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Diary of Desires- Tropical Paradise

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The last thing Vanessa was thinking about was the cold whipping air of winter and the snow laden streets of home as she disembarked her flight. The warm tropical sun made her cheeks tingle and she was anxious to get to the hotel and head to the beach. Everyone seemed so friendly towards her as she checked-in to the hotel. She was surprised by the genuineness of the locals. Her stress-filled life had made her a bit pessimistic about other people and she hadn?t allowed herself the freedom to get close to anyone emotionally for a long time. The wall she had built around herself protected her from feeling her hurt, as she had in the past. In the end, though, she suffered a boring life, empty of happiness and lacking in fulfillment. She could hardly remember the last time she had allowed herself a night of sexual pleasure. This vacation would be different though. No one knew her here and she planned to relax and let things happen. The first thing was to get some rest as she lay out in the sun.

The air was dense with the smell of sea spray and the sand was warm between her toes as she walked down to her private cabana. The beach was unusually empty today. The hotel was filled with convention guests who were busy making business contacts in town. She relished the quiet as the waves pounded the shore. Seagulls squawked above her and she could hear the rhythmic pace of her breath as her muscles began to relax in the warmth of the sun.

A voice suddenly broke her light sleep. She opened her eyes and peered through the glare of the sun. A handsome dark haired man was standing before her. He offered her the fruitful beverage decorated with an amusing little umbrella that he was carrying. His voice bellowed so deep and sultry as he explained that her friend Bridget had arranged for her to have a beachside massage to start her vacation off right. Bridget and Vanessa had been friends since high school and she giggled at the naughty thoughts Bridget would have been having as she planned this. It was just like her friend to try and get her to let loose and have a good time. It was a wonderful surprise and Vanessa was more than willing to indulge in such a luscious experience, especially with the sinewy hunk standing before her.

He patiently waited outside the cabana as she removed her swimsuit and wrapped herself in a towel. As she laid herself down on the table he had set-up in the cabana, she couldn?t help but notice how soft the towel felt against her bare skin. It felt warm and soothing and had an intoxicating smell of fresh rain and jasmine.

He came into the cabana and put his muscular hands on her back. They were slightly callused but not too rough. The warm oil he had poured into his hands helped to glide across her skin. As he kneaded her muscles, she could feel the tension moving away from her. She was surprised at what else she felt. She was overcome with a sense of tingling all through her body. The touch of his hands moving up the inside of her thighs was making her throb. As he had her roll over onto her back, she couldn?t help feeling the anticipation of where he would touch her next. After working her arms, he started on her abdomen. She concentrated hard not to giggle as his hands moved the tiny hairs on her belly. He gently moved down her thighs, carefully moving the towel from one thigh to the other. The back of his hand lightly brushed over the top of her mound and her clit tingled with an urge to have him touch her more deeply. He moved down each leg, coming back up the inside of her thighs. She was practically squirming on the table.

As he reached up and lowered the towel from her chest, her bare breasts heaved ever so slightly at the cool breeze that caressed them. Her nipples became hard from the wind that blew and she could feel the heat welling up at each nipple as her sexual excitement grew. She didn?t even know this man, but the touch of him caressing her body was sending waves of excitement through her. She could almost orgasm at the thought of his body pressing against hers. She opened her eyes and looked deeply into his. The intensity in his gaze assured her he felt the same desire. He moved his face closer and passionately pressed his lips to hers. Their lips parted slightly and the taste was sweet. She felt his hot breath move across her cheek and gently kiss her earlobe. His mouth and tongue slowly moved down her neck to her waiting nipples. She let out a whine of pleasure as he gently bit down and suckled her. She could feel the wetness between her legs.

His tongue moved down her belly, lingering a little at her navel to tease her. He moved further down and around the inside of her thighs until his tongue made contact with her clit. A deep sultry moan came out of her as he licked and sucked. Her hips began to heave up as the tension grew inside of her. She wanted more and he gave it to her until she screamed with pleasure. She was panting with delight as she slid off the table and guided him to her previous position. She straddled over top of him and leaned down to tease his neck. He seemed surprised as she sucked and bit at his nipples. He hadn?t felt such a sensation before. His hardness was pressing against her pussy. She rubbed her clit back and forth, just enough to tease them both a little more. She slowly moved down his body and slid her mouth down onto his shaft. She could taste his saltiness and he moaned as she moved her mouth over him.

He wanted to be inside of her, feeling the throbbing of her inner muscles around his shaft. He caressed her face and guided her up towards him. Passion seared through her as she felt him penetrate and slide up inside of her. With a pulsing rhythm their hips heaved with each other until they moved like wild animals. They were both lightheaded from the intoxicating pleasure they were feeling. He held off his orgasm until he knew she was ready to cum with him. Sweat ran down them both and they embraced together as they both shuddered with satisfaction.

They didn?t want to part, but the sight of the crashing waves was too enticing. The sun was setting before them, casting a magnificent glow of orange across the sky. The sea felt cool on their hot skin. They caressed each other in the salty water and passionately kissed. This had felt so good. She didn?t know if she would ever see him again, but she knew she would have the best vacation of her life. With a renewed sense of sensuality, she dressed and walked back to her room, fantasizing about her next encounter on this tropical paradise.

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