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Daddys Girl

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I’ve never thought of myself as having a foot fetish, in fact, I don’t even like feet. Until I met my third wife. Cheryl has very soft and cool to the touch skin ALL over her body. I love to just sit on the couch and lightly stroke her body, especially her feet as she studies.

One afternoon as she was studying for an exam, I sat on the couch beside her watching TV. My hand drifted to her sock-covered feet resting beside me. I began to run the tip of my finger around her toes and up and down the bottom of her foot. She would glance up at me every once in a while with a slight smirk on her face.

I reached over and slowly pulled the sock off her foot to expose her painted toes. She tried to press her foot deeper into the couch to prevent me from distracting her from her studies. Her soft foot lay naked in my hand as I caressed her toes, circling my finger tips around them. The velvety soft, cool feeling of the top of her foot was more than I could stand. My cock began to wake.

I leaned in and let my tongue roam lightly around her toes. Cheryl glanced up at me with a sexy smile and look in her eye that said, “And you expect me to concentrate on studying how?”

With that, I took her toes into my mouth and sucked them. She closed her eyes and let a small moan escape her lips as I teased each toe in my mouth with my tongue. I pulled them out slowly and nibbled the pad of one. She looked at me with a hint of want in her eye and said, “That’s not fair. We don’t have time to do anything, D will be home in a few minutes”.

With that I sucked her big toe all the way into my mouth and slowly pulled it out, lightly biting its pad. My wife let out a muffled moan of pleasure. I stood up, walked to her end of the couch and gave her a long passionate kiss as I unzipped her pants. She grabbed my hand and whispered, “We can’t”, to which I responded by forcing my fingers into her wet pussy. Our mouths met again and our tongues started twirling around in each other’s mouths as I felt her get wetter and wetter.

Suddenly we heard the all to familiar squeal of the school bus. Our son was home from school, our play had to subside for a bit. We composed ourselves and had a normal family evening, every once in a while whispering each others desire for the other.

Once our son was tucked into bed and asleep, our fun started again.

It started with giving Cheryl a nude massage. My cock felt so good against the skin of her bare ass. When she was relaxed, I started kissing up and down her back. Soft moans started to come from her. I let my tongue dance around her ass cheeks. I caressed and kissed her body all over. Trailing down her one leg, my mouth came to her feet once again. I started licking and sucking her toes, her breath sucked in and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as I lightly bit her instep (the tell-tale sign that my wife is totally aroused).

I slid my mouth over to her other foot and repeated the licking and nibbling. The feel of her foot’s soft skin against my tongue and cheek had my cock at full mast for her. Small coos and moans flowed from her lips as my tongue slowly made love to her feet. With a final lick up the bottom of her foot and a light bite on her instep that laboured her breathing, I started to nibble and kiss my way up her leg.

As I reached the top of her inner thigh, I firmly bit the crease of her pubic area. This sent her lifting off the bed slightly and she caught her breath in her throat. I softly kissed where I had just bit, then kissed over to her sweet shaved pussy. I let my tongue tease her pussy by lightly licking around her vulva, making sure I did not come into contact with her clit that was now craving the feel of my tongue. My cock rested against her sexy foot and she wiggled her toes back and forth making it grow harder and thicker as I continued to tease her pussy by deeply sucking each lip into my mouth. Cheryl’s hips began to move, trying to guide my tongue to her throbbing clit. Finally with one hard fast movement, I pressed my tongue to her waiting tunnel and licked right up til my tongue flicked her clit. “Mmm, Daddy that feels so good.”, She exclaimed. My cock THROBBED at this. Almost nothing makes me hornier than when my wife calls me Daddy.

My tongue started working her pulsing clit into a frenzy. I slid my middle finger easily into her soaking wet tunnel. My fingertip started running back and forth on her G-spot, immediately her hips started bucking against my hand as she fucked my finger furiously. Her head rolled back, “Oh yes Daddy, don’t quit what you are doing” she bucked her hips wildly trying to get my finger deeper into her pussy. I started pumping my finger harder, “No, Please don’t change what you are doing Daddy!” ,Cheryl begged. I went back to my former speed on her G-spot and continued licking the tip of her clit with my tongue. Her moans grew louder, her pussy tightened on my finger. “OH my god, get ready Daddy Im gonna cummmm” , her pussy exploded for the very first time in a small gush. She squirted across my arm and filled my mouth with her love juices. I pulled my finger out and spread her legs, lapping up every drop of her orgasm. She tasted so sweet, my cock sprung harder than ever.

I rolled her over onto her knees, got behind her and slid my cock deep inside her begging pussy.

After a couple minutes of long soft strokes, my cock exploded itself deep inside her very appreciative pussy.

We collapsed into a sweaty, cum-soaked pile. Kissing, cuddling and stroking each other, we cuddled up and fell into a deep sleep for the night.

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