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Dawns Hot Night Out

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One Friday night Dawn and I were having dinner and drinks at a nearby bar and grill. Early during the evening we ran into our neighbor Nick and his wife Jessica. Nick was a tall guy and fairly muscular. He was wearing one of those tight black shortsleeve tee shirts. I remember that because his large biceps were busting out of the sleeves and you could see part of a tattoo sticking out from just under the sleeve. He was very handsome and my wife had always told me how beautiful she thought his eyes were. ?Blue like the ocean? she would say. It was a standing joke between us that it was more than his eyes that she thought were beautiful. I used to encourage Dawn to flirt with Nick, but she was friends with Jessica and Jessica was normally around whenever we saw Nick anyway. Dawn always told me that Nick was a good boy because he never really flirted with her like most guys had.

Jessica was an average looking woman with short dark hair. She had put on a few pounds since they had moved in next to us. Nick on the other hand worked out a lot. He was an avid mechanic and was always out in the yard building things or working on cars. We'd see him jogging through the neighborhood at least once or twice a week.

Dawn whispered to me at one point during dinner that she had caught Nick checking out her boobs. I smiled at her and told her how hot she was looking. She had on a black leather tube top that zipped in the back with one of her push up bras on. Her tits looked amazing and she was as beautiful as ever. She was getting stares from all the men in the place.

We were all drinking, laughing and having a good time talking. Nick and Dawn were talking quite a bit with each other, really hitting it off. Jessica and I spoke a bit, but she did not have the best personality and we just didn?t click. Jessica had mentioned she wasn?t feeling well and was ready to go, but Nick insisted they stay for a bit.

At some point during the evening Nick got up and went to the bar to buy another round and Jessica excused herself to the restroom. I leaned into Dawn and asked her what she thought about Nick. She smiled and told me he was looking very cute. I said ?why don?t you flirt with him and see if he reciprocates?? Dawn smiled and said again that she had caught him a few times checking her out. She figured it was the alcohol. Dawn was pretty buzzed so I took a shot and asked her if she would ever fuck Nick.

Dawn: ?Of course I would,? and she giggled and took another drink.

Me: ?Look, I?m getting kind of tired. Why don?t I offer to take Jessica home and you too can hang out and drink for a while.?

Dawn looked at me with a puzzled look on her face and said ?I don?t care what you do. If you are tired you can go and Nick can take me home later.?

About that time Jessica was coming back from the restroom and sat back down across from me.

Me: ?Jessica, look, if you aren?t feeling well, I can take you back if you want. I?m getting sleepy myself. Nick and Dawn can drive back later since they want to stay out so late.?

Jessica thought about it for a moment, then said ?well, I guess that will be ok, my head is killing me.? About that time Nick came back to the table with some shots.

Me: ?Nick, I?m getting pretty tired and Jessica isn?t feeling well. If you don?t mind, I?ll go ahead and take her back home as I?d like to get home and get to bed myself. You and Dawn can party the night away if you like.?

Nick said, ?are you sure, we are just getting started on these shots?? Jessica told him about her headache and he said something to her that I couldn?t make out.

Nick: ?Alright you pussies, go home and go to bed. Dawn and I will be just fine; more shots for us.?

On that note I kissed Dawn on the cheek and gave her a smile. Jessica got up, we all said our goodbyes and we headed for the door.

We didn?t really talk much on the short drive back. When we arrived at the house, Jessica quickly scurred up her steps and closed the door behind her. I went into my house and slipped out of my jeans and got into to bed to watch some tv. My mind began to think about my wife back at the bar drinking with Nick. ?Would she fuck around with him,? I thought to myself. ?Nah,? I thought, she just didn?t have the nerve. And certainly not with a neighbor with whom she is friends with his wife.

Still the thoughts ran through my mind and I felt myself getting very aroused. I shut off the lights and masturbated before watching some tv. After a while I began to get tired so I flipped off the tv. I noticed it was about 1am. I had gotten home about 10:30 or so, so I figured Dawn and Nick must have been having a blast up at the bar.

I was just beginning to doze off when I heard the door opening in the living room. Dawn quietly walked back into the bedroom and began to slip out of her clothes.

Me: ?So how did it go??

Dawn: ?Good, we had fun.?

She slipped into the bed behind me in just her thong and reached around and started playing with my cock. I could feel her tits pushing up against my bare back.

Me: ?Wow, what?s this about? You must be feeling frisky. Did Nick get you all turned on??

Dawn began to go down on me. I rolled on my back and she took my cock into her mouth and mumbled ?un hu.?

Me: ?Ah, that feels great baby. So tell me what happened.?

Dawn continued to suck on my cock as it grew harder in her mouth. I pushed her to tell me how her night had been. She pulled back off of my cock and continued stroking me with her hands.

Dawn: ?We had those shots and talked some more after you left. I got up my nerve and told him how gorgeous his eyes were. Then he told me that I was a beautiful woman. He thought my boobs were D?s and I told him they were only C?s. I was embarrassed and turned on at the same time. He started getting real personal about his relationship with Jessica and telling me how she didn?t fuck him anymore and how she didn?t seem to care what he did. I told him that you liked me getting hit on and dressing sexy. I told him how it turned you on and how it had helped our sex life.?

My cock was throbbing in her hands and she went back down on it taking my cock in her mouth.

Me: ?That feels so good baby. I?m so proud of you; you flirted with him. See he likes you.?

Dawn mumbled a ?yes? and continued to suck on my cock taking it in deeper each time.

Me: ?So was that it, no funny business??

Dawn pulled back off my cock and continued to stroke it hard.

Dawn: "Nick slid his chair up next to me, leaned in to my ear and told me that I had an outstanding body and if he was my husband he wouldn?t be able to keep his hands off of me. I got goose-bumps. I was feeling sexy. He's so big and strong and he was hitting on me. I didn?t know what to say. He put his arm around the back of my chair and asked if I wanted to go. I figured he wanted to get back home to his wife. I told him I was ready and we got the checks, paid them and walked out to his truck. On the way out he asked me if my tits were real and I said that they were. He said he didn?t believe me; they were too perfect to be real. He kept on for a few minutes about how perky they looked. So when we got in the truck I looked around to make sure no one was around and I told him to unzip my top and I?d show him.?

My cock was ready to burst in her hands. I told her to stroke me a little slower and finish telling me what happened.

Dawn: ?Are you mad??

Me: ?No, oh my God that is so hot. What else happened??

Dawn: ?He unzipped the back of my shirt about half way. I turned around, but was too shy to let him see. Nick was begging me for a peek so I pulled down my top for just a second. He just sat there kind of speechless for a minute, then he told me how beautiful I was. He made me feel so sexy the way he looked at me. I told him he could touch them if he wanted since he still didn?t think they were real. So he started rubbing on them with both hands. Then he leaned forward and starting kissing along the top of my cleavage. I was getting so turned on. I grabbed his leg and squeezed it. He was licking and sucking along the top of my chest. So I reached back and unlatched my bra so he could get his mouth around them." (giggling)

Dawn: "My nipples were so sensitive. I was getting really hot. He was pulling on them with his mouth. I started squeezing on his cock through his jeans. Then he leaned in and kissed me. He was sucking on my bottom lip and squeezing my tits. I was getting so hot baby. I didn?t know what to do. I told him that his hands felt good on me and he started to unbutton his jeans as he kissed me. Nick pulled out his cock and asked me to touch it. I started rubbing on it like I?m doing yours right now. His cock was really thick and hard so I just rapped my hands around it and stroked on him like this."

Dawn stroked my cock with nice long slow strokes.

Dawn: "Nick sat back in his seat and I pulled on his cock for a few seconds. Then he said we should probably get out of the parking lot before someone saw us, so he started up his truck. I kept rubbing his cock while he drove. I thought we were coming back home, but he drove us to that Days Inn on 3rd street.?

Me: ?Oh my God, so you fucked him! That?s so sexy baby, tell me, please. Every detail.?

Dawn: ?I can?t believe you like hearing about this. I am so embarrassed. I was so drunk.?

Me: ?What happened??

Dawn: ?I didn?t know what to do and I was turned on. I went into a room with him, but I told him I had to go home. He closed the door and pushed me up against it and starting kissing on my neck. He is so strong baby. I pushed him back and he asked me if I really wanted to go. I said I didn?t know. He took his shirt off and then started kissing me again. He picked me up and laid me on the bed and pulled my shirt back down. He kissed on my neck then on my nipples again. He unzipped my shirt and took it off, then started kissing down my stomach. He slid down my skirt and started to eat me out.?

My cock was throbbing in Dawn?s hands and I began to come all over the place. I told her to continue telling me what happened.

Dawn: ?His mouth felt so good all over my body. He sucked on my clit for a while. Nick had me squirming all over the bed, the buildup was so intense and I came after a few minutes. Then he started again with his mouth and with one finger going in and out of me. His tongue was licking me with nice long strokes. I was dying baby, I had to have his cock in me. I told him to fuck me. He made me beg for it. He kept playing with my pussy and I kept begging for it. Finally he grabbed my hips and pulled me into him and he slid his cock into me nice and slow. I was begging for him to pound me, but he just kept going so slow. It was driving me wild. He started to go in a little bit deeper and faster and I began to cum again. That seemed to motivate him and he really started fucking me good and hard and I came again so hard baby. Oh my God it was crazy hot. Then he pulled his cock out of me and laid down on the bed next to me and told me to suck on his cock.?

Me: ?Fuck, did you??

Dawn: ?I did, I would have done whatever he told me to do at that point. I sucked on his cock really good for maybe 10 minutes. I licked on his balls like you like while I stroked him and then I deep throated him for a few minutes. Nick had his hand wrapped around my head while I sucked his big ole cock. It practically choked me, but you know I don't have a gag reflex." She smiled at me and giggled.

Dawn: "I wanted him to cum, but he didn?t. He pulled me off of him after a few minutes and told me to get on all fours. I did what he said and he slid his cock in from behind me. It kind of hurt at first, I was already sore, but then it started to feel so good again. He has a big cock baby. He picked up both of my legs off the bed like I was a wheel-barrel and fucked me really fast and hard until I came again. Twice in a row. Can you believe I came again? I have never been so wet in my life and he was getting so deep into me. Then he slid his cock into?.my ass.?

Me: ?What the fuck, you have never wanted to do that? I can?t believe it.?

Dawn: ?Baby I was so turned on I would have done anything. It hurt a little, but he did it real slow and it started to feel really good actually. I actually liked it. But it felt better when it was in my pussy. He turned me back over after a few minutes and then I got on top of him and fucked him. I rode his big ole cock baby. After a few minutes I could tell he was going to cum. He started pulling my hips really hard into him. I was rubbing my hands over his chest and pinching his nipples. He started cumming inside me. I rode him until he was done then we kissed on the bed for a few minutes. We laid there for a while, then we got dressed and came home.?

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