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Dinner and

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?OK so I will pick you up at 6:00. Oh and Sugar, one more thing, I want you to wear heels and a skirt but no panties or stockings.? ?Why?? you ask ?Do you have something in mind?? ?Oh no not me.? I say rather coyly. ?See you then.?

I pick you up as scheduled and you are looking hot. I know what you don?t have on and I have a hard time keeping my eyes on your face once you get in the car. We go to a restaurant, not bad but not great either. I didn?t pick the place because of the food. I picked it because I knew it was a bit dark, romantic and private. Once you are seated I sit next to you rather than across from you. I like being close to you, I can smell your perfume, feel your presence. We place our order and while we wait, we talk, sip our drinks and hold hands. I love the feel of your skin, so soft. I like looking into your blue eyes too, very alluring. I stare too long and you blush and admonish me for it. It doesn?t bother me though and I lean in and kiss you, a nice long kiss, my one hand alongside your face, caressing your cheek. The other hand, the naughty one, finds its way to your lap and squeezes your inner thigh. The waitress comes with our food and we have to break the kiss. ?Bad hand? I say and you giggle. I know I have a stupid grin on my face but I really don?t care. We eat and talk, concentrating more on each other than our food. Soon we?ve both had enough to eat and the waitress takes the plates away. ?More wine? she asks. ?Of course? we say in unison and we lean back into the corner booth, our shoulders touching, looking into each other?s eyes, we talk. Soon my naughty hand is back though. He?s massaging your thigh. The dumb grin is back too and you laugh again. I like the sound of your laugh. Drawing near to you again we kiss, tongues touching, swirling, dancing. Not fast but a slow easy pace and my naughty hand moves again. This time he slides your skirt up a bit and touches the skin of your inner thigh. You jump a bit but we don?t break the kiss. Your hand comes to my face and I can feel the heat build in my face from your touch. The hand moves again, this time way up your skirt, skimming your pussy ever so lightly. This time you break the kiss, not to scold me, but to look into my eyes, you know what a turn on that is for me. While staring into your eyes my hand starts to move across your pussy, just grazing your lips. I see the color come up to your face and I know you are enjoying this. The excitement of doing erotic things in public has got you going. My hand moves away from you and you ask ?Are you just in a mood to tease me?? ?Well yes and no? I reply as I move my fingers to my mouth to taste the moistness that rubbed off on them. I can smell you too, which excites me also. We brake for a minute and sip our wine. As you put your wine glass down I move my head next to yours and breathe deeply into your ear, a heavy animal breath. Goose bumps erupt on your arms. ?Are you cold?? I whisper. ?No? you reply ?I?m damn hot? I laugh, somewhat amused but also in an excited way ?Yes you are? With my mouth to your ear I slip my hand back up under your skirt again, back to your pussy. This time I slide one finger up and down between your lips, rubbing your clit as it moves. I can feel your body sag a bit so I know I?ve hit a weak spot. We stay there like that a minute, my mouth breathing lightly into your ear, my finger working your clit and lips. Your breathing is quicker now and your hand fumbles to my lap. ?Do you feel how hard I am?? I mutter ?Do you feel how excited you have made me?? ?But I didn?t do anything yet? You whisper back. ?Well then how do you explain my hard cock?? You don?t answer. ?You know what you did. You did what I asked and left your panties at home. Do you know how exciting that is to me?? You just nod, going with the feeling between your legs. The waitress comes over and we break, feeling a bit embarrassed but also excited at the thought of being caught in the act. ?Would you like anything else?? she asks. ?No thank you, just the check please?? ?Is it OK that we sit here until our wine is finished?? She nods and gives a sly smile. ?Think she?s on to us?? I ask you. ?Who cares you say? and you throw your arm around my neck and kiss me hard. My hands come to your face and we can both smell you on my fingers now. We break and I say ?Lets finish our wine? As we sip my hand finds its way back to your pussy one more time. This time it?s really bad though and it slips two of its fingers into you, feeling your warmth, your moistness. A little chirp escapes from your lips and you smile and say ?You are so bad.? ?I thought that?s what you like?? I say in return. ?Mmmm I do, I do like it.? I lean in and whisper ?So do I have you turned on?? ?Totally? you reply. ?Good, I think it?s time we leave?

We get up and leave the table, holding hands and touching shoulders as we walk. Once we walk up to your car. ?So where to now?? you ask. I just look back, give you a big grin, put my arms around you and kiss you. ?So are you ready?? I ask. ?Ready for what?? you ask giving me an innocent look. ?Oh you?ll see. Let?s get in the back.? We open the back door and you start to get into the car. Then I swat your butt, hard. You jump almost hitting your head but I know you liked it. ?Did I hurt you?? I ask getting in behind you. You say ?Yes? giving me a pouty look. ? I should make it up to you. Lean back.? You do as I say and I kneel on the floor. Leaning in I lift up your skirt to see you beautiful clean pussy. ?I think its time for my desert? I utter as my mouth moves down onto you, covering your whole pussy, my tongue sliding from down near your ass up to your clit in one long lick. Your hands move to my head and thrust against my head. You?ve been waiting for this since dinner began. I stay there for a bit, my tongue working your lips and clit, my hands reaching up to feel your ample breasts through your blouse and bra. I?m having trouble breathing so I pull away to catch my breath but I?m not going to let you rest. I take my right hand and start lightly tapping, almost slapping your clit. This makes you squirm and I smile. I love making you squirm. As I do this to you your breaths get shorter, almost gasping. My hand is slapping a little harder now and your body is going rigid. I give you one last hard tap and then dive my mouth back onto to your pussy while pushing three fingers into you at the same time. ?Oh God. Oh God. Yes. YES!? You orgasm, thrusting your hips against my face and fingers, moaning loudly and body thrashing. Your juices flowing onto my fingers dripping down to your ass. I slow down and come to a stop. ?Somebody needs cleaning up I say? and I move my mouth down to your pussy and lick up all of your juice that has come out of you. You?ve caught your breath now and your eyes aren?t glazed over anymore. Back to your senses I say ?OK my turn. I?ve had a hard on since I first laid eyes on you.? I move up on to the seat, pull my pants down and lean back. ?Now suck me, show me how much you enjoyed your orgasm.? You pounce on my dick and start sucking with reckless abandon. ?Slow down. I want this to last for a bit.? You do and I lay back and watch you work. Holding my cock with one hand and moving it in and out of your mouth. Once in a while you pull it out and run your tongue up and down the shaft, pausing to tease the underside of the head. This makes me squirm when you do this. I tell you to play with my balls and you do, caressing them, sending sensations up into the core of my body. ?Yes, that?s it, that?s the way I like it? I manage to mumble but my mind isn?t here it?s been taken to some other place and I go into auto mode, not thinking just doing. I push you off of me. ?Turn around and kneel on the seat? I come up behind you and thrust my cock into you, all the way in, to the point that it feels like my balls are in there too. You gasp and say ?Oh yeah? I start thrusting, slow at first but gaining a little bit of speed with each one. You are so wet and warm inside. I?m getting all tingly from it. My thrusting continues and I bend over and lean on your back a bit, reaching around to grab your tits again. Rubbing them, the coarseness of the bra material making your nipples harden instantly. Knowing you are liking this makes me even more turned on. ?You feel so fucking good? I say in a raspy breathy voice. ?So do you? you manage to get out between thrusts. Your face is pressed up against the glass and I can see your profile. Your mouth open, each breath steaming up the cool glass, eyes open but not really focused. I reach under and start to play with your clit. ?I want you to cum again.? I say ?I want you to cum on my dick? ?Can you do that for me?? You nod, not really able to form words. My strokes are long and deep now, feeling all of you. Your hands rise up and you reach for anything to grab as you tense up. I feel tiny convulsions inside your pussy, making me feel even more intense. You cum again, moans coming from your mouth, your body thrusting back against mine. The sound of your voice sends me over the edge too. ?Here I cum baby, I?m gonna cum with you.? And I do, my balls pumping my juice inside to mix with yours, the sounds of our ecstasies mixing together. I partially collapse on top of you for a second. Pulling out of you I say ?Turn over? once you are facing me I dive into you, kissing you, absorbing you. We stay that way, kissing and embracing for a few minutes while my mind re-enters my body.

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