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Driving Home (Couple, Oral)

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MONDAY As the town of Salem disappeared in her rear view mirror, so did the stresses of the day. Her incompetent boss, her bitchy, clueless former boss, the pettiness of all those around her melted away as the Honda turned a bend. It was 4:20 on Monday afternoon, she was a bit late getting out of work but would get home well before her personal trainer appointment. She kept her speed at a comfortable 60, not wanting to attract police attention and not really in a huge hurry to get home.

She watched the black Nissan Pathfinder grow in her mirror and soon it was right behind her. He came up behind her and waited for the yellow line to go from solid to dashed. As soon as it did, the truck roared past her and for just a second she got a look at the driver. She guessed he was 30 or so, in good shape and dressed in a French blue dress shirt with a solid gray tie. She liked what she saw, but in an instant the Pathfinder was well ahead of her on the road and her thoughts returned to the grueling workout that awaited her at the gym.

TUESDAY Today hadn?t been a bad day at all. She had to fight with MIS in the morning but they were surprisingly able to solve the problem on the first try, unusual for them. Just before Leetonia she saw the line of cars and knew that a train would be holding her up. She had been stopped just a few seconds, just long enough for her to get the Civic in park and reach for something to read when she saw a familiar vehicle pull in behind her. She looked in the mirror and recognized the driver as the man who sped by her the day before.

As she watched he got out of the truck and removed his suit coat. She admired his backside as he turned to put the coat in the back seat. Not bad, she thought, a little older than she first thought, but in great shape. A thin waist and broad shoulders, clean shaven face. As she often joked with her girlfriends, ?Oh he?ll do, he?ll do just fine.?

She had just begun thinking of how he would be to kiss when the cars ahead of her moved. On the other side of town he passed her, once again leaving her wondering about him. She had seen enough to spur her imagination at bed time that evening.

WEDNESDAY She had thought about him the night before, and again this morning when she awoke a few minutes early. There was something about a handsome stranger that kept entering and (sadly) leaving her life. Was he married? Involved? Gay? He was obviously in good shape and she feared he was a dumb jock, great to look at but offering nothing to her mind and soul.

That afternoon she had stopped in the ladies? room before leaving work and noticed a run in her hose. She deposited them in the trash can and headed to her car, with nothing under her short skirt. She was leaving and had no intention of stopping on the way home, so the indiscretion posed no threat.

Throughout her drive she kept looking in her mirrors, hoping to see the black Nissan coming up behind her. The thought of Him excited her and she found her mouth dry with excitement.

She kept on eye on the mirror as she approached the train tracks at Leetonia. She was nearly to the tracks when the lights started to flash and the gates came down. The car ahead of her stopped immediately and she was forced to do the same. The train was moving terribly slow which on one hand frustrated her but increased the odds of a good looking stranger catching her at the crossing. She was disappointed to see an elderly couple in a Cadillac pull up behind her, and a cable TV van behind them.

As the train crawled in front of her, her mind locked on the slow rhythm of the wheels on the tracks and her mind wandered, as it had all day to the handsome stranger. She was very naked under the skirt and she allowed her fingers to feel her moistness. As she thought about him kissing her deeply yet softly, her index finger slipped into her, and her eyes closed gently. The image of him licking her breasts, his strong, broad shoulders before her led her hand to her clit. The couple behind her was oblivious to her self-pleasuring and she was glad the windows in her car were rolled up to contain her moans. She preferred her blue dolphin at home, but her fingers would work just fine. She imagined that it was his hard cock thrusting into her and his hand working her clit. Jen had been ?simmering? all day and it didn?t take long for a powerful orgasm to surge through her body.

She had just finished when she was startled by the car horn behind her. The train had cleared and it was time to go. She drove the best she could for the five or ten minutes it took for her head to clear, then continued the drive, unsuccessfully searching for the object of her desires in the mirror.

THURSDAY Once again the Pathfinder had not appeared on the road. She pulled into the gas station in Leetonia started to fill the tank. She stood, jaw open, as the Pathfinder pulled in right behind her and He got out. She instantly inspected his hand and saw no wedding ring, a good sign. As the gallons pumped in she developed a strategy. ?Excuse me,? she said, trying not to sound like a school girl, which is exactly how she felt. ?I had trouble starting my car this morning, and when I called my Dad he said I might have a loose battery cable, but I don?t have a clue what he was talking about.? She held her breath, waiting for him to respond.

?I?m no mechanic, but I?ll take a look at ?em? he said and flashed a broad smile. ?Pop the hood and let?s see.? She fumbled for a moment, embarrassed that she popped the trunk, then found the correct lever and released the hood. He deftly released the inner latch and raised the rod to hold the hood open. He was on the passenger side, where the battery was, and she on the driver?s side. As she leaned over the hood she wished she was swearing something a little lower cut, one that might give him a hint of what she wanted to offer him. He gave the cables a shake and confirmed that they were tightly connected.

?Nope, not your batter cables,? he said, lowering the hood. The two hesitated, not sure where to go from here. ?Well I better get going,? he said. Glad it?s not your battery cables.?

?Thanks so much, I?m, uh, Jennifer,? she managed to get out.

?Well I hope you don?t have any more trouble getting your car started, Jennifer,? and he paused. Her mind raced. Was he going to ask for her number, ask her out right there, take her into the men?s room of the gas station and have his way with her right there? ?Bye? was all he said, and returned to his truck.

On the way home, she was angry. Angry at herself for not pushing it further, not giving him a business card, not offering to buy him a drink, not letting him know how interested she was in him, not getting his license number with hopes of having Paul at work trace his plate to get his address and phone number.

FRIDAY She had let opportunity go by yesterday and she wasn?t going to let that happen again. The short, black skirt came out of the closet. She stepped into it with apprehension, but was pleased to find that her hours of the stepper were paying off and the skirt fit beautifully. Never one to dress trashy, it was long enough, but still short enough to catch the adoring gaze of the maintenance guys as she walked down the hall. Feeling naughty she ignored the black hose, preferring the black thigh highs. A miniscule black thong was deemed appropriate, as was her outrageously expensive black pumps. She had tried cheap heels, but none had been as comfortable as these stilettos. The bottom of the heel was gold, lending an air of sophistication, and besides, at Reyer?s the shoes were a lot less than they would have been at a department store.

She chose a fitted white camisole and skipped a bra, preferring to feel the silk against her breasts. A burgundy blazer completed the look, covering her nipples that showed prominently through the camisole and making the outfit appropriate for work.

She was glad she had completed Seniority the day before, because she was completely distracted today. Twice she had disappeared for a few minutes to ease her needs and help get her focus, but each time she returned worse off than before. Finally it was four o?clock and she could evacuate the building. The north parking lot was full of other employees hurrying home and she dared not remove the blazer in front of them as she had planned.

Traffic was light on the way home, and she was disappointed to not see his truck approach. She checked out the gas station in Leetonia, hoping to see him, but nothing. As she approached Route 11 she had given up hope. Then she saw it.

The Pathfinder was sitting by the side of the road, her mystery man leaning against the back bumper watching traffic. There was no doubt he was waiting for her. Without hesitating, she pulled off the road behind him. She leaned out the window, ?What?s wrong, battery cables loose?? she asked with a grin.

?No, nothing like that, Jen,? he said like they had been old friends. I was heading to Bowmac?s in Columbiana for a beer. You can follow me if you like. If not, no problem.?

?It has been a long week and a beer and some company sounds good,? she said. ?I?ll follow you.?

What was she doing? She didn?t even know his name. He could be an ax murderer for all she knew. As they approach 11 she thought about taking the ramp to the south, being rid of him and all the danger he posed. But she let the south ramp go by and stayed right behind him. She had never heard of Bowmac?s and wasn?t sure what to expect. She was relieved to see that the parking lot was paved, three inch heels weren?t made for gravel. The sign said sports bar and the number of pick up trucks in the lot suggested a not-too-sophisticated crowd. But the place looked clean and the only part of the crowd she was concerned with was in the Pathfinder now parked next to her. She turned off her car and paused for a moment, brushing her hair but waiting to see what he would do. He quickly got out of his car and came around to her door, opening it like a true gentleman. She was delighted. She swung her left foot out the door and paused, letting him look at her shoes, legs and just a bit of lace from her stockings showing from beneath her skirt.

As they entered the place he held the door for her, lightly placing his hand on her back as she walked by. At that second she knew that he would cum inside her that night.

They took the last booth and ordered a beer and a Long Island iced tea from the waitress. ?I?m sorry I didn?t introduce myself yesterday, I?m Mike. I?m not usually that rude but, well, it?s not everyday that a beautiful woman invents loose battery cables to talk to me.? Jennifer blushed slightly, knowing he had seen through her thinly-veiled come on the previous day.

Several more rounds of drinks came their way, as did nachos and chicken sandwiches. They talked for hours about everything, jobs, bosses, loves, hobbies, pulling each other into their lives as deeply as possible. As they finished the nachos they noticed a band setting up in one corner of the bar. As the temperature in the bar and the level of their intimacy both increased, she swore she was burning up and removed the blazer. His gaze was instantly transfixed to her very hard nipples. She wondered if he was hard.

The band played some 80s classics and they rocked in the booth as they dove deeper into conversation. The lead singer announced that this was ?Eric Clapton for all of you with a beautiful woman tonight,? as the band launched into ?Wonderful Tonight.? ?Well they?re obviously playing this for me,? Mike said as he stood up, ?Let?s dance.? Jen?s head was swimming from the beers as she stood and took his hand as he led her to the dance floor. Ordinarily she would have been embarrassed to be the only couple dancing, but his heat and the alcohol let her abandon her inhibitions. They danced closely, her feeling his breath on her neck and his muscular frame. She smiled as the singer substituted ?long brown hair? in the song and she felt every male eye in the bar upon her.

As the song ended, the band kicked into ?Legs? by ZZ Top and they couple picked up their pace. She turned her back to him and reached back to wrap her arms around his neck. Her back was arched and she swore she could poke out eyes with her nipples. She felt his hands on the hem of her skirt, playfully, moving it back and forth on her thighs. He raised it slowly, half an inch at a time, waiting for her response. When his thumbs reached the lace on her stockings she playfully shooed his hands away and let the fabric fall. She turned and put her mouth next to his ear, ?I?ll let you see that tonight, but not these other horndogs.? With that she moved her thigh and wasn?t surprised to feel that he was completely hard. He wrapped his hands around her amazingly-sculpted butt and pulled her against him. She reached for his mouth and let her tongue slide deep into it.

One night stands were definitely NOT her thing. She had always had to be in a relationship to allow herself ?privileges?. Friends with benefits was the popular thing now, but Mike and she were hardly friends ? they had just ?officially? met no less than 4 hours ago. Maybe it was the long, dry spell she was experiencing. Maybe it was the alcohol ? or a combination of both. Or maybe it was just that it was Friday night and she was tired of being alone. She had far too many hormones swirling around inside her and a hot guy right in front of her. She might regret it in the morning, but she couldn?t help it now.

She took another step back and firmly pressed her ass against his fly and did a slow grind into him. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, ?Not here. Let?s get out of this place. You up for it??

Oh if he only knew. ?Yes,? Jen said as she turned to face him, leaned forward and seductively licked his lips with the tip of her tongue. Their eyes locked then and both liked what they read in the other?s depths. They grabbed their belongings, Mike threw a $50 on the table without batting an eyelash and then found Jen?s hand.

?Do you want to take my car or would you rather follow me?? Mike said.

?I?ll just follow you. Where are we going?? asked Jen.

?It?s too nice of a night to be inside. I know the perfect spot. I?ll drive slow though, don?t worry,? he teased.

?Oh I?m not worried. I just let you pass me the other day so I could get a good look at you,? Jen laughed.

At his answering grin they both headed out the door and to their respective vehicles. Mike took off the way they had come and then about a mile or so down the road, made a left.

Jen questioned the wisdom of what she was about to do. After all he could be a complete wacko, but for some reason she trusted him and her instincts were usually pretty good. They ended up on a dirt road that ran next to a big field. He was right. The night was perfect and you could see thousands of stars.

Jen grabbed the blanket she always kept on the back seat of her car and joined him at the edge of the field. Mike took the blanket from her, then wrapped his arms around her. ?I can tell you don?t usually do this sort of thing.?

?You?re right. I don?t,? Jen admitted somewhat breathlessly. ?And I don?t know what it is, but . . .? she paused and then impulsively grabbed his head and kissed him . . . deeply. At that point the talking stopped. A year?s worth of pent up frustration just seemed to pour out of her.

She slid her tongue into his mouth filling it, momentarily taking his breath away. Not to be outdone, he entwined his tongue with hers swirling it around and instantly bringing to her mind some other place she?d like that treatment. But not yet . . . it had been too long since she had gotten to play. Granted she did want him to command her body, but it?s not as if she hadn?t pleasured herself countless times during the last year. A poor substitute she admitted to herself, but nonetheless, she wanted some other kind of fun.

Her hands ran over the tops of his shoulders and then trailed down his well muscled chest until they came to rest on his zipper. She could feel how hard he was and got all the more excited as he sharply inhaled. Her hand wrapped around his shaft as best as it could through his pants and slowly worked up and down. Quite impressive she thought as her mouth suddenly went dry.

As she kept his tongue and lips busy with hers, her hands moved upward and unfastened his belt, leather . . . expensive, she could tell. Then her fingers dexterously slipped the button she found at their tips free and took hold of the zipper.

Slowly, tooth by tooth she lowered it to feel, rather than see, silk boxers beneath. When the zipper was fully lowered all Jen had to do was give one swift tug and they dropped around his ankles. Luckily they had been only inches from his vehicle and Mike found himself being pushed slightly off balance to lean against the still warm metal. Jen grabbed the blanket he still had tucked under his arm and threw it down in front of him on the ground. She dropped to her knees all the while not breaking eye contact with him.

God, he looked good. She ran her hand up his well muscled calf, squeezing as she went. Then her fingers spread out over his thigh, kneading his flesh as she did.

Without the restraint of his pants, his very erect cock was barely contained within his boxers.

Well, I?ll just fix that altogether, she thought. She raised her chin as far as she could, leaned forward and swirled her tongue around his navel. Then she caught the edge of his boxers in her teeth and began to pull them down with her mouth, while still holding his unblinking gaze.

She slid her hands up his hips to assist her mouth. With this task accomplished, she finally got to see him in all his glory.

Whoa. Jen was definitely NOT disappointed. She slowly ran one finger up the inside of his thigh until it reached their juncture. She cupped her hand and carefully massaged his more than ample set. He let out a small groan.

Her other hand wrapped around the base of his shaft as she brought his cock to her lips. She could see how moist his tip was and got a sudden craving. Her tongue darted out and swirled around his entire head. His breathing seemed to be suspended. She looked back up into his eyes and held the stare while she ducked her head a bit, stuck out her tongue to its full length and ran it up his entire length.

She paused only a second before taking him into her mouth. He thought he would explode right there on the spot. Her mouth was so hot and wet.

She swirled her tongue all around him while managing to suck at the same time. He seemed to approve as his hips began to thrust back and forth.

Then her tongue found that sensitive spot right right behind the head of his cock. She still kept the sucking pressure up but began to minister to that spot like she was on a mission. Her hand began moving up and down his shaft mixing short quick strokes in with long slower ones.

His hands found her hair and he wrapped his fingers in it holding on for dear life. She knew it wouldn?t be long now . . . his ragged breathing had all but silenced ? a sure sign. Plus she could feel his cock in her mouth turn to rock.

She removed her hand and plunged the full length of him into her mouth as he almost hit the back of her throat. That was all it took for him to cum. She felt on her tongue each hard and fast pump as he emptied himself into her. She squeezed his balls as he ground his cock into her mouth and groaned out his his pleasure.

Ahhhh . . . it had been a long time. Too long. But she evidently hadn?t lost her touch or was that her suck? Oh well . . . round 1 winner goes to the woman in the short skirt with a dripping wet thong. She somehow didn?t mind throwing the next one . . .

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