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Dinner By The Lake

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We?ve discussed making some time together for a romantic evening out on several occasions, finally, if this all works out, I think we?ll get it. Secretively, I?m keeping it all hushed, waiting to tell him when he gets home from work. Anticipating his arrival, I?ll meet him at the door, and whisper every-so gently in his ear, ?We have the night to ourselves.? My mind, running ramped, thinking of all the things I need to get done before he gets here, I want everything to be perfect and I want to look perfect, I want him to know I?m all his tonight. This is for him.

Glancing at the clock, it?s getting near the time of his arrival, I have to shower, but first, I?ll lay the cloths out I?m going to wear, thinking to myself, being a fairly warm night with a slight breeze I?ll go with the long black dress with a slit up the side. I hurriedly scamper to the closet, run my hands through my wardrobe, hoping it?s still not at the cleaners, relieved, I found it, I take it from the closet, hold it up in front of me, visualizing what I?ll look like to him wearing this, hoping he?ll be pleased. I back up, placing the dress neatly on the bed, and go to my undergarment drawer and pull out my black lacey bra and matching panties. I toss them on top the dress on the bed, and run to the shower, my time is running out. I have to make this a perfect evening.

In shower, scandalizing thoughts take hold of my mind, since this night came about so fast, and I haven?t made plans, we?ll have to figure out when he gets here what we?ll do, and that captures my imagination, will he take me some place romantic? or some place wild? I wonder what he?ll want. Between the moment, and the shear fact that we finally get this night out, the warm water running down my body sends tingles to my essence. I softly rub my breast with soap, thinking, or should I say dreaming of how nice it would be to be in a wide open space with water running over our naked bodies. I closed my eyes, my finger tips begin to stroll over my nipples, hardening them, I imagined he and I high up in the mountains, tall pines all around us, we?re in a small open meadow. No one can see us, and a spring rain is falling gently over our nude bodies as we hold each other, kissing and touching each others souls, like only lovers can do. I envision his wet hair, meshed, dripping as I look in his eyes. I suddenly catch myself from my daydreaming, feeling a strong tingles between my legs. I decided I had better get out of the shower, if I don?t, my hand will wonder to my groin, and I?ll be satisfying my desires with my middle finger.

Stepping out of the shower, taking a fleeting look in the mirror, I decided that tonight I would leave my hair down instead of putting it up like I usually do.

I sit in front of my mirror, drying my hair, putting my makeup on, and all the while, that sensation I felt between my legs in the shower won?t go away. I haven?t had these thoughts or feeling in years. I only have a towel around me, and I?m wanting so desperately to run my hands down my thighs, and lean back and think of him taking me tonight, but, I know, as hard as it is, I have to stay on task. I go to the bedroom and put my matching undergarments on, and taking one last look at myself in the mirror before I get my dress on. I consider meeting him at the door like this, but I know if I do, we?ll never get out the door tonight. So I put my dress on, pull and tug it to look just perfect on my body for him. I want him to melt when he see me.

I hear that familiar sound of his car pulling up in the drive, I do one last tidy look at myself, a brief primp of my hair and rush to the living room anxiously waiting for him to open the door. As the door opens, I stand waiting for him, and I see his face, his eyes stare in amazement, radiantly. I anticipate what he was going to say. Finally, after he gathers himself, a smile arises on his face, it?s a greedy smile, seeing that his trophy is waiting for him, he?s pleased. He ask in a somewhat nervous voice, ?Why are you dressed so beautifully tonight hun??

I go to my plan, I walk sexually across the floor in my black high heels, lean into his ear, and whisper, ?I?ve made plans for us to have a night together.? I shove away from him, and give him my Bambie eyelid flutter, saying, ?Go take your shower, so we can go, kay.? I wanted so desperately to go and get in the shower with him and show him how much I desire him, but, on the other hand, I want to wait till later tonight to let him unwrap his present. Me.

I sit and waited in the living room, all the while, thinking of his body in the shower. Now, I have time to think of what I want to do for tonight, and it didn?t take long for my thoughts to sway to the most romantic thoughts I have, memories of things we use to do, and it all came to me, I knew what we would do. After thirty minutes, he came back, looking better than I had ever seen him look.

As we drove I could see that he was wondering where we were going and what we were doing, but I wasn?t about to tell him, yet. We went to our favorite restaurant and ordered out, then we got back in the car, teasingly, I started giving him hints where we was going, and after a while, he knew, it was the old abandoned lake we use to go to. I headed to the lake, a lake that I never understood why it was abandon, it was a beautiful lake. Oh well, I thought, it will serve my purpose for the night.

I pulled into the old spot we use to stop at, overlooking the lake, with rows of trees surrounding us. The windows came down, I leaned back, closed my eyes, I could hear the breeze meandering over the water, and the tree tops swaying, it was so surreal. I opened my eyes, looking up at the sky, the clouds were beginning to roll in and I thought to myself, wouldn't it be nice if it would just come a soft and gentile rain just like my fantasy in the shower.

We spread the blanket out, and ate, and enjoyed the surrounding together, I could tell he was impressed. After our meal, we decided to just lay there on the blanket and gaze at the clouds that had rolled so gracefully in.

I leaned back on him in between his legs and could feel that he was already somewhat aroused. He began caressing my arms gently and then my shoulders and neck. I was beginning to feel that little tingle starting to build. I turned so our lips could meet in a soft kiss that turned deep and passionate. Locked in a kiss, he slipped the strap to my dress down and ran his hand slowly down inside my bra, teasing my nipple. My hand reached down to feel the budge in his pants, making me shiver with excitement. Every time his hand would touch my breast, squeezing them, I would feel him throb, and twitch through his jeans. He was acting like we did when we first met, almost nervous, I could feel him shiver as his hand slid up my thigh, under my dress and he teased me, bringing his hand close to my waiting slit, and he would back off. Finally, he slipped his hand over to the silky lace panties feeling my wetness. His finger begin to tease my clit over my panties, lightly at times, and then forcefully, rubbing it. I slid my hand to unbutton his jeans, as I unzipped his pants, I could see his throbbing manliness waiting to be pleased.

I slid slowly down to his neck, licking and softly teasing him with my teeth, gradually moving downward, looking up into his eyes, flirtatiously, as my head began going down to his hard manliness. I teased at first, lightly touching the head with my tongue, causing him to let out a soft moan. I began to tease more, rolling my tongue over his head and at times nibbling a little with my teeth. My hand took his shaft, I gave him one more glance, letting off a little wink, I slowly cupped my lips over his head, gradually taking my mouth down his shaft until it was fully in my mouth, I watches as his head slung back, letting out a louder moan of pleasure. With my hand firmly moving up and down his shaft while I sucked his member, I could feel the head of it begin to twitch, and I knew I had to pull my head back, so he didn?t release it so soon. I still had plans. He pulled me away, stood me up, and slipped my cloths off, leaving us both naked and standing in front of each other. A sprinkle of rain hit me, and I started to feeling a few more, my fantasy was all about to come true.

He looked my body over, and I could see his member twitch and grow as he stared at me, it was clear my body was turning him on. Our eyes met, and we started to kiss again. The rain started coming down more fluently. Our hair was soaked, our nude bodies were slippery, and we slowly slid back down to the wet blanket. He went slowly from our kissing down to my left nipple, then to my right nipple, grasping them in his hand firmly as he adored them, sucking hard at times, pulling them up from my chest with his lips. He then teased my left nipple, twirling his finger lightly around it. While teasing the other one with his tongue, sucking hard, and nibbling on my nipple with his teeth, knowing that drives me crazy. He rolled over on me, while I remained on my back, he arched his back, and began to take his shaft with his hand and tease my clit with it, slightly rubbing the head of his penis over it, he knew by the way I was raising my hips, I wanted him in me. He slightly guided the head of his penis in me, and pulled it out, sending my body into vibrations. He was holding himself up on one stiff arm, while he watched himself teasing my clit with his shaft, I grabbed his back, pulling him down, I couldn?t take it anymore, his shaft slid firmly up in me, spreading my lips apart, I could feel his shaft sliding over my clit with each stroke, I begged him to do it hard, his pumping became more progressed. I could feel the head of his penis up in me, and we both grabbed each other, holding our bodies together firmly as we both climaxed at the same time. I could feel every twitch and jerk from the head of his penis as he lost his warm cum in me, my eyes rolled back in my head as I hit one orgasm after another. Sending my body into uncontrollable convulsions. He pressed it hard and deep in me, as his fluid began to mingle with mine. My body relaxed, and he collapsed on me, with his head laying on my shoulder. My eyes opened, and I watched the rain drops hit my face, as I held him tightly with his manliness still in me. I could still feel his penis make it?s last few jerks of release, gradually stopping. I felt like I was in heaven, then again, maybe I am.

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