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Dirty Dancing

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Copyright 2007, all rights reserved. If you have any questions or comment, please write me at

Warning! This story contains sexual content. If you think this will offend you, or make you go blind, you're right! You should stop reading! If you don't, please continue and enjoy.

You may remember in my last story ?Spring? that I made mention of a night when Jessica and I gone out dancing at a club called Nation in downtown DC. Well, this is that story so sit back and enjoy!

By this time of year, it was hot in DC, hot and muggy. We made plans to go down to Nation?s on a Friday night. Saturday night wasn?t so good because it turned into something of a gay/lesbian night. But Friday nights were when all the college students came out to party. Nation is a rave/freak dance club and it gets very wild on a Friday night.

Jessica dressed up in a short skirt and a tube top with no bra. With her long tan thighs and fabulous ass, she looked stunning. We had slept in late that day because we knew we were going to be out late. We didn?t even plan on arriving until 10 and the place doesn?t even get crowded until 12.

We had spent the last few weeks since she got here practicing, our dance moves. Well, ok, if you must know, she was teaching me how to dance properly. I seem to recall her making some kind of remark that sounded vaguely like I looked like an octopus, only worse. But, knowing Jessica as I do, I knew she must have said something else, it just came out sounding like that.

But tonight was the big night! We were going to put our moves into action and take them to the floor.

Pulling her into my arms, I looked into her brown eyes, eyes I always seemed to loose myself in and yet, strangely, eyes that I always seemed to find myself as well. Kissing her lips softly, my hand caressing her cheek, ?So Taterbug, are you ready to rumble??

?Hummm,? she murmured, ?Don?t you know it! I?ve been looking forward to this day for a long time. Let?s do it!? She exclaimed, kissing me back, hard, her tongue sliding wetly into my mouth.

?Keep kissing me like that and we?ll never make it out the door!?

Grinding her pussy mound against my now hard cock and sliding her hand down to cup it, rubbing it softly, ?Oh yes we will, I?ve been wanting to do this for a long time, this will have to wait until later,? she whispered as she gave my cock one last squeeze.

?Do you have the last gift I gave you in place?? I asked with a wicked gleam in my eye.

?Why of course, do you think I?d leave behind a gift that Skippy gave me? That evil twin of yours truly topped himself this time.?

?Ahhh, so you like it then??

?You know it! HummmMm it feels soooo good up inside my pussy, every time I take a step it squishes inside my pussy and drives me wild!?

Laughing softly, ?Just imagine what it will feel like out on the dance floor.?

?Oh you devil! I hadn?t thought of that! God you are so mean!?

?Ahh just another of my nefarious plans my sweet.?

Kissing her softly, I grab her hand and we head for the door. Opening the door to my jeep and watching her climb in, her skirt riding up her thighs, seeing her silky thong that we had gotten at Victoria Secrets just a few days before makes me moan. I lean in and run my hand up her inner thighs and let my fingers play over her pussy through the thong as I kiss her, our tongues playing hotly together. Already I can feel how wet she is, thinking about the fun to come.

?Ready sweety?? I ask as I lean back, my hand still lightly caressing her pussy.

?More than ready, as you can tell,? she quips, her hand going to mine and rubbing it along her slit, ?Now let?s go have some fun!?

I smiled back at her and went around to the other side and off we went. It was about a 40 minute drive into SE DC where the club is. Down the toll road to 495 then south to 395 and north into DC.

Of course, on a ride that long, things were bound to happen. ?So are you looking forward to rubbing your body all over mine on the dance floor tonight?? she asked casually, her hand rubbing along her inner thighs, drawing my eye to her silky thong.

?Oh yes, I?ve been looking forward to this as long a you have Jessica!? I let my hand fall to her thigh and caress it, the other on the wheel.

?I don?t know though, it might be to much for you to handle, you might make a mess in your pants,? as she talked her hand slide over the silky material of her thong, rubbing softly. ?You might get to turned on your cum in your pants and waste a good hot load of your creamy special sauce.?

Laughing I replied, ?Well, we can?t have that can we! If things get to hot we?ll just have to take care of things won?t we??

?Oh, and what do you mean by that you sly devil? Another of your nefarious plots I bet.?

?Curses, foiled again! You and your feminine wiles always seeing through my plots.? Saying so, I let my hand join yours in rubbing your thong, you moan and slide your ass forward on the seat, spreading your legs wider open. Then you pull your thong to one side and reveal your shaved pussy, the smell of you fills the car and I moan in turn.

You slide a finger inside your wetness as we drive along and I can her the wet squishy sounds as you slide it around. Then you pull it out and bring it to my lips, ?A present for you, I know how much you love my special sauce,? you add with a laugh.

I suck your fingers into my mouth, licking off your sweet heavy cream, rolling my tongue slowly between each fingers, licking and sucking them clean. ?Hummm finger licking good!? I exclaim.

?You always say that you bum,? she laughed.

?And it?s always true my dear!?

Your hands slides back down to your creamy pussy and your lightly rub your fingers over your pink clit. Moaning softly as you do, I love watching you masturbate, so erotic and hot. My cock is throbbing in my gabardine slacks and I reach down to adjust it. You laugh deep in your throat and your hand slides ver to rub along the length of my cock, ?Poor baby is all hard and hot. Don?t worry sweetie, you?ll get to see kitty before the evening is out,? you add, patting my shaft softly.

Finally we reach the city and wind our way along the city streets of southeast DC, not the best of neighborhoods. We find a place to park, way off in the back, partly hidden by trees. Nation?s looks like a warehouse on the outside and I think at one point it was one, but has since been converted into a rave/freek club and gets wild and hairy on Saturday night. It?s just around ten o?clock, right on time. Even though things won?t heat up for another two hours, we?re early enough to beat the crowd waiting to get in. There were others there already, dancing, drinking, having a good time.

We went to the bar first and I ordered a soda for her and a Jack and coke for me. She being only 18 they wouldn?t server her alcohol. But that doesn?t mean she didn?t drink. She just drank all of mine. Bartender must have thought I was a lush. Well, that?s not true, there?s more than one bar and I went to different ones.

Sitting in a chair along the wall, Jessica in my lap, my hand lightly caressing her body, running my hands along the inside of her thighs, softly kissing the back of her neck as we people watched.

She turned to me and whispered, ?Are you trying to keep poor miss kitty dripping wet? If you keep that up she?s going to be leaking all over my inner thighs.?

?Oh, you don?t say? Why I never! Shameless hussy she is, you?d almost think she liked it!? I chuckled a reply.

?Oh I see how it is, you?re going to torture us. Well two can play that game buster, you just wait until things heat up and I get you on the dance floor. It?s a good thing you wore dark slacks or else the mess you are going to make would be really embarrassing.?

?Is that right? Going to use your feminine wiles on me and reduce me to a quivering puddle of protoplasm are you?? I asked with a mock growl.

?No, just a pool of thick creamy cum.?

?Jessica! You are so bad.?

?I know, and don?t you just love it??

?Well, yes, now that you mention it, I do.?

?Oh, just now that I mentioned it? Not before??

?Well, ok, if you must know! Damm wimmin and their sneaky ways, always worming the truth out of us poor guys. Yes, so I love your naughty side. Of course, I love your silly and sweet and romantic sides too. You might even go so far as to say I love all of your sides.?

Smiling wickedly, you let your hand come to rest on the stiff shaft of my cock, ?I?d knew you?d see things my way.?

?Unghhhh, you keep that up and I will make a mess right here.?

?You better not, I want this hot white cum in my pussy before the night is over, you better not waste it.?

?As you wish.?

It was near to twelve by this time and the place was getting crowded. ?Come, let?s dance!? you exclaim, grabbing my hand and pulling me to the dance floor.

?Put your arms in the air!? cried the DJ, and arms flew up and people swayed back and forth, bodies grinding against each other. Jessica and I were facing each other, arms in the air, our crotches grinding together, her thigh between mine, mine between hers, knees bent, simulated fucking on the dance floor, fully clothed. It was hot.

Then Jessica turned around and pressed her ass against my crotch, grinding it against my hard cock, knees bent, hands on her thighs, looking back over her shoulder with a wicked gleam in her eye. My hands were on her hips, pulling her back against me, grinding my own hips in time with hers.

Then I pulled her up so her whole body was pressed against mine, crotch to ass, my hands sliding around her front, running over her stomach, up along her sides, just under her breasts, feeling the soft firm bottom swell of each before sliding back down her tummy. Licking along the back of her neck, I let my hands slide down the front of her skirt, pressing my hand against her pussy mound, hearing her moan softly.

Pushing my hand lower, feeling the tops of her bare smooth muscular thighs, her skirt riding up her thighs as we ground our bodies together. My fingers trailed lightly along her inner thighs, up next to her thong and as we ground together, sinking closer to the floor, her thong was clearly reveled to anyone who might be watching.

?How?s your present feel now my sweet?? I whispered softly in her ear as my fingers found the string attached to one end of the balls, tugging softly.

?Oh God, you devil!? She moaned quietly, her knees buckling a little as a small mini-orgasm swept over her. ?You?re driving me nuts! You?re the meanest man I know, how can you torture me so?? she whimpered softly.

?It?s all part of my nefarious plan my dear, you want to reduce me to a quivering puddle of male juice, well, I am going to do the same to you, fair is fair after all,? I replied in my most innocent of tones.

?Booty call!? cried the DJ. I don?t know if that was the name of the song but it was sort of like a square dance, Texas two step but with racy lyrics. I don?t know if you?ve ever done this sort of dancing but you tend unless you outright try and avoid it, to drift from partner to partner. Jessica drifted away for a few as the lines changed and I could see her grooving with a guy, shaking that booty, ?Booty Call!? cried the DJ.

She was really going to town! Their hands were allover each other, his hands on her breasts, tweaking her hard nipples, running down her sides and ass, her thighs, even under her skirt and over the silky material of her thong. Her hands were all over his ass as well, pulling his crotch against her. And when she turned around and bent over, rubbing her ass hard against his crotch, his hands on her ass, pulling her against him. His hips grinding in fucking motions, almost as if they had no clothes on and his cock was buried to the hilt in her pussy or ass.

?Booty Call!? cried the DJ and we switched partners and I was back with Jessica. ?Booty call,? I whispered in her ear as I ground my hard cock against her ass. She was flushed, her nipples hard, poking through her top like two erasers.

?Hummm, I missed that.? She whispered back, rubbing her hand along the shaft, gently squeezing.

I laughed softly, ?I?m sure that guy had a boner too.?

She winked over her shoulder at me and pulled my hands to her breasts and I squeezed softly, tweaking the hard nipples. Her back arched and she moaned loudly and her knees buckled slightly. ?As a matter of fact he did,? she whispered.

Laughing softly, ?So, did you make him cum in his slacks??

You look back at me and grin, ?Hey, we were just going with the flow,? giggling a little you add, ?And what a flow it was! I could feel every blast of his cum clear through his jeans on my ass! Did you see the way he jerked his hips, fucking his cock against my ass as we danced?? you husk out, lust filling your voice. Giggling again you wonder, ?I wonder if you can see the wet spot his cum left??

?Wow, he must have really been worked up!?

Trying to look humble you quip, ?I try my best to please!?

When the song ended we walked off the dance floor for a fresh round of drinks, going up to the VIP lounge over looking the dance floor. Looking down on the people dancing, bodies grinding together, like an orgy only made up of fully clothed people. Well, mostly clothed, you could see hands caressing a bare breasts her and there, or a hand under a girls skirt. Speaking of which.

I slide my hand down Jessica?s back, over the swell of her ass and under the hem of her skirt, feeling the warm soft globes of her ass. You turn to me and smile as you push your ass back into my hand. I slide my fingers down the crack of your ass, feeling the sticky wetness of your pussy juice coating the insides of your thighs, your thong.

I push my finger under the thong, feeling the smoothness of your shaved pussy lips, sopping wet, so slippery and wet, and I push a finger inside your hole, rubbing and thrusting, finger fucking you. Then I slide my finger out and rub upwards until I find the hard hidden shaft of your clit, rubbing back and forth along the length of it.

You moan loudly and your hips jerk involuntarily, fucking your pussy against my fingers. You turn to me and we kiss, hot wet passionate kisses, tongues thrusting and playing with each other. You turn towards me and I remove my hand, briefly, before sliding it under your skirt from the front at the very same time your hand covers my hard cock, rubbing me through my slacks.

?God, I am so hot for you!? I moan into your ear, ?lets go outside for a minute, I want to show you something,? I mumble innocently.

?I just bet you do! Hummm and I want to see it, whatever it is,? you laugh softly.

We walk down the stairs and outside, back to where we parked. I lean you against the hood of the car and we are all over each other. Hands and mouths touching breasts, pussy, cock. I lean down and lick along your neck., then blow on the wetness. Then down further, lifting your top over your bare breasts and sucking the hard tip of you nipple into my mouth, softly biting as you moan and run your hands through my hair, pulling my face against your breasts.

My hands slides under your skirt and I take a hold of your thong and pull it down, you wiggle your ass, helping me. It falls to the ground and you lift your feet out of the panties, kicking them aside.

I slide my hand down to cup your pussy, rubbing the palm of my hand across the lips, smearing your copious juice over my hand., pushing two fingers into your hot wet pussy. You groan aloud and your knees bend, thrusting your pussy against my probing fingers.

I kiss my way down across your bare tummy, lick around your belly button then down lower, lifting your skirt up over your hips, pressing my face against your cunt, lapping your pussy juice.

You lift your thighs onto my shoulders and lean back against the hood of the car. I spread the lips of your pussy open, letting the tip of my tongue slide between your inner and outer lips, sucking them softly into my mouth, nibbling softly. Licking up and around your clit, pushing the hood back, exposing the pink tip of your clit. Sucking it into my mouth, flicking my tongue fast and hard across the tip.

Your hips jerking and bucking wildly each time my tongue flicks your clit. ?Do it Richard, suck my hot pussy! Make me cum! I want to cum all over your face!?

I smile to myself and reach for the last present I had given her, a series of ben-wa balls on a string. Taking a hold of the string dangling from her cunt, I slowly pulled the balls out, all the while flicking my tongue across her clit. As each ball slid out of her pussy, she would gasp and jerk her hips, bucking against my face.

?Yesssss,? she hissed, ?Yesss, cumming, cumming now!?

As each small ball slid from her cunt combined with the nibbling and sucking of her clit I think caused her to have an orgasm.

?Unghhh, yes yesss,? she cried softly, ?So good, god that feels so good.?

The string and balls are coated with her juice, 1, 2, 3 balls slowly pulled from inside the hot sheath of her tight cunt, watching the pink, swollen lips of her pussy open around the ball as it slid out then closing again as the next ball was pulled out. Her thick creamy special sauce dripping out of her pussy, like the balls were acting as little dams, holding it back, then it was free and a fresh dribble of her juice would leak out.

After each ball had slid with a wet squishy plop from her pussy, I leaned forward and licked up all of her special sauce. ?Ummm you taste so good Jessica! Been saving that up for me all night? So sweet of you!?

Pushing two fingers inside your pussy, curling them upwards along your G spot, back and forth, twirling and twisting them inside you, the knuckles rubbing against the soft mound of your G spot, bringing you higher and closer to orgasm.

?Unghhhh, Unghhhh, Mmmmm yes, yes, almost there again, more, give me more!?

I pushed a third finger inside your cunt, sawing them in and out of you, your juice running down my hand and wrist, down to my elbow you were so hot and turned on. I pressed my thumb into your pussy and slid a finger around to your ass, you?re so wet that I have no problem sliding my finger into your ass, fucking both your ass and your cunt, sucking your clit.

It doesn?t take long before your moans rise to a crescendo and your hips jerk and buck as your orgasm sweeps through your body, soft cries of wanton lust fill the air.

Panting like a bellows you reach down and pull me up to a standing position and your hands go to my zipper and snap, undoing my slacks and pulling my hard cock out. Your hand on my shaft pulling me close to you, rubbing the head along the wet furrow of your cunt, coating it with your juice.

Looking into my eyes, ?Fuck me Richard, fuck me hard, now! I need your cock inside me now!? you gasp out, breathing like a bellows. Your warm hand guides the head of my swollen cock to the entrance to your cunt, and you hunch your hips forward, driving the shaft of my cock inside you and at the same time, I thrust my hips forward, my cock sliding inside your wet sheath to the hilt, grinding the base of my cock against your clit.

Your long lithe legs wrap around my hips and ass, pushing and pulling your pussy hard up against my cock. Your heels digging into the small of my back.

Leaning down I sucked your nipples, jamming my cock into you hard and fast, both of us on edge of orgasm already. My tongue flicking hard and fast across your nipples, your hand in my hair pulling me against your breasts, your hips jerking and bucking upwards, fucking your cunt on my cock. Both of us moaning and grunting as we fucked.

Moving upwards, my mouth seeking yours, just laying one on you, feeling as you respond, your tongue sliding hotly into my mouth. One hand goes to your nipples, the other goes to your pussy, my thumb running across the nub of your clit as I slide in and out of you, feeling the hot slickness of my cock as it slides in and out of you.

?Oh God Richard, so fucking good, I love the feel of your cock inside me! Fuck me, fuck me harder, faster! Jam your cock inside me! Fill me with your cum!? you moan hotly in my ear, softly biting my earlobes. ?Unghh, yes, god yes, more, faster, oh god Richard, I?m going to cum so hard, FUCK ME!?

Feeling the tight inner walls of her pussy clamping, milking and squeezing down on my cock was making my balls ache and pull up, wanting to cum, to fill her with my hot cum. Her copious pussy juice running down the length of my cock and over my balls, matting my hair. Grunting as I thrust into her, so close, so near, wanting to cum, hearing the voices of people in other parts of the parking lot.

Her head whips back and a low moan, more like a growl, emanates from her throat as her orgasm sweeps over her, ?Cumming, I?m cumming Richard, do it, cum now!? Her hips jerked and writhed, thrusting upwards, impaling herself on my shaft, passion, lust and desire all melding into one as she neared the peak of her pleasure then fell slowly over the precipice and into her orgasm. She presses her face against the crook of my neck, her breath hot and wet.

As she peaked, her pussy became even tighter than normal, squeezing down hard on the shaft of my cock, squeezing the cum from my balls. I jammed my cock deep inside her and blasted load after load of cum into her hot slick pussy. ?Cumming Jessica, cumming now!? I cried.

?Do it Richard, do it, cum in me, I want to feel you cum inside my pussy!?

My cock continued to spasm inside her hot pussy as we both come down from our orgasm, panting, our breath coming in quick short gasps.

?Hummm that was so good! Do you think anyone saw?? you asked, glancing around.

?Who cares, I couldn?t wait another moment to be inside you, and I didn?t see you complaining.?

?MmmMM no way!? leaning forward and kissing me hotly.

I slowly slide my cock out of her juicy cunt and she quickly knelt down and took my creamy cock in her hand and led it to her mouth, cleaning off the combination of my cum and her cream, licking and lathing along the length. ?That feels so good Jessica!? I exclaim, looking down into your eyes as your long tongue slithers along the length of my cock, cleaning every drop of our juice off.

When my cock was clean, I pulled her up, put my cock back into my slacks and zipped up. Then I sat her on the hood of the car and bent down and returned the favor. Licking my cum mixed with her as it dripped from her pussy, running out of her hole, along her inner thighs, so much cum! Licking between the pink folds of her pussy, sucking them into my mouth, sliding my tongue into her hole, licking it off her inner thighs.

When I was done, I stood up and took her into my arms, and kissed her again, the taste of our cum on our tongues, tasting each other.

?Humm that was so good! Feel up for more dancing?? I asked.

?You know it, who knows how many more guys I can make cum in their slacks!?? You exclaimed, eyes shinning with mirth and barely muted lust.

We straightened up, her thong panties lost in the shuffle, and walked back inside. When we got back inside we got fresh drinks and stood on the edge of the dance floor, kissing, caressing, watching the people dancing, practically having sex on the dance floor.

Then we made our way back to the dance floor again, grinding together, looking into each other eyes, kissing hotly, hands running everywhere over each others bodies. In the surge of bodies and writhing bodies, we ended up with other partners again, Jessica dancing with a tall, younger, well muscled guy. Their bodies grinding together in imitation of the age old mating dance. I watched his hand slide beneath her skirt, knowing he was feeling the mixture of our cum, the remnants of our fun in the parking lot. I wonder if he knows what he?s feeling? Knowing even if he doesn?t that he wishes it was his cum he was feeling, as he rubbed her pussy and ground his hard cock against her ass.

I smiled secretly to myself as I pondered what awaited Jessica at home. We?d talked about it the year before, a shared dream we had, something we both wanted to do. So in the year since we talked about it I had planned and arranged a trip to Italy, Spain, Venice and the Mediterranean. Just another of my many nefarious plans, some are naughty, some romantic all I hope, unforgettable. I had planned a trip to include Gondola rides along the rivers of Venice, a tour of Rome and the Piazza?s, walking along the warm beaches of the Mediterranean at night, watching as the moon rises over the ocean. I wanted to give her this gift before she started her first year of college. I wanted to spend the summer with her doing the things that couples do, fun things, happy things, making memories to look back on. I had our trip all planned out and was dying to tell her. I smiled as I thought of the wild dancing we?d be able to do in the dance clubs of Europe. Hey, dreams are wishes the heart makes. I wanted to make a dream of hers come true. Hey, that?s what it?s all about isn?t it, helping make each other?s dreams come true and being there to share them.

Jessica glided across the dance floor and into my arms, I held her close and I smiled softly to myself, dreaming my dreams, planning my nefarious plans.

?Why are you smiling?? she asked, ?You look funny all of the sudden.?

?Oh, nothing Taterbug, nothing at all, let?s go home, I have a surprise.?

Copyright 2007, all rights reserved. If you have any questions or comment, please write me at

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