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Hi my name is Judy and I'm 34 a few years and have had not to bad of a sex married . I've been married forlife with hubby. One day, one of his friend came over to visit. He was a heavy smoker and was trying to quit. So he went and got hypnotized to quit. Well he work for him and he keep talking how great it was.So hubby was talking to him about it. Asking lots of question. After he left my hubby was talking about it and ask me if I wanted to try it. I've got a nice body but I've tried to loose a few lbs. I told him no because I felt stupid to try it. He keep trying to sell it to me because it work so well for his friend. So about a month it was late and I went to bed and hubby was watching tv. I feel a sleep and don't know how long I was a sleep when I heard some one talking, I didn't know the voice, so I laid the quiet figure someone was in our room. Then I notice the voice was trying to hypnotize me. So I peek around to see my hubby in the corner standing there and I realize it was a tape recording he was playing. I laugh to myself thinking he was trying to hypnosis me to loose some weight. The tape was telling me I was going deeper and deeper asleep. I was about to say something to my hubby , when he reach over and slowly turn the tape down. Then he started to tell me I was going deeper and deeper asleep. So I decide to see where this was going. He keep telling me I was going deeper and deeper. Then he move on to tell me I would do what he says. So after a bit he told me to sit up. So going along with it I sat up. He keep telling me to do small stuff and I would do it. I could tell he was breathing heavy and seem a bit excited , as I followed his instruction's So then he told me to stand up so I did. After I stood up he turn on the lights and just stood there for a bit. Then in a bit of a nervous voice he told me to take off my night gown. Smile to myself I all most laugh because this is not going where I thought it was.But I slowly took off my gown and he was watching me. After I took it off he told me to lay back down on the bed. He told me to spread out and to run my hands all over my body. So I did this and I knew he was getting excited by it. He had me stop and play with my nipple and telling me that this was making me horny. It really was. I never did anything like this in front of him. Then he had me move down and play with my pussy. So as I was finger myself , he let his robe fall open and he started to play with him self as he watch me. Now I was getting pretty wet and really turn on. so he keep telling me to play more and that I was getting horn and just wanted to fuck. That the first time I heard that word out of his mouth. I guess he couldn't take it anymore and took off his robe and climb onto the bed. Telling me that I was really horny and wanted to fuck. He spread my legs apart as he slide down on top of me. As he slide down I could feel his cock hitting my pussy and him pushing it into me. He never felt so hard and as big. he was so excited that he was really turn on. After he slam it home into to me, he told me to wrap my legs around him and to fuck him as I never done before. So I wrap my legs around him and pulled him into me and we started to fuck wilder and crazy then ever before. As he slam harder and harder into me, it wasn't long and I was cumming harder then I ever had. He wasn't to long behind me, when he blew his load. That was the most he had ever cum. After he both stop cumming he rolled off me and trying to catch his breath. After a few minute's went by he reach over and took my hand and put it on his cock. telling me to play with it. Wasn't long and he was become hard again. then he told me to stop and to lick his cock and to suck on it. So I rolled over and started to lick it. This was the first time I ever done this after he had fuck me. So as I lick I could taste my own juice that was on his cock. So then I started to suck harder bobbing up and down his cock, As I suck he started to finger my pussy getting me hot all over again. Then he told me to stop sucking and to climb on top and to ride his cock. He didn't have to say that twice. I got on top and was riding him hard and faster . It didn't take long and we both where getting off again. This was so hot and wild and just got me more excited. When we both wore out and feel asleep in each other arms. In the morning I woke up to him in the shower singing away. He was running late and came out and got dress and gave me a hub and kiss and telling me how much he loved me. He really was thinking that all went on and I didn't have a clue. So I had to get up and get to work myself. It was a long day, was tired from little sleep . I beat him home, so I figure I would catch a nap on the couch. I woke up later hearing this tape again. Dam he trying this again. My pussy was already getting wet. So I was game for it one more time. Wasn't long and he had me naked running around the house and us fucking everywhere. But after a bit of time, he was telling me that anytime I heard him say JUDY IS A SLUT. that I would fall back into this deep deep sleep and do what he say's. This was to be a trigger phrase to put me under , with out him doing the tape thing. So he use this trigger phrase a lot and we fuck a lot. I keep quiet and never told him that I was never under and he was so happy to treat me like a slut and that I never knew it lol. After doing this for a week , the week end came around. On Saturday morning after I got out of the shower and we did breakfast. I was cleaning up when I hear him say JUDY IS A SLUT. So I went along as I all was did. But this time he gave me a paper and told me to ready it and then throw it away. So as I read it, it was a shopping list. On this list was stocking, garter belt, thongs, mini skirt, mini dress. low cut tops, sheer short nites , small bikini. even had a vibrator on it. Then he gave me a credit card and told me to go shopping for new outfits off my list. I love to shop so off I went. So I pick out some really hot stuff . When I got home he had me model all the stuff . He had me dress slutty and acting slutty. Wasn't to long and we where fucking some more. I was having some of my best sex and didn't mind be treated like some slut and I love my new clothes. Now the mini skirt and mini dress , where both well up on my up thigh when on. But when we where wore out and done for the night he told me that they where to long and I should hem them up a bit more. So the next day I shorten them up some more. They just about cover my butt. But that night he had me dress up and he went nuts about them, I didn't care because I just wore them around the house.

We where having hot wild sex more then ever. I was his loving wife that he could turn into a wild slut and not even know it. Well about a month later we had a big storm and had a tree fall and hit the house. We had to get it fix and the insurance company sent out a crew to fix it. The crew was the boss and 2 young guys. The boss was a white guy in his late 30's but the worker's where to young black guys in their early 20's. I guess my hubby decide to make some fun out of this. He all was had me dressing sex when they where around. not the mini's but short skirt, low cut tops. even had me tanning in my bikini. I don't think I ever wore a bra if they where working. Well the notice me and all was tried to flirt and talk to me. This turn on my hubby and it made me feel sexy too. I love the young guys notice me.They had work about a week at our place, when the boss told my hubby that he and one of the guy had to work on another job and only one would show up the next day. I didn't think much of it when I heard him say this.

So the next morning I got up and shower as usually. I started to get dress when I heard JUDY IS A SLUT, I figure he was in a play full mood again. So I went along with him. He had me put my stocking n garter belt on, then he had me put my dr*pe top on. This is a very very low cut top , you don't wear a bra and a lot of cleavage show and if not care full , titty too lol Then he had me put on my micro mini skirt, with out any panties. Well he started to fool around with me play and feeling me up. Telling me that I was getting wet and horny. I was getting into our play and getting turn on. When I heard someone ringing the bell. I notice the time and knew it was the worker's and kinda piss me off the it ruin out play time. That's when hubby told me to go down and let them in. Now I was dress with lots of skin showing , but I started down the stairs. He stop me and told me to tell them that he left for work and to talk a bit with them and then come back up stairs. So down I went and open the door to see just the one young guy standing there. His eye where qlue to my chest as I let him in, So I told him hubby was at work and that he could go to work on what ever he needed too. Now he notice my skirt and his eye just going up and down me. He said he had to work in the kitchen and I said okay and head back up stair, I could feel his eyes stare at me as I walk away. When I got up stair hubby ask me who was there, I told him just the one guy. He ask me if the guy like my outfit. I told him he seem to like it really well. With that hubby walk up behind me and reach around playing with my tittes , telling me how hard my nipple where. He slowly reach down and slide his hand up under my skirt and finger my pussy. I was so wet and turn on by now, I all most came. He just keep tell me how hot and horny I was. Then he told me that he was at work and I was so horny. Then he told me to go back down stairs and talk to the worker. To make sure my titties bounce around for him to see and my ass to wiggle about for him to watch. So down I went, when I walk into the room his eye glue on my chest ,staring at my bounce sway boobs. I got so carry away one boob all most pop out from under my top. I turn and work my butt as I move about. Peeking I could see him follow my every move. I turn to give him more titties to look at. Then I wiggle my way out the room and back up stairs. Hubby ask me how it went and I told him. As I talk hubby was rubbing on his cock. He ask me if the guy like what he say, So I told him that I did notice a bulge in his jeans. Now hubby is smile rubbing himself more. Now he telling me how much I like the guy checking me out and it made me even horner That wasn't no lie, I was horny as hell. Then he told me to go back down and to show him some more. But this time if I see the bulge again that I will sit down and talk to him. But when I sit down that I will give him a peek up my skirt . When I do this if he seem to really checking out my legs and skirt, that I should let my legs apart and apart enough so that he would know that im not wearing any panties. So now the thought of this is driving me crazy, I've never done anything like that and never to a black guy. So down I went and sure enough as I walk in , his eye on glue on me. I notice he still has a bulge in his pants. So with a smile to myself I grab some papers and say down at the table to check them out. My legs point right torge him. I peek up at him to see him stare right at my legs and skirt. Well I guess he really checking them out. So acting like I don't notice him staring at me, I twist in the chair to reach other papers. But by doing this my legs parted some and I knew he knew I had no panties on I gave him a minute to check it out. Then I jump up acting like I missing some of the papers and had to go find them. As I walk out I notice his bulge is bigger now. Back up stair I fill in hubby on the happens. Now hubby is getting really excited about this black kid seeing my pussy. He reach in to find my nipple rock hard and then he slide his hand up my skirt to find my pussy soaking wet. He telling me how horny im . He grinding his cock against my ass as he playing with my pussy. Now he telling me I so horny that all I want to do is fuck. So I reach down to pull up my skirt and grinding my ass into his cock. But he pull my hands off my skirt and told me that he was at work. Then he pulled my skirt back down, but then pull the waist of it up some. Making it even shorter. He told me to go back down but this time give him a really good show of my pussy. To make sure I really get him turn on. Plus this time to stay long and to see if he will make a pass at me. If he make's a pass at me to let him, because im so horny. But when he make a pass and I don't stop him that he will probly try for more. If he do's to let him. IF he try's to play or feel me up to let him and if he try to fuck me to let him fuck me. WOW when I heard that part it all most blew my mind. But when he was stare at my pussy before , all I could think about was would he fuck me, if he had the chance, Now hubby is telling me to give him the chance. Plus he still telling me to down what he want and to give him all he can handle because I was so horny and need his cock. But if he tried to fuck me to try to get him to fuck me in the bedroom. DAM he wants to see me get fuck. Now Jim honry then ever and my legs shaking I head back down stairs. I head in carry my papers and sit down at the table. With my skirt hike up more, a lot is all ready showing. But as I short my papers I let my legs fall a bit more apart. I could feel his eyes on my pussy burying them with his vision. I peek over and yes that where he looking. So slowly I let them fall a bit more apart, when I peek back I see that he breathing so heavy, I knew he like what he saw. But then I slide my legs around so he couldn't see anymore. I heard his breath exhale as if I punch him in the stomach. After a minute or two, I stood up and took my paper to the counter that was near him.He was seating on the floor and lots of leg in his face. Then he told me that I most of sit in some of his dust and that my skirt was all dirty. He stood up and started to brush my skirt. Gently brushing my ass. I ask him if it was coming off and he said some. But now the brushing turn into a rubbing my ass. When I didn't say anything his rubbing turn a bit harder. The skirt was working a bit up and down my ass as he rubbed. he started to tell me how he like my skirt and hate to see it get dirty. I thank him for my skirt lol.But then he stand some was on my blouse to. So now he rubbing both hands up and down my back. He telling me how soft my top feels as he rubbing up and down my back and slowly to my side. I guess he got braver when I didn't tell him to stop because now he standing real close behind me and his hands slide up and down my side. Then he step closer as his hand slide around to the front. Then he took another step pressing his cock against my ass and me into the counter. His hand sliding up and cupping my boobs as he came up. Now pressing me into the count more and playing with my boobs and grinding his cock into my ass. Tell me that my boobs feel better then they look. With a slip of his hands he pull my blouse open and my boobs where all out and him playing with them. He started to pull and roll my nipple , it hurt but felt so good to. He keep grinding into my but pulled me back enough to slide one hand down and up under my skirt. When his hand found my hot soaking pussy he slide a finger into it. Now he grinding his cock into me , feel my boobs and playing with my pussy. Tell me what a hot bitch i'm. Then he stop and step back turning me around as he did. With a smile he told me to pull up my skirt. I laught and ask him why he wanted me to do that. With a bigger smile he told me that you been showing me, but now I want a good look at it. So I slowly reach down and pull it up. As I did his smile got bigger. When I had it pull up he smile and said that the first white pussy i've seen and I like what I see.Then he reach out and play with the little patch of hair I had above it. Smile and say this little patch is really nice. I just laugh and said I left it so he would know it was getting close to finding my pussy. He laugh and started to undo his pants, I smile and ask him what he had in mind. He just smile and said I'm going to fuck that pussy. I laugh and told him he could fuck it all he wanted to but it was to dirty here and that I've got a bed upstairs that ready. so I took his hand and lead him up stair and into the bedroom, I notice the closet door a bit open as we walk in. As we walk in he grab my blouse and pull it up, taking it off.. So then I jump on the bed. He stop and was taking his shirt off. he smile and told me to take the skirt off and keep my pussy warm while he was getting ready. so I pulled it down and off slowly started to finger myself. I took my other hand and started to take garter off and he told me to stop. That he wanted to fuck me with the stocking and garter still on. With that he pull his pants and shorts down and out sprang his cock. It was huge, hard and black as hell. I guess he seen my eye pop because he said don't worry, as wet as my pussy was it will fit in. We both laugh at that. Then he laid down beside me and started to suck on my tittes and finger my pussy. Then he said he usually like to eat pussy first but I had him to hot. Pulling my legs apart more he rolled on top of me, Pushing legs father apart , he started to rub his cock against my pussy. Once the head was wet he drove in about 4 inch of his black hard cock. I jump bit from pain and he push in more.Then he grab my legs pulling them torge my chest as he drove into my pussy again. He said I knew your pussy was wet but dam this is still dam tight fit. he back off for a bit, then he slowly started to fuck me in and out. Getting his cock wet with pussy juice and letting my pussy get use to his cock. Now it feeling good and he slowly fucking me a bit faster.Now I moaning and finding myself yell yes to him. Then with out warning he slam in deeper. Then back to fucking me again. I told him I didn't think I could take anymore. and he laugh and said before he was done , I will take it all. then he slam again. I knew he meant it he fuck I started to cum, juice oozing out of me as he keep fucking me.Then he started to fuck faster and I knew he was getting close himself. that when I started to cum the second time. But as I was cumming I felt him start to cum too. As he was cum and just pile drive into me. Pumping and pushing into me. It hurt like hell but my cuming drown some of the pain as I felt his balls hitting my in the ass. He gave it all to me.. He fell down on top of me as he finish cum, He slowly roll off with his cock popping out of my pussy. I thought maybe I just had a baby lol. His cock was still pretty hard as he laid there, it didn't go all the way soft. I laugh and say, I think you still have a problem as I look at his cock. He smile and said he didn't, that I did, and that he wasn't finish with me. I glance at the closet and the door a bit more open, guess he wanted to see better. He was stroking my tittes telling me that he like white pussy and that his coworker like it to. So when his coworker came back to work that I could take the both on. As I hear this, im looking at his hard cock again and was think I mite have to much here to take care of.

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