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Dinner Date

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It was a Saturday night and I had booked a table at an Italian restaurant to celebrate her birthday together. She took care to dress herself up nicely that night and I saw her putting on her new red lacy bra and thong that evening - a signal that generally indicated that she anticipates sex later in the evening.

For a woman of 42 she had kept herself in very nice body shape and she knew that I am an "arse" man, so she always took care to show her hard-earned exercised bottom to please or seduce me and she liked to be entered from behind. We both love dinning and wining ever since we dated each other in those high school days. We had a nice bottle of red wine and I had sirloin steak, she had lamb chop.

We finished off sharing a big bowl of fresh strawberries with cream.

Everything went nicely and I could feel that she had started to loosen up after her second glass of wine. By the time we finished our dinner her face glowed crimson, she was not drunk but just merry. As the three of us walked back to our car hand in hand, she leaned on my shoulder coyly and I bet her memories were going back to those free and sweet high school days.

I was aroused by her coyness and by now a bulge had started to develop in my pants. She noticed it and started to place on her hand on it soothing it like it was pet dog. I was just about to utter my protest because we were in public, when she cut me short whispering, "I am going to fuck your brains out when we got back home, to thank you for such a lovely dinner." She whispered in my ear then bit me on my earlobe.

We got back hom. I put on some music in our cozy dinner room and poured out two small glass of cognac preparing to take a rest on the sofa before our night game. While I was doing all this, she took the chance to put on her red lacy transparent nightgown and encircled me from behind and said, "I want fuck tonight, darling."

She unzipped my pants and sank her head down to lick my already aroused cock. Years of love making told me that she was different that night, she was taking control and I love it; her lips were sliding up and down the full length of my shaft, occasionally sucking, squeezing and milking my cock head with her tongue and mouth. She grabbed my cock with one hand and with the other she started to squeeze her braless tits and message her own cunt.

She looked me in the eyes lustfully, with her juicy mouth half open, like a mean cat. With that dominating look on her face, she pushed me back lying flat on the sofa as she continued to pump her head up and down my prick as if it was a piston, kneeling between my thighs, I felt the crisis coming. I groaned and pumped my cum into her mouth jet after jet, it came so strong that I had to sit up for every jet of hot steaming semen that I ejaculated.

She milked me dry with her hand and savored my cum like licking up ice-cream from a cone.

She climbed on me and straddled my lap, with one hand she started to message my drain tightened balls and with the other she started to fondle her own breasts under her blouse. I moved my hands up cupping her globes, they were tight, soft and comfortable to message on.

When I started to flicker her tits with my fingers she let out a small cry and throw her head back. I began to unbutton her blouse and I noticed that she had kept herself in good shape; her breasts were not big but well proportioned. She had a middle line separating her front muscles from her cleavage down to her belly button.

With her creamy skin she looked like a marble statue under the blue moonlight, not cold but warm and sensual. I bended up to suck her tits, holding her firm tight ass. She moaned and groaned and started to grind her pussy on my hip bone. When my sucking became too intense for her, she arched back her waist and whispered urgently.

"Fuck me, Todd! I need you inside me," She took off her panties but not her skirt, turn around quickly with her back on my chest and guided my now fully erected cock into her warm wet cunt, "Todd, fuck me hard like use to in high school. "Oh, I am coming already!"

She need me so badly that as soon as my cock was inside her she came like the opening of a floodgate, the inner muscles of her cunt were convulsing on my cock uncontrollably and when it stopped she let out a long sigh and lie back on me, letting me continue to fondle her breasts and kiss her neck. I sucked her ear lobe because I knew it always send shivers down her spine and whispered to her, "Just take it easy, birthday girl, let me serve you instead."

Kneeling between her thighs I started to eat her cunt and believe it or not, it taste of strawberry and there was a kind of sweet musky smell, so it was the food, the wine and the dessert that made the difference. I savored every drop of it and could not have enough as she uttered and come again, "Darling, don't stop, this is better than any birthday present."

"This is the best dessert I have ever had, try it for yourself," I said and let her licked my finger which I had just inserted in her cunt a while ago.

She helped herself to a second helping and we share her juice and kiss each other fondly.

After that night, we started to mix all kind of food and fruit with sex.

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