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Drea’s visit to the Shaggin Wagon

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Drea?s visit to the Shaggin Wagon A True Story

SMS Text Message Sent: Apr 11, 2010 10:12 pm ?headin 2 the van w bill w cathys blessing?

It always starts this way. One week apart and we were out of control. I was at my hotel across an ocean, while Drae was at a bar with her best friend Cathy and her husband Bill. I had just been informed my lovely wife was on the way out to have sex with her friend of ten years and I was cheering her on.

Let?s back up a little. Drae and I have been married for six years and our sex lives have gotten progressively better. I say lives because sometimes we fuck each other and sometimes we play apart. She?s got great eyes, a nice rack and beautiful soft legs. A real wet dream for any man. We started swinging actively about six months ago after Cathy and Bill badgered us for over a year to give the lifestyle parties a chance. (Don?t get me started on the word ?lifestyle.?) The change in Drae was dramatic. She went from shy to voyeuristic in just a couple of trips to the clubs. It really freed the sex freak that had been waiting to get out. But we had never played with Bill and Cathy.

Anyone with half a brain could figure out the reason Bill encouraged us to try out the lifestyle. He has wanted to get into Drae?s pants for the ten years they had know each other, but had never had the guts to close the deal. You could see in his eyes that the pinnacle event in his life would when he finally got Drae naked. He had passed up on two previous chances and this might be his last shot. I didn?t want to let that happen. The problem was Cathy, who had no issue finding boy toys to bed while Bill was on the road, but Drae felt she never warmed to the idea of Bill bedding her best friend.

?what did u decide to du?? I texted Drae at about 7:30 that night (her time). She had been invited to go out with Cathy and Bill, and also to a house party by one of the men she had hooked up with through the parties. When we had talked earlier, she was leaning toward the night out with friends instead of the orgy?but I knew she was aching to get laid and Bill was not a sure thing.

?Am at Jukebox. bill is interested, cathy is wasted & I am tired? came the reply a few minutes later. Drae had been cleaning and painting all day on a kitchen project we started before I left. I figured she would bail on both invitations, and was happy she had at least gotten out for a drink or two.

?Kick back a few and have fun? I replied. I was working on a project at the time, and it looked like I wouldn?t be distracted by hot happenings with my wife tonight. She had played the ?I am tired? card. When I looked up again thirty minutes had passed and Drae had not sent me an update, so I decided to up the ante.

?take bill out to the van for a bj while cathy is off flirting? I sent out of the blue, just to shake things up. Drae can give some mean head, and I know Bill would appreciate me taking up for him that way. Us guys have to stick together.

?bill says she would be ok w it but I swear she is not cool w it? came the reply. Drae had never been comfortable directly addressing Cathy and asking if she could use Bill to meet her needs. Drae had shown Bill the text I sent, and I?m sure his cock went straight to attention. What I didn?t know, and found out later when Drae got on video chat with me at the end of the night, was that she had worn a new matching bra and panty set that was deep blue with white lace (I bought it to set off her eyes) under a white cardigan. Half the buttons were undone so that the whole front of the bra showed. So Bill probably went from chubby to stiff with the text, he was already getting a great show of her gorgeous tits.

?then just tell cathy?I am tired and horny and need something now. going to take bill to the van and abuse him. be back in a few minutes? was my reply. I?m a little more straightforward when it comes to these things.

?send me cathys number and I will ask her by text? I sent again, not waiting for Drae to reply.

?so drunk she cant read it? came the reply, with no number for Cathy. Time for a flanking maneuver. Classic military strategy.

?Here is story. Need to go home. Need Bill to drive you to car. Just takes Bill a little longer to get back. Cathy no concept of time if loaded. Cathy stay and drink.? They had apparently started at another bar, and Drae had gotten roped into driving them in Bill?s old van to the next bar. Drae was DDing in the Shaggin Wagon. Bill bought it because they made a habit of drinking until the bar closed and did not want to risk the DUI on the way home. Van with bed in the back. Problem solved. The van also turned into a quick place to take casual pickups and had seen it?s share of action from Cathy with young men from one of the bars she frequented when Bill was travelling.

?she sharing?? I sent a few minutes later, having heard nothing back.

No response.

?Must be busy! Having fun?? I probed, trying to get a sense of where the night was headed. From thousands of miles away, I was about out of ideas. Still nothing for about ten minutes.

?headed 2 the van w bill w cathys blessing?

I had an erection so quick it startled me. Up to that point, it was a game. Now it was real! What had happened? Were they going out for the blow job like I suggested or would it be more? My heart was pounding and my fingers were trembling so much I could barely find the keys on my blackberry as I tried to think of a response.

?ride him hard for me. If there is enough lite for pix would LOVE it.? Yes, I am a photo freak, and no, there are no pictures. I?ll have to make do with the images that my brain created as I thought of my beautiful wife being stripped, fondled and fucked by a friend. God, I missed her. You see, every other time she had been with another man I had been right there, watching, protecting, admiring. I love watching her face as a hard cock enters her wet pussy, the grimace as she grinds on a cock when she is riding cowgirl (her favorite position) and the clenching of her eyes as she explodes in orgasms. Yes, plural.

?Can I listen? If so call me.? I sent a few minutes later, hoping that she was still taking texts, but I got no response.

It was almost an hour later that I got a call from Drae. The ringing phone almost made my heart leap from my chest...because you go from ?I?m hoping she?s having a good time? to ?I hope she?d not having TOO good a time.? Insecurities. Anyone reading this that shares their wife and says they don?t have them is lying, or doesn?t love her. Sorry, like I said I am pretty straightforward with these things.

?Hey, babe? she started. ?I?m driving home right now and wanted to let you know I?m okay.? Now, I am conflicted. I want to know all the details NOW. But she is driving through a speed trap town where they love the DUIs from the two bars that are across the street from each other, Drae has had a couple that night, and it?s late. Wisdom trumps curiosity and I ask her to video chat with me when she gets home. It?s only fifteen minutes and I have waited an hour, or three days in husband-waiting time. Kinds of gets confusing when you are worried, excited and insecure at the same time. Be a good advertisement for stomach medicine.

At about 11:20, the iChat window dings at me and I eagerly accept Drae?s invitation to chat. My first sight of her is the beautiful smile as I tell her that it?s time for her to file a report on what happened. I have been getting her to repeat the tales of her sexual adventures on video right after they happen so I can watch them later. Weird? Probably. Drae would agree. Here is her version of what happened that night:

?See how I am wearing my sweater? That?s how I was wearing it in the bar with my bra showing. I thought you?d appreciate it. Everyone there did. We started at one bar and had a couple of drinks. Cathy was already drunk, then we went up to the Jukebox and she went into full swing, Cathy craziness mode. So Bill and I ended up talking while she was flitting around the bar.

We had already been talking about sex before your text message got things going full steam. He told me that he had already decided that he was going for it. Remember we were texting earlier today about inviting them over to get into the hot tub instead of going out, and he said he was not going to fuck it up again like he did last time. We danced to a couple songs, and he was talking about some friend of theirs that was coming into town and Cathy was hoping we could have a romp at midnight. But I was so tired I was going to be dead by midnight.

So when you sent me the text about taking him out to the van, I showed it to him and said ?Here?s what Dan thinks should happen.? He said ?Let?s go!? I told Bill that I was worried about Cathy?s reaction because that is what had stopped us a couple of times where the time seemed to be right. The next thing I know she came back to the table and Bill just says ?We?re going to go out to the van and Drae?s worried you?re going to be upset.? Just like that! ?Noooo,? she said, hugging my neck ?you?re my best friend, I love you.? Suddenly all the obstacles were gone. You were for it, Cathy wasn?t going to be mad, and the two of us were hot from all the flirting and dirty talking we had been doing.

And that?s when it got kind of awkward because the next thing you know we just walked out the door and we were headed out to the van and there was no discussion of what anyone was expecting. Earlier the subject of anal sex and rimming had come up, and Bill was pretty excited about it. I made it clear, don?t be going there. That?s all we discussed in detail.

So we went out and we got in the van, and the bed was already down, how convenient. So I kicked off my shoes and just sat back on the bed. He sat down in one of the chairs and took off his shoes and the next thing you know he was drop trou, no shorts, BAM, there it was, hard as a rock. So I took off my jeans and my sweater and just had my bra and panties on while Bill was naked. He came over to the bed and pulled me down beside him and started kissing me softly and stroking my body. He was telling me that he had been waiting for this for ten years and how beautiful I was.

We kissed for a while and he slowly reached back and undid my bra and tossed it to the side, then started stroking my breasts and tenderly kissing my nipples. His fingers dipped down to my pussy and I was already wet. He slowly stroked my clit and then lifted my panties off me so he could get better access to dip his fingers inside and reach my g-spot. The combination of his kisses and the assault on my pussy by his fingers drove me to the edge. He kept kissing and rubbing and then he made his way down, kissing my body until he ended up lapping my pussy with his tongue. It was awesome and I came twice with his mouth on my pussy, my legs clamping around his head. The van came in handy there, as I found places for my feet to rest so I could spread wider and let him enjoy. He really did that very, very well.

When he was finished, I returned the favor, pushing him over on his back and taking his solid cock into my mouth. I love to stroke and lick a man to the edge of orgasm, and Bill was there quickly. My fingers stroked his balls while I teased the tip of his cock with my tongue, then took it deep into my throat. I thought he was going to jump out of his skin when I first took him all the way into me mouth and he watched as I fucked him with my face. When I felt that I had teased him long enough, I slid back up to kiss his face and he asked ?What do you want??

I just rolled over and he slid his hot cock slowly into my pussy. It was hard to get a rhythm with the way the bed was, so I suggested that I ride cowgirl and turned him over onto his back. The van was actually high enough that I could sit straight up and I straddled his hips and took his cock into me in one thrust. It seemed like an hour that I enjoyed the fullness as he plunged in and out of me. ?Just lay back and enjoy it? I told him as he tried to keep up with me. It?s my favorite position to fuck in! Luckily, there was a handle on the van that I could reach and I used it to keep myself steady as I rocked and bucked and ground his cock into my pussy until I exploded in an amazing simultaneous orgasm with Bill. His hands kneaded my breasts as I came down from my high, and I slid slowly down upon him, bringing our lips together. Our bodies folded together naturally and we began again to kiss and explore each other?s bodies. He was stroking and rubbing me so softly and told me that I had surpassed all his fantasies.

I apologized for how juicy I was, because the whole event had my juices flowing and I could feel the wetness between my legs. ?You?ve got to be kidding? he said. ?That?s the biggest compliment a guy can have? and kissed me again. We cuddled for a while then we dressed and Bill drove me back to my car.

As I left the van, he pulled me close for kiss and asked if he could be with me again.

So good, and so bad at the same time. ?Of course? I replied, giving him one last deep kiss and shoving my damp panties into his shirt pocket.?

Drae and I had always made fun of the Shaggin Wagon. Never again.


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