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Exploring is Fun

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I am a lucky man. I have Sherry in my life. She is a beautiful dark blond woman 35 years old with a near perfect body. We have been together 2 years. She is a bit on the wild side. Loves sexy dancing and we have a great time in bed. We share our fantasies with no judgments. We are very open with each other. She once told me her favorite fantasy was having one man after another. I asked how many and she laughed and said oh 7 or 8 never expecting it to happen of course. Mine was swapping with another couple. She once told me if I could find a couple she liked she might be interested. I told her then you need to find them. I told her I had no idea how to help her with hers.

One day I discovered a swingers magazine and brought it to her house. We leafed through it together fascinated with all the articles and ads. Sherry said a lot of people here. I said yes read that article oh swing houses it is interesting. Sherry finished reading and said a wild place. I said yes. She said there was one description of my fantasy. I said yes that is why I suggested you read. She laughed tempting me. I only said it appears to be a place to fulfill fantasies. She said yes yours and mine.

A couple of weeks later we were in bed and we just had some good sex (sex with her was always good) and she said what do you think about going to a house and just watching. I said sure if you would like I will call and get an invite. She said ok. I was surprised.

We arrived at the house. It was a big house in an isolated area. Sherry looked a little nervous and so was I. She said well we are here. I laughed and said just where you want to be right? She did a fake swing at me. We went to the door and went inside. The first thing we noticed was many people sitting around talking just like at any other social event. They were all dressed nice and all attractive. Sherry looked at me and said not what I was expecting. We found a place to sit having no idea what to say or do.

The hostess announced that food would be served in 30 minutes. Not what I was expecting either. The food was good and people were sitting around talking after they finished eating and then two couples got up and the wives of each went with the husband of the other and they disappeared in different directions. I said to Sherry they just swapped. She said I know. Slowly but surely people disappeared into the surrounding rooms. I said shall we go look and Sherry said sure that is why we are here. We walked down the hall way pausing and looking in rooms.

In one we found two couples getting started. The two guys kissed what appeared to be their wives and the ladies moved to the other man. The new pairing up undressed each other. Soon all were naked. The sex began. The ladies went down on the guys until they were hard and then they all fucked each other. They changed positions several times and ended both in doggie. We heard the two ladies get off and the guys jerking pulled out and squirted all over their butts and backs. Sherry said now it is what I expected and I laughed softly. Went further down the hall and the same kind of things were happening in all the rooms. In one room two women were having sex with their husbands watching. Sherry wow, now that is a scene.

We went outside to the patio and discovered a large hot tub filled with naked people. We sat at a table to watch. Some were having sex underwater and others were just talking. We went back into the house looking around. At the other side of the house we went into a large room with a sign saying group room. There were about 20 people in the room doing all kinds of sexual things. On three sides of the room were cubicles you could get in and watch and have some privacy. They were stacked 2 high, so we found an empty one and climbed in and lay down to watch. I asked what she thought and she said wild place. I asked do you want to do anything while we are here. She smiled so we jump in and not just watch. I said only if you are interested. She said well we could I suppose. About that time a guy stuck his head in and asked if he could join us. I looked at Sherry and laughed and said he is not interested in me, up to you; you know what he wants to do. Sherry looked the guy over and said give us a minute to talk and he stepped back. She said if I say yes he will do me in front of you. I said looks that way if you say yes. That is the kind of place this is you know. She said yes, I am tempted. I told her it is ok with me if you want to jump in, I like the idea of watching you having fun. She asked no problem between us then, and I said never you are stuck with me. She thought for a minute and leaned out and said to the guy sure come on in and he climbed in with us.

His name was Stan and he was about 20 and good looking. Although she was nervous she knew exactly what it meant when she invited him to join us. She had just agreed to fuck him right then and now. Sherry has had a few men along the way being single for a number of years, so she knew what she was doing. Stan knew why he was there too. He said you are beautiful. He moved closer to her. Her face flushed knowing what he was about to do to her in front of me. Stan made his move and loosened his belt and Sherry pushed her skirt up showing her beautiful legs spread slightly. She slid her panties down and off. I could see she was turned on by the look in her eyes. He removed his shorts and he was up and ready and Sherry pushed her skirt higher up and spread for him as he climbed on top of her. She made eye contact with him and he pressed his cock against her pussy and went in deep. He was a pretty big guy and she groaned oh yes as he fucked her. I watched fascinated.

As Stan fucked her he unbuttoned her top and exposed her boobs and whispered very nice. Her legs came up in the air and went around him and pulled him in deeper. I reached out and tweaked her nipples and we made eye contact and she smiled at me. She whispered to Stan oh yes good give it to me. He really fucked her and I watched her peak out and grunting gave it up to him. Her butt was lifted off the pad and he banged her some more and finally moaned and said cum and pulled out and she reached down and jerked him off on her pussy and tummy. He collapsed next to her panting. I thought wow what a scene. When both their breathing had calmed he put his clothes on and saying thanks you were wonderful climbed back out and was gone. Sherry looked at me and said I was just a very bad girl and I said yes and you were so good at it. She laughed and said yes I was. She said I need to find a bathroom and adjusted her clothes and we returned to the living room and she went looking.

When she returned she was all together looking beautiful as usual. We talked and she said that was a first. Oh I have had sex on a first date a couple of times years ago but a perfect stranger never. I asked did you have fun and she smiled and said you were watching and know the answer. I said yes. You were having fun. I said now what? Sherry well it only seems fair you get to do something too. I said yes I would like that, so how about another couple. She said wow two different men in the same night, ok if that is what you want. I noticed a younger couple sitting alone and I made eye contact with him and he looked at Sherry and whispered something to his lady and she nodded and they joined us on the couch. He said we are Jack and Jill and yes we are climbing this hill together but still not at the top yet, this is our first time here. I said ours too. Jack was very tall and Jill very short with a very nice figure. I looked her over and she flushed knowing what I must have on my mind.

We sat chatting for a time. They had been married for a year and were both 22. Sherry is 35 and I am 37. I said we are older than you. Finally I asked are you two here to just watch or are you planning more. He eyed Sherry and said Jill is very nervous, but we knew what kind of house party we were attending and we are curious what it might be like. I said Sherry and I came just to watch, but have become interested in doing more than just watching. We are looking for another couple. What do you think? Jack and Jill did some whispering to each other and finally she nodded and he said how about us?

I said sounds great.

We found an empty room and went in and were standing in the middle of the room and the two ladies exchanged places. Sherry looked up at Stan he was at least afoot plus taller than her. He took her hand and they moved to the other side of the room. I tuned to Jill and we went to the other side of the room. The lights were down low, but we could still see each other. I looked down at Jill and her up to me. Her face was very flushed and she lowered her eyes knowing what I intended to do to her. I gave her a hug and she held onto me tight and said I have only been with Jack. I thought wow almost a virgin. I whispered back you will be ok I will take it slow. I meant I was going to slow fuck her.

I kissed her as I kissed her I reached down and unbuttoned her and slipped my hands inside her top. She gasped and said oh. I felt her boobs through her bra and her breathing increased and she whispered that feels good. I said I am going to make you feel good all over and put my hand on her butt and squeezed. She pressed up against me saying oh yes. I knew at that moment she was going to fuck me and she knew it too. I said you really want to do this? She said yes at this moment yes and Jack wants me to and he wants to watch me. I said I want to watch you as well and she smiled and said wow two men watching me.

I asked her if I could talk dirty and she said whatever you want Jack does sometimes and I do too. I said I want to fuck you. She said and I want to fuck you. We moved to the floor and I undressed her slowly and put my hands all over her. She said I feel so hot. I said you are very hot. When she was down to her panties and bra I undressed myself and she looked down at what I was going to give her. I have eight inches and big around and her eyes opened wide as she looked at my cock. I heard sounds coming from across the room and looked up and Sherry was on her knees in Front of Jack with his cock in her mouth which is one of her favorite things to do to a man. She was really into it. I said to Jill look at Jack and she looked over and said wow she is really doing him. I said yes and she will fuck him in a minute like I am going to fuck you. Take your bra and panties off for me. Jack looked over and watched what she was doing.

When she was naked I moved in and said you are beautiful and slipped my cock slowly into her now very wet pussy. She gasped loudly and Jack looked over and watched me fucking his wife. I slowly went in deep and her legs came up in the air and she spread wider giving me all the room I needed. I could feel her pussy quivering as I moved in and out of her. She pulled my head down and kissed me and moaned you feel so good. You fill me up and then she grunted and I felt her pussy clamp down and she held on to me tight kissing me passionately and give it up to me whispering oh yes good, good. Jack could hear her giving it up to me and I looked over and he was giving it to Sherry hard and fast. Sherry was moaning and she was moaning oh yes give it to me. Jack was really into Sherry and was not aware of what his wife was doing at that moment. Jill was in the world of being fucked; lost in the sensations of my moving cock. She put her hands on my butt and groaned on yes give it to me you are so good. I really fucked her and she was totally into it with me fucking me as much as I was fucking her. Her butt was moving up and down and side to side as she fucked me back. She was one hot lady. I heard Sherry grunting and Jack had her on her hands and knees giving it to her from behind. We made eye contact for just a second and I could see the pleasure and the lust on her face as she fucked this guy she had just met.

I buried deep in Jill and she was holding onto me tight as I moved in and out. She whispered please do not stop I am so close to getting off again. I was too. I gave it to her hard and she rode my cock and then she shuttered all over and said loudly oh yes fuck me, fuck me and crying out got off and I whispered to her oh you are so good I am going to cum with you. I pushed in deep and exploded squirting deep in her pussy. She moaned oh yes cum in me and I kept squirting and fell on top of her.

I looked up and Jack had been watching his wife being a bad girl for me. Sherry was back down on him and he looked down at her sucking him and his expression changed and thrusting into her mouth exploded in her mouth pulling out squirting on her face. Sherry absolutely loves it when a man cums in her mouth and on her face. The room got quiet and Jill and I crawled over to them. Jack kissed Jill and said you were a wild woman and she smiled and said yes I was. Sherry had wiped her face off and I kissed her and said being a bad girl again huh. She laughed and asked well how did I do? I said you are the best and Jack said absolutely.

We all got dressed and went out to the patio and had a drink. Jack said you two are terrific and we would like to invite you over to our home sometime and I said sure and gave him our phone number. He said we go camping a lot would you and Sherry like to go with us sometime. I looked as Sherry and said sure sounds like fun. He said we could trade our ladies for the weekend. I said sounds great. Sherry and I talked about our adventures at the house and agreed we both had an exciting time and would probably do it again.

A couple of weeks Jack called and invited us to go camping. I am sure he was also inviting us to fucking as well. Sherry sai8d sure he was very good and I had fun with him. I told him ok. We discovered they lived in Roseville and we are in Sacramento so we were neighbors. He said they had all the camping equipment and all we had to bring was food and drinks. Sherry was excited and I was looking forward to spending time with Jill.

We met them at the camp site and it was very nice and cool and quiet. They had an extra tent so we found an isolated area and soon had them up and ready. Jack built a fire and we were ready to camp. It was still light and he grabbed his fish pole and an extra and said to Sherry want to do fishing. Sherry said sure and they disappeared into the woods. Jill and I took a walk along the stream in the opposite direction. After some distance we stopped and did some nice kissing. She said I really like you. I had a great time with you. I said me too. Jack wants me to spend this weekend with you and do what we want. I said great.

We found a place with soft grass next to the stream and sat and watched the water go by. She put her hand in my lap and asked do you want to now. We were alone in an isolated area and I said yes sounds like fun. She stood up and said I will undress for you, I know you would like that, and I said yes. She kept eye contact with me as she removed her clothes. When she was down to her bra and panties she flushed a little and said you are the only other man I have done this for, who has seen me naked. I said I am honored. She removed her bra and then her panties and I could see her pussy and it glistened in the sunlight. I said very nice you are beautiful.

She sat down and I stood up and took my clothes off. I was up and at the ready. She stared at my cock and licked her lips and I knew what she wanted and stepped over to her. She looked up at me and smiled and said you will like this as she took me in her mouth. I got harder. She pulled back and said Jack says I give great blow jobs would you like one I like giving them. You will be my first except for Jack. I said we will have more time later and she said oh yes the whole weekend I am yours. But I would love to suck you off now.

I said whoops you are talking dirty again and she smiled I will all weekend if you want I am getting better at it. I laughed and said yes you are now blow me please. She opened her mouth and said you can cum this way I swallow. I am about to be a very bad girl for you and took me in her mouth. She was a wonder and like she said very bad. She licked and sucked me everywhere. She was hot and breathing hard and moaned oh yes give it to me. I almost exploded when she licked my balls all the way around up to my butt not leaving any were untouched by her tongue. She buried her head between my butt cheeks and licked there and back down under my balls and was back sucking me again.

She looked up at me and I could see the pure lust on her face. I was ready to cum and started to jerk in her mouth and she knew what was coming and grabbed my butt and that did it. I lost it and went rigid and holding her head fucked her mouth and exploded. I just kept squirting and she kept swallowing. She moaned and said cum and shuttered and climaxed with my cock still in her mouth. She fell on the grass panting. I was surprised she got off. She said I always do when Jack cums in my mouth from the very first time I did it. We got dressed and went back to camp. Sherry had that I just got fucked look and I said any luck and Jack said yes just no fish. Sherry grinned.

We ate and it was bed time and Sherry went with Jack and Jill and I crawled into the other tent. She said I have been looking forward to this night. I remember our first time. She lowered her head and said you will get all I have tonight and any other time you want this weekend. I said I want to undress you this time and reached out to her and slowly removed all her clothes. Jill said I like being naked for you. I said you are beautiful naked. I asked her would you do something for me. She said I am ready for anything. I said I would love to watch you get yourself off while you make eye contact with me. She said wow I have never done that before not with anyone watching anyway. It has been a long time since I did myself. She smiled and said but I will for you, it could be exciting.

She lay down beside me and began running her hands over her body. She made eye contact with me and said I am going to fuck myself for you and get off. I said please I want to watch you fingering yourself and playing with your clit. She moved her hand down and touched herself and said I am wet already. Her faced changed she was turned on. She tweaked her nipples which were hard. She said it would help if you played with yourself too. I undressed so she could see I was hard and stroked myself. She said that turns me on. Her hand moved down to her pussy and was rubbing her clit. She opened wide so I could see everything she was doing. I could see the lust on her face and in her eyes as she stroked herself watching me as I was stroking myself. She slipped two fingers in her pussy with one hand and kept tweaking her clit with her other hand.

I moved closer to her and kissed her long and deep and she moaned saying I like the way you kiss me. Her hands were moving faster and faster and I could hear how wet she had become. She was twisting and moving her butt up and down off the tent floor as she fingered herself. We made eye contact and she was breathing hard and whispered I am so hot. I was very hard and she was close to peaking. She fingered herself even faster and her other hand was working her clit and as she approached her cum and moved up and she opened her mouth and I went in. She grunted as she sucked me and jerking against her hand lost it and sucking me hard got off. As she came I held her head between my hands and mouth fucked her and exploded in her mouth and down her throat. She shuttered and had a second cum in rapid succession. We both fell back next to each other. When her breathing calmed she said that was wild I loved it you made me cum so hard I nearly passed out.

I heard sounds coming from the other tent, skin slapping against skin. Jack was fucking Sherry and she was letting him know how much she liked it. Jill was listening to and said he really likes Sherry. I said I really like you. After a while I recovered and she as way lay there she was stroking my cock as she softly kissed me. She said I want you inside me. I pulled her on top of me and said go for a ride and she sat on my cock and I went in deep.

She moaned you are so big you fill me up as she moved up and down on my cock. Her boobs were bouncing up and down and I reached up and tweaked her nipples and she fell forward kissing me passionately and shuttered and I could feel her pussy clamping down on my cock. I could feel her pussy quivering around my cock. She whispered I love you cock. Jill held on to me tight and moaned I am going to cum for you and she shuttered all over and twisting against my cock gave it up to me again. She moaned saying I cum so hard with you. We both fell asleep.

The next morning Sherry and I went for a walk alone. I asked having fun and she smiled and said sure are you? I said yes I really like Jill. Sherry said I am being very bad with Jack. He really gets me off. She added he wanted to know if I liked girls as Jill is curious about other women. I told him I had never done anything with another woman and he asked me if I would with Jill, and you said. I wanted to talk to you. What do you think I should do I would like to please Jack. I asked do you want to. Sherry said well I am a little curious. I watched the women at the house getting it on and they seemed to be having a great time. I said so you want to experiment with Jill. Sherry said maybe I am nervous, but excited about what it might be like. I suggested to her that she and Jill take a walk alone and talk about it and find out what she wants to do. Sherry said that is a good idea I will. I said I like the idea of you getting a finger wet and she laughed and said you are really a bad boy.

Later in the morning Jill and Sherry went for a walk alone. Jack and I went fishing for real this time. We actually caught 4 and so we would have them for lunch. The two girls returned arm in arm smiling and a little flushed. Jack and Jill went into their tent and Sherry and I went for a short walk and she told me what they had talked about. Sherry said what she wants to do for now at least is just some kissing and touching another woman and seeing if she can enjoy it. She did say she would like to get off if she can. That playing with me would something like playing with herself and she could do that. I thought I could do that to if that is as far as we would go. It sounded exciting. So later today we are going to see what happens. I laughed so you are going to get your finger wet. She said maybe, but just for you and I said sure.

We were all sitting around the fire after dark. The camping trip would be over and we would leave the next morning. Jill and Sherry were sitting next to each other getting ready to find out what it was like. Both seemed a little anxious, but willing to see. First they kissed each other for the first time which was followed with several more kisses. Sherry looked down as Jill had reached out and was rubbing her leg. Sherry said that feels nice. Jill moved her hand up and down her leg getting higher each time until she was rubbing her thighs. Sherry opened her legs a little to give her more room. Sherry reached out and unbuttoned her top and Jill gasped as Sherry touched her naked boobs under her open top. It became clear that neither girl were wearing a bra or panties. All they had on were tops and skirts. They had come prepared. Skirts were a little strange in a camp site.

Sherry unbuttoned her top and Jill felt her up and Sherry had a hand now on her leg. The continued kissing feeling each other up and running their hands up and down on their legs; both were breathing fast and the kisses became more passionate and tongues came out. Sherry moved her hand up and touched the first pussy other than her own. Jill spread for her. Sherry got her finger wet and as she did looked at me and smiled. Then it started. Once started nothing would stop them. Both had their legs spread with the finger of the other inside. They worked each other over and Jill was the first to cum holding on to Sherry and grabbed her hand fucked her finger getting off loudly. Jill was then working on Sherry and had two fingers in her and tweaking her nipples at the same time and Sherry grunted and gave it up to Jill.

Us guys grabbed the girls and took them into the tents.

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