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Daddys Girl 2

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The day started out wonderful. We laid spooning in bed, her soft and cool ass pressed against my hardening cock. My hand massaged Cheryl?s breasts as her nipples erected under my touch. I slid my hand along her side and caressed her soft skin. Her hand in turn started rubbing my thigh and slowly reached for my now throbbing cock as my fingers spread her lips and teased her dampening pussy from behind.

?Does that feel good?? , I asked her, my fingertip sliding in and out of her now wet pussy.

Cheryl?s hand gripped my cock and gave it a slight squeeze as she slowly milked it. ?It would feel a lot better with this in it.?, She replied.

I rolled her onto her back and crawled between her legs, our lips and tongues met in a passionate kiss as my cock sunk into her soft, wet pussy.

?Mmmmm, Daddy, your cock feels so good in my pussy,? Cheryl said, making my cock throb even harder.

?Your pussy feels so good wrapped around Daddy?s cock,? I told her as I pumped slowly and deeply inside her.

We kissed and caressed each other, letting our mouths wander over each other?s necks and faces.

Our bodies meshed together into one passionate heap of love, yearning to never separate.

I could feel the tightness in my balls as Cheryl?s lips caressed my neck and ear.

?Oh baby, Daddy?s gonna cum now?

?Yes Daddy, come on. Fill my pussy up!?

With that my cock exploded deep inside of her, coating her horny pussy with all of my ?Daddy?s love?

Throughout the day we have teased each other. Small caresses, a cock stroke or pussy rub as we drove, caressing her magnificent ass whenever I could.

When night fell, and our son was in bed, the fun resumed.

It started by me slowly spreading kisses over Cheryl?s body as I removed her pajamas. I caressed her breasts, slowly sucking her nipples to hardness, letting my tongue roll circles around them.

I laid Cheryl on the bed and secured her legs and hands. I spread whipped cream on her nipples and pussy, then drizzled chocolate sauce across her toes. I slowly started sucking the chocolate off of her toes, watching as Cheryl?s body slowly responded to my touch. I licked her instep then lightly bit it, as I watched her body stiffen in light convulsions.

I kissed my way up her leg, lightly licking the cream from her pussy lips, making sure not to touch her rapidly swelling clit. My tongue glided up her body further, and engulfed her nipples. First her right then her left, sucking the melting cream off, then lightly biting to intensify her pleasure. I can feel her toes caressing and teasing my hard cock.

?Mmmmm, Daddy, That feels so good!? , Cheryl moaned.

She knows how much it drives me crazy when she calls me `Daddy` the more she does it the hornier I get.

I crawled back down between Cheryl?s legs and let my tongue start to explore her pussy, lightly licking along one lip and back up the other, teasing her clit by refusing to touch it. Her hips started to twist and turn trying to guide her clit to my tongue, but to no avail.

I spread her lips open and let my tongue glide over Cheryl?s now drenched pussy. The scent and taste of her lust were heavenly. I allowed my tongue to finally glide over her clit, watching her body jump under my touch.

?Ohhh, Daddy, that feels so good. Taste my pussy.? She moaned.

My tongue paid full attention to Cheryl?s pussy as I slid a finger deep inside to pleasure her G-spot. Cheryl?s hips started rocking back and forth to the rhythm of my tongue and soft moans and whimpers escaped her lips as she lost herself in pleasure.

I could feel her pussy contract against my finger as I slowly licked and sucked her. Moans of pleasure flowed from her mouth as Cheryl fell deeper and deeper into ecstasy. As I sensed her pending orgasm forming, I replaced my finger with a banana, allowing fuller penetration as I continued to tease and suck her clit.

After a while Cheryl couldn?t take it any longer. ?Can I cum now Daddy?? , She implored ?Yes, Baby? I said. Cheryl?s pussy instantly erupted into waves of pleasure as her body withered and contracted in orgasm. Holding her legs apart, I lapped at her flowing juices, drinking all of her ?love juice? and flicking her now hyper-sensitive clit with my tongue as I watch her body convulse uncontrollably.

I released Cheryl?s body from its restraints, and put her up on her knees. I got behind her and rammed my hard and throbbing cock inside her as hard and deep as I could go.

I started pummelling her pussy with great force. ?OHHH, FUCK DADDY, OHHH, FUCK!!!? Cheryl cried.

I grabbed Cheryl by the ponytail and pulled her up to watch herself get fucked in the mirror. I watched her tits bang together as they waved back and forth from my thrusts. Finally with one deep thrust, I released my load inside her waiting pussy, filling her as much as I could.

We stayed that way until we relaxed enough to catch our breath, then, still holding her ponytail, I pulled her around to me and forced my cock into Cheryl?s mouth for her to suck clean. As she sucked and licked my cock, it hardened again. I slowly started fucking her warm mouth. Stroking back and forth, in and out deeply. Until I came again, covering her face and tits with my cum.

I got up and got Cheryl a cloth to wash off with. Then we cuddled into bed and wrapped into each others arms, softly kissing and caressing each other until we fell asleep.

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