no sooner had that thought as the cum started to stream out of my cock and all over Mary?s face. While she was milking my cock, I was somewhat surprised that Mary positioned her left hand in such a manner that a good bit of my cum had covered her wedding band. While I didn?t say anything about that fact, I kind of felt it to be somewhat erotic.

Mary and I laid there for a few minutes and then we remembered that we had a once hot pizza sitting there and getting colder by the minute. Mary got up quickly and took the pizza to the kitchen area, as she said ?come and get it?. I had to laugh to myself, thinking that I did just ?get it?, and that I was really in the mood for much more. I had a hard time concentrating on eating my pizza as Mary was sitting opposite me with only those sexy panties on, and I had a great view of her perky tits.

We polished off the pizza pretty quickly, and Mary suggested that we return back to the bedroom for round two. I did not need a written invitation, and was soon following her down the hallway to the bedroom. All the while I am looking at her new sexy panties walking in front of me. How lucky I was to have this opportunity with Mary. I never expected to be fooling around with a married lady with three children, and that she would be much older than me. I did have a little guilty feeling since she belonged to someone else.

Just as we entered the bedroom, Mary turned to face me, and I had another opportunity to appreciate her fine body. Mary, even thought she is in her sixty?s, has a well maintained body She is 5?7?, 135 lbs, blonde hair, green eyes, 38aa tits, and a great ass with a beautiful hairy pussy. It didn?t take me long to take her into my arms and we started to kiss.

The kiss was a short one, since apparently Mary had something else on her mind. She dropped to her knees and started to stroke and sucks my dick. It really felt great and she was really good at sucking a guy?s cock. I told her how good it felt, and what a great cocksucker she was, and that her husband was a lucky man. She just chuckled and said that she does not suck her husband?s cock. I was a little shocked by her statement, but I was getting that ?here is cums feeling? again, and I quickly warned Mary that I was about to cum. Mary just nodded, and continued sucking my cock, and pushed it as far back into her throat as she could. I just started to dump my load into her mouth, and she just kept accepting everything that I was producing. It ended all too quickly for me, I wish it could have lasted for hours, but it felt absolutely great.

Mary had some of my cum on her lips and quickly licked it off as she was still licking the head of my cock. She was pushing her tongue into the slit of my cock in order to get as much cum out of me as she could. As we laid on the bed, I just couldn?t resist asking Mary how come she doesn?t suck her husbands cock? She said that she did years ago, but told him some time ago that she was not going to suck his cock anymore. I asked about his response, but Mary just said that she didn?t want to stir up old memories and suggested that we just leave it at that. I didn?t want to press her for further information any further, at least not at this time. While laying there with her, I just had to tell her what a great body she had and that she had been able to maintain it into her sixty?s. She just chuckled and thanked me for the kind comments and she apologized for being so short with me when I questioned her about the relationship that she had with her husband. She said that she told her husband years ago that she just didn?t want to have sex with him at all. She told him that she would be willing to jerk him off maybe once a week, but no more penetration of any kind. She said that he wasn?t real happy about it, and that they argued about it for several weeks. They both stated that they didn?t want a divorce and that they would just stay together. So for many years, she said she would jerk him off every Saturday night before going to sleep and that he has stopped pressuring her for sex.

I asked Mary if there was someone else in her life at the time that she told her husband and she said that there wasn?t and she just made the decision on her own and told him that she wasn?t interested in sex.

I told her that I didn?t think I could accept such an arrangement. She said because of the arrangement that she had with her husband was probably the main reason that she was having sex with me. She stressed that fact that she never thought that she would be having sex with a coworker and I agreed.

I kinda felt bad for her hubby, but at the same time, I felt lucky to be the recipient of all the sexual energy that she had stored up since she no longer had to provide any of it to her husband. I had made up my mind that I was going to get as much as I could from Mary, and couldn?t afford to be worried about their relationship.

Mary said that she needed to jump in the shower before going home since she didn?t want to smell like fresh cum. She was supposed to be cooking dinner for her husband and a couple that her husband works with. I just laid on the bed and watched her gather her clothing and walk off into the bathroom, still naked and thought to myself, what a great body.

Mary got cleaned up and came out of the bathroom with all her clothing on, and I was still admiring her. Here I was like fourteen years her junior, and I was infatuated with this 60 year old lady. I couldn?t wait until the next time that we can get together.

I apologize to everyone that is in here just to read about some of the sexy things that go on in people?s lives and that I probably went into too many details about Mary and her relationship, but I felt that the situation might be better understood if everyone knew where Mary and I were coming from.

I look forward to being able to give you all an update on our relationship in the near future.

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