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Escorting (A fictional account)

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It was 2:00, and the knock on the door meant my second client of the day was here. Part of me was bored, as usual. Fucking can get to be boring if you do it over and over. But for some reason I love doing this. Before I became an escort I was always horny. I mean always. I?d get up in the morning, and my pussy would be damp from my dreams. So I?d masturbate.

I?d be at work and I?d see a hot guy. My pussy would get wet. Sometimes I didn?t even wait to get home to masturbate. I almost got caught in the ladies room one day ? but that?s a story for another day.

Dating was a disaster. The guys could always tell I was in heat ? my nipples made that very clear. As much as I had been taught to say no, the urge to have a guy inside me was too overwhelming. Buy me dinner, you get to fuck me. I never told them that, but that?s the way it was.

So I finally decided that instead of getting paid in food, why not do it for real money. I?m certainly hot enough. I?ve got a killer body, pert tits, no fat anywhere. Guys get a hard-on just looking at me. And my face, lets just say that as hot as my body is, my face never disappoints. I?m the whole package. And guys pay $400 an hour to fuck me. Do the math; the guy with the hard-on at the door makes it $2,000 today. That?ll get me wet too.

I look at myself in the mirror. I?m wearing a white t-shirt that comes down only to my belly button, and white panties. I?ve found guys like this virginal look, and it?s a lot cheaper than buying sexy lingerie. I look good, so I go to the door and open it.

Standing there is a guy around 50. Slightly overweight, but not huge. Polo shirt and jeans. He?s a nice, average, normal looking guy. His references had checked out, so I was nice and relaxed.

He stepped in the room and I closed and locked the door behind him. ?Very nice? he said, looking me up and down. That?s actually one of the things I like about escorting. There?s no pretending. He checked out my body without having to pretend he was interested in my mind. And I could see he was already hard.

?Than you? I answered as I gave him a light kiss on the lips. ?C?mon in.?

He discretely put an envelope on the dresser as he passed by it. As I said, his references checked out. He knew the procedure.

We both sat down on the bed. He smelled of man ? in a good way. I was going to enjoy this. We talked for a couple of minutes. He kept looking at my tit. The nipples were making nice little points through the t-shirt. Occasionally he?d stroke my arm with one hand.

?Your skin is so soft? he commented.

?Thank you. Would you like to get comfortable?? I asked.

?Love to? he answered. He knew the magic words all right. Without wasting a moment, he stood up and started to undress. His shoes were already off, and his socks followed quickly. As the shirt came over his head I saw a nice mat of graying hair. I like chest hair.

As he slid his pants and underwear down together his cock popped out. That got me even wetter. It wasn?t huge ? I don?t really like them huge. It was average sized. And it was hard as a rock. Some guys never get that hard. His was so hard it was quivering, like something was trying to get out.

My turn. I stood up, and he took me in his arms. ?Let me help you? he whispered. We lightly kissed as I felt his hand slide up under my shirt. He started playing with my tits. I love it when I guy feels me up. I rewarded him by pushing my pussy against his cock and grinding. He seemed to enjoy that. His hands roamed all over my tits, teasing the erect nipples.

Finally he pulled my shirt off. The cool air felt good on my nipples. I immediately slid down to my knees, which put his cock right in front of me. Without waiting I grasped his shaft and pulled it into my mouth. All he said was ?mmmmgggg?.

I continually ran my tongue over the spongy tip while my hand slid up and down. My head was bobbing too. His hips started to pump. I tasted his salty pre-cum and I knew it was only a matter of a few seconds till he was going to shoot his first load.

Being a gentleman, he warned me. ?If you keep going, I?m going to cum? was exactly how he put it. I know some girls don?t like the taste of cum. I love it, so I kept at it. Sure enough, I felt his cock have its first spasm. Warm, tart cum shot into my mouth. It tasted so good. I kept pumping as spurt after spurt of cum filled my mouth faster than I could swallow. ?ooooooooooooo, oooooooooo, ooooooooo? was all he had to say about it.

As much as I like swallowing, some of his large load was dripping down my chin. I held onto him, swirling my tongue around his sputtering cock, milking every last drop. I know guys like it when I take the entire load.

When his cock was finally done giving up his jizz, I stood up, with some of his cum still dripping down my chin. Then he did something no other guy had ever done. He kissed me deeply while I still had some of his cum still in my mouth. He could tell I was a little surprised. ?Guys don?t usually kiss me right after? I said.

?I like the taste of myself almost as much as I like the taste of a woman? he replied. At which point he steered me to the bed. ?That was great,? he said, ?let me return the favor.?

He started by licking my breasts. My nipples were so sensitive already. The feeling of his tongue gliding over them send waves of pleasure all the way down to my pussy.

I felt his hand slide into my panties. I spread my legs nice and wide for him as I felt his finger split my lips. As he caressed my soaking pussy he lifted his head long enough to comment ?Hmm, you?re really wet.?

While talking wasn?t my first choice right then, I managed to answer, ?I love what you?re doing to me.?

Then he kissed his way down my body. He took care of my panties quickly, sliding them off me. When my pussy came into view he gave an approving ?mmmm, nice. I love pubic hair.? Unlike a lot of women, I like to keep some hair down there. I trim it, but I like to look like a woman.

He spread my legs wide, then spread my pussy lips. His tongue lightly slid between the lips. Oooh that felt so good. He had a nice light touch. Slowly he licked and lapped my clit. My hips started to move with a mind of their own as I moaned with pleasure. Then I felt him press one finger tentatively into me. ?oh yes? I managed to say, urging him on. I love this part of my job. He slowly slid one, then two fingers into me. In and out as he lapped my clit, he brought me to the edge. And then, wham, my pussy spasming, my juices flowing, I came. Once of my earlier clients had gotten me off, but the last two hadn?t. The orgasm that ripped through me reminded me how much I loved sex.

He could tell I had come. He got on his knees, his smiling face glistening with my pussy juice. ?Time to cover me up? he suggested. I reached over to the night table and grabbed a condom. I ripped it out of the package, and got on my knees. Before sliding it on I slid my mouth over his cock one more time. I gave the head a swish with my tongue, pulled it out and slid on the condom.

?How do you want me?? I asked.

?On your back? he said, ?I like to start on top.?

I lay back and spread my legs for him. He knelt between my legs, took his cock in his hand, and slid it up and down my slit, mirroring what he had done with his tongue.

I gave him a slight moan, to let him know it felt good. Then, I felt the head of his cock part my inner lips and, thrust, he was in me all the way.

I gasped at the sudden entry, but it felt so good. I looked him in the eye as he started pumping.

?You feel sooo good? he said.

I simply answered with a moan every time he thrust into me. And with each thrust I moaned louder and louder. I wanted him to know just how much I was enjoying this.

Thrust after thrust. At the same time his hands were playing with my tits. Then he lowered his mouth to one nipple, toying with it. It seemed like an eternity ? an eternity of heaven.

Then, still in me, he got more upright and slid his hand down my torso. His thumb found it?s way to my clit. As soon as he touched it I could feel my second orgasm building. I looked him straight in the eyes, mine open as wide as they ever had been ? and mirrored by my mouth. He could tell what he was doing to me.

?Cum for me? was all he said as he fucked me and rubbed my clit even faster. I did as he asked, moaning and shaking under him.

As my orgasm subsided he again spoke, ?let?s switch?. He got off me and rolled onto his back, His cock, glistening with my pussy juice, was sticking straight up. I started to throw one leg over him. I gave his beautiful cock a couple of strokes, then lowered my soaking pussy onto it. It felt so good to be full of him.

Now I controlled the action. Looking down at him, staring into his eyes, I began rolling my hips. With each roll his cock slid half way out of me, then slid back in. And, with each roll my clit rubbed against his pubic area. I rolled slowly at first. Then, as the sensations took over, I rolled faster. I could tell he was really enjoying this nice, gentle fuck. The feelings racing through my pussy were intense too. He reached up and caressed my breasts. I wished we could keep going like this all day. But I knew he was close to cumming again, and it was getting late. Now it was my turn, ?cum in my pussy, baby, give it all to me? I whispered.

That sent him over the edge. His hips bucked, his mouth opened, and I could tell his cock was spurting inside me. He half groaned, half gasped as I rolled my hips a few more times, milking every drop out of him.

As his spasms subsided I rolled off of him. ?Oh, god, that was good? he moaned.

I reached over and removed the condom. ?I?ll get you cleaned up? I offered. I went to the bathroom, got a warm wet washcloth, came back and cleaned the remaining cum off his cock and pelvis.

I gave me a little kiss, then he looked at the clock. ?I better get dressed? he said. I watched as he dressed, then led him to the door.

?Thank you? he said, as he again kissed me lightly. ?Thank you? I answered. I now had a couple of hundred dollars more, and had had a wonderful hour of sex. My pussy was still tingling as he left.

It was 4:00, and the knock on the door meant my third client of the day was here.

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