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Dream or Reality

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We spoke as he was waiting for the first plane to take off after he was all checked in we talked for about 30 minutes and his day at the office and the things that had happened. We also discussed the possibility of me making the flight out to where he is working in March so he and I can spend some time together without worries of children and other people some time as we have needed for oh so long. Soon it was time for him to take off and get on the road for the flight back home. I asked if he wanted me to call again when he landed for his lay over and he said yes it would be about 9:30 my time I told him I would check the flight schedule and give him about 20 minutes after the plane landed and call him then.

I checked the flight status a little after 9 or so and called him thinking he would not answer the phone maybe he changed his mind, on the 2nd ring he answered it out of breath and a little horse sounding, we spoke as he got something to drink and as he loaded onto the plane, we again spoke of the possibility of me flying out where he was in March when my kids go see their grandparents for a week, I just need to find out how much vacation time I will have and we can plan the flights. I informed him that it was 16 last times I flew on a plane and I would like it if we had matching flight so maybe I would be less nervous and scared about making the trip. I asked him is if he wanted me to call again as he landed and talk with him as he drove to my house, he said yes and to give him about 30 minutes from landing and he would / should be in his car then.

As the plane landed I could feel that he was back in town, I checked the plane's website to see what time it would say he landed waited about 30 minutes after the landing to give him time to get to his car and start the drive to my house. He was almost to I-35 on 635 on the drive over we spoke until he was in the parking lot about the flight about what was going on, I was afraid he would not show and I would have wasted a lot of my time yet not wasted any of it the things in the house needed to be done. He was very dry needed a drink so before he got here I asked if he wanted tea or water to drink he did not care as long as he had something to drink for a moment. We hung up once he was in the parking lot. I had the drink in my hand walked over and opened the front door....

He walked in the door I closed the door behind him and locked 1 of the locks on it he stepped right behind the loveseat and waited for a second while I locked the door and he watched me as I was doing this, the house was not well lit only 1 small light on and the TV on, I stepped in front of him with the drink he took a small drink of it and I took it back he quickly wrapped his arms around my back pulled me in close and kissed me like he had wanted to kiss me for oh so long. I could feel his hard cock pressed against me. I pulled away for a moment and set the drink down on the table by the love seat and while I did this he started to touch my body as I stood by him. I was wearing a small nightie that covered everything went to mid-thighs had thin string like straps to hold it on me and the cut in the front was not real low yet he knew what it was hiding. After I set the drink on the table I turned to face him again and he pressed me against his body in a large hug almost a bear hug one of those that you can feel the person's emotions under it all, I had my head on his chest/shoulder (he is a good 5/6 inches taller then me in bare feet) he turned his head to kiss me long hard and deep while one of his hands slip along my nightie and pulled one of the straps off my shoulder, as it slide down it exposed my breasts that he had been running his hands along playing with my nipples and the nipple rings I wear and a new small nipple stimulator that I got last weekend while working (yea these work also). As my nightie started to fall to the floor with him licking and sucking on each of my breasts I slowly started to remove his jacket he took it off the rest of the way and set it on top of the coat rack that stands behind the loveseat right next to where we were standing this entire time, my nightie was on the floor at this time as he hung his jacket I used my feet to get my nightie up to where I could reach it and pull it back on, as I did this he finished putting up the jacket and pulled me in close and tight feeling my body pressed against him his hard cock awaiting me wanting me to pleasure him. I took his hand and lead him to the bedroom making sure he wanted to go I gave him the chance to back out and turn away if he wanted to. We walk into the bedroom I pull the door closed behind us and lock it. we took maybe 3 steps in the door as he pulled me close to him again and we started to kiss he kissed me along my neck face and down towards my breasts, my head went back my arms went to my sides and my nightie fell to the floor as I enjoyed every kiss every movement his body made against me feeling his hot breath along my cool skin, I ran my hands along his body to his pants un buckled his belt before I could get it un buckled he lightly pushed my hands away undid the belt and zipper. I started to kiss him at this point and took his hands away from his pants while I was removing his pants I put mine in the waist band and slowly pushed them down to his thighs ran my hands along the outside of his underwear and felt his throbbing hard cock, as I was doing this the long deep kissing the passionate ones that we all love and crave. I ran my hands along the inside of his underwear to push them down some to expose that cock I was feeling the one I love oh so much and at this moment craved to have oh so much. I have no clue when his shirt came off I did not see it ever fall from his body. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled him close to me and slowly pulled his cock into my mouth as I slowly started to enjoy myself he lightly m\pushed me back and laid me on my back pulled my legs up in the air and went down to lick my throbbing clit. Sucking it into his mouth and licking along the slit pulled my clit back into his mouth. He pushed his pants and underwear down further on his legs and slowly kissed up my body, I lay on the bed my legs up in the air slowly parting to accept him into me he crawled all the way up and kissed me on the lips as he entered me I let him know I was wet inside but a little dry on the outside he did not even notice as he pushed slowly into me enjoying the tightness of my body as he entered where he had so wanted to be for so long and so much loved the tight feeling. As I laid on the bed and felt every centimeter enter my body the feeling of my body start to quiver in pleasure mini orgasm, oh the feeling and pleasure it gave me just as he entered me, he laid down on me kissed me as he slowly and gentle went all the way in my body, the feeling of great pleasure the light moan escaped from my mouth, and he knew he had done it just right. It was a nice and slow love making he knew I had hurt from my injuries just a week previous. He wanted me to orgasm all over him soak his body with pleasure. He felt I was about to have a good orgasm and he knew the feeling that I love oh so much is when we both orgasm together and the feeling of the two separate bodies become one. It was a good long slow lovemaking and it felt wonderful, the orgasm we had together as we became one body I spirit and our souls reconnected as they had so many times before almost a lifetime ago. He laid on me holding my body as still as he could so I did not re injure myself with our night of love making. He kept his body as close to me and yet not wanting to lay on me fully afraid he would also injure my body. we laid together as one person connected at a level most only dream of finding, the mini after shocks were hitting us both as we held each other he laid on me until his arms started to shake and he knew he would hurt me if he did not lay next to me, as he stood up I moved over to the side and he laid down I slide right in next to him laid my head on his chest as I had oh so many times his arms came wrapping around me and holding me tight light kisses on my forehead as I moved my arm along his body to touch his face chest arm. As my hand went to touch his face as I had so many time before he reached over to kiss it and hold it in place to soak in the feeling to have this memory locked in his mind forever. I moved my hand down to his chest and laid it on him holding on to him and not wanting to let him go. After a while he started to move and had to get up. He slowly got dressed kissed held hugged helped me with my nightie so I could walk him back out, we stopped at the loveseat and he grabbed the last of the drink he started grabbed his jacket and we walked to the door. I grabbed my long coat so I could walk out with him and make sure he got off on the rest of his trip ok. We stood outside arms wrapped around each other not wanting to let go holding kissing and hugging, he told me I needed to get back inside before I got cold he slowly got back in his car and watched me walk back up to my home wanting to make sure I made it back inside with no problems and watching as I closed the door to my house...

Back inside my house I turned off the one light and TV that had been on walked back into the bedroom and climbed into bed with the smell of us still in the air. I fell asleep and with in about 20 minutes I could feel him as he climbed into his bed and the feeling of comfort of him wrapping his arms around me holding me as we slept the night away it may have been in two separate beds yet in our minds and hearts we were in one bed in one home in one body and soul connected forever with the love we have for each other....

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