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Drive her Crazy!

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It has been a long awesome evening. We went eat together, walk together, sat at a coffee shop talking for hours. The mood was right and you just gave me a look. O your ready I thought to myself. Well is this going to be the dessert of the evening with you as the main dish.

After a little debating we decided it best to just get a room. We are all checked in and walking to our room. You noticed alittle bag in my hang. ?Jake what is that?? you ask, grinning at you I say ?something your gonna really enjoy but it is a surprise.? Your mind starts to race wondering what it is. And the teasing has began.

The door closes behind us, before anything can happen you feel my warm my warm embrace around you. And I start to kiss you softly. Nibbling on your lips. Leading you slowly with me to the bed. Turning off all the lights along the way. So dark you can just see our shadows moving. Normally you would wanna get comfy first but your so aroused your just going along with me. You get to the bed. I push you down. Even though the dark I can feel you looking at me strangely. ?Your gonna enjoy this I promise you? you hear me say. Again my body is on top of you kissing you more teasingly. Sucking on your tounge. I move to your neck. ?To the middle of the bed sexy? I whisper. Mmmm you think feeling my hot breathe hit you. A shiver running down your spine. I start to kiss on your neck slowly. Sliding my tounge up and down it, just the tip. Teasing and teasing, going up to nibble on your ears. You can already feel your pussy getting moist. You reach for me. I grab your hands and place them above your head. ?no touching unless I let you, I gonna please you all I want first then you can do as you please, are you ok with that? I hear you say ?yes go for it?. You feel me sliding your shirt up and you arc your back. It comes off slowly over your head. Now you feel my hands running down your belly, slowly, softly, teasing up and down, left to right. Along the line of your jeans. Relief you feel I just undid your belt. Another loosen there goes a button. I slowly slide my hand farther down. Just massageing above your pussy teasing it. I feel you arc. I slide up to your ear and say ?feel good doesn?t it baby? ?yes? you reply. Mmmm your mind is racing again just what is he planning on doing to me. You feel my lips above your chest. And I start to kiss around your soft breast.

I slide the top of your bra over your shoulders and with one swift motion of my hand your clasp comes undone. Damn he is good you think to yourself. I lift your bra off with my teeth. Toss it to the side. You feel my fingers on the outside of your breast circling both of them. The circle is getting close and close to your nipple with every rotation. Omg you thing this is driving me crazy. The soft touch of my fingers. Almost to your nipples I stop. Expecting to feel my fingers on your nipples your ready. But no a soft warm tounge you feel tickle one nipple. It surprises you and you let out a soft moan. I slowly start to lick my tounge around it. Then I move to your other nipple teasing it. They both get really hard and I start to slowly suck on one. Letting it slide out my mouth. Mmm your thinking. As I am sucking on your nipple you feel my hand around your waist line again. This time unzipping your pants. You lift up your butt and I slide your pants down to your knees. I let my hand pass over your panties and pussy on the way back up. You moan again. Back to teasing your nipples I start to nibble on them softly. Moving slowly I start to kiss down your belly then along your waist line. You can almost not take it I am going so slow. My pussy your thinking hurry up and get to it, but no this bastard is teasing me. I get to your panties and kiss along the line of them. I take them in my teeth. Up your butt goes again and I slowly slide them off. The breeze of air on your skin feels awesome. Your pussy exposed already wet. I slide down with the panties and remove your pants and panties and toss them to the side. I slowly start to kiss up from your ankle to your pussy. Slowly very slowly now I am almost to your pussy. I nibble your inner thighs. You moan again. And I skip over your pussy and go to your other ankle and start to kiss up it. Omg again you think I just cannot take this.

I kiss all the way up to your inner thigh and nibble on it again. You moan again. Finally you think he is at my pussy now I can get some action. But nothing happens you feel my lean over the bed. And hear me pulling something out the bad. I slide back up your body. Your pressed down. I run your arms up above your head spreading them. You feel your right arm high and then something wraps around it. Omg he is not your thinking to yourself. Without you asking I answer ? O yes I am? Omg your mind starts to race, I barely know him. As your thinking your second arm is being secured down. ?Wait I am not ready for this you say? ?O you already said I can do with you ask I please first, and I choose this? you squirm alittle bit yep you can?t move your hand as all. You feel me sliding down your body. This time you try to wiggle your leg alittle bit but to late your left leg is already tied down. I move to your right let, a last ?no stop? I hear but to little to late as your right let is tied down. Laying there you squirm to test the restraints you cannot move at all. Mmmm your mind is racing your so aroused. You feel your legs spread wide. ?Now I can tease you all I want without you trying to stop me? Mmmm you think again as you feel my hand press again your clit. For some reason it feel 10x better than normal, is it me being tied up your thinking. Omg you haven?t noticed how sensitive your clit is and I am teasing it every so slowly. You try to close your legs.

Damn you cannot ?aww baby you need to be able to take more than this, I told you your gonna love this?. I rub it alittle faster. Your getting alittle closer then I stop. ?omg you tease? you say, ?well in this situation I control when you cum baby? You finally feel completely helpless, you wanna cum your clit is throbbing now. You jump as my tounge touches your clit. ?haha you like that I see? I tease at you. I start to circle my tounge over your clit just the tip of it. Holy fuck your thinking, this feels so sensitive and good at the same time I cannot take it. You struggle a little again. ?mmm baby it is so sexy when you struggle you know that? ?you tease you say I wanna cum so bad let me please? ?you can beg better than that I think? just as I say that I slide my finger slowly inside you. Yes yes yes your thinking, I could not take anymore clit teasing. But I start sucking on your clit. Omg so so so sensitive and I start to stroke my finger in and out of you. Your getting closer and closer again. Your just about to cum your pussy squeezes. Then nothing I stopped again. Omg ?Jake please please please I wanna cum so bad? ?Do not worry baby you will cum but when I let you?. Tied down I keep teasing you like this. The sensitivity is getting more intense, your senses are racing, your mind thinking if he is ever gonna let me cum.

You jump again omg something different soft and huge rub your clit you open your eyes that you had close for sometime now. And see me naked with the head of my cock rubbing your clit. Ahhh you cannot take it. ?do not worry baby soon I am gonna let you cum? I start to slide my cock slowly inside you. Just from all the teasing you almost cum from this little action. But you do not because I just keep my cock deep inside you. You can feel it throbbing every inch of it. Something is weird your not relaxing your body is fully aroused your not calming down after about being able to cum your still right there. I slowly pull out and your just about to cum as the head exits your pussy. ?Jake damnit I am not playing let me cum now? ?Aww you really wanna cum baby I say, alright your gonna cum right now? You cannot believe it finally. I press my cock hard inside you within a few strokes, your pussy starts to spasm your tensing up your about to explode your mind is racing, closer closer right there your first moan escapes. Nothing it stops I pulled out ?Omg Jake you said you were gonna let me cum, please I need it so bad? ?I warned you, your gonna cum when I let you, that is alittle punishment for trying to tell me when your gunna cum when your in this situtation? ?you gonna listen now?? you whimper ?yes fine? ?say it nicer? ?yes baby I will? ?good now we can continue?

You feel my cock slowly sliding inside you again. This one of my wet fingers in teasing your clit again. Slowly ever so slowly I am sliding it in and out of you. Your about to cum again. ?Alright I am about to stop again? I keep teasing you. Damnit your thinking I am so close. Still teasing you ? I am about to stop? Your right there. ?Now? you think that is me stopping but no I thrust my cock really deep inside you and start to grind and I stroke your clit very fast with my finger. You scream this orgasm is so fucking intense you never had one like this before. It is just erupting out of you your body is getting numb your mind your struggle so hard again the restraints. Omg your cumming and cumming but since I do not stop it is making your orgasm soooooo long. You feel it building up higher and higher just as your orgasm is siding down. Boom it hits you again harder, and you scream and moan out louder. Omg another orgasm and it is so intense. I just keep stroking in and out of you. Fucking you letting you cum all over my cock. I slow down as your orgasm slows down. Till your relaxed. I lay next to you untieing you. ?enjoy that baby? ?omfg you are amazing and about to get it? I feel you turn me over and push me down and you mount me ?your turn? you laugh. I know I am in trouble now?..

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