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Diary of Desires- The Elevator

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It?s early on a Friday morning. Nothing special about today unless you count birthdays. Morgan really didn?t plan on celebrating. Birthdays seemed like such a ritual of the past. She would probably go out with some friends to the local pub for a good meal, plenty of conversation and enough pub ale to keep the loneliness she felt at bay, at least for one evening. Today would probably be a good day. The only aggravation so far was an early morning phone call from the office. There was some problem with an account and she would have to double time across town to keep a client happy.

Sometimes she hated her job. It wasn?t really that she didn?t like her work, but so much of it seemed to fall on her. She was always so willing to pick up the pieces for other people. Here she was again, running in to the office to save someone elses? ass. Well, at least it was Friday. Maybe the boss would cut her a break and let her leave early. He seemed nice. She didn?t know him very well. He was transferred in from another office a short time ago and some of her projects kept her too busy to get to know him. She had noticed how handsome he was though.

He was a few years older than she was, but his slightly graying hair made him appear demure and full of experience. He portrayed an air of confidence that was overwhelming to those around him. He was well respected by the employees and treated everyone kindly. Morgan thought that was probably an unusual trait for a man in his position. She thought to herself that it would be good to get to know him better.

It was a long ride on the subway to the office and she could hardly wait to step off the train and avoid anymore ghastly smells. As she approached the office building, she took in a deep breath of the morning air and resigned herself to having a fabulous day, even if she did get called in early. Her office was on the forty-second floor of a beautiful downtown building. The architects had painstakingly taken into account every detail in making the building ecologically and aesthetically friendly. She noticed how deserted the building seemed so early in the morning. She usually arrived when there was such a bustling in the lobby. People waiting in line at the coffee kiosk, reading the paper or carrying on lengthy conversations about business. It was soothing to see the building so tranquil. She could appreciate the cool green marble that curved around the corners and the beautiful cherry wood crown moldings in the lavish foyer.

The sound of her footsteps was almost haunting as she crossed the marble floor to the elevators. She wondered where Simon was. Simon was the security guard for the building. He was always at his post, but not this morning. She thought that perhaps he was making rounds of the building.

As the elevator doors closed behind her, a pang of loneliness flooded over her again. Why was this bothering her so much lately. It?s not as if she hadn?t had any relationships. They just hadn?t been satisfying. She wanted a man that could desire her completely and make her feel like she had no inhibitions. This was still difficult for her. She had been hurt in the past and was afraid to fully open up her feelings to anyone.

She had only gone up a few floors when the elevator stopped. The doors opened, and there he was, standing right in front of her. Her boss, looking so dashing in his suit, bid her good morning. ?Thank you for agreeing to come in so early today?, he said coyly smiling at her. ?No problem?, she said, trying to avoid his eyes. She was afraid he would be able to see right through her. She was so attracted to him, but she couldn?t imagine saying anything. After all, he was her boss.

She was following the pattern of the carpet when she felt the elevator come to a sudden stop. She looked up and saw him reaching for the emergency phone. ?There?s no one answering?, he said as he laid the phone back on it?s cradle. ?Maybe Simon isn?t here yet?. She told him how he wasn?t at his desk when she came in. ?Well, looks like we might have to wait here for a while, until Simon figures out we?re stuck?. ?I?m glad though. I?ve been waiting for a chance to get to know you Morgan?. She couldn?t believe her ears. Was he flirting with her or was she just imagining this from the lust that was welling up inside of her? The scent of his cologne was intoxicating. His strong jaw line made her imagine the passion that would be in his lips pressed against hers. She decided to relax and see what might happen. "I?d like to get to know you too. I?ve been so busy with my accounts that I haven?t had the decency to take some time to chat with you.? ?I know. I?ve been watching you in the office. This may seem completely forward and inappropriate, but I have to tell you how much you have been on my mind. I?ve smelled your perfume when you?ve passed by me and wished I could sweep you into my arms and embrace you.? With that, he reached behind her and placed his hand behind her neck. She could have melted on the spot. How could this be happening? Was she dreaming? As she closed her eyes, she felt his lips press against hers. Fire seemed to burn within her. She wanted him desperately and she could feel the same fire in him.

He practically trembled as he pressed her against the wall of the elevator. His hands slid up her blouse to touch her soft voluptuous breasts. He could feel her hardened nipples through the fabric of her bra. The sensation made him want her even more. Their tongues tasted each other?s hot breath. She hadn?t felt like this in a long time. She didn?t care where she was. She needed him touching her, kissing her, inside of her. He gently guided his lips down her smooth belly and lifted her skirt. Her panties were wet with her excitement. The desire in him became more intense and he thought he might just explode if he wasn't'? inside of her soon. His tongue caressed across her mound until he teased her clit into orgasmic pleasure. She dropped to her knees and tore at his clothes. She wanted to taste and suckle him like a child with a lollipop. He moaned with pleasure as she moved his hard penis in and out of her mouth. She could feel him getting even harder. She felt very sexy and desired. She turned to face the wall of the elevator and grabbed the handrail bolted across the center. He thrust into her wet pussy from behind and grabbed her swollen breasts. She squealed with pleasure as he rubbed and pinched at her nipples. She could feel his cock so deep inside of her. It felt so good. He was so powerful, yet gentle at the same time.

They both came with pleasure and he swung her around to face him. His mouth licked at her clit once again. He wanted to feel the excitement of her orgasm again. Her muscles tensed and her back arched as she leaned back into the wall. The sensation was incredible. No one had ever made her feel this good. How could this be possible? Electricity seared through her entire body as she moaned with ecstasy at yet another orgasm. He pressed his body against hers, as if to protect her. His mouth caressed hers so gently. They stared at each other for what seemed an eternity.

They slowly dressed, slightly avoiding eye contact. She couldn?t believe what had just happened. Was she a complete fool? How would she be able to work with him everyday? What did he think of her? Just then, she felt a surge of the elevator and it started to slowly climb upward. As she looked up, she saw his hand pull the key out of the stop elevator control. ?You stopped the elevator?, she asked, ?I don?t understand?? ?I?ve wanted you for a long time and I knew you wanted me too. I could see it in your eyes and feel it in your essence when you walked past me?. ?I want to spend time with you. I think you?re amazing?.

?So you?re the one who arranged for me to come in early this morning?? ?Yes, I wanted to give you a very special birthday gift?. Just as he finished his sentence, the elevator doors opened up on the forty-second floor. She was stunned as the entire office appeared before her yelling, ?Happy Birthday?! There were balloons and flowers and cake, all of the typical pleasures of a birthday. But there he was, standing before her with wanting eyes. This would be interesting, she thought. As she glanced across the room, she spotted Simon enjoying a piece of cake. She wondered if everyone knew what time she had gotten on the elevator or if that was just a secret between her and Simon!

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