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Construction Boy

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This all starts after we had bought our condo we presently live in. We had made some agreements about changing the way the place was to be reconfigured to our satisfaction. So we interviewed a few contractors and a couple had caught Tessa?s attention. We finally agreed on one, a young gentleman who was just starting out, but whose father had turned over the business to him after 30 years. He was a tall handsome fellow and Tessa had noticed his swimmers and toned build.

Well needless to say the construction was going to take some time and I had the opportunity to speak with this young man while I was always home earlier than Tessa. He was an honest person who took his work very seriously and liked the individuality of doing the jobs himself and sharing the profits with no one but himself. Pretty soon though he said it would take more than him to accommodate all the work that needed to be done. I replied that doing this business was a huge undertaking and noticed how he every once in awhile would look Tessa?s direction when she arrived home and look at her lovely ass. Wow I thought what a treat this would be for Tessa if she got him alone and could start some innocent flirting while I was gone.

One weekend I had to attend drill so I would be leaving on a Friday morning. David was going to here on the weekend with Tessa all alone. She held out telling me until I had my clothes off and resting between her thighs. I already had an idea, but wanted to hear those details from her lips as I made her cum recalling the Saturday afternoon adventure. This is the story as told to me by Tessa when I arrived home Sunday evening.

She said the day started off normal enough. She awoke to him at the door ready to start work early. As she let him in, Tessa excused her appearance because she had not expected him so early. He looked hot in his muscle tank top, tan, and rippling muscles. Tessa told him he could get started and that she was going to take a shower. She started up the stairs and looked to catch him staring at her ass. David scurried along quickly to hide the embarrassment at being caught in the act. Tessa smiled as she continued up the stairs at the compliment this young man had paid by looking to see her butt sway up the stairs.

Tessa decided after showering to tease him a little more and put on a very low revealing top that I just love. It shows her cleavage amply and makes me very horny every time she wears them. After putting her tight thong and shorts, she made her way downstairs and David?s eyes bulged from his head as he turned around to greet her. His words fumbled as he couldn?t take his stare away from those great tits. Tessa just smiled and said what has you so tongue tied young man, he just replied nothing and went about his business very nervously.

Tessa purposely bent over to grab a pan and made sure that he could see the view. He asked if he could have a drink of water and Tessa retrieved a glass from the cupboard. Stretched out revealing the small of her back had him fantasizing about Tessa being naked in his arms and she could tell when she handed him the water. His pants had seemingly grown in his crotch area to a very noticeable bulge. Tessa said it made her mouth water at the size; she could tell it was very thick.

Naughty thoughts danced in her head as she planned a cautious approach to having this young man feed her a very nice long thick treat this afternoon. David continued working hard to keep his mind off Tessa, but that lasted only to lunch. David said he was going out and grab a bite to eat, Tessa stopped him and said no need, I will make you something right here. He said that wasn?t necessary as he turned away, but Tessa grabbed his hand and said it?s no trouble at all. Tessa said his eyes lit up as she looked at him saying again, it?s really no trouble at all in a low sultry voice.

They sat and ate while talking and the topic of relationships came up and he said that he hadn?t been in one for a very long time. Tessa jokingly made reference to his good looks and said well you can?t be hurting for attention. He just smiled and said thank you. As Tessa inquired more, the conversation flowed easily and she asked him well how long it had been since you know. David?s eyes widened again and nervously replied oh that, it?s been a very long time. She smiled and said with a laugh you must be really full then and he quickly replied you have no idea. Tessa put down her sandwich and said well maybe I can help you out with that if you like. She caught him off guard and he stammered what do you mean, isn?t or aren?t you married. Tessa assured him I wouldn?t be the least bit mad, but in fact anxious to hear the details tomorrow when I arrived home.

David was surprised and nervous, asking if she was sure as her hands roamed over his body sitting in the chair. Tessa bent down and started kissing his ears she said and he about jumped out of his skin. Tessa?s hands roamed over his chiseled chest and tweaked his nipples. David began to loosen up and moved his hands behind the chair over her legs. Tessa licked and kissed his neck which made him shiver as I do when she does this little technique of hers. He stood from his chair to face her and leaned forward to kiss those red lips of hers. They intertwined in a hot tongue filled kiss with his hands finding her tits, massaging and kneading them together. Tessa?s hands went for his jeans to unbutton and unleash the monster in his pants. Quickly she undid the zipper and tugged to get them off of his hips. As she reached inside to grip his cock, it was already hard and throbbing to the touch. He moaned as he continued to kiss and she maneuvered those pants down his legs. He kicked off his shoes as she knelt down to worship the muscular frame and got a first look at his wonderful tool. David was at least 9 inches in length and very thick. Her hand barely fit around the base as she took her first taste of his precum oozing cockhead. Tessa could barely contain herself as she licked the base all the way up to the tip and enjoyed the first taste of his precum. David placed his hand gently on the back of her head as his other hand squeezed her tits softly. She was working his cock over nicely as it had a nice sheen of saliva all over it now. Tessa stroked his cock as her mouth began to work its magic in his balls. In the excitement of her sucking his cock and balls, David was getting way too worked up to soon for his liking. After all this beautiful woman was all over him, blowing to soon was not an option he wanted at this point in the sexual tryst.

Tessa had other ideas, milk him dry and continue to suck until he was hard again. Again, this was a young man virile and very capable of bouncing back quickly, so she grabbed his ass as he tried to get away, but to no avail. She sucked his cock harder and pumped him until he was incapable of holding back any longer and blew a load so huge it dribbled out the sides of her mouth and down her chin. Tessa said she continued to suck him, not caring about the mess until he was rigid once again in her grasp. She released him and stood to kiss David and willingly he licked the cum from her face into her mouth and they shared a passionate wild kiss. He stripped her clothes off and suckled her breasts one by one back and forth as she cupped his head. The sucking drove her wild as she felt the wetness between her thighs start to drip downward. David reached down with his hand to feel the heat emanating from her pussy. She gasped as his fingers started to ever so gently probe her wetness. The slow entry of his fingers left her very comfortable as he found her g-spot to begin driving her into that wonderful feeling of orgasm. His sucking her tits and fingering her pussy was erotic and sent Tessa over the edge. The pleasure washed over her at the time from head to toe as she struggled to stay upright. They moved to the couch and Tessa splayed her legs ready for the first go around with that thick meat. He popped in the head and let her adjust to the first couple inches. Pushing more as she coaxed him to slide in more, her moaning grew louder as he was almost completely inside of her. Tessa wrapped her legs around him and held his cock inside as it pulsed between the walls of her pussy. Releasing him, David started to pump the wonderful tight pussy slowly letting her enjoy every inch of his wonderful meat. Tessa spoke dirty to him, encouraging through words to fuck her harder and faster. David obliged and sped up his action like a piston in a runaway engine.

His stamina continued to the delight of Tessa through a couple orgasms and when he was finally ready to blow that second load he asked boldly where she wanted it?Tessa told him over her body. A few more pumps and he withdrew his cock and sprayed rope after rope everywhere, on her tits, face, and stomach. He must have spurted 6 or 7 times she said with distance, then he brought his cock to her face to clean up. Tessa pumped his meat until he was dry. David struggled with the sensitivity of her mouth on his cock and couldn?t take it anymore, he pulled away.

David thanked her for the great afternoon and went back to work. Tessa said she was going upstairs to clean up. When she came downstairs, he was cleaning for the day and about to leave. Tessa walked him to the door and said what a great time she had and hoped it wouldn?t be the last. David agreed to have fun as long as everything was cool with him working when he needed to work so he could finish the job without the pleasant distraction. Tessa agreed that she would only attack him when he was finished. She kissed him good-bye and that was the beginning of some very nice afternoons for Tessa when I wasn?t home.

There have been many days and nights when I?m eating her out she recalls the long thick cock that probed her walls pleasurably after David was done working for the day. He has since completed his worked and met someone that gives him pleasure, but that doesn?t mean he won?t be back if it doesn?t work out and Tessa is crossing her fingers, well maybe. He is a nice guy and maybe he will settle down and get married.

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