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Danielles story

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?Just for you?

He pulled back the shower curtain to peek at her naked form, glistening with the warm water. Her red hair guided the water off her scalp and down the gentle curves of her body. She was oblivious of him spying on her as she showered. He watched as the lather from the shampoo she was rinsing from her hair flowed down over her smooth skin. He followed it with his eyes, watching as the suds traveled the length of her back, slowing down as it reached the curve of her ass. She turned slightly away from him to rinse the soap from her back. He watched as the suds flowed over her left hip and down her soft sexy leg. He felt a stirring in his pants as his dick began to swell. He could feel the growing pressure as his dick began to expand. The familiar throbbing started as she bent over to rinse the remaining bubbles from her lower legs. Her pussy was visible to him now and he longed to stick his dick inside of her. He watched as she continued to rinse off, never turning around to let him know she was aware he was watching. She guided the warm water from the shower head between her legs, feeling the water caress her soft pussy lips. Her fingers soon followed the water as her clit began to swell. Knowing he was watching excited her. The cool air around the streams of water made her nipples hard. He caught glimpses of them as they swayed in and out of his view. His attention was turned to between her legs as her fingers appeared behind her. Spreading her ass cheeks to make sure there wasn?t any soap hidden there. His cock was erect and trying to force its way through his pants. His muscles were tense and his breathing quickened as she continued to shower. She knew she was torturing him, and she like it. She knew his dick was as hard as it could get but she would not let him off that easy. Her hands traveled up and down her body ensuring the soap was all gone. The warm water felt wonderful on her skin.

Finally, she turned around and let him know he was caught. He smiled and asked if he could wash her hair. With a slight raise of the eye brows she invited him into the shower. He removed his shirt revealing his strong chest and shoulders. His fingers unbuttoned his pants with a quick twist, and they both watched as they fell to the floor. He stepped out of his pants and into the tub. The water bounced off his sturdy form and traveled into the tub. He reached for the shampoo and she reached for his enlarged cock. Her hands wrapped around it, squeezing it, feeling its firmness. She loved the feeling of his fingers in her hair as he massaged her scalp. The shampoo lather was thicker than usual. He had used too much, he always did. She knew that the extra foam would work its way down her body and make both of the slippery. She cradled his cock in her hands stroking it slowly allowing the warm soapy water to run over it. The soft smooth skin of his swollen member excited her. She squeezed his cock harder and watched as its head began to swell larger.

His strong fingers worked the soap in her hair into a thick lather. Massaging her temples and neck forced the soap to begin its journey down her body. Over her shoulders first then down the front of her where it was trapped by her full breasts. His hands followed the suds and caught them in her cleavage. He massaged the soap on here tits until her nipples were hard. Slowly and softly he caressed her spreading the soap evenly across her breasts. He turned her around and started washing her shoulders and back. His strong hands were firm against her soft back. She moaned as he continued to caress her body. Her shoulders slumped forward as he continued down her back across her ribs. Her hips began to sway as he got closer to her waist. Her back arched, when his hands reached the top of her ass. She leaned forward bracing on the shower wall as he worked his hands around her waist. He pulled her against him and put his dick between her legs. Her ass squeezed around it as he stood her up so he could wash her from behind. His arms reached under hers supporting her as he continued to wash her sexy body. Her red hair was dr*ped over her left shoulder exposing her neck. With soft kisses behind the ear he continued all the way to her right shoulder where he stopped and squatted in the tub to wash her legs. She began to tremble as he lifted her leg and placed her foot on the edge of the tub. His hands were all over her mid section, the soap was a thin film covering her from top to bottom. The warm water continued to cover her. Small rivers were flowing between her tits down between her legs. She felt his fingers playing with her pussy lips, and watched as two disappeared into her pussy. Her hips thrust back onto them as he buried them inside her. His thumb played with her clit as his fingers massaged her from the inside. Her pussy became wetter as he moved his face closer to it; she could not stand the anticipation of feeling his hot tongue stroking her pussy. He slipped under her leg and sat in the bottom of the tub between her legs and parted her silky smooth pussy lips with his thumbs. She watched as he buried his face in her pubic hair. Small bolts of excitement rushed through her body as his firm rough tongue made small figure 8?s around her swollen clit. Her body began to tremble as her breathing quickened. She knew it would not be long before he made her cum.

She looked down and watched as his hard dick stood up away from his stomach. His thick shaft moving back and forth as he licked her. His fingers worked in and out of her as his tongue moved over her soft pink lips. He filled her pussy with his fingers stroking her g spot, as he sucked her clit into his mouth. The warm water cascaded down her shivering body as she moaned and tipped her head back. Her hands reached for the back of his head and she forced his face deeper into her pussy. His tongue strong against her clit, the orgasm exploded throughout her body sending wave after wave of heat into her core.

He slid back under her and stood holding her from behind. His arms were wrapped tight around her torso. She could feel the thick cock pressed against her ass. She moved her hips back and forth massaging his dick. His hands massaged her breasts, rolling her nipple in his fingers. He slowly moved his hands from her body, she felt his left hand working its way up over her shoulder and into her hair, his fingers combing through it as the water flowed over her scalp. His grip tightened and she felt him pulling her head backwards. With her head tipped slightly back, she began to feel his warm breath on her neck. In an instant his teeth were applying pressure to the soft skin just behind her ear. At that moment she could feel his right hand sliding down her right side over her smooth ass. She arched her back as his hand moved below her ass. His fingers entered her soaked pussy from behind. First two fingers then three. He filled her to capacity as his right hand fucked her. The pressure from his left hand eased up slightly allowing her to look down into the tub. She felt his warm breath on the back of her neck as he nipped at the nape of her neck. He began to kiss her shoulders and massage her. His fingers left her body as he guided her to lean forward. Her ass was spread by his thick cock as it past between her cheeks. The soft smooth skin of its head passed over her ass hole and plunged into her waiting vagina. His hands moved to her hips as he entered her from behind. His shaft filled her as their bodies met. Three long slow strokes began to send waves of heat through her. His cock passed between her pussy lips so slow that she found herself wanting to back down the length of it. He stopped her and would not let her gain control. His rigid member pierced her time after time. She began to buck against him. The soft slap of their skin became louder and stronger as he continued. She felt his cock begin to throb as it grew thicker inside of her. Her pussy tightened around him as he continued to thrust inside of her.

Before she knew it he pulled his cock out of her and guided her out of the tub. He opened the bathroom door and put her on her knees in front of him. Lowering himself to the floor in front of her he kissed her on the forehead, cheek, lips and the neck. The deliberate kisses allowed her to grasp him hard cock in her hands and guide him into her. Her hair still dripping with water she fell backwards on the floor pulling him on top of her. His stiff member split her pussy once again, she gasped as he thrust it as deep as he could inside of her. She could feel his cock touching her cervix as he penetrated her. Their hips met over and over as they fucked on the bedroom floor. Her legs were wrapped around his waist with every thrust. Her arms were around his neck holding him down on her. She opened her mouth and sunk her teeth into him. He winced at first but she found that he fucked her harder with every bite. The strong muscles of his shoulders were pink in a matter of minutes as she bite him over and over, making him bury his thick cock deep within her. She began to feel it swell as his breathing became harder. She knew it would not be much longer. His dick filled her wanting pussy. She pushed him off of her and rolled over on all fours. She stuck her ass out at him and begged him to do her from behind. He moved her forward and had her lay on the edge of the bed. Her arms gathered blankets from the bed as he inserted his dick. Each thrust was stronger than the last. Her body was thrust time after time against the bed. Her pussy tightened around his cock. She could feel him swelling inside of her. An orgasm raced through her body as he moved his hips from side to side making sure he touched every inch of her pussy. The thick head of his cock slipped out of her pussy just long enough to rest in the delicate folds of skin in her labia. With a slow gentle push it parted her once again and the rhythm of their fucking began to move the bed. He began to moan as an orgasm started to race through him. She could feel his body tense as his rigid cock began to throb. He pulled out of her pussy and flipped her up onto the bed on her back. He spread her legs and put his dick back inside of her. His knees hit the edge of the mattress as she placed her legs on his shoulders. His sweat dripped onto the floor at the foot of the bed as he fucked her. She scooted closer to the edge of the bed letting him get deeper inside of her. Her body began to shake as his breathing became labored. She knew he was waiting for her to cum. She knew he would release his groin muscle to fill her pussy with his cum. Her back arched as the walls of her pussy closed around his shaft. He knew it was time to let go. With a heated rush they both came harder than they had ever cum before. Their juices filled her pussy as he continued to thrust, His cock still stiff and filling her up. He had made her cum four more times before his cock failed him. He lay there in her arms afterwards holding onto her and caressing her hair.

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