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Dear DiaryI cheated on my husband and loved it

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August 19, 2002

Dear Diary,

?What if my husband had strayed once or twice,? had run through my head as I left Al?s science room down the hall from my room? I knew the day I thought that I felt a deep kinship at 53 for this man, an 8th grade science teacher, and he wasn?t my husband!

I still loved and shared life with my husband but after so many years of marriage, travel two or three days a week in his job, maybe what fluttered inside my body when Al was nice to me was for the first time maybe, just maybe, enough interest to experiment physically and mentally a little with another man for the first time since I?d been married. It was something I had never done and even as I thought those thoughts, my old, two children now in college, tummy quivered enough to make me feel guilty at the rather obvious rationalization and I let the moment pass.

Moments like that had kept reoccurring as the next two months and my friendship with Al slowly evolved.

Late in the day after the students had left, it became a casual habit that Al stopped by my room on the way home or sometimes I?d stop at his on the way back from the office and my mailbox and we talked about school, family, his sort of picky wife, Cindy, my husband, Henry, all of that, and got to be good friends; able to say things to one another that we sometimes didn?t even say to our spouses. I still got tingles but just to myself when I thought about it only more so, especially knowing my husband traveled in his job a couple days every week. We often walked to the parking lot together or with a couple other teachers since we all tended to leave the school building for home about the same time. More than once when Henry?s dick was in my I was mentally wondering if it was true what the other older teachers said about Al?s cock, long and thin, and was being fucked not by Henry but by fantasy. I always came twice those times and Henry was certain he was a great lover.

One Wednesday a little later I had stopped in Al?s room and found him with tears on his cheeks, sitting at his desk and without question, consoled him. He?d told me that his wife was distant and had not been intimate with him over some issue regarding money for the last two months and he didn?t know how to deal with it. Despite being a big tough guy, he?d just broken down thinking about it.

I gave him a big hug from behind his chair with my breasts against his back and let him get it out. While he was being hugged by me my boobs were crushed into his back and my body betrayed me feeling him and flushing at the feeling. Finally, when Al quieted down with me still bending over his back and holding him, I whispered in his ear rather nervously: ?Al, why don?t we go to your house and talk about it over a glass of wine. Cindy?s traveling and so is Henry??

I felt his nod then he said, ?Okay, follow me home at 3:30 and we can talk more about it there. It?s not far over to Salisbury from here.?

I hadn?t said anything, just reached up from behind and patted him on the cheek, leaned down further with my tits on his shoulder and turned his head enough so that he reached up and gave me a very quick kiss on the lips. Without another word, I quickly left for my room, face flushed and definitely vibrating with the excitement of the possibility of breaking some rules, something I?d never done before. I was pretty sure he knew I was flushed and flustered and that he?d enjoyed my big tittles against him. I stopped in my room, got my purse and went to the teacher?s rest room where I pulled out the pair of frilly pink panties and bra that I?d stashed in there a month ago just in case. I changed after freshening my deodorant and cleaning my pussy which was more than a little moist with just the things running through my head even if Al wasn?t going there. The rest of the first afternoon together went pretty much like the following as I recall.

At 3:30 Al poked his head in the door and said: ?Ready??

?Sure. I?ll follow you in a second.?

He got in his red car and me in my blue one less than five minutes later and we pulled out of the lot, started the three mile trip to Salisbury where he lived. I?d been there before for a party with spouses so I was roughly familiar with the location and it wasn?t a surprise when he pulled up beside his big garage, left his car and opened the main garage door for me to put my car inside so we?d not be so obvious to anyone driving by. I knew without him telling me that?s what he wanted and it told me he too more than likely wanted to be naughty together.

I drove the car in, shut the engine off and sat there for ten seconds, nervous enough that my hands were shaking at what I was thinking though I didn?t know for sure what would actually happen. I straightened my bra, pulled my skirt down. He opened the door on my side and invited me out of the car and into the house. When I got out he kept the hold he had on my hand and led me to the steps and into the kitchen. I remember both of us standing there just a little nervous at what we both knew might be coming and him asking: ?Karen, would you like iced tea, wine, beer, water??

?Darned right, I?m nervous enough as it is. A glass of wine would work for me, Al but whatever you?re having.? I remember watching him nod indicating he was nervous too but for the same anticipations then more relaxed as he went about the business of opening a bottle of pinot grigio and pouring it into two glasses. Neither of us spoke but it was becoming clear Al felt like I did and was thinking what I was or he?d have been talking about Cindy. He wasn?t.

He had given me the wine and I sipped some then finally stammered out something like: ?Al, are you sure this would be okay with Cindy, me being here?? He was across the kitchen with his back against a counter and his legs crossed looking at me.

His answer was clear: ?No, probably not but I think she?s maybe got a boyfriend so does it really matter??

I am not bold. I am not aggressive. I have no idea what I did next for sure but I remember I must have sipped my wine again, put the glass down and walked across the kitchen to where he leaned against the counter, put a hand on the counter on each side of his hips and turned my face up to meet his and started what turned out to be the first of several nice, long, wet kisses.

I knew I was being naughty and I knew I was excited by it but I just kept kissing, opening my mouth and letting his tongue explore my teeth and my tongue, sharing our breathing until we?d started rubbing our hips together. My tits were mashed against his lower chest and I could feel hardness against me between his legs.

In a few more minutes he asked me if I was still okay with this and my answer was putting one of his hands on my breast then reaching down between us and feeling his cock and balls through his pants while starting a very deep kiss which I remember ended with him taking my hand and leading me into the closest bedroom, a guest bedroom, where he pulled the hem of my skirt up with his hands and rubbed my butt while I touched the skin of his back after pulling his shirt out of his pants. Eventually, I reached around and fumbled a bit with his belt buckle, his zipper and, breathing really, really fast, forced my wrist and hand inside his opened pants until I could actually feel the skin of his cock.

It was different, hard, very thin and quite long with two large, very warm balls beneath them. The head was covered by skin when I first touched it and I knew I was feeling my first ever uncut cock, actually, the third or fourth cock I?d ever felt. When I touched the tip, then fondle his balls, he squirmed, moved his legs apart and reached around to take my skirt off and find the waistband of my panties, pull it back and slide his big fingers down to the black, thick hair on my front down low and then rub the very wet lips of my opening.

When he did that I almost fell on the floor as my legs suddenly went very weak. He caught me, lifted me and took me to the bed where I remember he leaned me against it, removed my top, my pink bra, slid my lace panties and skirt off while first admiring them then flattering me. He then stood, never taking his eyes off me, and dropped all his clothes and sat me down facing him. His thin cock still had the head covered with the skin from the shaft and it was probably 2/3rds hard when I sat down facing it at eye level. I know I reached up, put my hand around it and peeled the skin back enough to see the clear little early cum on it. Nothing on earth would stop me so I put my head forward until my lips covered it and I could suck the liquid in over my tongue. It got harder and harder and stiffened but no bigger. Still remember thinking it was like the longest pencil I?d ever seen and when I wasn?t sucking it or stroking it I rubbed it on my nipples, licked it and put my mouth over it, taking it in and out until I could see he was getting very excited. He had been holding my head, my tits, tweaking my nipples and occasionally bending over to kiss me or suck my tits until I finally had enough and let go. When I did I remember scooting backward and laying with my head on the pillow, absolutely filled with nothing but lust just then, knees up, legs wide apart and showing my dark bush that was now glistening with little lights of liquid, inviting him to put that long thin cock in me.

We didn?t speak as he climbed on the bed, over my knees and I reached down to guide it in. It was very easy when it went in as it was less than half the thickness of my husband?s and about four inches longer. I remember it hadn?t hurt, just felt good when the head slid inside past my muscles and started moving back and forth. It was a different feeling, a nice feeling. He was holding himself up so I grabbed his balls with one hand and rolled my breasts for him to kiss with the other as he pushed his cock slowly in me then withdrew it and pushed it in again and again, picking up the pace, deepening his thrusts until he hit my deepest point. Both of us must have needed it because in less than two minutes I had cum twice, squirting liquid along his shaft and down his balls and he finally came inside me with a load that must have been huge. I know it was warm, wet and made his cock slide even faster until his sensations became too much and he stopped with it deep in me, told me how much he?d been wanting this and kissed my ear. It?s hard to describe what I felt so I won?t try but it was good, really good and when we slowed down I know I reached down while we were laying there still connected at the hips and put my hand on that area, picked up some of our juices and brought it up to our mouths and shared it so that both of us tasted each other?s cum mixed up now just like the air from our lungs earlier with our deep kissing?mixed together.

Al cuddled with me as his cock shrunk and we whispered to one another things that made no sense at all then fell briefly asleep for fifteen or so minutes curled together when I flipped back to belly with the emotion of the first excited and new fucking behind us. I know I hoped there might be more since we had time for him to recover. When I woke up I know I whispered in his ear: ?Al, I don?t feel one bit guilty. I absolutely loved being fucked by you and I want more when you can.?

?Me too? came from his lips.

With those words I reached behind me and found the soft dick half hard and started stroking it with my hand while he held my breasts, moved them, put his fingers in my lips then down lower, finding my big lips and sliding up and down them, inside them with his middle finger then two fingers until he found the spot inside and up and my butt started to wiggle on its own. I was humming, mumbling, saying nothing but saying it faster, breathing faster again, knowing we could take our time with this fuck. His cock was rubbing my fingers by then and I know he moved himself to be at more of an angle to me behind me, rubbed the head of his cock on my very wet pussy lips and along the way rubbed it against my ass?.something I had never tried. It felt good and I let him push it in my ass just a brief ways before scooting and asking: ?Fuck me, Al. Fuck me again, honey. Now!?

He pulled out of my ass and I reached down and guided it into my opening where this time we took our time, pushing in and out with me enjoying him bottoming the long but thin dick against my cervix, moving my insides around and listening to the speed and force of his breathing, feeling the heat of his body as he pumped in and out of me. I know I must have cum four or five times, coating his cock with my juices until I could hear Al?s breathing getting faster and faster which I hoped meant he was going to cum in again.

?Al, take it out now and put it in my ass while I?m this hot. Cum in my backside, Honey. I?ve never had that and it didn?t hurt when you were in a little.?

Instantly, his cock was out of my pussy and slowly, wetly entering my ass, spreading the opening enough for the head to slide past the foreskin and get fully inside me. It didn?t hurt?.thin was really good! When he popped the head past the muscle he could feel he was in and whispered: ?Are you okay??

?God, yes, big Al. Fuck my ass. Cum in me!?

He started to and I palmed my clit which was now ¾? tall and rigid, tweaked my pussy as he fucked my ass, held my nipples and tits until his speed was very fast. With no warning I felt a hot series of spurts of warm liquid shoot inside me, spaced just seconds apart.

I know I was not thinking, it was fantastically new and different as his fluids shot up inside me, inside my ass.

We kept moving as I had started to palm my clit enough that I knew I would cum with one last big squirt until I did, until all the fluids started to leak out of my ass and his cock plopped from my anus when it got soft. We rolled over, laughed, kissed and he observed he?d be washing sheets tonite, asked how I felt about it and was happy when I?d replied I wasn?t the least bit guilty and that next time we?d fuck at my house so I could take a turn with the sheets?.and did.

Neither Cindy, nor my husband ever found out that we?d met three times a few weeks apart until he unexpectedly was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and 90 days later was gone. Cindy stayed with him and though my husband and I visited him when he was sick those three times were the only times we fucked. Both of us knew it had been a bridge to get our existing marriages over some hard spots and didn?t think of it any other way than pleasure and something between the two of us. Fate never made us decide if we would be more and when I think about it now, I know that was probably good.

My husband ended up getting the benefit of it when he found I was very interested in sex again, more multi orgasmic than I?d been and liked to let him play with my ass, even put his his fingers or sometimes his thick cock in me there when I was really hot and he was lubed up very well.

It all worked out and no one knows provided no one in the family ever reads this diary entry.


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