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Dressing room

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?Where the hell is the clerk? he thought to himself as he scanned the seemingly empty store for its clerk. He needed to try a few things on, only had an hour for lunch, and was quietly losing his patience.

?Damn, Damn, Damn? a feminine voice muttered just loud enough that his attention was drawn towards the dressing room doors. He heard a loud thud, the sound of someone stumbling, and another slightly louder curse that made him wonder if he should offer his assistance.

Striding up to the door, he raised his hand to knock, but before he could rap knuckle to wood, he was caught off balance when the door suddenly swung open and a barely dressed, slightly frazzled, but sexy as hell women stood in front of him.

Their eyes met, his brown to her hazel, and instantly a fast flush started its attack on each. ?How good are you with zippers?? the woman asked. Though the words seemed innocence enough as they were said, the gleam in her eye, and the way she had licked her tongue along her lips as she said them made him wonder if he was imagining the impossible.

?I?ve managed to handle one or two, may I be of assistance?? he expected her to allow the help, she gave the impression of being at ease and not the least bit concerned. What he did not expect was that she would step further back in the dressing room instead of simply turning around. He stepped into the tiny room and closed the door behind himself, still amazed that this was not a dream. She slowly turned to face the mirror and immediately captured his eyes in the reflection. She raised one hand, slid it under her long auburn hair and dr*ped the length over her right shoulder exposing the dress?s zipper and the long curve of her exposed neck.

He stepped closer to her and even before his hand touched the zipper, he could feel the heat radiate off her body. Never breaking eye contact he easily slid the perfectly working zipper down her back. Leaning into her he breathed warm air across her neck and she responded by arching towards his touch. His lips were soft and teasing as they trailed from her collar bone to ear lobe. She inhaled deeply; pressing her self back into his body. Her hips twitched involuntarily when his hardness was fully touching her back side.

Growing needy and meeting no resistance, he kissed along her jaw and in a fluid motion turned her around to face him, sliding his tongue in to the warmest, most eager, greedy mouth. She met each flicker and thrust of his tongue with one of her own. She teased his tongue into her mouth, just to bite the tip of it, catching him off guard.

He wrapped one arm around her, pulling her hard up against himself. His other hand roamed across her back, down to her firm ass and pulled her leg up and around his hips, and in doing so found that she didn?t have any panties on.

Her hands were not idle; one was firmly gripping the back of his head fingers threaded in his hair, pulling him deeper and deeper into her kiss. The other was circling its way down his chest, unbuttoning his shirt, shoving it aside. Continuing down to his cock which was harder then he?d remembered it being in some time. She teased him even harder by lightly grazing her fingers over his bulge, and then grinding her hips into it when her grasp traveled round to grasp his ass.

Trying to regain a tad bit of control in this wild room, he carefully pulled back smiling in bewilderment. He looked at her as if to ask what was going on but she simply pressed a finger to his lips and held it there as she slowly lowered down to her knees. She never broke eye contact as she reached for his belt and zipper. Running her tongue over her lips she slides down the zipper and tugs on his pants until they dropped to the floor. His cock peeked out over the band of his shorts and she stuck her tongue out and licked it, in short licks, all along the rim.

She pulls his shorts down to his ankles and slowly breaths warm air across his cock, she wraps her hand around the base and has to pull the engorged shaft towards her wet and waiting lips. Her tongue meets the head and slides and slurps its way down and back, top to bottom, back to top, before final swallowing the full length of the shaft into her molten mouth and down her constricting throat. Her rhythm is tantalizing and intensifying, each time she retracts to the head she?d look up at him and make eye contact as her ran her tongue around the rim, then she?d slowly close her eyes as she devoured his cock, inch by inch, until it disappeared completely, the cycle was repeated once, twice, and by the third time he felt that he was in hell?s fire.

Pulling her slowly off his rock hard rod was almost painful but was quickly rewarded. He dragged her up his body and taking a slight step forward, backs her into the corner, she raises her knee, and eagerly helps guide him into her wet pussy.

He drives into her deeply causing an instant orgasm and making her moan in pleasure. With each thrust she moans a little deeper, gets a lot wetter and is only reasonably quite when his tongue is chasing hers. Each rocking of cock to pussy is repeated and countered by their tongues.

She bucked and rocked with him pushing him closer. She came repeatedly and he felt his own soon approach. The transition of being impaled in her hot pussy to being sucked into her mouth was almost transparent, and yet he had no complaints for she continued to suck and lick him as he came in bursts, she swallowed every drop and even lightly kissed the head as she drew back, a very satisfied smile on her face.

After a moment or two had passed she stood and adjusted her clothes, easily re zipping her zipper. She opens the door and with out a word, but after blowing a kiss, disappeared into the store.

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