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Couple Swap-Becca goes black

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So my name is Becca and I'm a 21 year old brunette, I'm 5 ft 4 and I have a very petite build. That being said, I have a bit of a bubble butt and a bit of a "rack" lol. I get a lot of attention because of that, wanted and unwanted.

I had been dating this guy John for about a year and his birthday was coming up. He's about 6 ft tall, white and handsome. He's a good-looking guy but for some reason our sex started getting stale. He wasn't very big lol, there I said it. So he suggested we do a couple swap with his friend Jalen and his girlfriend Mary.

I was skeptical at first, but apparently they said it works well for them so I grudgingly agreed. I had never met Jalen, but I was assured that the swap would only be some dancing, light touching, and if I'm comfortable with him we can make out, all in order to make each of us want to go back to our partners and fuck. I was assured that if I was uncomfortable at any time, it would just end.

We met Jalen and Mary at the bar down the street from our apartment, he was SO HOT. I had always had a fantasy about black men, and when I saw Jalen all that went through my mind was "oh my goddddd" over and over again. He was like 6 ft 3 ish, lightskinned, and even though he had a collared shirt on and jeans, I could tell he was cut like a Greek God. I was wearing a sexy tight blue dress that pushed up my boobs, and was skin tight so my booty looked good lol.

Jalen shook my hand and said "my oh my, John you told me she was beautiful but damn you didn't say she was THIS hot". I blushed and John laughed it off, he commented that Mary was beautiful as ever. Mary is blonde, a little taller and more lanky than me, but very pretty. It'e easy to see how Jalen and her ended up dating.

So we all sat down at the table and started talking, and I just couldn't keep my eyes off of Jalen. He smiled at me and flirted with me, and after like 5 minutes I knew that if I wasn't dating John, Jalen would fuck me that night, we had crazy sexual chemistry. John and Jalen got up to go watch the end of a game on the tv in the corner and left me and Mary alone, and we started talking about our boyfriends.

She asked me how the sex with John is and I was honest, "well, he's more about pleasing himself than me..." I went on and we both laughed. i returned the question, she smiled and said "have you ever been with a black man?"

I said, "no, but I do kinda wanna see if it's true about the bbc thing"

She looked over at the boys and said, "Jalen may be half black, but he got the black gene where it counts"

We both laughed and my mind started racing, I wanted to ask more questions but John and Jalen returned. Mary asked John to dance with her and left me alone with Jalen with a wink. We started talking, which led to flirting, and him saying "god damn John did well, you're hot as hell"... i blushed and said "Mary's the lucky one at this table if you ask me, if I was single I'd let you fuck me tonight, you're so hot"

I could not believe what I had just said, he smiled at me seductively and said "well if I was single you'd be on your knees as we speak Becca" and with that I noticed a huge bulge growing in his pants. I said back, "we should dance"

I took Jalen's hand and led him upstairs to the other dance floor, John and Mary were dancing playfully, I had other things in my mind. As we got upstairs the music shifted to a rap song, clearly about a white girl taking a black cock, and Jalen took his cue. He grabbed my hips and pulled me in and I felt his huge dick growing on my ass, I moaned and he started humping me to the beat, next thing I knew, I was so wet for him. Then, he started feeling my tits and told me he "I know you like this" and I moaned "yessssss"

After grinding on Jalen for about 10 minutes, he said we ought to go check on Mary and John, I wanted more, but I agreed. We went downstairs and saw them chatting at the table, Mary winked at me, she knew I was Jalen's type and that he had just shown me the dark side.

We all walked back to our apartment and agreed to a make-out session for each, John and Mary took the living room, and Jalen took me to the bedroom. Here I was, in my blue dress with this strong sexy black man, knowing that my boyfriend was in the next room, and all I could think about was Jalens big black dick. He locked the door and smiled at me as I sat on the bed, he said "so Becca, what are you waiting for?"

I stood up and walked over to him, put my hand on his chest and started kissing his neck, something I had done a million times with John but was so much hotter with Jalen. As I kissed his neck, he grabbed my ass and started squeezing, I moaned, he was so strong. I started unbuttoning his shirt and then I hit them, his six pack abs. He was perfect, my fantasy, I lost all control.

"Oh my god Jalen you're making me so wet" I said as his cock was fully hard, poking my chest

"I know this is supposed to end with kissing" he said "but your boyfriend can't see thru walls baby"

I giggled and we started kissing, he was so skilled, I already felt like I was his.

I said "Ok.. I wanna stroke your cock but that's it! It has to stop there". He didn't say a word, just nodded and smiled and I got on my knees and started undoing his belt. The outline on his jeans made my jaw drop, his cock was so mighty. I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, his boxers couldn't hold his big dick. It was so long that about an inch or two dangled out the bottom.

I pulled his boxers down and his big black cock plopped up and hit my chin, my jaw dropped as it grew in my face. It was veiny, long, and beautiful. He prodded me "go ahead Becca, you're gonna need both hands though"

I put my hands on his penis, it was heavy! I slowly stroked him and he reached down and unhooked my bra. then, I commented "Jalen... i wanna kiss it". He laughed and said "Once you get a taste of the chocolate you're gonna have to suck it" i ignored this and thought "just a taste, I can resist"

I kissed the tip of his cock, and he was right I immediately wrapped my lips around it. I gagged on his big black cock and loved it!! He moaned and said "damn, i want to fuck the shit out of you". I looked up at him and said, "I want you so bad, but John's right out there" and Jalen nodded and said, "well at the very least I wanna see you naked baby, take that dress off"

I obeyed, and his jaw dropped when he saw my little nipples and the little dimples on my back right above my butt, he commented "I love white girls" then picked me up and put me on the bed. He took one leg in each hand and put them on his broad shoulders, then he started fingering me. My pussy was so wet, and his fingers were bigger than John's dick, I started moaning and he took that approval and started eating me out.

He used his tongue like a hurricane and i was in ecstasy, He took me to a place John couldn't and I was his, I moaned out "fuck me Jalen"

He needed no second request and almost a second after that the pussy eating ended and I looked down to see him putting a condom on, I said "don't use it, if John finds it he'll know". So he put it back in his jean pocket and then put the tip of his bbc in my tight pussy, it barely fit!

He asked if I want it slow, and I told him to have me his way. Once again, he needed no second request. Before I even finished the sentence he starter thumping me in missionary, I moaned out and he attacked my pussy with it, and he just kept saying "that's right" as I moaned and said his bbc was amazing. He squeezed my bouncing tits and told me he was gonna fuck my brains out.

I could feel my pussy stretch. He told me to yell out what I was thinking, and I yelled "I love black cock" which turned him on even more, He told me "face down ass up" and he furiously pounded me in doggy style. My ass jiggled like crazy as he hit me from behind, he said my back dimples were his favorite thing and held me by them. I squirted all over his big black cock, but he only went faster. I collapsed, I had never been fucked like this. He didn't stop relentlessly railing me as my ass bounced up only to be jackhammered back down by his big black cock. Then, he flipped me and slowly spooned me, shoving his entire 10 inch bbc in me, and kissing me. I moaned and he said, "thats right Becca, you like this black dick dont you"

"I LOVE IT" I struggled to moan out, and he kept kissing me and jokingly said "hey, were finally making out like we were supposed to". My mind snapped back and said "oh shit, you're getting fucked by a black guy and Johns just outside!! Stop!!" But it was too late and my pussy told my mind to stfu.

Jalen then pulled out and told me to get on my knees, he shoved his cock between my perky boobs. After slowly humping my tits and me saying naughty things for a few minutes about how I want him to fuck me daily, he came all over my face and tits. He sprayed like a gallon on me!

We both were in disbelief over how amazing that was, so we didnt say a word as he put his number in my phone and we went in the shower to wash the cum off my face. We made out in the shower and he spanked me when we were drying off.

As we exited the bedroom, dressed of course, an hour after we were supposed to come out we saw Mary and John watching tv. Mary was still awake but John was out cold. Mary smiled at me and said, "so how was he?" She had heard every scream, I responded with a blush and said "hes a very good kisser".

As they left John woke up, I still haven't told him!

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