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Early Morning Surprise

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It is about 3am when I hear a soft knock on the door. Opening the door, I see your beautiful face staring back at me. The road weariness is evident on your face as is the growing arousal swelling up from between your moistening thighs. Seeing this overwhelms me with desire. I pull you to me, wrapping my arms around your waist as I lean forward to kiss you. My soft lips press against yours and our mouths open slightly allowing our tongues to gently and playfully wrestle. Minutes pass by as our tongues continue to wrestle and my hands reach down to grab your ass and pull you in closer to me. Eventually, I begin to kiss my way down your neck and slowly open the snap buttons to your shirt. With each snap, more and more of your delicious flesh is exposed causing my passion to grow even more. I help you out of your shirt and remove your bra as I again begin to press my lips against yours. With all your upper body flesh exposed I kiss down to your belly button and then back up to your left breast. Once at your left breast, I begin to lick all around the nipple, teasing it without direct contact before I finally take the nipple into my mouth. I begin to slowly and gently to suck on it, gradually increasing the pressure and occasionally gently nibbling on it. Once it nice and excited, I move to the other one and do the same thing. As I am doing this, I undo your pants and slowly pull them down, leaving your pretty little thong on. After your pants are down, I start kissing down to the waist line of your panties. Once at your waist line, I begin to lick across the waist lime to the left, slowly turn you around as I do. Once I get to the middle of your back, I stand back up. As I stand, my arms wrap around the front of you, one on your breast and the other sliding down between your thighs, and start kissing on your neck from down to each shoulder blade then down your spine until I reach your panties. I then begin to lick and gently nibble on each of your exposed butt checks with my hand between your legs gently stoking across your panty clad lips.

I move you over and lay you down on the coffee table with your butt right at the edge and your head hanging off the other edge. The cool surface presses against you added to the exciting feelings coursing through your body. Grabbing your left leg, I start kissing, nibbling, and licking from your ankle down to the highest point of your goddess V. Once complete, I perform the same to your right leg. ?Stay there,? I tell you. I stand up and move around to where you can see me. Through your upside-down eyes you see me slowly start to take of my cloths. I start with my shirt, slowly pulling it over my head. Followed by my pants, the snap of the button echoes through the room as the sound of the zipper sliding down reverberates. Turning around I bend over as I slowly pull my pants down and step out them. Then, I begin to pull down my underwear exposing the bare flesh of my ass. I turn around before they are fully off, showing you my extremely hard and excited cock. Finishing removing them, I kneel down in front of your head so that my cock is level with your slightly opened lips. Your excitement at what is coming causes you to open your mouth and your hand to slide around behind me grabbing my ass to pull my cock into your mouth. Slowly my cock moves in and out of your mouth as your hand firmly slides up and down in time with the movement. Occasionally, you swirl your tongue around the head and others you try to force me even deeper.

Not able to take anymore, I withdraw my cock from your mouth and move back around between your legs. My head moves down so that my mouth is pressed between you legs. Hot air blows past my lips and against you. Then my tongue presses against your clit through your panties and begins to gently massage it. After I can start to taste your lovely juices, I hum into your panties. I am even more excited now and want to be in you so bad. I reach up to take your panties off, but end up ripping them off of you lithe beautiful body. With your panties gone, my head again dives between your legs and my tongue pushes up in to you as far as it can go with your juices providing all the lubrication it needs. I begin to thrust it in and out before moving up to your clit. My lips wrap around your clit and I gently suck as my tongue presses and swirls around it. I continue this until I can tell that you are going to come. Then further still making you come. You yell out at me that you are coming, the sound filling the room. My head lifts up and I move closer to you. My hands grab your legs at your knees and I slowly push my cock into you. Once I am fully inside, I begin to slowly move in and out, trying not to push too deep. I continue, gradually getting faster and faster. It becomes more difficult to be careful, but the joyful sounds escaping your mouth tell me it is okay. Before I know it I can feel the wetness between your legs increase and I know that you have come again.

I wrap my arms around you and pull you up to me. Keeping me in you the whole time, I carry you to the bed. I lay back on the bed and you begin to slowly ride my cock. My right hand is on your ass and my left is holding onto your waist to help guide you up and down on my cock. Lifting my head, I begin to suck on one nipple and then the other. Deciding to try something different I suggest that you continue to ride me facing the other way. Without taking my cock out of you, you slowly begin to turn around. Once fully turned around, you continue riding my cock. It goes even further into and before either of us knows what is happening you are coming again. I lift you up and off of my cock and tell you lay down in front of the couch with your ass towards the couch. I sit on the couch and reach down and pull your hips up to me so that only your shoulder blades are touching the ground. I then put my cock back inside of you and you can feel it pushing against the front wall of your stomach. Slowly I begin to move it around inside of you. I am being extremely careful, but the sensation is driving me wild. Before I know what is happening, I feel my come starting to boil. It is ready to shoot out. I pull out just in time. The first shot of come shoots over your body and lands on the left side of your face. The second lands on your stomach. All the rest, I aim and shoot all over your well made love to area. Once I am finished, I pull you up on to my lap and press our bodies together. The come presses into our bodies. I take my left hand up to your face and wipe of the come that is there. I then place my hand in front of your mouth for you to lick off. You take my finger into my mouth like a small cock and fully clean it off. Once you are done, I can feel life stirring in my cock again and suggest we take a shower before we get back in bed and make love to each other again.

To be continued?.

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