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Dana's Weekend part 1

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"Uhhhhhh, yes baby. Keep going.....god I love that.....I love the way you do that." Dana kept moaning as her husband Jim buried his face between her thighs. His hands alternated, gripping her hips, stroking her legs, running over her nipples and cupping her breasts. Dana took one of his hands and began to lick and suck his fingers while his other hand joined his tongue.

Sometimes Jim thought he liked the feel of his tongue in her almost as much as his cock. He loved her and loved making her moan.

Dana pulled his wet fingers from her mouth and guided them to her nipple.

Quickly both her hands went to her husband's head and pressed him against her harder as she started to pant and buck in time with her orgasm. "Oh yes.....oh me baby, drink it all.....ah, ah ah ah ah ah! Ah! Ah! Yeah! Oh yes... uhmmm, mmm."

Jim looked up at her. Her hands were now laying gently on his head and her eyes were closed, with a dreamy look on her face. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked at him with a wide grin.

"The neighbors might have heard that one," said Jim. "I guess I did a good job."

She returned his smile, "A *very* good job. God I love the way you do that."

She bent down as Jim leaned forward and took his face, wet with her juices, into her hands as he kissed her. "Hmmm, I can taste myself on your tongue.

I don't know why but I love that. Seems kind of naughty," she said as she started to lick her cream from Jim's cheeks.

"Well," said Jim, "I had no idea I married such a naughty girl."

"Mmmm, fuck me again," said Dana, "your turn to be on top, baby." With that Jim raised himself up high enough to get onto the couch Dana was sitting on and that she had ridden him on just a few minutes before. They would keep going back and forth until they were exhausted. She grabbed her legs and pulled them apart enough for him to slide up against her. "One smooth stroke, baby. Give me that tasty cock." Jim grabbed the back of the couch behind her and pulled himself into her with a single long plunge as she guided him in.

"Uhhhhhh," she moaned as he penetrated her to the hilt, "now fuck me hard hubby, fuck your naughty wife hard." She wrapped her arms and legs around him tightly as he used his hips and the grip he had on the couch to grind and thrust.

Her whole body shook with each thrust and she could feel the muscles in Jim's back and ass straining as he fucked her firmly. Over and over Jim pistoned his thick cock and ground the base against her swollen pussy. Dana's hands began sliding across his back as they both worked up a sweat, and the sounds of their slippery bodies sliding and smacking filled the room.

Dana started again, "Uhh, ah ah ah ah yes ah fuck yes ah baby..." Finally it hit her and she had to fight back a scream as she grabbed Jim's ass and head hard, feeling her body spasming again. Jim never slowed once, he continued pumping and grinding, her body sliding back and forth as she kept riding his thrusts.

Finally Jim started to cum, "Ohhh I love fucking you, I love filling you up baby.....I'm gonna give you every ounce I've got baby....nnnnnnngg yes."

Dana felt the muscles in his body tense even more as he came, flooding her cunt with his hot cream as he moaned in her ear. To Dana he felt as hard as stone in that moment, and she ran her hands over his slippery skin, like polished marble. A moment later she felt every ounce of tension in his body suddenly disappear.

He looked exhausted as she gave him a deep kiss. "Mmmm," she said, "that was great, baby. Hope you didn't damage anything," she said with a little laugh.

"I love making love to you baby, but I think I pulled every muscle in my body this time." They both laughed at this as they settled into each others arms on the couch. "At this rate," Jim jokingly said, "I'll need to bring in some extra help."

"Ha ha ha ha, tag-team fucking, huh?" Dana said with a laugh. "Well, don't worry. You're the only man for me," she added with a kiss. Then she jokingly added, "although, that guy Doug we met at the lake might be willing to help out. You saw the way he kept trying to flirt with me."

"Oh yes," Jim continued the joke, "and I noticed you checking out his cock a few times."

"Well, it was hard to miss since we were all skinnydipping and he was *so*

big," she said, now barely able to keep from laughing.

"You naughty girl, I bet you were thinking about grabbing his big cock beneath the water."

"Well, maybe if only the three of us had been there."

"Oooh, and what would you have done, hmmm? Would you have one of us suck your delicious nipples like this? While the other starts licking your pussy?" Jim began sucking her nipples while his hand slipped down and started working over her shaved pussy lips.

"Mmm, that feels nice, but you don't have to."

"It's OK, we're just playing."

"Are you sure?" asked Dana.

"I don't mind." Jim leaned in for a soft kiss, "mmm, I love you baby. Just close your eyes and relax, but only if you want to."

Dana thought about it for a moment. "Well, OK, I'll try if you don't mind."

"Just close your eyes, you naughty girl."

Dana giggled at this and then began moaning as Jim's hands and tongue and descriptions worked her over, "do you feel his tongue on your clit, baby?

Feel me sucking your tits while he worships your sweet pussy with his mouth." Finally Jim slipped two fingers up into her pussy and two fingers into her mouth. "We've got you skewered now, baby. Two hot cocks filling you up at the same time. Feel my cock in your mouth and his in your drenched pussy. Doug's moaning like crazy, baby. Your pussy is the hottest and wettest he's ever felt. He knows he's so lucky that we let him join us for the night. He knows he'll probably never find a woman as wonderful as you.

We're going to give him a night he'll remember for the rest of his life baby."

Dana's eyes were closed throughout all of this. She was bucking and writhing and moaning around Jim's fingers as she sucked them. His talking, his tongue on her breasts, his fingers pumping her pussy while massaging her clit and filling her mouth was too much for her. She almost screamed around his fingers and roughly bucked around the ones he had buried in her cunt. She was panting as he withdrew his fingers from her body and held her close.

"Ohh," said Dana, "that was....really something. Thank you darling, I love you."

Jim gave her a tender and warm kiss, "I love you too, my naughty wife." They both laughed at that and looked into each other's eyes for a moment.

"Would you mind doing that again sometime?" Dana almost reluctantly asked him. "Only if you want to. Don't worry baby, I don't have any plans. That was just really hot, and I love that you did that for me."

"Welllll, I suppose so," he said with a smile. "Who knows, maybe one day I'll surprise you, my naughty little wife."

"Oh, and what kind of surprise, my naughty little husband?"


Dana almost burst out laughing, "not him! He was coming on too strong."

"Well, who would make a good candidate?" asked Jim.

"Really? I mean, I don't know. I mean.....seriously? You would be willing to try that?"

"Only if you want to darling. If you'd like to try it, and we can do it so it wouldn't hurt us, I'd be willing to try."

"I don't know. The fantasy was hot. I did enjoy that, but for real? It sounds fun, but in real life it might not work that way. What do you think?"

"Well," said Jim, "I guess it would depend on how we do it. It couldn't get out of hand. And it would have to be something we do together as a couple, just for fun. If it gets problematic we would stop at once."

"Of course," said Dana, "we would never let something so minor get between us. I'm not willing to sacrifice our relationship just for some extra sex."

"We need to be careful about who we choose too. It would be too risky to do it with a stranger. There could be diseases or psychos or the whole neighborhood could find out."

"Yeah, but that really narrows our choices."

"We should start off slow. We need to find one person we can trust and then we can just call him when we're in the mood and see if he feels like joining us for the night."

"Who can we try?" asked Dana.

"If this is just supposed to be fun, friendly sex, then maybe it should be with a friend---someone we already know and trust. How about Dave? Do you think he'd go for this?"

Dana considered the bachelor friend they've know for years. "It's always fun when we go out with him and his date or just the three of us, and he's always been nice. I like him, and you've know him longer than I have."

"Suppose we invite him up to the cabin for the weekend?" asked Jim.

"Just ask him outright or see if he's interested?"

"Maybe both. We could just play it by ear."

"Well, this may be a *very* interesting weekend....." said Dana.

Jim called Dave and asked if he had any plans for the weekend. "Why don't you come up to the cabin with us? It's great there this time of year. We can hang out like we used to, spend all day fishing and relaxing. Hell, we'll have the area to ourselves; we can skip clothes like we did last time."

"A whole weekend of naked fishing---how can I refuse?" said Dave with a laugh. "Really, it sounds great. I could use a break from the city and it's always great hanging out with you guys."

"We'll pick you up in the morning. All you'll need to pack is a toothbrush.

Everything else is all set."

"See you then."

Jim and Dana arrived at Dave's and found him waiting already outside with just a small duffel bag. "Like you said on the phone, I don't need to pack clothes or food or supplies."

"Hi Dave," said Dana, "just throw it in the back."

They quickly reached the expressway and began talking as they drove. "So, ready to get back to nature for a weekend?" asked Dana.

"Can't wait."

They arrived at the cabin just ahead of a thunder storm that was brewing behind them.

"Come on, let's hit the lake before it gets too dark and rainy" said Dana, as she grabbed Jim and Dave's hands and ran towards the shore. They quickly reached the secluded small beach and began pulling off their clothes. None of this was new to them---they would all sometimes get together for dinner at Jim and Dana's place and skinny dip in their pool afterward, and usually wear little or nothing when hanging out.

They all screamed as they jumped into the cold water. "Don't worry, it only feels cold at first," Dana said.

After a few minutes of swimming and splashing Dave noticed the storm moving in. "Jesus, it's coming in fast. We better get back to the cabin." They just had time to grab their clothes and run naked into the cabin as it suddenly became dark and very windy. Dana left the main room for a moment.

"Between that water and this weather I'm freezing. Now I wish I'd packed clothes," said Dave.

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