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Discovering My Sensual Self

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Discovering My Sensual Self

What do I see as I look into this man?s eyes? Desire? Lust? Certainly not love. Appreciation? Perhaps.

How strange it is to look into his eyes and know that it is my planned intention to soon allow him to kiss me and touch me all over?to allow his lips to excite my clitoris and allow his cock to enter me; that I will soon be licking, kissing and sucking on his cock. A stranger. Well, not entirely; I knew enough about him before this evening to like him?he is a nice guy. Certainly handsome enough to like also. But as a lover, or more accurately, a sex partner, he is a total stranger to me.

As he puts his glass down and I know that he will be kissing me soon, I try to prepare myself, but instead I look closely at his face and then into his eyes. He is a handsome man, with a pleasant face and a warm, genuine smile. And his lips?his lips will soon be kissing me?the lips of a stranger.

From the first kiss, it becomes a wonderfully new and exciting experience. Even before he kisses me, I am captivated by his pleasant and delicious aftershave. It is new, it is seductive, yet it is comforting, and it relaxes me so that part of me, but not all, already is eager to please him and make him want me. Surely, do I not want him to want me? Although I still clearly have reservations in my mind, I am slowly becoming closer to wanting to experience him and share myself with him. And oh, it keeps slowly getting better and better. Yet, suddenly it feels so strange, once again, to have another man?s lips kissing mine. Nice, but strange.

The strangeness continues as our tongues meet, but such a titillating strangeness, as little by little it becomes more and more pleasant to taste this new man, and feel his tongue slowly exciting me. Soon I feel myself, indeed, responding to his kisses. It is an intoxicating newness. His hands lightly caressing my face, my neck and my shoulders. How can I let a stranger do this, when I feel so loved by my husband? Oh yeah, I forgot, it was his idea. Damn, it certainly does feel nice, but most importantly, I am doing this because this is something that my husband wants me to experience?sex as pleasure, not sex as love. (I know this sounds strange, but my husband believes, and has finally convinced me, that to get in touch with my inner sensual self, I need to experience great sex just as sex?without the love and intimacy of a committed relationship.) And strangely enough, I know very clearly I don?t love this man and I?m not having an affair, but I certainly am finding pleasant the pleasures he is already giving me.

Soon the stranger?s hands are slowly opening my blouse, and I can?t deny that it is exciting me?part of me certainly wants him to feel, to touch, to see what I have to give him. Part of me wants to feel the pleasure of his hands caressing my breast, his tongue tasting me and exploring my softness as well as the hardness of my nipples. Oh God, yes, I have to face the fact that I want to feel his mouth around my nipples, teasing and exciting them. My heart is pounding, and I surely seem eager and ready to experience something new and different. Maybe my husband was right?as long as everyone involved consents and you are enjoying yourself, sex with someone else can be an incredibly rewarding experience with positive after affects.

But the reality of the here and now is that my blouse is now off and a man?s hands are on my breasts?and there is an added hesitant excitement knowing that the hands are those of a stranger. When he works his way down kissing from my lips, to my neck, and then to the space between my breasts, all I know is that it feels good as his hands fondle me and his lips softly kiss me. Strictly pleasure; no love?and I think I can handle that. Hmmm, yes. Then with one deft hand, my bra is off and the pleasure intensifies as my naked breasts feel his hands caressing, his lips and tongue kissing them. ?My God,? he says, ?you are so beautiful.? Oh yes, Stranger, give me all you have to give?and I think I?m ready to give you all I have to give.

I am beginning to feel weak with pleasure, and soon find myself sitting down on the couch. As he caresses me and I lean back, this stranger?s hands take off my shoes, and begin to slowly caress my legs. As he works his way up to my thighs, my pussy suddenly feels very exposed. I think, ?My God, a stranger is working his way up my legs and he?s headed, for sure, straight for my pussy.? Is this really what I want? Should I not forbid a stranger to go there? I mean, the kissing and caressing has been nice, he?s a good-looking man, he smells nice, and he?s gentle?and I did let him see me and feel me naked on top. Yes, it has been very nice, but he?s now getting into really private territory! Maybe this is as far as we should go. Maybe strangers should not be allowed to get this close. But, oh God, he?s making me feel incredibly wonderful as he slowly kisses his way to my thighs! A stranger kisses my thighs. It?s too good; it can?t be bad. So, I let him continue, and before he starts taking off my skirt, he kisses my pussy one time through my panties, almost as if to warn me of things to come. Perhaps my last chance to be a good girl and not be violated by a stranger. But I don?t feel violated, and I?m not cheating on my husband.

Suddenly, my skirt is totally off, and the stranger is once again placing the most pleasant of kisses on my thighs?and his tongue, oh what a sensuous tongue, as it travels closer and closer to my pussy. And then he begins to kiss and nibble on my pussy through my panties. Oh God! When he opens his mouth wide and engulfs it, I shudder. Oh God, I want nothing more at the moment than to tell him, ?Please don?t stop!? Instead I find myself moaning softly. I want him to continue, but he stops?and soon he is kissing my stomach, and beginning to slowly lower my panties.

The break gives me a moment or two to reflect on what is happening. I?m allowing a stranger to take off my last piece of clothing, and he will soon be where no other man has been since I?ve been married. But as he very slowly and deliberately undresses me so that I will soon be totally naked, it is at the same time exciting and frightening. The thought goes through my mind, ?What the hell am I doing?? As my panties come off, I think, ?My God, I?m lying here totally exposed to a stranger!?

But along with my new apprehension, is the excitement, the anticipation of pleasure?not new at all. It?s a very familiar feeling?and I might as well be with my husband, because that?s the way this stranger has made me feel. But a stranger?this is a stranger. Oh God, he kisses my thighs again and I feel his tongue and his lips slowly getting closer to my pussy. Turn back this assault of a stranger on my purity, my faithfulness to my husband? Yes, it would be easy if I were cheating; I?d stop it right here and now, but I?m not cheating, and oh God, it feels so good! Before I know it, I shudder as I experience his first touch on my clitoris. My darling husband, you bastard, you were so right!

Oh God, his tongue is driving me crazy! My husband, or a stranger?it doesn?t matter. Just please don?t stop! And it is a Forever of pleasure as I give in completely to the pleasures of his lips and his tongue, as they flit over every inch of my pussy, driving me deeper and deeper into ecstasy?as I moan and groan, barely controlling my reactions. My clitoris feels like it is aflame with pleasure. Oh God, Stranger, you are soooo good! But what will you have left when my body bursts into flames? But he continues and my pleasure is unbearable. It feels so good, but I don?t know whether to scream or cry. Suddenly, I lose control as I am overcome by the full force of my orgasm, and I can hardly speak, nor think?and my body feels like it has exploded and I have no control over it. Oh God, I am in sweet ecstasy, with pleasures so intense, it is almost painful! Thankfully, the stranger is gentle and backs off to caress me softly as I slowly come down from soaring the heavens of pleasure. I am exhausted and just let his soft touch soothe me for the next few minutes. Finally, I say, ?Oh Bob, that was sooooo incredible. Thank you so much.? I notice I have given the stranger a name.

?Well,? he says, ?it was my pleasure as well.?

?Bob, you have no idea how incredible that was!?

?Well, thank you. My experiencing you on the outside was truly wonderful. I don?t want to rush you, but may I also have the pleasure of experiencing you on the inside??

?Mmmmm, yes, I think I?d like that?but first I?d like to thank you for that incredible orgasm.? Hmm, was that just a delay tactic? Nevertheless, I reach for his belt and unbuckle it, and before long I am staring at a rather nice and r-e-a-l-l-y hard cock?as he leans back on the couch. Although he had been quite intimate with me, this here was the biggie. (No pun intended!) Here I was face to face with a strange cock that I had already agreed to have inside of me. Was I really ready? It was one thing to have a stranger give me mind-blowing oral sex, but letting him violate my purity was another. I had really wanted to be totally aware and feel exactly what I was doing and what was happening to me, physically and mentally during this experience. So, yes, this was a big step. I have been totally aware tonight. One thing that part of me was very much aware was that I did want to experience sex with this stranger. Another part of me was a bit more cautious and hesitant?perhaps even afraid of the unknowns, now and in the future.

As I stare at it, and then hold it in my hand, it does feel very nice. It is about as big as my husband?s, but it does look different?a bit darker, with a different circumcision look?and I do also realize that it appears to be noticeably harder than my husband?s usual. (I wonder for a moment if perhaps my husband would get his hardest with a new woman. Strange thought.) I love my husband?s cock, but I also really do like this one right here in front of me now. Yes, Stranger, after that orgasm you deserve this! Soon my tongue and lips are exploring, and intent on being aware of my pleasures tonight, my tongue and my lips go on a voyage of discovery. Before I know it I am slurping on it like it is the sweetest lollipop. Ah, my husband?s cock, a stranger?s cock?how could they both be so satisfying?

And it is very satisfying to touch it, to kiss it, to lick it, as well as to let it slip in and out of my mouth. Hmmm, nice?but soon I am acutely aware that it is a strange man?s cock that I have in my mouth. But oh, what a delightful strangeness it is! I do love my husband?s cock, but right now I am truly enjoying this stranger?s cock. And I am showing him how much I appreciate what he has just given me. However, I know if I continue for too long he?ll have an orgasm and that will be that. (Actually, although I like to perform fellatio, I?ve never been too crazy about giving a blow job. But my husband and I feel the same way about that. He loves fellatio also, but we both enjoy it more as a part of the sex act, rather than a final result.) Yet, I don?t think he?ll complain if I let him come. Hmm, that would be an easy way to avoid intercourse. God, I have had such a wonderful time with him, but this was my last chance to say no to the ultimate sex act with another man. After all, this last part was how nature created babies. That?s true, even if it?s only sex for pleasure. (Thank goodness we have a choice! I certainly don?t want to have a baby with a stranger.) But babies aside, if I?m going to do it, I want to be totally into it. Do I truly want to have a stranger inside of me? And what about venereal disease? Well, I?ve taken all reasonable precautions, and when I look at that beautiful cock and imagine how nice it will be to let it slip into me, the pleasure wins out! Yes, Stranger, I want you.

So, I slow down and gently caress his cock, then let go of it. I get up to give him a kiss, and say, ?Hmm, that?s very, very nice.? Then I lay back, spread my legs, and part my pussy lips. He doesn?t hesitate, puts on a condom, and I soon feel the pleasant hardness of his cock against me. But he does not enter me, instead just uses the head to tease me. Hmmmm. I have no doubts in my mind that I truly do want to take this stranger in, but as he rubs his cock all over my pussy and my clitoris, I decide that I don?t need to be in a hurry. God, it feels soooo good! I just lay there enjoying it, my body moving slowly in response. He squirts a bit of lube between us, then slowly begins to enter me a little at a time, and goes back and forth between caressing my pussy and clitoris, and probing deeper and deeper into me. God, I have to admit what a nice feeling it is to have another man?s cock deep inside of me!

I close my eyes as I just lie here becoming comfortable with this new cock. And I think, ?Wow! I?ve really done it!? Between my legs and deep inside me there is a lovely, lovely cock giving me an incredible amount of satisfaction at the moment. Not the familiar lovely, intimate, and loving cock of my husband, but a stranger?s.

Oh my?and it sure feels good as he begins to gently pump in and out. Hmmm, yes, Stranger, I do like you. You have a nice touch and a nice manner. I look at him and say, ?Hmmm, that?s very nice.?

?Oh yes,? he says, ?it certainly is.? He smiles and caresses first one breast and then the other. As he begins to pump a bit stronger, all I can do is moan and groan a bit with satisfaction. Yes, yes, it does feel quite nice! And the realization sinks in that I am truly, truly enjoying myself having intercourse with another man. Oh boy, was I! And I suddenly realize that this cock that feels pretty damn nice is just A cock?not my husband?s, not the one of the man I love. How was I to know that another man?s touch and another man?s cock would feel so nice?! God, what a Revelation!

It was a lovely evening. (To be continued--)

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