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Day 3 at Caliente and a Little Bit of Kink

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Our first two days and nights at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort Tampa were fantastic! We heard the best was still to come on Saturday night. Aahz was having their big dance and after parties that always proved to be spectacular. After a couple of encounters with other lifestylers so far the last couple of days, we were ready for more fun.

We woke up famished after partying with Amber and Eric the night before. It was nice to just get up and throw on sarongs and walk over to the club and have breakfast outside on the veranda. The temperature was great and the sunrise was beautiful. Caliente was starting to come alive again. There were people doing their morning walks, bike rides and laps in the pool. And, the poolside vendors were getting their booths setup.

We were really looking forward to just relaxing nude in the sun by the pool. After breakfast, we picked out a couple of lounge chairs, plopped down and pulled out our books to read. I remember wishing that every Saturday morning could start that way. A move to Florida near Caliente was calling my name.

We ran into Sue and Jack that we had played with on Thursday night. They said they would be getting to the club early to reserve a booth for the dance and asked us if we?d like to sit with them. We happily accepted their offer. Thoughts of more fun with them flooded my mind. Maybe this time Nina would return the favor and go down on Sue. I was ready to watch Nina munch on some pussy again. It was so incredibly hot watching her with Amber the night before.

After lounging for a while in the sun, it was time to take a walk. We went around and checked out the poolside vendors. One woman had a booth with all kinds of jewelry. I fell in love with the non-piercing nipple jewelry and bought two pair for Nina. They make her nipples stand out nice and erect. The vendor also had belly chains and Nina picked one out that looks great with her nipple jewelry. She really looked hot prancing around the pool with her nipple danglies, belly chain and heels on.

We got back to our lounge chairs and ordered some lunch and a couple of frozen cocktails. Just about then, Amber and Eric came over. The girls hugged and giggled and recalled the previous night?s festivities. They both asked us to save them some dances at the club later and to be sure to look for them at the after party. Caliente is a lifestyle friendly resort and Aahz was going to be hosting the dance party and the afterhours play party in one of the villas. This was going to be our first time playing in a group setting. The anticipation of the fun to be had was growing by the hour.

After our lunch settled, we decided to take in a game of water volleyball. Naked water volleyball is the best! All those wet tits flopping around really excited me. We played two games and had an absolute blast. Our team won one game and lost one. It was the most fun I ever had losing a game, though. There?s really no losing with a bunch of wet, naked bodies bouncing all around me.

After the water volleyball game, we went back to our room to take in a nap before dinner. When we got in the room, Nina was the one who pushed me onto the bed and started attacking me. She was on top of me, straddling my waste, licking and biting my neck and ears while holding my wrists down over my head. Then she hopped off and grabbed our toy bag from underneath the bed. She pulled out a pair of wrist cuffs, a quick release clip, some rope and a blindfold. She put the cuffs on my wrists and clipped them together, then ran the rope through the rings and down either side of the bed and tied it off on the bed frame, leaving only a little slack. She then put the blindfold on me. I was tied down, blindfolded, naked and vulnerable with a raging hard-on.

She straddled my waste again, kissing, licking, sucking and biting on my shoulders, neck and ears. When I would try to move my head, she would hold it down to one side and attack me to know end. She knows it drives me absolutely wild and my body was twitching and writhing to the wild sensations coursing through it. Talk about goose bumps on steroids. When she does this to me, she can pretty much ask for whatever she wants and I will grant it to her. It?s how we ended up getting married. I cannot say no to her when she has me in this predicament.

After what seemed like a glorious eternity of ecstatic torture, she hopped off of me and I heard her rummaging through the toy bag. She starts rubbing me all over with her soft hands, from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, gently kissing me along the way as well. It was pure heaven. Out of nowhere, she smacks the inside of my thigh, hard. It instantly brought me out a state of the warm fuzzies into that of shock and exhilaration. Of course, she had to make things even and smack the inside of my other thigh, harder than the first strike. Next, her hands go to my balls and she starts gently massaging them and gradually pulling on and stretching my sack. The harder she pulled, the more I liked it. Then she started twisting my sack in one direction until it was tight. She held it there with one hand and used her nails from her other hand lightly scratching and poking. It was intense and I loved it. She let my balls go, and then she cradled them in one hand while gently smacking them. After a few seconds of that she moved on to my rock hard cock. Playing her game of slap dick, she slapped my dick back and forth between her hands. It felt really good at first until she started getting really into it, slapping a little too hard for my comfort. I told her to take it down a notch. ?Aw, let me kiss it and make it feel better!? she said.

Nina started kissing and licking and sucking and nibbling up and down my cock. Then out of nowhere, she struck my cock with a penis flogger she pulled from the toy bag. She didn?t strike hard but, it was a shock. Swiftly she whirled the flogger all over my cock, taking some lighter shots at my balls and had me squirming like crazy. Just before I was about to tell her to back off a bit, she stopped and went back to blowing me. God damn, I was in a complete state of ecstasy. There was my wife, usually submissive, dominating me. We had played around a little like this before, but never had she bound and blindfolded me. This added a whole new world of opportunities for us to explore in the future. She moved up and started kissing and licking me from the groin back up to my neck and ears again, driving me wild. Then she sat and eased her pussy onto my throbbing cock. She rode me hard and long, bouncing up and down, her pussy juice squirting and dripping all over me. Finally, I let myself go after I knew she had a dozen or so orgasms. I came so fucking hard; I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest. Nina climbed off me, releasing a gush of both of our juices all over me. She released and removed the cuffs and the blindfold and lay next to me.

We talked for a bit, a short debriefing of our scene. And, we talked about what we were going to wear to the Aahz party that night. Again, we were very pleased with our decision to vacation at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort. The fact that it is a lifestyle friendly resort made our stay that much more exciting. We found out that you can enter to win a free vacation at Caliente Tampa by going to eroticresorts dot net. We hope we win!

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