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Do I get the job?

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Jessica walked into the classroom and saw Mr. Kramer at the front of the room preparing for class. At first he didn’t notice her because the rooms at UB were big enough to seat 400 + students. When she was about 2 rows from the front, he looked up with surprise. He smiled and apologized for not noticing. She smiled as her eyes met his and she blushed. He was so hot. Mr. Kramer stuck his hand out and introduced himself. “I am Rob” “I’m Jessica” she responded, “I am a transfer from FLCC. We spoke on the phone and you said that there was a possible position as your assistant.” “Ah, yes! I am so glad you could make it! Let me show you around.”

After the tour ended they returned to Rob’s office to get to know each other more. “Is that your wife?” she asked, pointing to the black and white photo in his desk. “Yes, that’s Veronica. We were married for 18 years before she passed away.” “I am so sorry to hear that.”

They continued to talk until Rob looked at the clock and noticed it was 5:30 pm and he hadn’t eaten all day. “Would you like to join me for dinner?” “Isn’t there a fraternization rule that applies here or something?” “Well, I have a feeling that it will not be an issue. Let’s be honest, you’re attracted to me, and I am definitely attracted to you so let’s see where it goes.” Jessica thought for a second. He is extremely cute. “Sure”.

After dinner they sat in the restaurant for another hour just talking and drinking wine. As if she couldn’t control herself, she slid her foot out of her high heel and began running it up underneath his pant leg and then up to the inner thigh. She felt his cock jump a little and start to get hard. He looked intently into her eyes and suddenly said, “Let’s go back to my place and finish our conversation!”

They left as quickly as they could and both jumped into his car since she felt she had drank a little too much to drive her own. On the way to his house, Jessica rested her hand on his thigh and said “I want to get to know you in a different way.” She slid her hand up his thigh and rested on his rapidly growing cock. She began rubbing gently and at the same time reached under her skirt, rubbing her clit which was getting swollen. This made her pussy twinge and she began increasing pressure on his cock.

Suddenly Rob pulled the car over and Turned toward her breathing heavy. His hands were at either side of her face and he kissed her passionately. She returned these kisses eagerly as he slid his hand under her skirt and a little gasp when he felt that she had no panties and was soaked. “We have to get to my place FAST”. She giggled nervously and let him drive though she wanted to jump him then.

As they threw open the door of Rob’s house he grabbed her and held her to him while he continued to kiss her greedily and run his hands all over her body. They moved to the living room. Rob yanked his pants and boxers off and threw them on the floor. Then he quickly unbuttoned his shirt while she was removing her skirt, button-down satin shirt, and left her bra and high heels on for now. Rob motioned for her to come to him and she did it willingly. She dropped to her knees and lightly grabbed his 8 inch cock and sucked it into her mouth. He let out a loud moan and she could taste his pre-cum. She was sucking a little harder and harder on his cock and he became rock-hard, himself. He didn’t want to cum just yet so pulled her up so that she could sit on his cock.

Jessica straddled Rob and held onto the back of the couch for support. She began bouncing on his cock and using the couch for spring-action. She was SOAKED. Had no problems being wet enough. They were both moaning now but she wanted more. She got up and asked where the bedroom was. He grabbed her wrist and guided her there without turning on lights.

When they reached the foot of the bed, Rob began running his hands all over her from behind. He ran his hands over her tits through her bra and she shivered at his touch. Then, without warning, he slid his hands under her bra and began playing with her already hard nipples. Again, she moaned. One of his hands slid down to her pussy which was dripping and he slid a finger in to find her clit. Using a circular motion he rubbed her into submission. Her knees almost buckled under her but he had a strong grip on her. She couldn’t help but scream as she came HARD and it was all over his hand. He didn’t seem to mind, though. He shoved her down onto the bed, got to his knees, and was sucking on her pussy lips which were quite swollen now. He eagerly cleaned her pussy with his tongue enjoying the smell of her and wrapping his arms around her legs so that she can’t squirm away. She came again HARD squirting into his mouth and riding his face. That goatee just added to the sensation!

When he stood up his cock was rock-hard and ready to go. He quickly climbed in between her legs and slowly teased her as well as himself by just sticking the tip in, letting her pussy grab his cock and then pulling out again. He did this over and over until he couldn’t take it anymore. Then, without warning, he shoved his whole length into her and she screamed out in response to the pleasant pain. He was so long and wide! He then was thrusting faster and faster pushing her legs back as far as he could. They both came together and were breathing heavy as he fell to the mattress.

She let him rest until she thought she had given him enough time and then she was rubbing his cock again. It took no time at all to get him rock hard again. As soon as she thought he was ready she straddled him and sat on his cock. She grabbed onto the headboard and rode him hard. She still had her high heels on and was flexible so she bent backward while till fucking him and grabbed her heels. He was rubbing her clit, using her own cum, and she was about to cum hard. She was having pussy spasms that squeezed his cock, making him feel like he had to pee. He continued to rub her clit while she rode him and he came. She at up and said, “Fuck me from behind and pull my hair!” He didn’t skip a beat and was automatically hard at the thought so quickly obeyed.

They went to the foot of the bed and she was on her hands and knees, ass in the air waiting. He could see her pussy glistening in the moonlight coming from the window. He again shoved his cock into her pussy slamming it as deep and hard as he could. He grabbed as much of her hair as if he was making a pony tail and began slamming into her pussy harder and harder. This time, she came first. He was soon after and juices were dripping out of her pussy and down the inside of her thigh. They both collapsed onto the bed and smiled. Rob said “You got the job”. They laughed and fell asleep in each other’s arms thinking about how great this semester was going to be.

The End!

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