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Mary was standing at the sink in the kitchen as I entered the room at about 6:30 am. We were both early risers and our mates were both still sleeping upstairs. I moved in behind her and whispered "good morning cuzz", and snuggled in against her butt. The light was such that we could see each other in a reflection off the kitchen window. I could see her eyes smiling at me in the reflection and then she turned her face enough for me to kiss her lips. She said, "Why are you up so early?" My hands snuck in under her arms and found her big tits still covered by her morning robe. My hard cock was now upright rubbing against her cheeks and I replied, "not sure why, thought I could smell something cooking down here. I thought of coming down with junior here to see if I could find an early morning snack. I thought there might be some pussy ready." She replied "there is no pussy here for you I am sorry to say." She closed her eyes as my fingers located her nipples through the gown. With Mary, if you managed to get your hands on her bare tits and nipples, you were pretty sure of getting the rest. She whispered, "Don't do that, it is not safe to start anything." That was also a good sign; Mary always said "no" or "don't do that" or "we shouldn't be doing this", which had always meant I was going to get all the pussy I could handle.

We were first cousins and had known each other since childhood. Even in the early years we had almost an addiction for each other, although many years would pass before we actually fucked. We lived for the most of those years on opposite sides of the country and it was only in the last ten or so that we had began to communicate through emails and phone calls.

My hands now found the front of her robe and I pulled it open and her big tits fell out. God I loved them. She is only a little gal just above 5 feet tall and a generally slender lower body, and those tits looked almost out of place, but she carried them well and always made any viewer aware of them, she certainly took no pains to hide them. We both watched my hands lift the two lovelies up to view in the window reflection, and then a pair of fingers find the big nipples and roll them around as Mary said, "Don't do that, you know what happens to me when you feel my nipples, we have no time". But of course she stayed put and made no effort to escape my hands and indeed while saying that she was rubbing her butt against my full erection, moving it between her cheeks and pushing back at me.

She was a farm girl who had lived all of her early life on my Uncles farm close by two other uncles and their families. I used to work on their farms in the summers from the time I was 12 or so until about 15 and I stayed with her family occasionally when I helped on their farm. I was sort of a hero to the cousins on the farms, being if not a city boy at least a bigger town boy. Mary and I teased each other despite her being much younger at the time. She told me later that she and her sister used to hide and watch me get up in the morning because I always had a hard-on in my shorts. Farm girls learn about the birds and the bees quite early.

She was almost purring now as I rubbed my full hard-on up and down the crack in her butt, my hands holding a bit tit each, fingers pinching and pulling on the nipples. Her eyes were closed and she turned her mouth again and again for my tongue. She was pressing her entire body back at me and we both ached to fuck each other.

I moved around a lot to remote camps during those years and did not see her again until she was about 17 when I returned to the area for a family wedding. She was very beautiful at 17, blond with brown eyes and of course great tits. She was at the wedding with her boyfriend, a guy she would later marry. I met him briefly and then a little later I was busy trying to hook up with another girl at the dance when Mary came and asked me to drive her home, that she had just had a fight with her boyfriend. I drove her to a lookout over a lake where we parked and talked a bit. She leaned ahead and we kissed. It sort of jolted me, she was my cousin and to my mind taboo despite the obvious attraction we had for each other. Following a very heave necking session I had her tits out of her low cut dress and licked and sucked the nipples. Some more necking and that was it, we did not come close to fucking, although I dreamed that I should have tried for the next 20 years or so.

I reached down and lifted the bottom of her robe up to expose her ass and quickly opened my own robe to let Johnny out. At the feel of my bare cock Mary said "put him away, he is not getting me this morning" and then she reached behind and took hold of it. The negative words appeared to be an aphrodisiac to her, and I know they were definitely to me. My hands went back to her tits while she murmured and stroked my erection. I whispered, "for God's sake Mary, spread your legs, let him rub on your pussy if nothing else." She did and my cock slipped in along her slit. I said, "Hmm Mary, your pussy is all wet and soft and mushy, I think it needs to be stirred." I could see her eyes were closed as she relished the feel of the hot hard cock rubbing her. She turned her face to me again, and our mouths met and she slipped her tongue into mine. I was squeezing her nipples now; I wanted to suck them but did not want to break the current situation up in case she might end things.

We did not meet or communicate for many years. We both married and raised families and while I travelled and moved all over the country, Mary remained in the same area although moving into a small town after her marriage. When emails became the rage we somehow started to talk again. We discussed mostly family matters and where is so and so and what about his wife and that sort of chat. Things began to heat up when we raised the issue of our last meeting at the wedding. She is remarkably outspoken and did not cringe from discussing what we had done. This led to what we had left unfinished that night. She told me that if I had made the move on her that night she was ready to fuck me. Then we began to discuss our current sex lives and what we enjoyed most. By this time we were doing online chats almost daily and we began to fantasize about meeting and then began the exchange of online pictures which was followed by webcam revelations. They were very explicit webcam exchanges. We were primed if we ever would meet.

I pushed my two knees between her legs spreading her wider as she murmured "don't do it, don't do it" and while bracing herself against the sink counter. I adjusted my stance to get a good line on her pussy and when the knob found the entrance I eased it up inside her. "You bastard" she groaned, "You know I can't refuse you". The fact of the matter was we could not refuse each other, whenever we were alone over the years we always ended up in some form of fucking or foreplay for fucking or thinking of fucking. We were like moths to a flame. I was fully in her now; my hands went to her cheeks and pulled them apart so I could penetrate more deeply. I leaned over her shoulder now, my lips close to her ear, "keep silent Mary, no noise, I have to fuck you, I can't help it". My hands went back around her, grabbed her big tits and we began to fuck as silently as we could.

We finally met again. Mary and her husband were out in our part of the country visiting some friends. We invited them to stay with us for a few days. And then another year they joined us on a cruise. The only erotic contact occurred when we danced together in the various lounges on board.

And then I was on a business trip in their area and stayed overnight with them. Mary and I decided that the next day we would visit the old farms of our past while her husband had to work. It was about 20 miles to the farms which were long abandoned and we had to look carefully to find some of the places we had played and fooled around as kids. There was a small beach on the farm lake where we used to swim. It took some time to find as the brush had pretty well grown in to the edge of the lake. I was holding her hand as we struggled through the tag alders to stand on the small open area of sand. As we straightened up, our eyes met and our bodies melded together in a slow lingering kiss. Our hands explored each other's bodies as we stood there hidden in the brush. I felt her tits; she was wearing a buttoned blouse and full bra. It took a while to free them, but she did not protest as I finally had them hanging out and bent down to taste them. It had been over twenty years since I had last seen and sucked them. Time and children had changed them some from her teen age years, but they were still gorgeous big lovelies and I licked and sucked like a starving man.

Her hand found my cock and she rubbed along the length of it with her palm, caressing it as I pulled her nipples into my mouth, one after the other after the other. We were going to fuck, that was certain, but not on this beach. We put ourselves back together and returned to the car. I opened the rear door and then pulled her slacks down and her panties. I hardened even more at my first sight of her great pussy, her bush light colored if not blond, trimmed to a small oval shape and as she shuffled backwards on the seat her open wet gash of cunt made my mouth water.

We were both frantic now and I dropped my pants and shorts and leaving the door of the car open crawled in over top of her. She pulled her knees up and spread as I crawled between her legs, pausing for a taste of her pussy, kissing it and then two or three long licks from the bottom to the clit. Then the cock went in her like a greased rod and we finally got to fuck each other. And of course, all the while Mary is protesting and saying no which only served to drive me wilder, each no bringing a wild jab until we stiffened in a toe curling orgasm.

Back on the road to her home, her hands could not stay off me, rubbing my cock through my jeans, nuzzling her big tits on my arm. I found an old farm road and turned into it and drove to a secluded area. We got out of the car and moved around back. I pulled her slacks down once more, as she leaned with her hands on the back of the car. I took my cock out of my pants and moved her panties aside and fucked her standing up doggy style. It was as intense as it could get; this hunger we had to fuck each other. But to her credit, when we were around others you would never know where our minds were.

Back at the sink, I was pounding her now, she was using her hands to brace against the sink much like we had done out in the country on the back of the car. My hands had pulled the robe wide open and each hand held a big tit, fingers squeezing and rolling the nipples. Mary's eyes were shut tight fully concentrating on my hard cock trying to reach the bottom of her cunt, pushing her butt back at me, twisting and clutching her legs to get maximum feeling from my sliding cock. Mary was a juicy fuck, there was always a lot of lubricant when she had a cock in her, and now I could feel it oozing out around my cock and probably running down her legs. As we both started to cum she turned her head around and our tongues pushed into each other's mouths, sucking and licking like animals. She trembled after cumming and I had to hold her up despite being a little weak in the knees myself. We slowed a bit, her cunt now attempting to squeeze my softening cock out. I pulled her tight to me, mostly in affection, but also a sort of thank you for the intense pleasure she always gave me. She said, "how about a bed one of these times." God we love to fuck each other.

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