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Discreet Intimate Stranger

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Discreet Intimate Stranger

The phone rings? You answer, and you hear ?Good morning, sweetheart.? It?s that familiar voice that you look forward to hearing every morning. The voice that hubby has no idea about, your little secret, the one that warms your heart as if he were the sunshine coming up in the morning. You love your husband, but the daily grind and years spent together in every aspect of life, has dimmed the spark you felt when you dated. You never thought you would do something like this, and now you can?t imagine not having your discreet encounters. You?ve only exchanged messages, playful photos, and talked on the phone, but you look forward to the encounters like a schoolgirl getting her first kiss each time. It is nice to have someone that enjoys your pleasure so much, that you know respects your home and would never interfere in it. The feeling of safety and comfort just makes you give in so completely and explore things you would have never imagined. ?Hello, love? you reply back to me, ?How are you doing today?? The sound of my voice has grown so familiar, and we have made love on the phone so often, that you can feel your body instantly responding and reacting. You want me. It?s ok, I want you to. And today, may just be that day.

I am calling you, while standing at the front door ? but you have no idea I?m there. I tell you to unlock the door. That?s a new request. You know that you have given me your address before, but I?ve never actually come by. You do it, and unlock the door. I hear it click and the realization that you?re just on the other side of that door begins to fill me with nervous anticipation. I tell you to now turn around and walk to the center of the room, with the front door to your back. Curious and excited, you do it. Suddenly, you hear the door open behind you, and a shiver runs up your spine as you realize, this is real, I?m really there? there in your home.. standing just behind you. All you have to do is turn around, but you don't. You force yourself to enjoy the sensation of the unknown and what is about to happen. What do I have in store for you? You let your mind race, as all your senses are heightened. You hear the door shut, and you wonder if this is really happening.

Suddenly you hear my familiar voice that you have adored for so long, except it's not on the phone. It's softly and sweetly right in your ear. You can feel my breath against your neck, as I speak to you, and you close your eyes and begin to take a deep breath. I take your phone from you and toss it to the floor. I admire the rise and fall of your lovely breasts, as you hear me let out a gentle moan of pleasure, and you know exactly why. You hear me whisper sweetness into your ear, telling you how beautiful you are... how sexy you are just standing there. Then you hear me ask ?Where is hubby?? You take an even deeper breath as you are forced to think about more than the pleasure and anticipation, but that this man behind you, who you desire so much at this moment, who is causing you to feel this way, is not your husband. And suddenly you get a little more excited at the reality of what you are doing and enjoying. You tell me, ?at work? as your voice crackles a little. But you know that I already knew that. But as you say the words out loud, you begin to realize what I asked. You realize how different it is to think about it, and actually say it out loud and hear your own voice admit it. You feel yourself swallowing hard and nearly flush. And right as you do, you feel me hold you tight and kiss your neck, as if to say, ?but your MINE right now.? You feel my arms wrap around your body, grasp your breasts, and pull you back against me. You feel my chest against your back, my stomach against your lower back, and my buldge against your ass. You feel my kisses on your neck, and with your eyes still closed, begin to press yourself backwards, firmly, to feel exactly how excited I am to be there with you.

You begin to settle in and enjoy the pleasure of my caresses and kisses on your neck. Suddenly the mental excitement of your little discretion and hubby having no idea, gives way to the physical pleasure of my touch. You hear my gentle moans of pleasure in your ear and you know it?s all because of you. You feel so desired and wanted, so appreciated and alive! I am enjoying the smell of your body, the warmth of your skin, the feel of your hair against my face, the sensation of having you in my arms the way we have talked about and desired for so long.

As I feel you beginning to give in to the pleasure of my touch, I once again softly whisper into your ear, "when will hubby be home?' Your thoughts are once again pulled back from the pure pleasure of how this feels to the reality of the situation. This man holding you, that you are allowing to stand there in your home and touch you in this way, that you want to give yourself completely to at this moment -- is not your husband. You feel flush, excited, and cannot help but wonder what hubby is doing at work at this very moment, as you stand here with your lover, wanting him in such a primal way that you have not felt towards hubby since you can remember. You love your little secret, and you cannot help but admit to yourself, you want more. Your mind and body are screaming for more. The realization of this begins to excite you again, as you feel your mind being made love to as well as your body. The thought of how exciting it felt to answer such a question out loud begins to fill you again, as you struggle to answer. You finally confess ?not until 5.? Your breathing continues to be erratic as you struggle to figure out which is turning you on more at this moment, the physical pleasure of my touch or the mental reality that I keep forcing you to acknowledge and respond to.

Whereas you felt my caresses and tenderness earlier to the seeming inquisitiveness of your hubby, you suddenly get a different response from me this time. I command, not ask, you... ?take your clothes off. Now! Everything but your bra and panties.? You don't hesitate a moment, and begin to take your shirt off, pulling it over your head. You undo your pants, and let them fall to the floor. Your eyes are still closed, and you begin to become filled with anticipation as to what is to come. You can feel the air across your body as you stand there undressed. Now more than ever, you are wanting to feel my reaction to you. All your senses are heightened as you listen and wait. You didn't hear a sound from me as you undressed. You stand there for a few seconds, nervous, curious, excited, and a fleeting thought passes your mind -- am I even still there?

But right as you begin to wonder, you feel the familiar softness and gentleness of my soft, seductive voice again... ?my god, you are so sexy, my love. You are absolute perfection. How will I ever get enough of you?? You take a deep breath and enjoy the overwhelming sense of being wanted, desired and cherished. You feel sexy, naughty, and adored. Once again you feel my arms as they wrap around you. Thoughts of your hubby begin to fade away again as you begin to get lost in the physical pleasure of my touch. After a moment, you feel me begin to unlatch your bra. You feel it fall away and fall to the floor. You feel my soft caress across your sensual silhouette that starts at the sides of your thighs and gently traces a path up across your hips, across your waist and towards your breasts. Gently I lift your breasts and press them together, my fingers tracing small circles around your nipples. You hear that soft moan of pleasure from my voice that drives you absolutely crazy. You once again feel me close behind you as I pull you tight towards me. I gently begin to kiss your neck and ears. You feel the warmth of my breath, the moistness of my tongue, and then a sweet suckling kiss that makes you lean your head over, exposing that sultry neckline begging for more. The sounds of your moans begin to over power mine, and you know that is exactly how I like it. Nothing turns me on more than you expressing your pleasure.

As I continue to kiss your neck, one of my hands falls from your breast and begins a journey downward. I begin to caress very slowly between your breasts, going lower across your stomach, and downward still. You begin to anticipate and wonder if I will stop. You don't want me to. Your moans of pleasure begin to get even louder, as if to beckon me to continue on. You can feel yourself so wet, and you want me to feel it as well. You feel my fingers begin to duck underneath your panty line. You take a deep breath. Your entire body is filled with anticipation and desire.

Your entire body is screaming, ' don't stop,' when you hear me once again whisper in your ear, ?will you think of this moment, and how you feel right now, whenever you see hubby sitting in this room?? Your mind is suddenly ripped back to the reality of what we are doing, and you feel a flood of excitement as you realize the truth of the question. Without hesitation, and your mind and body filled with desire, you say "OH YES!" As you words still linger in the air, you hear my moan of delight and I immediately reach in further and begin to feel just how wet you have become. Your body, mind and emotions all filled with pleasure, erotic thoughts of how hub has no idea what you are doing, and how much you cannot deny the truth that you want more and more. You feel my finger slide inside of you, as I moan gently in your ear "mmmmm so wet.... for me." I begin to caress your clit in a way that makes you lean your head back and once again you get lost in the pleasure of my touch.

We stand there as I hold you in my arms, and feel all the pleasure of your responsiveness to me. You know how much I cherish this from our many conversations and love making on the phone. I love the way you give yourself to me and express your pleasure in me. I love being a source of pleasure to you.

I feel your wetness, and enjoy the way your body can hardly be still as you move your hips back against me to feel my arousal and forward towards my caressing fingers, unable to get enough of me stroking your moist, swollen clit. I enjoy your moans as they get louder. You hear my soft voice again whispering in your ear, "I am in heaven at this moment. This moment.. right now, the way you are giving yourself to ME, responding to me, get so loud for me, and allow me to be such a source of pleasure in your life. I love your every expression of erotic thoughts and physical pleasure. This is the moment I will remember all my life, cherish, and desire again."

You begin to fully realize just how much I really do enjoy your pleasure. You let your moans flow, and shower me with exactly what I desire -- your expressions of pleasure. You place your hand on mine, as I continue to caress your clit. It is becoming so sensitive and intense. You reach up and grab my head with your other arm, as you lean back and admit to me, ?you have an amazing touch. You know exactly how to touch a woman.? I begin to kiss your neck again as you feel your legs beginning to get heavy. You feel yourself wanting to climax, and you remember how much I love hearing my name from you when you get to that point. You grab the hair on my head as you lean on my chest. Your other hand reaches behind you as you feel my buldge. You absolutely love having this affect on me. You feel yourself on the verge of climax, and all you want to do is reach in and pull my cock out. But as you do, I whisper in your ear.. "not this time, my love. This is about you. I want you looking forward to the next time. I want you wanting me, desiring me and fantasizing, even dreaming, about how it will be the next time."

You feel overwhelmed that I could get such pleasure out of your pleasure and unlike almost every man you have even known, can be so selfless. It makes you want me even more. You once again just caress my bulge and give me what you know I?m wanting. You call my name. You scream my name! You begin to have the most intense orgasm as you convulse your hips against my caressing. You grab my hand, as if to stop me, because your clit is just too sensitive to take any more. Your legs give way and you sit down right in the middle of your living room. Your eyes are still closed, and now, feeling totally wiped out, that feels just wonderful.

You begin to think, ?all I want is to be held,? and suddenly as if your thoughts spoke directly to me, you feel my arms around you holding you tight. You love the connection and passion that we share. I hold you tight, cupping your breasts and pulling you close to me. You let out a deep breath of pleasure, enjoying the moment and wonder how another man can make you feel this way.

You lean back and with your eyes still closed, give me a kiss. I realize a thousand thoughts and sensations are running through your mind, but in that kiss, it has become everything I desired and more. It is ?thank you.? It is ?no regrets.? It is ?I can?t wait to do this again.? It?s a memory that I will be reliving for days and weeks. It is an experience you know that we will both cherish all our life, and it will be ours and only ours. I ask you, "will you think of this tonight, and relive it again once hub gets home?" You smile, having already thought of that, and say "uh huh" and then sweetly kiss me again. I could not have asked for a more rewarding experience.

I kiss you once again on the neck, and whisper into your ear, "I have to go." You sit there, still enjoying the moment, and without opening your eyes or looking back -- you listen. You hear the door open, and then shut again. I'm gone. You soak the moment in a tad longer, realizing that you are sitting in your living room, naked, with sweet thoughts of another man who you didn't even see. Not this time anyways. The sound of his sensual voice is still crystal clear in your thoughts, and more real than ever. You finally open your eyes and turn around to gather your clothes before hubby gets home, and you see a single rose laying on the floor. You take it, close your eyes, smell it and you think about me. You walk over and stick it in a vase of flowers that you already had. You stare at it a moment and realize no one will never know that there is one flower in that arrangement more special than the rest. No one but you will ever know the significance of it. No one will ever know how much it means to you, and how much pleasure it represents to you. Just as there is a hidden moment of time in your life, there is a hidden rose, that while in plain site, means so much more to you. You love this secret, erotic and adventurous side meant for only you and your discreet lover. This lover who still remains an intimate stranger that you can?t wait to be with again.

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