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Encounter in Kellen County

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When my folks moved us to Kellen, I thought my life was over. Kellen County, or just "Kellen" to those who live there, was well known for being an Amish farming community. We were farmers, and belonged to a church, but Amish we were not. I expected that we'd be outcasts in a society that treats its own pretty coldly. And girls? Forget it. I had enjoyed my share of the local darlin's around Warrington, where we came from, but expected a very dry season indeed in Kellen.

But Kellen was a community in transition. By now I'm sure there are very few Amishers left at all there. When I knew Kellen, it was about 50/50. A lot of others had moved in before us, and though all the power in the community, the "elders" and so forth, were still the old Amish types, kin to those who had founded Kellen, everyone knew the walls had come down and it was just a matter of time.

The split was also generational. The grandparents were as strict as only Amishers can be. The parents were highly moral and tight, but allowed for things like music and colorful clothing.

The kids were like me, for the most part. Especially Sarah Clintoch.

Sarah caught my eye the day we moved in. As is the tradition in farm communities, as newcomers we were welcomed with a party in our own front yard. Sarah came with her folks, two grim-

looking American Gothic types, and her brother, Micah. Sarah was a vision; she had long, flouncy blonde hair, a scrubbed, clean, lovely face, and a body that no straight-laced pinafore could hide.

She was obviously wearing that frilly "party dress" at her mother's insistence, and it went a good distance toward hiding her physical assets, but this was the girl of my fantasies. She was long-limbed and healthy-looking, like most kids raised in the clean air.

Boy, did I want her. But she kept her eyes averted, and looked every bit the daughter of straight-laced parents. During the entire party I never saw her meet anyone's eye. Oh well, I thought, at least she'd be good fodder for my fantasies, which like most boys of 18, were X rated in the extreme.

During the party the men gathered around the barn to loft the hay, which is quite a job and is much easier with a gang of guys to help you. It was a warm day, and after a time most of us were in our shirtsleeves. A few of the younger guys, myself included, doffed our shirts completely, much to the scowling disapproval of the elders.

But I saw quite clearly that I had caught Sarah's eye too. And such a hungry eye it was. Later that day I would tell myself that I had imagined the raw lust I had seen in that gaze.

A week went by before I saw her again. We were pretty busy getting settled in, so I didn't get into town for that entire first week. When I did run an errand for my dad, to Kellen Mercantile (Since 1823, Ezra Corndahl, Proprieter), I found Sarah Clintoch there buying cotton batting and twine for her mother. Her dress was plain and austere, but it's simplicity made her body all the more apparent. I could not help staring at her.

She noticed almost immediately that my attention was focused on her, and luckily old Ezra was adding up some bills or he'd have noticed too.

To my surprise she met my gaze and held it, her fiery green eyes full of wit and delight. I supposed that this was how she was when her parents were not around, and my hopes rekindled.

I sidled up to her in the fabrics, pretending to look at the heavy threads.

"Gonna do some sewin'?" she asked, a sly smile on her face.

"Um, my dad's gotta fix some gunny sacks," I said, trying to sound casual.

"Cheaper t'get new ones," she replied, and her smile grew.

There was such mischeif in her eyes! I began to suspect I had not imagined anything when she'd stared me down at the loft.

"You're Freddie Clarke, out t'the old Sorrenson farm."

"Yeah. Clarke farm now, though. You're Sarah."

"Sarah Clintoch. People will prob'ly call your place by its old name for a while. Like that here."

"We'll try and make an impression," I said, and I grinned.

She grinned back, and swept the stray hairs from her face in a move that screamed defiance. "So, Freddie Clarke, you found your way around yet?"

"I got here OK."

"Don't mean the town. Kids around here got all sorts of spots they visit, 'specially near the river. You a swimmer?"

"Sure. You?" I was trying to imagine her in a swimsuit, but it was too enticing for my brain to fathom. My dick was hard enough already, just talking to her.

"Momma won't let me. But my brother and his friends. They like to swim when it's hot. Like 'tis today. Hot." Her face told a million stories about what 'hot' might mean.

"The river runs out by our barley. I could give it a try." My words were tumbling out of numb lips. Was it me, or did this girl just ooze sexuality? The cant of her hips, the tilt of her face, the way she twined her hair in her fingers. It was all driving me nuts.

"All mud and leeches there," she said, turning back to her cotton. "You need t'go about a mile north, to the rockslides. Nice and deep there, lotsa good holes."

She knew a lot for a girl who didn't swim.

"`Sides," she continued, "you wouldn't want to go the way you are now."


She turned and leaned toward me, lowering her voice even though Ezra certainly could not hear us, and could only see the tops of our heads over the cloth bolts. I just about leapt out of my skin when I felt her small hand come to rest on the bulge in my dungarees. "The boys see this one, and they think you're queer," she said, her hand gently massaging my cock, which now threatened to pop a rivet in my pants. "They do it skinny, you know, no clothes. You gotta tame this 'fore you go." She smiled in a way that changed her whole face. This girl knew volumes.

I tried to say something, but no sound came out. Her hand was slowly stroking my bulge, her eyes staring at it as it continued to pulse and grow.

"You're gonna have trouble hiding this," she said, her voice sounding distant. "This looks to be a big one." She began to press her body against mine when Ezra made a noise across the room. We both jumped a little and she stepped two feet away in the blink of an eye.

"Miss Clintoch, you tell your momma I owe her four dollars seventy two cents from that rotten bailclock she returned," he said, his voice bored and businesslike.

"Yessir," Sarah said, the barest hint of excitement in her voice.

She looked at me, her eyes dropping to my still-raging hard-

on, and mouthed "out back" and pointed with her thumb to the door. Then she ran her tongue over her lips and grinned a truly nasty grin.

My mind a blizzard of anticipation and desire, I made my way to the front door, keeping my back to old man Corndahl so he would not see my predicament, and trotted to the back of the store.

There were stacks and stacks of large barrels there, some smelling of vinegar, some of grain, all empty. Sarah appeared a few minutes later, parcels in hand, her breath rapid with excitement.

She dropped her parcels into one of the barrels, then grabbed my hand and led me into the stacks, which were like a maze.

When we were thoroughly hidden, she pressed herself to me and began to rub my crotch again.

"Can I see, Freddie? Feels fair like a monster in there..." Her face was flushed and her heart was pounding: I could feel it through her breast as she had crushed to my side.

"Sure, " I managed to say, and she immediately dropped to her knees in front of me, unfastening the buttons on my dungarees with a quickness that belied frequent practice.

My raging dick sprang out dutifully, and she took the shaft in both hands and stared lovingly at it. "Such a beauty," she said, almost as if she was talking to my erection, not me. "I can help you with this, so you can go swimming," she said, raising her eyes to mine. "OK?"

"Wh-what will you do?" I asked. She did not look ready to fuck, and that was the limit of my experience.

"I'll suck it for you if y'like." Her mouth stayed slightly open, her lips glistening with saliva. It was as if she was truly hungry for my dick.

I'd heard about such things before, but had never tried it. The girls back in Warrington gave the occasional hand job, but mostly it was straight fucking, always with a rubber. I nodded furiously, and Sarah smiled.

She leaned forward and took just the head in her mouth, which was warm, soft, and wonderful. I almost came immediately, but concentrated on holding back. I wanted to see what she was planning. I felt her tongue begin to slather the underside of my cock while her lips nipped all around the head.

She began to slide the head and glans in and out, never quite withdrawing the entire cock, as her tongue snaked and licked around the underside. On the outstroke her lips would purse slightly, and she would appear to be kissing my piss-hole, then she would slide her mouth back down, taking a bit more of my cock each time, until about half was in her mouth.

My cock is about 8 inches long, and girls had remarked before that it was larger than they were used to. Sarah's lips showed only a little strain as she sucked me. Her face looked dreamy, as though she was in a personal little heaven. I sure was. The feeling of her warm mouth sucking my cock was better than any pussy I had felt. It was the loving, fervent way she sucked me too, as though my cock was all she wanted in the world.

And it was her face, the almost angelic glow of her as she nibbled and sucked my steely dick. As she sucked her head twisted from side to side in a kind of delirium, and I felt her hands working the front of her plain dress, twisting the buttons until her proud breasts swayed into view. Her big nipples were pink and hard, sharp points on her creamy tit flesh. She began massaging those beautiful globes, and I wished I could reach them to give her a hand.

Her sucking got faster and faster and she brought her hands up to stroke the shaft as she sucked me. That was too much, and I felt my come swell in the base of my dick and shoot out into her mouth. She made a little sound, like someone who's been punched, then I felt her mouth working as she swallowed pulse after pulse of my thick come.

I had to sit down, and I leaned back against a barrel. She went with me, never letting my dick leave her mouth. She licked and sucked my shrinking meat until I was totally spent, then carefully put it back into my pants and refastened the buttons.

"Lets..." I began, feeling my dick beginning to stir, but she interrupted me.

"That's all for now, Freddie. You've got a nice one, that's for sure. I'd love t'suck it again. But we're gonna get caught if we stay too much longer." She was looking around, still licking the dribbles of my come off her lips and the backs of her hands; she looked a lot like a cat washing its face.

"Where do you want to go?" I said, my voice still dry.

"Oh, I know a spot. Listen: James Potter was m'last boyfriend. He use to let me suck on him whenever I wanted. I like to do it a lot. He moved away three months ago. Now, you've got a much nicer penis than he did, and you have a nice face too.

I'd like you t'be my new boyfriend. I'll suck you whenever you want, as much as you want. But you can't tell. OK?" This all came out in a rush as she buttoned up her dress and brushed her hair back into place with her fingers.

I couldn't believe this. Here was this girl, the prettiest, sexiest girl I had ever seen, and she was asking me permission to suck my dick every day. Little flecks of my cum were still on her lower lip. Her eyes were bright and lusty.

I nodded. Still...

"Is that all you'll do? Just suck?"

She looked surprised at the question. "It's what I like. I've never done the other. James never asked. He liked to rub on my bosoms, and I let him do that. What d'you want?" She looked wary, but curious.

"We'll talk about that later," I said, suddenly taking charge.

"Meet me after lunch... uh... I dunno, where?"

"You know the 4-H stables at the south end of Kellen?"

I nodded.

"There's a shed near the hill behind. Has bags of horse feed.

They feed `em at noon then don't go back to the shed till evening.

I'll meet you there. The window in back."

"Okay, " I said, and she turned and walked sneakily away before I could say anything else.

It took forever for lunch to arrive, and my mother gave me more than one curious look as I wolfed my food with a vigor she'd seldom seen in me.

All I could think of was lovely Sarah's tits and lovely Sarah's mouth, and my imagination took over from there, dreaming what it would be like to fuck lovely Sarah's pussy. Her blonde pussy...

"You gonna fix that corn crib this afternoon?" she asked.

Shit, I thought. I'd forgotten about that. "Uh, I was wondering if it'd be OK if I did that tomorrow."

Dad looked up from his newspaper, a stern coldness in his eyes. "Never put off to tomorrow, son. What else you got that needs doing, anyway?"

My mind raced. It had to be something he'd approve of, but that wouldn't mean he'd expect to see me around the farm. "Well, I was thinking about going down to the 4-H and see if it's worth joining."

That was the right button. They both smiled that satisfied-

parent smile and turned back to what they were doing; dad reading his paper and mom a catalog of artists supplies. They had both been big on the 4-H when they were kids, and had always been disappointed in my lack of interest.

Well, I was going down there, but what was on my mind had nothing to do with raising pigs.

As soon as I'd finished eating, which was tough with my stomach churning like a combine, I raced down to the hill behind the 4-H stables and waited to see when Sarah would arrive. They were just finishing the noon feeding, and several lanky boys were stacking feed backs in the little shed Sarah had mentioned. If they only knew, I thought.

I waited about a half an hour, then finally saw her walking up from the main road. She had changed into a pair of overalls and a plaid shirt, probably having told her parents something similar to what I had told mine. She was keeping to the trees to the south, betting that nobody would notice her I suppose, then made her way around to the back of the feed shed, opened a window, and pulled herself through. She slid the window closed behind her, and I could see no more.

As quietly as I could, I made my way down the hillside to the shed. There were still lots of teen-aged kids in the corrals and pens, tending to various livestock, and I sure did not want any of them to see me going into the shed.

Sarah must have seen me coming, because just as I got within 10 yards of the shed the window opened again. I could only see her hand, but she curled her finger at me, and I slid over the sill.

I closed the window behind me and slid the hasp. When I turned around, she was standing, waiting, smiling broadly. She was a sight to behold. She'd taken off her shirt and bra, and was

wearing only her overalls, unbuttoned to the navel. Her blonde hair, clean and light, curled around her breasts like a frame.

Before I could say a world she was on me, her arms wrapped around my neck, her tongue sliding past my lips into my mouth. I almost fell backward, but regained my balance and lowered us to a bed made of feedbags that she had made on the floor.

"Take off your shirt," she whispered in my ear as she bit and licked the lobe. I obliged her as quickly as I could, and she pulled the straps of her overalls down around her waist and pressed her firm, young tits into my chest. I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my skin, and I reached up with my right hand to massage and squeeze them.

Her breathing was rapid, almost as fast as mine, as we writhed together on our little bed. I noticed that the room we were in was too small to be the whole shed, and that there was a door right next to our heads.

"Sarah," I said, panting.

"Uh huh?" She looked up at me, urgency in her eyes and a sexy smile creeping across her lips.

"What if someone comes?"

"You're gonna come, Freddie. Right in this mouth." She ran her tongue over her bright white teeth and began to rub my cock through my dungarees.

"Umph. Oh... yeah... I sure will, but I mean this door..."

"Nailed shut. That's why we used the window. Everyone else thinks the' window is locked, but I know better."

She slid her body down mine as she spoke, and I was about to ask her why the room was nailed shut when I felt her drawing my hard cock from my open fly. "Such a nice one" she said, almost to herself, and then took my cock deep into her throat in one smooth motion.

She sucked me like a piston, in and out with smooth, even strokes. All the while her tongue was moving, darting, sliding around the underside.

Her fine blonde hair was dancing and flying as she sucked me madly. I felt my come begin to rise, and lifted her head away from my dick, and sat up and kissed her.

"Wanna suck it, Freddie," she said, a little whine in her voice.

"I don't want to come yet. I want to see you naked."

She smiled and rose to her feet in a little bounce, her breasts heaving with the motion, and dropped her overalls with a single shrug. She was wearing no panties. Her pussy was topped by a lush triangle of downy-blonde hair, the ends of which twinkled in the light coming through the grimy window.

"Like my pussy, Freddie?" She tilted her head and opened her eyes wide, pretending it was a serious question.

I smiled and patted the "bed" next to me. She sidled up and sat down, almost chastely, as I slipped my pants and boxers off over my feet. Now that we were both totally naked, I took her shoulder in my hands and pressed her down on her back.

I began cupping and rubbing her breasts as I tongue kissed her deeply, all the while her hand stroking my hard cockshaft with fevered abandon. I'd never seen a girl so hot, so insistent.

Whenever we broke our kiss, when I'd suck her nipples or kiss her neck, she'd murmur over and over things like "gimme your dick" or "lemme suck it, c'mon" or "I want it, I want it..."

Finally, I slid my hand down to her pussy mound, and began stroking near her vaginal lips with my fingertips. She tensed a little at this, and did not seem to know what to do.

"Spread your legs, Sarah," I said.

She bit her lip and stroked my cock even harder with her hand. "You sure?"

"Don't be afraid," I said, still tickling her labia.

"Never... had a boy touch me there. Never put... never..." Finally, perhaps overcome my the sensation of my hand stroking her pussy, she sighed and said again, "You sure, Freddie?"

I nodded, and she closed her eyes and parted her knees about a foot. I took over from there, rising to my knees and pressing her thighs apart with my hands.

Her pussy lips were quite wet, and glistened invitingly in the afternoon sun. Her pussy was a sweet, small bud, the hole almost invisible, but her clit was large and erect. I casually ran my thumb over her prominent clit, and she shuddered. Again and again I thrummed that little button while my hard cock bobbed with my heartbeat, occasionally tapping on her little door.

"Um, uhhhh, you going to put it in me, Freddie?"

I nodded and stroked her clit again, causing another shudder to run through her.

There was a flash of fear in her eyes, and a wince in that pretty face, but after a moment and few more strokes her hips began to roll and she said, breathlessly, "OK... just be sweet and... don't come in there... OK? I want your... come... in.. my mouth."

I smiled and said "don't you worry, Sarah Clintoch," and slipped the head of my cock into her buttery cunt.

She jumped a little at that first penetration, though I was not in more than an inch. I could feel her vaginal muscles flexing and rippling, and I knew this was going to be an incredible fuck.

Stroke by stroke I fed my cock into her, sliding deeper and deeper into that hot, tight sleeve, her wet, velvety flesh pulling me, kneading me, suckling me. Before I was halfway in she started to lift her hips, rolling them gently from side to side in time with my long, slow strokes. Though less than half my length was in her, we'd reached the full width of my shaft and her pussy lips were folded in around it, her clit bending down and rubbing the top of my cock.

I leaned forward and took a nipple in my mouth, sucking and nibbling it as I drove my cock into her. In five or six slow strokes I was almost all the way in, with perhaps an inch or two to go, and I heard her hiss in her breath and felt her hips snap up sharply. A flood of warm pussy juice gushed forth as her voice changed into a whimpering moan and her hips began to quiver.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooo god, god, god," she chanted in my ear as she came. I felt her fingers twining in my hair as she held my face to her breast. The lubrication of her orgasm made her slick channel even slicker, and I slid in fully. I felt my dickhead press against her cervix, and this caused her orgasm to roll and peak again. I looked at her face, beads of sweat were popping out on her forehead and tears leaked from the corners of her eyes.

I kissed the space between her breasts and started fucking her in earnest. Pressing her knees wider apart with the palms of my hands, I buried my cock in her pussy, maximum depth on each stroke, the tiny hairs that surrounded her cunt stroking and tickling my shaft and balls as I stroked her. She was lost to delirium now, her head rolling from side to side, her voice a long, low moan, punctuated by little grunts; "uh, uh, uh, oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uh, uh, uh" as she came and came. Her hands were on her breasts, rubbing and kneading them, feeding me her nipples as I bent to suck them. Her pussy was doing incredible things to me, churning and gripping and sucking at my dick, and I knew I couldn't hold back much longer.

"Soon, Sarah, " I said breathlessly. "Uh, gonna.... come...


"Ooooooo.... mouth. My mouth. Come... in... my...

mouth... ahhhhh..."

Happy to oblige, and unable to wait a second longer, I pulled my dick from her hungry cunt and slid up her chest, my balls sliding between her tits. She leaned forward as I rolled us over, me on my back, and took my cock deep into her mouth. Her tongue immediately took over where her pussy left off, and soon I felt my load rising.

I grunted like a bull, and my load poured into her mouth. She took me deep into her throat, and I could feel her swallowing over and over and over as my hot come spurted in long, heavy pulses. I had never come so hard in my life, but she took it all, "mmmmmmmm"ing all the while, as if she savored each drop.

When I had subsided, she licked me clean and drew her body up against mine, kissing my chest and neck, biting my ear and licking my cheek. "Freddie, oh Freddie," she said, her face pressed against mine and her breath hot in my ear. "When y'made me come... that was the best come, the best come ever. Oh, you can fuck me any time, any time. Mmmmmmmmmm."

Such sweet music in my ear.

We dozed for a while, perhaps twenty minutes. Finally, I said "Sarah?"


"Why's the door nailed shut?"

"Oh, that." She drew up on one elbow, her breasts shifting nicely. I felt my cock begin to rise again. "`Bout five years ago they' caught some old fart diddlin' a 12-year-old girl in here.

They did sump'm awful to him and nailed the door shut."

"Something awful?"

"Dunno. That's what I heard. Anyway, I found yonder window was open and me and James use t'come here so I could suck him." She reached out and began to stroke my cock with her little hand, almost casually, as it began to grow.

"So you never fucked before?"

"Uh uh. Not a boy, anyway. Tried a few things like a cucumber..." she blushed a little. "I know, that's pretty dumb.

But it felt s'good."

I reached out to stroke her nipples and she closed her eyes and moaned. "Wanna do it again?" she said, her voice low and soft.

I lifted her over me, her legs astraddle, her pussy poised over my now erect dick. I felt her hand feed the head into her pussy, and she giggled a little.

"Never knew it could feel like this, Freddie," she said, and began to lower herself on me.

During the next four years Sarah Clitoch and I must have done it all. We liked to try new places from time to time - she once sucked me off during a hayride, with about 15 other people in the cart, our actions hidden by the darkness and a thin blanket, and the fact that everyone was soused on cider. We fucked long and hard behind the bleachers during a fourth of July festival, when I came for the first and last time in her pussy, my load erupting in time to the skyrockets. It was an accident, but she was mad and scared for about a week, until she got her period and forgave me. I snuck into her upstairs bedroom window on a dozen occasions, almost breaking my neck on an icy eave the first time, and once we fucked in her parent's bed when they were on a grange retreat. I took her ass in our hayloft, which was a first for both of us, and though we did it from time to time after that it was not a favorite.

But no matter what we did, or how much we did it, Sarah never got tired of sucking me and swallowing my come. If I'd been able, I'm sure she'd have been happy to give me blowjobs every hour on the hour. I often wonder what happened to her - I finally left Kellen for college, and she cried like a baby. I always meant to return and marry her, but of course I knew she'd find another dick to suck and that would be that. I hope she's happy. I hope she found another "nice one"...

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