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Dom-me? Dom YOU

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Ryan woke to the sound of crashing coming from his kitchen. He made a face, threw on a pair of boxer shorts and slowly made his way down the hallway, hugging the wall warily. Peeking around the corner, the click of heels distracted him. Black, shiny and very high, they were attached to slim ankles, muscular calves, lush thighs.....and a teensy little skirt. The bottoms of her plump bottom peeked out from below the black cotton as she lifted her arms, rifling through his cupboards. She turned her head, peeking over her shoulder, and smiled at him.

"Well," she said softly, "Good morning, sleepy head." She smiled slowly, showing her pearly teeth. She hefted a carton of eggs and lowered her tone, cocking an eyebrow. "Hungry, Ryan?" He snorted. She really had it coming. Hot little tart. He was across the kitchen and in her face before she even realized he'd moved. e batted the eggs into the sink and growled at her.

"How did you even get IN here?" He snarled.

She laughed, "You leave a key under that really shouldn't do that." He grunted, still cranky with sleep and snatched the carton of eggs from her hand, chucking it in the sink, where it landed with a squishy crunch. She panted softly, head down, eyes up, leaning back over the counter slightly as he shuffled his feet between hers, pressing closer. He cupped her chin between his thumb and forefinger, lifting her face.

"Brenna....what the hell are you doing here?" He said it softly, without malice and pressed their hips together. Her eyes flicked away from his as she whimpered softly, involuntarily.

"I like you, Ryan....a lot...and..." she choked slightly, biting her lip, blushing. He chuckled. Caught off guard, her easy, confident manner abandoned her entirely. The mask fell away and she was as timid as a church mouse. He lowered his head, touching their noses together.

"I know exactly what you came for..." He dipped his head, capturing her mouth, feasting upon it. His morning wood throbbed between them. She whimpered inside his mouth, her eyes squeezing shut as she rolled to the edge. He pulled away to look at her, on hand on her hip, the other stroking her pretty face. She stammered "I...w-wasn't here f-for that...I just wwwwanted to make you breakfast. I....thought you might be hungry" She blushed and pressed her hot cheek into his hand, eyes wide and glossy and boring a hole through the pleasure centers of his half awake brain. "I AM hungry." he said softly, "But.....breaking and entering is pretty naughty..." he grinned and tweaked her nipple, smiling in full as she yipped. She shook her head. " Ryan...I really didn't mean.."

He clamped his hand over her mouth, fisting the other into her hair and stepped aside, using her head to shove her past him and over the table. He cleared it of its contents with her body and bent over her back, his cotton covered erection nestled in the crack of her bare ass, her skirt hiked up around her hips and chuckled as he heard her heels clatter to the floor. She wasn't really as tall as he'd assumed. He ground himself against her thong, black and silky as he turned her head. Her eyes were feral, fearful, wild. She panted hot little breaths through her nose, over the side of his index finger. It made him shiver deliciously.

Ryan sucked at her earlobe until she whimpered and spoke against her neck, his fingers scratching lightly at her scalp. "Not so scary now, are you?" Her eyes squeezed shut, rolling into her head and she licked his hand as she moaned. Her tongue against his palm stirred him and he ground into her again, delighting in her discomfiture. She moaned tightly whimpering. He set a rhythm, dry-fucking her, as he whispered into her ear, his hand fisted in her hair, her arms spidered, elbows out, palms flat on the table.

He groaned, his hard-on just a little too hard, oozing into his boxers, the skin of his balls crawling. Grinding against her harder he growled, moaning softly, his fingers shifting in her hair. As his shirt nails raked over the sensitive patch at the back of her head, she nearly screamed, drooling into his palm. He felt something warm and wet against his boxers and chuckled softly, still grinding against her, pulling his wet palm from her mouth and shoving it up into her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra. He cupped her breast and squeezed. Brenna was writhing, bucking her hips against the table. Her thong was soaked, her bare legs wet.

He pulled his hand from her hair, febrile and panting himself, now. Pushing down his boxers, he kicked them off his foot and pulled her thong to the side. It wouldn't stay put on the plump cheek of her bottom, so he ripped it. Giggling at her shout of surprise. His cock throbbed in his hand and he rubbed it against her pussy, smiling as she pulled her clawed hands into tight fists, squeaking. He pressed the tip inside her giving her a little more with each word he spoke. "After you've're going to cock..."

He went on, filling her ears with the sordid things he planned for her. His first stroke was agonizingly slow....and then he plowed her eager, dripping slit, hands clawed into the meat of her ass. He flung his head back as she flexed around him, her walls quivering and near another release. He panted roughly, grabbing her hair up in his fist again, hauling her back, bowing her as he fucked her, grabbing a hold of her breast, flicking the taut bud of her nipple. Brenna?s eyes watered at the rough treatment but her drooling pussy betrayed her, spasming and clenching around him, making her gasp. "Ryan....please....faster...I'm cumming...", she rasped. He obliged her, just to hear her scream and had to swallow hard as her cream overflowed onto his cock, soaking even his balls. She lay limp across the table.

He moaned and pulled her back toward him, sliding her from the table and kissing her neck sweetly before letting her sink to the floor in a heap. He shook his cock in her face and grinned.

"Clean it up." He said, in a low growl still thick with sleep. She crawled forward, her eyes drooping and sloe, drool dripping from her chin and opened her mouth, moaning softly as he trust his cock into it, making love to her skull. Her own juices collected at the corners of her mouth and dribbled down the sides of her chin.

She opened further for him, letting her throat loosen to accomadate the length of him. He grunted as she moaned around him, but as she cupped his sac, rolling his balls on her palm gently, his hips bucked and he shouted aloud, fisting his hands into her curls, thrusting sharply as his hot cream spewed inside her throat and mouth, overflowing her lips a little. She sucked it back in, suckling the last drops from him before he could become too sensitive. He pulled himself from her mouth with a wince and looked down at her messy face with a quick laugh. Ruffling her red curls.

"I'll make breakfast." She stood awkwardly, like a fawn and pointed at the messy carton of broken eggs in the sink, shaking her head. Ryan blinked, giggled and grabbed his underwear up off the floor, pulling her in close, kissing her tenderly. "We'll go out." He smiled over his shoulder at her and strolled off toward the shower, boxers slung over his shoulder. Brenna stood, messy and undone in Ryan's kitchen....for all of a minute and a half....before sprinting down the hall to follow him.

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