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She looked at the worn paper she held crumpled in her hand. She must have looked at it a hundred times already since she?d started driving this morning. She still could hardly believe what it said, couldn?t believe he finally wanted to see her.

She sat in her car in the hotel parking lot. The note had said to arrive at 8 PM sharp. She wanted everything to be perfect, not just for herself but also, for him. As the clock slowly ticked down from 7:45 PM she had some time to remember how she felt when she got his letter.

They?d been speaking on the phone and online for nearly 6 months. From the powerful way she felt connected to him, it felt like he?d been apart of her for her entire life. She?d never felt this kind of connection and attraction to anyone before. Oh, she?d had boyfriends, lovers, and even been in love a time or two. Nothing in all those relationships had prepared her for this, for Him.

At first she had been shy, she recalled, a mass of nerves and insecurities. He?d seen through that and made her feel at ease. So much so in fact she quickly found herself not only sharing details about herself, but wanting to share everything with him, every detail, every dream, and desire.

She fondly recalled the first time she?d come for him. How powerful his words word and how aroused he could make her with the way he talked to her. The things he said struck a cord deep within her that she?d never felt before. It was as if he could see her stripped bare, her essence laid out before him.

God she was so hot for him that night. Not only had she come incredibly hard with him that first night, but those memories had fueled her passions for several weeks until he replaced them with even more powerful erotic ones.

The first time she had called him she was so nervous she almost was sick. She must have dialed the numbers and hung up a dozen times before she finally let the phone ring.

When he answered the phone he was everything she?d hoped. His voice was calm and steady, while hers was unsure; she knew he could tell how nervous she was. It was as if the more insecure she became the more soothing he was with her. She had almost come the first time he said her name.

The alarm on her cell phone chirped and tore her away from her memories. She?d unknowingly moved her hand to her chest. It was cupping her breast and her thumb had been rubbing her nipple through the material of her top. The lace of her bra only added to the sensual feelings. When she realized what she was doing she felt her cheeks flush as she blushed.

?I hope he likes how I look, I want to please him so desperately ?? she mumbled as she gathered her things and her overnight bag.

He had been very specific in what she should wear and what she should bring. She remembered shopping for the lingerie he?d requested, a black satin ribbed bustier. It had taken her a long time to find the perfect one, and longer still to learn how to wear it properly.

As she stood there wearing it and the heels she?d bought, admiring herself in the mirror this morning, she knew it had been worth the effort. She wanted to make him happy, no; she wanted to make him hot just by looking at her. She wanted to see her desire mirrored in his eye when he looked at her and saw how well she?d done as he asked.

She quickly made her way across the dark parking lot of the hotel. As the wind blew she tugged her overcoat tighter. She wasn?t sure what was giving her goose bumps, the chill in the air or the fact that no one knew that the only things she had on under her long coat were her stockings and her bustier.

When the young man in the red uniform opened the door to the hotel lobby she could have sworn he knew what she was wearing. From the way he winked at her he must have known why she was here. Embarrassment made her rush through the lobby and towards the elevators at the back of the room.

As she rode the elevator up to the tenth floor she bent over and reached down. She slowly slid her panties down her legs. He?d told her to arrive without panties, but she just couldn?t bring herself to make the drive not wearing something. She was still modest in some ways, and she knew he?d be displeased at that.

She was bent over struggling to get the lacy panties off and over her heels the elevator jerked to a stop at the tenth floor. The sudden motion caused her to almost lose her balance and fall over. That was the scene when the doors opened and the bellhop walked in. There she was one leg up, panties tangled in her heels and leaning against the wall of the elevator, her coat opened and showing her body to this strange man.

?Are you ok Miss? Do you need any help?? He asked with a soft touch of concern in his voice, yet she couldn?t help but notice his eyes boring into her.

?No, no. I?m fine? excuse me.? She mumbled as she hurried from the elevator.

?Oh my god,? she whimpered.

?I can?t believe how clumsy I am, that man must have seen everything.? She felt her cheeks burning with embarrassment.

Almost as if by fate she found his room. She looked up, room 1012. Her stomach twisted in a knot and she tucked her panties into the pocket of her coat. She started to knock on the door then stopped.

?Wait! Think Lauren.? She fumbled for the note.

She reread the note. She was to enter the room at precisely 8 pm. She noted the time on her cell phone, three more minutes. She stood there almost naked in the hallway waiting for those agonizingly slow minutes to pass. Her phone alarm vibrated on the hour, she slowly turned the door handle.

The room was dark; the only light was coming from a row of scented candles that were placed on the dresser. There was a mirror against the wall and the covers of the bed had been turned down. There was a slight chill in the air. It instantly made her nipples hard, at least that?s what she told herself.

She walked into the room and closed the door behind her. When she heard the heavy sound of it shutting she knew there was no turning back now. A thought that at once terrified and excited her, that was how it always was with him. She always felt so frightened but at the same time so exhilarated.

No one had ever touched her like that, ?and he hasn?t even touched me,? she chided herself.

She moved further in to the room. She couldn?t see much in the dim candle light. She wasn?t able to find him in the small room. Was he here? Was she in the right room? Anxiety crept over her as she stood there in the dark.

?Hello Pet, I?m glad you made it. Perfectly on time as well, very nice.? He said in almost a whisper.

She nearly jumped out of her skin at the sound of his voice coming from behind her. She hadn?t realized he was sitting there against the wall and she hadn?t heard him stand up and move behind her. All she knew was that his voice was even more powerful in person. It made her feel small, fragile but the warmth of his breath on her neck as he spoke made her body melt.

?Walk over to the foot of the bed slowly and remove your coat. Show me how well you?ve followed my instructions.? He said seductively.

There was a power to his presence that she?d known but hadn?t felt from just his words before. She was excited just being near him. Oh how she wanted to please him, wanted to exceed his every expectation and want. She?d give herself to him now, completely, if he?d take her.

She walked towards the bed as directly. Her nervous fingers fumbled with the buttons on her coat. The more sensual she tried to act the more her body rebelled against her.

?Please, just this one time work with me, ok?? She pleaded with herself

She took off her coat and tossed it in the corner. Instantly the cold air assaulted her warm skin. She felt its cool touch on her naked sex as well. She wasn?t aware she was this aroused or that she?d become this wet She felt the cool air on her smooth skin. She?d shaved for him this morning, leaving just enough of her soft curls to be decorative.

She heard him move to the bed and sit at the head of it, could feel his eyes on her. She hoped he found her pleasing. Wanting to be attractive and desirable for him she stood there trembling. Trying not to think about how disappointed he must be.

?Very nice Pet. You are even more beautiful than I?d hoped.?

Her heart skipped when he spoke. Did he mean it? Was he really pleased with her? ?Thank you,? she said, trying to keep the jubilation from her voice.

?Now turn around slowly. Spread your legs apart slightly, keep your head up, and your back straight. Show yourself to me; show me what you want to give me Pet.? She could hear a slightly playful tone in his otherwise serious voice.

Even after all this time she was still unsure when he was being playful or serious. His voice always had a certain sternness to it. His mind was sharp and quick. That excited her but also made her feel insecure at times. She never wanted to seem slow or dull to him.

She slowly turned so she was facing him. In the darkness of the room she couldn?t make out his features. Was he smiling? She continued to turn around, presenting herself to him. She started to tremble standing there under his discerning gaze. Was it from the cold or from her desire for him?

?Now face the mirror,? He said coolly.

She did as he asked. She felt awkward standing there, looking at herself in the bustier and heels. This was not something she usually did. She?d never worn anything this sexy before. She hoped she was wearing everything right.

She could see his face barely reflected in the mirror. She watched his eyes looking over her body. She felt as if he was not only looking at her body, but also her heart and soul. As if her entire being was laid out before him, yearning for his approval.

?Sit down on the edge of the bed and spread your legs open for me Pet.? Was that arousal she heard creeping into his strong voice?

She did as he bid her. Sitting on the edge of the bed, with her legs open she could see herself in the mirror. She was surprised to see just how exposed she was. She could see her sex, all pink and swollen; could see the glistening of her juices on her lips. There was no hiding how badly she wanted this, wanted him.

?You know how all those times I?ve told you to touch yourself, that?s what I want you to do now. Show me your pleasures,? his voice becoming slightly deeper, sexier as he watched her in the mirror, looking over her gorgeous supple body.

At first she just sat there, trying desperately to see his face. She longed for a look of pleasure from him, but in the darkness with the flickering candles his features were impossible to read. She was unable to move, her stomach a twisting mass of knots as nervousness paralyzed her.

?Please go on,? he said gently.

She was always amazed at how reassuring he was. No matter how insecure or shy she felt he?d always made her feel safe. What ever she wanted to explore, with him, she felt accepted and supported. She ached to return those feelings to him, to find some way to give back as much as he gave to her.

His eyes locked on to hers. She held his gaze in the mirror. Saw the traces of a smile on his lips. Her heart soared when she saw he was pleased.

She began to slide her hands down along her body. She could feel the soft material of the bustier. Down along her sides, feeling the soft contrast where the silk ended and her soft warm skin began. Along her hips she traced her fingertips.

She yearned for those to be his fingers touching her. She closed her eyes tightly and she felt his hands on her skin, the roughness of his hands on her soft hips. He ran his fingertips down along her pelvis down to the lacy tops of her stockings.

A smile lit up her face when she felt his hand squeeze her thighs. She felt her body reacting to his touch; a fire was slowly burning in her stomach and spreading out through her. Every inch of her skin was tingling and alive waiting for his touch.

She let out a slight gasp when his hand pressed over her sex. Her hips involuntarily grinding against his palm as he massaged her with his hand. She could feel everywhere he touched her, the tingling sensations he caused enticing her, arousing her further.

She tossed her head back and moaned softly when she felt his fingers slide down and over her smooth swollen lips. She could feel his fingertips massaging her clit between the soft folds. Her desire for him was almost dizzying. God, how she loved his touch!

She ran her hand over and cupped her breast, squeezing it gently with her palm while she rubbed the hard nipple with her thumb. Even through the material of her bustier she could clearly feel her nipples as they responded to her touch. The harder he massaged her sex the harder she squeezed her breast, tugging on the hard nipple.

Arching her back she further opened herself to him. She hoped he would understand her subtle cues and touch her where she ached to be touched. She could feel her lips swelling and parting at his touch. The way his fingers absently ran over her, slipping between her lips yet still denying her desires.

Her body was on fire! Her mind could only think of his hand and her body. A small part of her mind worried that she was being selfish, that her desires for him to touch her were bad. Shouldn?t she be doing something for him, for his pleasures?

When his fingertip pushed inside her she almost came. ?Oh yes!? She moaned deep in her throat.

He pushed his finger into her slowly. Her body was clutching at him, wanting to hold him inside her, pulling him deeper. She ached to have him inside of her, wanting to be one with him, even if only for the briefest of moments.

She felt herself opening up as he pushed a second finger up inside her. Her soft walls trembling as she struggled to hold back her orgasm. The way he moved his fingers and his hands were electrifying.

She was moaning steadily in rhythm of his fingers pushing in and out of her. He was touching every inch of her. He expertly found all her secret spots, knew just how to touch all her pleasurable places.

?May I cum for you?? Her words coming out part whisper and moan.

She could barely contain her pleasure. She?d never felt anything this intense before. Her head swam as waves of pleasure washed over her threatening to carry her off with them.

Long seconds passed before he spoke to her. ?Open your eyes pet. Look at yourself in the mirror.?

When she opened her eyes all she could see was darkness. Several heartbeats past and her eyes adjusted to the soft light in the room. She looked over her body. Her breast was out of her bustier, her hand cupping it and tugging the hard nipple.

Her back was arched thrusting her sex forward towards the mirror. Her thighs spread wide open giving a clear view of everything.

When she looked down in the mirror she gasped in surprise. He was still sitting where he had been at the head of the bed. Her own fingers were working between her thighs. She could see them glistening covered in her juices.

Before her mind could completely comprehend what was happening he moved up behind her. His mouth brushed along her neck. He whispered in her ear, ?Cum for me pet. Give me what I want.?

At that moment she felt pleasure so intense, like nothing she?d ever felt before. Something exploded within her and she felt her hand flood with her juices. A long loud moan escaped her lips.

She sat there at the edge of the bed. Her body collapsing forward, her head falling between her thighs as wave after wave of pleasure overtook her. Her body trembling so her she fought to stay on the bed.

She must have feinted because she didn?t remember lying down on the floor. She looked up with bleary eyes and saw his face over her. He was smiling at her, a look of pleasure on his face and a sparkle of mischief in his eye. She was so spent she was unable to move or even speak.

?Here you go pet,? He said as he took her up in his arms and carried her to the bed.

He lay her on the soft mattress and expertly began to undress her. Before she knew what he was doing she lay naked in the bed next to him. He pulled the warm covers over her and slid into bed with her. She felt his naked skin on hers, their bodies kissing under the sheets.

She rolled over and cuddled up against his chest. She could feel the strength of his body under her touch. She looked up longingly into his eyes. He lay there smiling, watching her, reading her emotions in her eyes.

He held her close stroking his fingers gently through her hair.

?Rest now Lauren, time is ours and we?ve only just begun,? he whispered to her in the darkness.

She knew she?d pleased him, she could see it in his smile and in the twinkle in his eye. She?d never felt so happy as she drifted off to sleep in his arms.

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