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Dungeon Slave Ch2- Taking Control

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A cool,‭ briny‬ gust of wind blows a plastic grocery bag down the street ahead.‭ ‬The yellow overhead lights cast a corpse-like color over Denise and Jonas-Joe Lee,‭ ‬the FBI man given her as proof against harm and fear.‭ ‬Stopping for a moment Denise tilts her chin upward,‭ ‬her view going from horizon to stucco margins and‭ scraggly‬ tree tops to a blinking black canal of space and cosmos overhead,‭ ‬branching off here and there just out of periphery to perpendicular avenues.‭ ‬It’s three AM.‭ ‬The whispers of distant hollering,‭ ‬car sounds,‭ ‬and wind winding through the aging structures around them return her to a time before,‭ ‬a time of innocence and ignorance,‭ ‬a time of less and more.‭

Denise speaks at Jonas-Joe with the directness of a drunk, “What should I call you then Mr.‭ ‬Lee‭? ‬Funny,‭ ‬I can’t get out of my mind thinking with a last name like that a man should descend from Asia or be sporting some out of date mustache and rebel cap marching into a Civil War bloodbath.‭” Jonas-Joe was white, with shadowy deep set eyes, short black hair and face pocked with a half dozen minor acne scars. In company with the marks of a painful adolescence was one other, starting on his right jaw near the ear it was a thick line that came to end somewhere beneath the collar of his grey shirt. Jonas-Joe was directed to travel with Denise Joan Mcthaniel in plainclothes, no need to blatantly tip off anyone who might be watching.

Behind her and now seeing her eyes peaking down from an arched bend over backward,‭ ‬Jonas-Joe catches himself drawn to the dark space between her pert breasts falling down,‭ ‬trying to escape from that dated thin silk shirt.‭ ‬Correcting his attention,‭ ‬Jonas-Joe turns to the side eying the shadow layered street.‭

He says simply,“The boys just call me JJ miss.‭”

She stretches out her arm up at the night sky, ‭“‬I haven’t stared at the sky in wonder in so long a time I feel I might fall into it.‭ ‬This space of the open face of the world feels strange to be in,‭ ‬like I should fly out and up just by reaching a bit too high.‭” ‬Denise shakes her head,‭ “‬That’s no name for a man,‭ ‬a strong man who carries death in his holster, cocked and ready.‭” ‬Turning to face him she steps into his space and asks,‭ “‬I like Jonas,‭ ‬ok‭?”

He meets her level eyes,‭ ‬nodding, transfixed by this strange woman who seemed so unlike the women and people Jonas had met thousands of, as if she was from a foreign land with different customs and values.

‭He sighs and points ahead, “‬Of course ma’am.‭ This was your place before you were kidnaped."

‭she runs her hand over her scalp, the strands of hair just growing back now only an inch long springing back to stiff vertical position as released, "That's right, in the old 562."

‭He looked at her with concern. He knew she had once been an upstanding corporate business woman, now she seemed strange and would have trouble blending back into the normal world, "It's too bad you can't have your old place back, they've rented it to new tenants. Maybe we could talk to them in the morning and see if they would be willing to be moved to another unit."

‭Denise gave a little laugh at that, "It's not my home anymore. That place is in the past Jonas, a dream to me. I would no more try to fly than try to be that person again or live in that space."

‭Then with a cry that would surely wake many of the sleeping citizens nearby she shouted, "Denise Joan Mcthaniel is dead! I piss on her stupidity and her common frailty!"

‭She turns to the startled Jonas-Joe, and says with a wicked grin," Just call me Dee Jonas, I'm no corporate zombie. I spread my legs wide to the universe and feel it all fuck me with it's shape and texture and vicious little bits of experience. I won't ever be afraid again."

‭She started walking away then, into the middle of the street and away from where they had parked. Just as Jonas-Joe began to follow her the light of one of Denis's neighbor's apartments lit up and it's front door opened. Out stumbled a man red eyed and walking clumsily. Jonas-Joe had his priorities and turned back to keep his assignment from getting killed or lost. The man in his bath robe yelled out at the trodding woman in her small skirt and flower-print silk shirt, "Do you know Denise?!"

‭The man began jogging up to close the ground between him, Jonas, and Dee. Denise stopped then and spun around another wry smile painting her face, she spoke in a dizzyingly seductive voice now, "Is that you neighbor Jack?"

‭Before he could respond she stepped back to the curb letting a car move around her, it's occupant glaring out the window at the scene, one not so odd for the city of Long Beach, city of malcontents, blazers, drunks and vegan princesses, gays and literary cliches walking around each and every corner. Dumbfounded Jack Keller had no presence to turn any of a jumble of thoughts into words. Dee moved into him and spoke as she came into embrace, "Neighbor Jack, It's been what seems like a long time, and yet you're still here like an old stone growing moss from lack of rolling."

‭To emphasize the point Denise rolled her hand that had run it's way up Jacks back around his neck and through the half inch long tufts of beard of his face. Finally Jack gathered a fraction of himself in order that he might speak louder than a moss covered stone, "Denise, what happened to you? The police interviewed me, somewhat interrogated me actually, I thought you were dead!"

‭Dee looked back at Jonas and gathered up a pitiable look, and then turned back to Jack holding the expression, "Oh yes Jack I think that girl you're talking about did die, but I am her descendant come to you to tell you all about it."

‭She bent in close to his ear and whispered again in her sultry seductive siren tones, "We really should catch up... right now. You're still single from no lack of trying to find the right kind of slut aren't you?"

‭Jack just nodded in confirmation. He looked over toward Jonas-Joe to gather any kind of direction he might. The policeman merely shrugged, having no intention of getting in Denise's way so long as he was able to keep tabs on her. She had barely allowed a man to be assigned to her in the first place, only when the suggestion of some time in psych treatment was brought up, and she got a look at Jonas did she concede the point. Denise spoke to Jonas then without turning to face him, "You'll be waiting in the car won't you Jonas, keep a girl safe from bad men in the night?"

‭Rolling his eyes Jonas replied,"Of course madam I will be here when next you've decided you wish to go somewhere."

‭Dee then took her old neighbor by the hand and led him quickly to his door smiling widely as he closed it behind them, "You'll have a drink to make for your dear old friend, lady Dee, now won't you Jack?"

‭Tripping over himself to get to the kitchen of his two bedroom apartment he responded a bit hoarsely at first just finding his voice after having woken from an insubstantial rest, "Sure thing Denise, what'll you have? Funny I never served you a drink in that whole time we lived next to each other I don't know at all what you like."

‭She gave him a doubtful look, and said offhandedly, "I suppose we'll see there neighbor Jack. For the drink I'll have brandy up straight if you have it, just make sure it's more than a triple and fuck the rocks."

‭Jack blew out a surprised shot of air, this was not the Denise he had known only six months ago. Denise Joan Mcthaniel had been a nice, rather typical career girl. She only came inside Jack's place once to get a look at his paintings he was always going on about being tough work, his enduring struggle and that sort of thing. She had thought they were terrible, and of course they were terrible. Attempts at representative art that matched not at all what was being attempted: a cat, a pot, a leaf, a mangled self portrait mostly with some flat color as background. He had always hoped he might find a way to get with the woman but she had had little interest in reciprocating his flirtations. Now here she was with strangely short hair, and washed away of all reservations she once had.

‭Jack was slowed sorting out the drinks from having to pull out all his favored liquor first to get to what he considered the awful kind: brandy, and having to find a glass clean enough and nice enough looking to offer the beautiful Denise, who for once after two years they had lived next to each other had finally given him the time of day. Now she leaned up to him and whispered in a bedroom voice suggestive things that got his old woody all woody, now she rubbed his face like it were a dog's collar, he didn't necessarily admit it straight out in his mind but he was straight enough to be suddenly paying attention to details that somewhere in his mind were inspired by a hope of getting pussy. Interrupting a strange dance of speculative images floating through Jack's mind came Dee's ringing voice from somewhere in the direction of the living room, "I know you wouldn't let a girl drink alone Jack, you'll have something to toast me with of healthy proof won't you love?"

‭Making a crinkling facial retort nevertheless Jack didn't miss the right timing to respond, "I wouldn't dream of it Denise. I'm thinking I'm too sick to work in the morning anyway."

‭Finally Jack waded through the mess of his apartment with two short glasses one filled near to the brim with the brown brandy, the other with a whiskey sour three parts whiskey one part sour. Realizing that Denise was not in his living room he called to see if she was in the bathroom, "In the bathroom there Denise? Sometimes the tank chain falls off and you have to open..."

‭Dee interrupted before he could finish the plumbing guide to Jack's apartment, "Not pissing or fudging in your fish bowl Jack just watching some video on your computer, here let me unplug the headphones!"

‭Denise pulled the cord out of the front of Jack's desktop computer tower, switching the output to the surround sound speakers, the video spat out script through the voices of actors strained by distraction and a fundamental lack of talent and proper training in the thespian arts, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Yes! Fuck me with your black dicks! Fuck my dirty cunt! Yeah that's right bitch take both! Oohhoooh! Jizz all over the mother's face! Make her daughter watch it! You like that don't you Courtney? Oh yeah my pussy is so wet! Now let me suck your cum and my mommy's cunt juice off your cock!"

‭Denise sat there with the glow of the computer screen illuminating her face with a calm look, and said teasingly, "You really are a very bad man neighbor Jack, you know the kind of industry you're supporting by patronizing this sort of misogynistic filth?"

‭Jack stood there completely at a loss for words. Denise smiled and turned back to the screen saying with a new tone in her voice, a strong tone, "Now Jack come give me my brandy and come sit on the floor here next to me in your office."

‭Jack stood there now at a loss for action, the strangeness of it all taking away his ability to initiate the next move for several moments, finally he made words to offer into the scene, "Uh, are you serious Denise? You're acting so strangely."

‭Denise smiled wickedly at him, and said in a gentle yet firm tone, "Neighbor Jack, now you aren't going to resist me in this now are you?"

‭Jack began thinking very hard now about what he thought should have been an easy decision, play along and maybe get laid, or be more responsible, more considerate to someone who might be quite out of her mind. He struggled with it but something in his mind told him to try to do the right thing, probably the part that of his mind that thought it would get him laid more in the long run, "I think you're going a little fast for me here Denise maybe we should go back to the living room and talk for awhile about where you've been all this time."

‭Denise smiled an innocent smile and then calmly responded seeming to concede the moment but in fact rebutting Jack's proposition, "I think it's better this way too Jack."

‭He sighed in relief and started to turn toward the other room, but stopped as she continued her thought, not bothering to turn off the porno, it's unignorable sounds making a cacophonous background to the interlude, "You know what they say about r*pe Jack, it's not the sex the predator is after. It's the control, the feeling of power over another human being. Something like the god complex a doctor or soldier has knowing that someone's life is in their hands."

‭He turned back now to the sight of his handgun leveled at him in the hands of beautiful Denise. Her eyes glowed at seeing his dumbfounded look. "I'm sure I could have seduced you Jack, gotten you to part the soft flesh between my legs with a bit of coy pleasantry on the couch, slowly letting you play the male role and pursue me over the course of a trite conversation. I'm drying up just thinking of it, how bored I am with that game. I want to play a new game Jack." He started to back away.

‭Jack's voice shaken he says, "I don't like this Denise ... maybe you should ..."

‭Standing furiously Denise's other hand, her left shoots out and slaps Jack's cheek, then reverses back handing him, her knuckles crunching his nose from the side. Jack falls backward and hits his head on the doorjamb the drinks splashing on the floor amid a spray of blood from his nostrils. Denise smiles again, "That's better, I prefer you down there on the floor. A good position for groveling." Jack's eyes peer up in disbelief, and dread, now that he begins to fully appreciate the precariousness of his position and the authenticity of this predator he had first taken to be perhaps yes an unbalanced girl playing a dirty game with him, but not one so dangerous to justify the fear he was now beginning to feel. "I don't want to hear your voice again except to hear you say: Yes, my owner. Is that understood? Or should I just shoot you now since you are clearly too senseless to learn?"

‭He responded as ordered, "Yeh, yes, my owner."

‭Denise advanced the gun on Jack, "You understand and prefer to live and do as I tell you and not be shot then?"

‭This time he answered more quickly and clearly the sound of the porno reaching ever more scintillating portions of the plot, the coppery taste of blood in his mouth, "Yes, my owner."

‭pulling the gun back pointing to the ceiling Denise slowly rolls her tongue over her lips contemplating for a moment, "Strip, let me see what if anything you will have to offer me."

‭reluctantly Jack stands and takes off his clothes the shirt first, then the shoes are kicked off followed by the pants and the cotton boxers. His penis flops out, it's a respectable girth, something substantial and promising, if merely slightly above average.

‭She says without sarcasm, "Not awful Jack, I can work with this." Already his member shows a tightening of the skin and withdrawal of the foreskin from the head. "It's so rare to see the primitive uncut penis now a days, was your mother a contemporary heretic of some denomination?" Unsure of whether or not he should reply, or how he should reply he merely remained silent. "You may tell me without punishment my property."

‭His voice now takes on a more diplomatic tone, a pathetic tone with fragile inflection hoping to illicit compassion, "She didn't really go to church, but the reason I wasn't circumcised was because of a large artery in the foreskin as far as I understand it." Standing up from the chair she takes the step to reach him and grabs the half erect dick in her slender seemingly fragile hand. Running her hand softly over the foreskin she finds the bulging artery with her index finger. She runs her finger down the scrawled line the artery makes halfway down the now flexing, saluting cock.

‭"Oh yes this would bleed terribly wouldn't it? I can just imagine it squirting like a male menstruation leaping blood all over the place." The excited tone in her voice made Jack quiver a bit. There was now no telling what Dee might do. Holding him at his position with her left arm Dee backs away to sit back in the office chair. Hiking up her skirt she reveals the absence of any undergarments. Her pubic hair is shaved into an arrow pointing down. "Do everything I say for the rest of the evening, and I won't update your cock head's fashion there okay neighbor slave?"

‭Pausing for the moment it took Denise to flash her look of demand and expectation Jack replies, "Yes my owner." Denise spreads her legs toward her new servant.

‭"I hope you eat cunt well, you don't want to disappoint me." Jack, wipes his nose on his forearm and slowly lowers down to his knees only to have his hair grabbed hold of and yanked down into Dee's watering lilypad. Jack wastes no time not wanting to tempt further aggression. He runs the tip of his tongue round the flesh bordering Ms. Mcthaniel's clitoris. "That's good Jack, soft and teasing it out, like my college age cousin did in the attic when I was twelve. Maybe if you're as good as Marc was I'll let you stick your cock in it like he insisted on." Releasing her hold on Jack's hair Dee lets him feel to cold touch of the gun barrel against his temple with the other. Jack runs his tongue broadly over the swath of her pussy softly easing it up above her clit and down to her melting hole, the hair of her pubic arrow brushing his nose.

‭At such an intimate distance though it is to dim to see much of anything Jack can feel the firmness of scars along her thighs, long linear marks some running toward her sex and others across in perpendicularity. Denise had now shifted her entire focus onto Jack abandoning the virtual reality of the PC for the authentic humanity before her. "That's a good little boy Jack, show mommy how her little boy loves eating her cunt out." Denise pets his head like she might a cute little animals, cooing him on, coaxing his proper behavior out. Dee's pelvis begins to rock with the lapping, her left hand now grabbing at Jack's hair and pulling him hard into her. So tight against her pussy is his mouth that moving his tongue through each licking motion begins to hurt from the strain of it. "Don't slow down now Jack, eat that fucking cunt!" Dee whips him on the temple with the barrel of the pistol, coercing him on. As her orgasm builds her pelvis rocks and jerks the chair, it's wheels rolling back and forth. Then she pushes it back behind her dropping to the floor and pulling Jacks head down with her. "OOOuhharuh!!" As she cums Ms.Mcthaniel claws at Jack's head leaving raw marks on his face and scalp.

‭Losing no time Denise pushes him on his back and leaps on him voraciously. She grabs his throbbing cock with her left and sets it, then slides the length of it up into her dripping snatch. Jack finds himself in a daze as if in a raunchy dream, the pleasure a strange anesthetic blurring out any pain. His hands find their ways to her sides pulling her down onto his engorged dick. Within moments Jack moans, "Oh Denise, Oh god I'm cumming!" Dee pulls out his exploding cock, cum squirts all over his chest and stomach. Giving him no reprieve she forces it back in despite Jack's squirming.

‭"It's not going to be that easy for you, you still have work to do." His dick tingling like hell, he grits his teeth and bears the relentless cunt fucking it. Denise Works her crotch up and down riding him like a galloping horse. Her snatch is tight and soaked with her natural lubrication, only making the discomfort worse. Slowly that fades and Jack drifts back into his raunchy dream giving back as good as he's getting it. They settle into a steady motion, coming together with combined effort, his dick driving deep into her, his cock's head brushing up against her uterus. She settles into a tight rhythm, with short strong staccato squats onto his renewed member.

‭Without stopping she unbuttons her shirt, unclips her bra with one hand and sloughs them both off. Her pert medium sized breasts are pointed with light pink colored quarter sized nipples. They resist the forces of motion pulling them to bounce wildly up and down, their firmness maintaining their shapes. "Fuck that dirty cunt! Fuck mommy's cunt neighbor Jack! Fuck her cunt!" locked into the determined routine Ms.Mcthaniel's snatch is beaten bruised by the onslaught, Jack's dick flying up like a fisting uppercut, over and over again, spreading her hole wide. As her body turns rigid and sets like quick-dry concrete Jack knows her orgasm is mounting. Her eyes close and the rhythm grows ever more constricted until they are only very forcefully moving out half an inch and then back together with a selacious slapping sound. Within only several minutes Jack had reloaded, his cock feeling every dimension of her hole, it's wet hot mouth of sex, with a tongue of a uterus licking his cock's head with every tight thrust. Grabbing her pelvis tight he redoubles his effort for the final leg of the penetrations. With the gun under her left hand propping her up and her left reaching around to ram 3 fingers into her anus Denise's whole body begins to shake as she cries out, "ahhaugh, Fuck it!, Fuck! I'm cumming!... I'm coming... for... you Branagan!" Biting his lip Jack speeds his strokes up, his cock filling up Ms.Mcthaniel's cunt with a watery second stream of cum. "You're dead ohaugh, Fuck! Fuck you Branagan... fu..k ya..oooou." the extruded viscous fluids pool around Jack's crotch and pubic hair. Finally his dick is allowed to diminish.

‭Reaching up Jack finds himself kissing Denise. She loosely flays her tongue around inside his mouth, gently brushing his cheek with her left hand. Then she slaps him hard with it, knocking him dizzy. "Don't ever think you're anything but a cock to me!" cupping his chin she brings him back to face her. "Is that understood!?"

‭Despite a momentary hesitation, he responds like a good piece of property, "Yes, my owner." A sudden knocking on the door startles Jack.

‭Denise gets up to answer the concerned call of Jonas-Joe Lee. " Are you alright Ms.Mcthaniel?"

‭She swings the door open wide brazenly standing naked and painted in body fluids. "Don't I look like I'm alright officer Jonas?"

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