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Diary Entry

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Diary Entry 1


So there I was. Another quiet night parked on the side of the road on patrol, waiting- no, hoping- for some idiot to come flying by at 50 miles an hour. Three nights in a row of this shit and still no take downs. The only consoling thought was the fact that I was alone that night. I mean, my partner Bonnie’s got my back and all, but she’s such a tight ass. I mean, why can’t we screw around with the civilians once in a while? Didn’t she see the movie, Super Troopers? Anyway, there I am on my second cup of coffee thinking this would be just another night when- lo and behold- a friggin’ Acura just shoots by doing at least 75. So, of course, I get excited. I’m already pulled out of the side of the road when I reach over and turn on my sirens. A few minutes go by and the idiot is still driving so I’m thinking, hell yeah this is about to be a chase.

Suddenly the driver slows down and then pulls over to the side on a dirt path. We’re about three or four miles from where I was parked. I get out, calmly make my way over to the driver’s window and shine my flashlight in his eyes. “Do you have any idea how fast you were going?” The idiot grinned, his hand still shielded his eyes from my light. I frowned and lowered my flashlight to get a good look at this asshole. Oh shit. He’s hot. I gulped. “License and registration, please,” I said. The man handed me both without a word. So I walk back to my cruiser and run his plates. The computer screen revealed that his name was Andrew and his marital status was single. All of a sudden, the sickest thought came to mind and I decided to just go for it before I changed my mind. What the hell, right? I unbuttoned my shirt about halfway down and reached in to push my breasts up higher so the tops of them would show better. What man wouldn’t appreciate these babies? I walked back to his car a little slower but surer this time. Either this guy was gonna accept my advances or he would report me and my ass would be out of a job by tomorrow afternoon. “Step out of the car, please.” He opens the door and steps out. The dickhead doesn’t even make a halfhearted attempt to hide the fact that he was staring right at my breasts. I’m thinking, OK green light. By this time I was cumming like a cow ripe for milking and, ladies, we all know that when you get that hot, that man’s gonna be fucking you tonight whether he likes it or not. I open my mouth to try to say something sexy but, instead, Andrew unzips his fucking pants and drops them. Yes, he was traveling commando and yes his dick had my eyes throbbing in my head. This bold son of a bitch rips my shirt completely off, forces me on my knees and shoves his freakishly large dick in my mouth. No one disrespects me like that. I’m a fucking cop. I can drag this motherfucker’s name through the mud and there won’t be shit he could do about it.

Instead, I go for breaking my own record of how far I could get a dick down my throat without actually throwing up. I tried contacting Guinness to tell them to add a deepthroating category to their books but I don’t think they were having that. I mean, if there was an academy award for best dicksucking, guess who would win… Anyway, to make a long story short, I sucked the shit out of Andrew till he came in my mouth. Then I gargled it and decided to spit it back at him for forcing me on my knees like he did. He, in turn, smacked me upside my head, turned me around so I was on all fours, and grabbed my hair back as hard as he could, jerking my head back hard enough to make tears spring to my eyes. How the hell did he know I liked it like that? I was waiting for him to ram his dick up my ass or something. Instead, I felt something cold and rock hard trying to force its way into my pussy. This psycho decided to fuck me with my own fucking nightstick.


With each thrust of that damn nightstick he jerked my head back harder and harder. And dammit it felt so good. I was panting and wheezing and crying out like a slut from a porno movie- only better. I didn’t know what the hell to do with my hands so I pulled out my breasts and tried my hardest to suck them myself. I succeeded with the right one because it’s slightly bigger and longer. Fuck, this shit was good. Then he finally decided to put his dick in my ass- only he was still fucking my pussy with the stick. “Fuck. You better last longer than a few minutes. Shit! Don’t stop!” “Shut the fuck up, cop! Just take it all in like a big girl.” What else was I going to do? This lasted for the next fifteen minutes or so. He continued fucking my ass. The night stick he finally pulled out- and proceeded to hit me with it! He whacked my legs and ass and every time he commanded me to scream louder. Is it still assaulting an officer if it feels so fucking good? When his whole body started jerking I knew he was getting ready to come. Finally. I mean, I can roll with the best of them, but this man was a fucking beast!

He pulled out of my ass, turned me around and held my head back so I had no choice but to hold my mouth open. He came in my mouth, nearly choking my dumbass, and smacked me across the face, knocking me to the ground. “That should take care of my speeding ticket.” And with that, crazy-ass Andrew pulled his pants back up, got into his Acura and sped off into the night. Meanwhile I’m still laying there. Damn, I thought. Bonnie’s not gonna believe any of this shit.

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